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  1. There have been a couple of incidents like this at North Shields, Tyneside over the last few years. ‘The King’ (ex-Val de Loire) broke free from her moorings and drifted into an oil platform and ‘The Princess’ broke free from her moorings during stormy weather and briefly coasted down the Tyne until her captain regained control. Footage of the latter is on YouTube and I can upload it if anybody wants me too.
  2. The Rotterdam sisters are very large vessels in terms of gross tonnage but you don’t feel that on board as a lot of the vessel is dedicated to garage space - similar to the Harwich sisters. The Silja sisters are effectively the same size in terms of gross tonnage but you feel it because more space is dedicated to passenger facilities. The Rotterdam sisters are effectively huge ropax ships, they are marketed as ‘cruise ferries’ but they don’t come anywhere near the beauts you see in the Baltic which are very custom designed to their routes and services. L’Q.
  3. A photo of Pride of Hulls scale model and vessel stats that I took on a trip August just gone: I have a delayed voyage report for this to type in due course.
  4. Reasons I think people love VDL: The huge press coverage when she was introduced to the fleet. Her sheer size in comparison to every other vessel in the fleet at the time. Application of livery, unique striping and the huge intimidating BF typeface and logo. She was on a TV documentary so was known even amongst the general public. Was often featured in national press: the failed ETA bombing which brought huge national attention, numerous MOB's and blockades. Involved in a few self inflicted incidents including groundings and rough crossings. The key for
  5. Or what will happen to the king and Princess!!! 🤦🏼‍♂️ (Runs for cover)......
  6. It is hardly premature to ask this when many people are plan next years vacations round about now but that’s everyone’s individual opinion I guess. I knew that asking to realign the discussion with the thread title for a second time(!) would rub one or two up the wrong way but thanks to those who have at least tried to get it back on tack!! 👍 Some interesting points raised so far....... I think travel may be possible to SOME countries in by Spring.
  7. For the second time can we keep this chat online with the thread. It is now going off-piste with discussion about driving licences!! Not having a go at anyone in particular but there had been very little discussion with regards the title thread. The topic is: Opinions on we will be freely able to travel in Europe again.....Thanks! 😊
  8. Surely The York or The Bruges? I’m even thinking maybe The Isabelle if Stock-Riga is not operating. Possibly even a charter of Barfelur?
  9. Is there any chance we can stick to the thread which was about when pan- European travel will resume? Not blaming anyone in particular but it is becoming very off topic with regards brexit discussion. Thanks 😊
  10. I know it has been discussed on the forum already but I thought I would create a thread where people can discuss when they think open, free travel will resume (ie/ like this time last year.) I know there are travel corridors but I mean free, open travel to all countries in the world. (I am aware of the Brexit situation but lets not go there). In my opinion it will be towards spring and summer 2021 when winter cases drop down and vaccinations begin for the vulnerable. Then I think European countries will start to reopen borders and travel and tourism can start again. L'Q.
  11. Manxmann sounds good to me - proud, masculine and strong - ready to embrace those dark and brooding Irish Sea waves.
  12. King sorry for me! A name that means strength, dominance and power. Something that will be certainly needed on one of the choppiest UK crossings. It would be nice to see SP do a slower service or more time in dock so you can get a good nights sleep on board as the crossing is too short. An extended mini cruise would have slot of appeal to many.
  13. No the Silja Europa had not been sold to DFDS! However DFDS have plans for a new build hydrogen vessel for their Olso - Copenhagen route. Details are in the link: https://www.niferry.co.uk/pr-dfds-partnership-aims-to-develop-hydrogen-ferry/amp/
  14. I was looking at some past photos of the fleet and it is striking how much better vessels looked in the 90’s livery, the BF logo and typeface was the best ever and each vessel had a unique striking scheme applied. However one thing I have always wondered and wanted to ask is: Why was the BF logo and typeface applied so largely on the Val de Loire compared to the rest of the fleet? I have always found it very very striking and borderline intimidating. It was done pretty professionally and absolutely suited her nevertheless.
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