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  1. Another one in addition to Silja Europa I plan 'to do' Viking Cinderella 22h cruise from Stockholm (via Mariehamm).
  2. Silja Europa. Cruelly missed out on the chance of 'doing her' in January so she is top of my list.
  3. I really need to get my Tallink Star/Tallink Megastar voyage report done..............(I did the trip in mid January!!)
  4. What economic impact do you think the virus will have on Tallink/Silja and Viking Line, particuarly in relation to their mini cruise operations?
  5. Changing locations Jonno, but what effect do you think this will have on the Baltic mincruise market, in particular Tallink and Viking operations? Was planning on a July trip but may have to put off till later in year when borders re-open.
  6. Thank you for answering this question I found it so hard to find and access this front deck, maybe it was closed as it was dark and winter time. I don't think I could think of much better than viewing the archipelago from the bow deck. I am very surprised that the Viking vessels have front facing decks also. I was planning on returning to the Baltic in early July although this now seems unlikely. If not I will wait till late summer/autumn. Once again thanks, LQ.
  7. I have recieved this also, I am not a loyalty club member but I am on the mailing list.
  8. Ben My Chree is perfect for a Channel Island service IMO.
  9. I plan to travel the Baltics again in summer with Tallink, could this virus affect my plans? LQ.
  10. Has anyone any won a ticket through this on a major route. Odds seem ridiculously slim.
  11. I am guessing its a completely different set up to the star/megstar sailings then?
  12. I was supposed to do the 22 hour Europa mini cruise however it was unavailable for one day while I was over there. I was intrigued at the prospect of very slow;y traversing a short stretch of water and then spending the whole evening and night in dock. Seemed unusual to me, however, I will be doing it in the summer.
  13. One thing I found strange on my Baltic trip was that a vessel with the grandeur of Silja Europa trundles across a short 3.5 hour crossing at a low rate of knottage on Helsinki - Tallin. Seems a bit overkill to me, she should be on a long haul route. I know it is targeted as a mini cruise but it seems like a waste, given she plys a very short stretch of water.
  14. Yes! Although preferably without a man holding me from behind!!! 😂😂😂😂
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