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  1. Glad no injuries etc but that is probably the end for that vessel now. Repairs far too costly for an old vessel, especially during these times.
  2. Thanks for the insight that was an interesting read. I am gutted the Newc - Norway/Sweden routes no longer run anymore. Do you think they could return?
  3. The Newcastle - Bergen route will never come back. Ever. Sorry. It ended for a reason, it was unprofitable.
  4. Its a shame the Spain mini cruises don't allow more time to explore Santander/Bilbao. 3-4 hours is nt enough and is off-putting. Something like Tallink/Viking offer with a morning/afternoon to explore would be more attractive.
  5. Can't believe she is only 3000 GT less than King Seaways! What is the long corridor to her stern, looks like gangway. I think she is too young to be scrapped (yes I know younger ships are being scrapped) - maybe she will be utilised as a freight vessel or for relief. I guess its tough given she was specifically designed for her route.
  6. People have criticised how Galicia looks but she looks far better than Honfleur in my opinion. A pretty unattractive typical modern new build with very little character.
  7. That is one of the most staggering bit of BF info I ave ever heard.
  8. Why don’t they just stay in dock and depart later? It’s not as if any other vessels are arriving.
  9. Thats interesting.... I have heard rumours Tallink have her up for sale? It was a shame I could not get on her that evening, hopefully I will be able to this winter! She is an incredible looking vessel.
  10. Apologies for posting this late but I wanted to get it uploaded before I do write up my recent trips. This is my voyage report for Helsinki-Tallin which I 'did' earlier this year in January with Tallink during pre-covid times. Helsinki - Tallin, Fri 10th January 2020. On the morning of the trip I had arrived from Stockolm on the overnight service on-board the Silja Symphony. I had a few hours to explore Helsinki on what was (by Baltic standards) a mild winters day at around 1 degrees. I didn't particularly find Helsinki particularly interesting and spent the day walking around the m
  11. The ultimate cruise ferries in Europe are Color Magic/Fantasy, Silja Serenade/Symphony, Silja Europa, Viking Grace.
  12. It really is a good idea, can someone not mention it to BF. Day cruises at sea around the Channel Islandsfor example, for even cuises in the UK where disembarkation is allowed to Ireland or Northern Ireland. Literally salivating at doing the Pont on a Portsmouth - Dublin/Belfast.
  13. Hull - Zeebrugge to return as a one-ship ROOAX Service with a more freight orientation. Makes sense and well done to P&O on that.
  14. I don’t know why UK based operators aren’t doing what Tallink and Viking are doing and offering UK based cruises. DFDS have done them in the past however with no stay over - up the Tyne for the airship etc. There are some fascinating trips that could be done....
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