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  1. Apart for BF I have always liked Viking Line livery.
  2. I agree with you. Sometimes people say the past looks better with rose-tinted glasses but just looking at photos of some of the current fleet in the 90’s and compete by them today is so depressing. I stand by what I say the new livery and paint scheme application is one of the worst things BF Have done in recent years, especially when it was how BF vessels looked that got me into them in the first place.
  3. Just reading through this thread as I have seen a few photos of some of the vessels in the current fleet in the 90’s/early 00’s livery - the vessels looked so much better with that logo/ fontage and unique striking and paint schemes. The new livery and logo/fontage still irks me, the fleet look just bland and characterless. I just can’t accept it. Just look at photos of Bretagne from the 90’s and you will know exactly what I mean.
  4. I was under the impression that Val was brought in as a larger replacement for UK/Spain?
  5. In all seriousness that’s quite an honour to be the first vechile on a ferry’s maiden voyage! And to think I feel a sense of pride and importance being the first foot passenger on a standard regular ferry crossing or flight for that matter. Do you have any photos of the momento?
  6. If you agree that’s fair enough. But I don’t. There is a realisation that we must learn to live with this virus as it will never go away....countries can’t shut down the tourism industry every year. We will travel again in some form from summer onwards. L’Q.
  7. I think you are being quite over pessimistic there. With that kind of attitude things will never get any better. Thankfully not everybody thinks like you.
  8. Just in case this was missed .... what are peoples thoughts?
  9. A 10 year extension of the commercial agreement for use of Fellison terminal at Port of Ijmuiden has been agreed with DFDS and KVSA. Positive news indeed.
  10. I think it’s the distance from Reykjavik is just off putting for this service - as far as I have read there is no direct link from the port. One does wonder why don’t operate directly there as many cruise operators that do. Being dumped in the middle of nowhere 700km from the major city with poor indirect transport connections is not appealing. I imagine this is why there is no direct UK connection as there is no demand to visit a remote town in bleakest Iceland!
  11. Can we close the thread please guys! 🤣😅 👏👏👏
  12. Yes you are right I totally misunderstood. Yes they are both unused but in-situ. I always thought Fleetwood should be revived for a UK - Manx or Eire service.
  13. Also add in ex-Stranraer and Fleetwood.
  14. Glad they survived but I do often wonder (AND PUT THE GUNS DOWN DO NOT SHOOT ✋) how people can end up overboard a vessel without doing so deliberately- or unless there is a broken railing or severe weather in which case the decks would be closed. I also remember someone going overboard the Val many years ago reancting the Titanic scene, sometimes pure foolishness or drunkenness can be a cause. My theories for MOBs are (starting most likely): Deliberately, Eg/ Suicide or mental health issues. Fooling around/drukendness. Escape (such as stowaways.
  15. I think it will still go ahead but later than planned. Crazy to think that the new girls could have been in service by now.
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