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  1. I wonder what the plans for 19/20 are....any thoughts suggestions? Amsterdam would be nice for something different, or even Dublin.
  2. Le Quiberon

    New Look Revealed

    One would imagine it could potentially take a few years before the new logo is universally applied to all merchandise. Although I am not a huge fan of the new logo (it has grown on me a touch) but it is the removal and simplifying of the vessels unique paint schemes, striping etc that has disappointing me the most.
  3. There is something etiquetteley unique in the DFDS offerings for sure, older but unique vessels in this day in age.
  4. Sometimes its the innocuous posts that create the most lively threads! Apologies if I came across petulant in my response, I meant far from that. Quibby.
  5. I am going to stand on the other side off the ball court and say I am not overly impressed with her design, externally she looks like an upgraded version of Armorique for me on not really a fitting 'flagship'.' I personally, would not brand her a 'cruise ferry' as such - for me Pont Aven should retain this status - she is more of a cruise ferry in my opinion.. One thing I like about pre-early 00's new build sis there ample deck space for passengers, some with wrap around decks. One disappointing thing about many new builds seem to have plenty of open deck space but limited access to passengers, with large over hanging sterns.
  6. One must say that one would not encounter in such hospilities!
  7. That must have been one hell of a flight given it is 4+ hours in a commercial airliner!
  8. Awaiting an answer to this with baited breath!
  9. Maybe they should name the new vessel after you? Dear me, the self-entitlement of BF's 'superior' customers never ceases to amaze me! J'abandonne!!!!
  10. Thread seems to be diverting away from Amorqiue - Happy 10th anniversary, an excellent service for a vessel. BF has a timely tradition of long-serving vessels, one of the things which makes the company so unique.
  11. First thing that sprung to mine for me was using Southampton, for an enthusiast point of view travelling out of the Solent to Cherbourg/St Malo?Le havre or Caen would be simply majestic! I personally would love to see a revival in the port of Boulogne also.
  12. Smooth. (And popular in the 90's). Minstrels anyone?
  13. I still have not got used to it. Don't think il ever let that go....😉 Although there are a few companies that have resorted to previous logos after disastrous new ones have been introduced!
  14. Bretagne, Sponsored by Saga. Amorique, Sponsored by Specsavers. Normandie, Sponsored by Galaxy. Barfleur, Sponsored by Wimpy Pont Aven, Sponsored by Imperial Leather Any more???
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