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  1. 😒 there is always one........It is not rubbish as it has come from an official news source. And nobody is forcing you to read it. It has become quite a large news story and I created it as a topic as it is ‘news’ on a bfe forum - for those interested to give their opinions on it. I would like to add they are not replacing traditional ferries, it would appear they are being CONSIDERED as an option for people who want to cross quickly without a car etc, as you would on an aircraft. I am amazed at how much offence it had caused!
  2. Brittany Ferries are exploring the use of sea skimming, low flying aircraft to transport passengers across the channel in the next few years. I have left a link explaining more here, and there is a video on youtube demonstrating the aircraft. Cross-Channel 'flying ferries' concept revealed for Portsmouth route - BBC News Times are certainly changing.
  3. Axeing their UK - Belgium route was never ever going to be popular either.
  4. If they were to ever ace the Hull/Rotterdam route does anybody think another operator would take over the route? Where could the twins likely go next, seeing they are very bespoke designed for their route.
  5. Interesting......I think some countries in Europe will allow non-vaccinated with a false test. Such as Estonia and Greece.
  6. Is this assuming that only vaccinated people can travel?
  7. If a Covid test is negative some operators across Europe are allowing it already....
  8. What does this mean if I may ask?
  9. Are the foot passenger mini cruises to Spain. still available? Also will the ‘unvaccinated’ be able to enter Spain. I may consider a short break to France if the ‘unvaccinated’ and foot passengers are allowed on Plymouth/Roscoff or Portsmouth/St Malo.
  10. Will people who decide not to have vaccines be unable to travel at all? I am very confused about this.
  11. I have read that foot passengers may not be permitted on board. Why? Has anyone else heard this? I would be disappointed if this was true.
  12. I am fairly certain BF would have taken these things into consideration before announcing anything....
  13. Is anyone else getting a feeling that a large amount of time may be spend in port, or even overnight ... allowing passengers to use said vessel as a hotel and this maximising revenue?
  14. Agreed! Although the mainstream might like a hot, beach holiday in Spain, Portugal etc there is a market for those who like the opposite. I would sooner spend a winter int he Baltic and Scandinavia than going to a warm(ish) Southern Europe. Everyone has different tastes. The only thing that puts me off Iceland (or any far northerly country) in June is the constant daylight, it would drive me mad. Nevertheless Iceland has got a lot to offer and is one of my bucket list destinations to tick off / although I would rather go in the winter when it’s cold, potentially snowy and the potent
  15. Haha I nearly threw that in yesterday! Crossing time would be 48 hours.
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