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  1. I have noticed that PA had a slight anomaly in her timetable where she leaves Plymouth on Sunday 16th October at 16:45 and arrives Santander the following day at 14:00. She then has a longer than usual lay over as she returns back to Plymouth on the same day at 22:00 arriving 17:30 the following day. Does anyone on the forum know why this is, as it goes against the general trend of crossing times on e route. It certainly could be a good day to explore Santander, especially given the longer than usual lay over.
  2. Is there a risk of PA’s October schedule from Plymouth to Santander being cancelled?
  3. Is it true you have to vacate your cabin on Galicia by 06:00? Sounds awful if true. Is it the same on the Ponts crossing g.
  4. I love the photoshopped funnel. Good work to whoever did it! 👏👏
  5. Although they would definitely have to be more 'cruise ferry' orientated with buffets, casinos, cinemas, 'club/disco', entertainment and late bar to appeal to the clientele that the route so clearly appeals to.
  6. The King and Princess are both 161m but there is no reason they cant build a bespoke e-flexer with a shorter length. It is a fair shout seeing as DFDS have already got the 'Cote.'
  7. The days of the past where each vessel had a unique identity have sadly gone as we see characterless, Ident-i-kit ferries built like flat pack furniture churned out of Chinese shipyards. It will be a bland fleet in 5 years that’s for certain. One would hope the BF incorporate more entertainment facilities and restaurant options on the new vessels which Galicia doesn’t seem to offer having seen reports. Sadly this is unlikely. Unfortunately is it profit and cost-effectiveness that take priority over character and unique design, but sadly this is the way of modern times.
  8. It is truly fascinating that the Val almost ended up going to Amsterdam had it not been for bad weather! I would love to see the itenery for that! I wonder why they never tried it again in following years? It is ironic that she now does that special New Years sailing every year for DFDS as 'King Seaways.'
  9. Thanks.... very Interesting. Can you tell more or have any links. I seem to have missed all this.
  10. Is it true that BF have publically confirmed they are wanting rid of her? As I have not heard anything.
  11. 😒 there is always one........It is not rubbish as it has come from an official news source. And nobody is forcing you to read it. It has become quite a large news story and I created it as a topic as it is ‘news’ on a bfe forum - for those interested to give their opinions on it. I would like to add they are not replacing traditional ferries, it would appear they are being CONSIDERED as an option for people who want to cross quickly without a car etc, as you would on an aircraft. I am amazed at how much offence it had caused!
  12. Brittany Ferries are exploring the use of sea skimming, low flying aircraft to transport passengers across the channel in the next few years. I have left a link explaining more here, and there is a video on youtube demonstrating the aircraft. Cross-Channel 'flying ferries' concept revealed for Portsmouth route - BBC News Times are certainly changing.
  13. Axeing their UK - Belgium route was never ever going to be popular either.
  14. If they were to ever ace the Hull/Rotterdam route does anybody think another operator would take over the route? Where could the twins likely go next, seeing they are very bespoke designed for their route.
  15. Interesting......I think some countries in Europe will allow non-vaccinated with a false test. Such as Estonia and Greece.
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