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  1. This is an excellent post/question and something a quite literally pondered just the other day..... I watched a media documentary on the phrase '....a cross Channel ferry was used.' It as a degrading term for travelling and I think harks back to negative connotations from era's gone by - totally ignoring the fact that the vast majority (if not all) ferries sailing out of the UK are of a high to very high modern standard. I have been criticised by many for using the ever-popular DFDS Newcastle - Ijmuiden service with people saying 'why would you want o be on a ferry for 15 hours whn you can fly in 1' or 'I hate water!!'. What they don't realise is you don't notice the ships roll, faciltites are excellent and the journey becomes part of the holiday. Sadly we live in a time where some people when something now, or as soon as possible which is a shame as the negative image of ferry travel amongst some will be very hard to shake off, which is a shame. I, and maybe us, are of the breed where if I can take the option of a ferry over an aeroplane I would hands down, but sadly, the majority of other people would not. Le Quib.
  2. One seems to think the rear glassed area will be utilised as a bar/club area and front as restaurant/buffet.
  3. No deck on rear of both ships. Disappointing.
  4. The open deck right at the top of the ship is unsuitable for a North Sea vessel. One of the strong points of the King/Princess is the various deck space on port/starboard and stern of ship. This move has come quicker than expected, surprised all and caught a few off guard. My feelings are mixed. 2 distinctly Mediterranean vessels on the North Sea? hmmm...
  5. Interesting news.... is the deck space strictly limited to the top of the ship and a little bit near the lifeboats? Now contemplating a possible final sailing on the King and Princess.
  6. Looks like this is happening Interesting to find out what vessels will be used.
  7. Interesting news, although you would expect it to be freight oriented. The Netherlands is a great country but Emshaven does nit have the pull of Amsterdam or Rotterdam.
  8. Le Quiberon

    New Look Revealed

    By far the best BF vessel ever!
  9. Le Quiberon

    New Look Revealed

    Damn that huge logo and typeface looked incredible on the Val - as well as the unique paint scheme. It is something I very often comment on, it baffles me why BF went for the minimalist look on today's fleet .
  10. 'The holiday fleet' slogan was commonly applied in the mid to late 90's.
  11. This is a fascinating topic, and although it has been brought up before, I have no problem with it being discussed again. For me, a crossing from Liverpool to Roscoff/Le Havre/Cherbourg or St Malo would be fantastic for travellers/freight from northen England and Scotland.
  12. The future (sadly) is ro-pax. Judging by the video, DFDS are looking to replace the vessels soon as we already presume, but that is very much ongoing. It is all speculation but good to see some positivity regarding their vision for Newc-Ij. It would seem crazy for them to close down a very profitable, successful route.
  13. For those fearing losing her to the Med I see a number of other possible options for her: *To be used as a floating hotel anywhere in the world. *Going anywhere in the Baltics - St Peter Line maybe? *A rejuvenated new Swansea-Cork service. *A new or rejuvinated potential UK/Scandinavia service. Quibz.
  14. seeing nostalgic pics of her from he 90's with her z-stripe and unique paint scheme is quite emotional. It is interesting how Bretagnes livery was not as large and intimidating as that of the Val and Normandie. Looking at her now, stripped of character and identity is sad, but it is great to see her still going today. There are many vessels from the mid/late 80's plying Uk routes today, eg/ DFDS Newcastle pair, P&O's Hull pair etc - cruise ferries built in this day have longevity, there is no reason why they cant continue for many years to come. Le 'Quib.
  15. My expectation is that they will run the two current vessels into the ground and then close the route (textbook DFDS) - seeing a permanent end to the route. Just as the Newc' _ Scandi routes never re-opened, neither wil this one. When its gone, it will be gone.
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