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  1. Le Quiberon

    Future of King Seaways

    Its a question I ask many times myself and is a subject that is debated often on this forum. Having sailed on her just a week ago and despite her age she was in very good condition, her standard cabins are maybe showing age in comparison to modern vessels operating out of the UK but she is still very fit for purpose on the route she serves. I think it has to be said that the 'modern era' cruise ferries built in the late 80's early 90's show much better longevity especially when they have had good refurbishments, for example a when Le Quiberon hit 30 years in the early 00's it was clear even to a non-enthusiast she was on old ship - even in the 90's. Running in tandem with the Princess she is very popular and is making good profits for the company - so I would find it unlikely that DFDS would close this route - and if they were (I would not nevertheless put it past them) I am quite sure another operator would snap the route and vessels up. Replacing the King in the near future seems unlikely as no new builds have been announced (which gives a couple of years) and there is not a lot of suitable younger tonnage available that they DFDS buy - as has been said earlier. As Raik said above 0 in the next 4-5 years when the new builds are launched there could be potentially lots of suitable younger vessels. One thing I would note is that the turning circle in the Tyne seemed rather tight on departure, so I am not sure a longer vessel could be operated out of the Tyne. So it would appear, and I certainly hope, that the King will be around for a few more years yet!
  2. Yes, surprisingly the Princess did have the edge in my eyes, the Compass bar is excellent. I cant comment on removing the Princess for a short period, although I was surprised to hear this myself.
  3. Excellent to hear that you are planning to do the trip and whilst I do understand that rowdy revellers, mainly from the north east, do have a reputation for being rather vocal and disruptive, the small contingent that were doing this were dealt with quite effectively by the security staff. If this is something that would really put someone off I am sure avoiding a Friday and Saturday departure should avoid this. For me it is not your typical booze cruise, there was a large proportion of Dutch on-board and a range of range groups so there was a mixed balance of guests on-board.
  4. Le Quiberon

    New Look Revealed

    Clearly very well photo-shopped as it is clearly summer time in every photo.
  5. So as many of you already know I decided to 'do' an Amsterdam mini cruise with DFDS seaways from Newcastle this weekend just gone, largely owing to some extra time off work, and the cheap rates on offer. I must be hasten to admit my reasons for visiting the Netherlands are largely cordial as I used to live and work in the Amsterdam area for a while, and, as a city I know well is a nice place to go for a short escape. Rather than opting for the standard mini cruise which offers just 5 hours in Amsterdam, I opted to take have an additional day in the city. I know that this is one of the more popular non-bf crossings reviewed on here so I will try not too bore you all too much! OUTWARD: 04/01/19: Newcastle - Ijmuiden Departure: 17:00 Arrival: 09:45 Vessel: King Seaways. A good run across the country meant I arrived at North Shields docks at 14:00. I decided to park my car right outside the Premier Inn directly under a CCTV camera (a tip I have read on a review somewhere) as parking here is free (for the shopping outlet) and saves a lot of money on paying parking fees at the docks. The passenger terminal is a short 5/10 minute walk from here. The vessel for the outward journey was the ever-popular King Seaways, probably/arguably the most popular non-bf ferry sailing out of the UK. Embarkation, passport control and security was fast and very efficient and I was the 3rd passenger on the vessel and for a brief amount of time felt like I had the whole ship to myself. Two and a half hours gave me ample time tore- familiarise myself with the ship and settle in the cabin, a standard 2 bunk with window. I have previously sailed on the 'The King' in September 2015 and June 2016 for commuting purposes and she is in excellent condition, and some parts had changed or been modernised, for instance the new cafe and on-board shop. The vessel was very well loaded for the first weekend of the year, with a good mix of Ditch and English passengers. We departed slightly before 17:00, as darkness was falling we made the slow departure out of the Tyne - one of my favourite ferry departures in the UK as we made our way out into a dark and brooding North Sea. Sea and weather conditions were, nevertheless, hospitable and and we took a more central crossing across the North Sea, leaving the bright lights of the east coast behind shortly after 21:00. It is quite common for the DFDS ships to hug the east coast down to Great Yarmouth and then go across from there but that is obviously the captains decision. I was travelling alone and cant comment on restaurants or food, although I did have a drink in the bar. I spent my time largely on deck- both ships have kitchen extractor fans which constantly pour out warm air and are a good place to watch the world go by if you put up with the noise! I must say that if I was travelling with a companion I would love to try the buffet as the choices on offer looked very good. I retired to my cabin in the early hours and slept comfortably and uninterrupted until it was time to wake for disembarkation. The cabin (Deck 6) was very good, and very clean- it perhaps was showing some signs of wear and tear and maybe age is starting to tell now - especially in comparison to the Stana Harwich twins, but this does not bother me personally as I literally only sleep in my cabin. There were a small group of rowdy revellers a group of young English lads that I had spotted in the terminal, however they were dealt effectively with by the ships on-board security and seemed to behave from that point. We arrived on time in a gloomy Ijmuiden, disembarkation off the vessel again was swift and I got the coach transfer offered with the booking and was in Amsterdam within the hour. OUTWARD: 06/01/19: Ijmuiden - Newcastle Departure: 17:30 Arrival: 09:15 Vessel: Princess Seaways. I got the first coach transfer from Amsterdam Centraal station at 15:00 and was at Ijmuiden docks for 16:00. Another swift embarkation and I was on the Princess Seaways. She is effectively a sister ship (one of 4) to King Seaways - the latter being different in appearance due to major renovation carried out by BF in 1993 when she joined the fleet as the flagship Val de Loire. Aesthetically she may not be as easy on the eye but on board she seemed to have a lot more decor in terms of on-board paintings/posters/artwork and seemed more modern than the King, especially the bar and cafe areas. It must be noted that the King is travelling as we speak en-route to Gdansk I can only assume for renovations. It did feel as though the Princess had more deck space than the King and a lot of this had been rubber-matted as well I made my way to my cabin (deck 7) and familiarised myself with the ship, and as dusk settled, with a blast of the ships horn we made our departure from a busy Ijmuiden docks. This Sunday evening service was not as well loaded, and weather conditions were once again hospitable on the North Sea - I seemed to fare quite well considering it was January! Again I spent alot of time on deck and had a quiet drink on the bar, before retiring once again for a comfortable, uninterrupted nights sleep as the Princess gently strode across the calm North Sea. When I checked the ships AIS in the morning it appeared that we once again took a more central North Sea route. Embarkation off the vessels and through controls was swift again as I was the firdt person off the ship - I made the short walk to my car and made the drive homeward. SUMMARY: Well what can I say? For me this has to be one of the best ferry crossings out of the UK. DFDS are clearly doing something right as recently published statistics showed that the route is ever-popular and profitable - this for me is enforced by the fact that (1) They have kept the route open (unlike Norway and Denmark) and (2) They have spent heavily looking after and refitting the two ships. In comparison to Esjbery and Bergen Amsterdam is a hugely popular tourist destination and always will be thus I think that they will continue to operate the route. They also hit the nail on the head with their departure and arrival times which allow you to get have a meal, enjoy the entertainment and get a good nights sleep - I did not even find on-board prices to be that absurdly expensive. The two vessels which ply the route are in excellent condition, although they are 30+ years, and it may show in some small aspects, it must be noted they are from that generation of new build cruise ferries which age well - and despite the constant speculation about their futures it appears DFDS are committed to operating the vessels which is great to see. At £105 for a return crossing value for money was excellent, staff were polite and friendly, embarkation and disembarkation as a foot passenger was excellent and the ships were clean - I can not rate the company highly enough and could not recommend the trip any more, it was outstanding. Le Quiberon.
  6. Le Quiberon

    King Seaways questions

    Thanks for the info guys much appeeciated as always! On the vessel now - she seems surprisingly well loaded for this time of year.
  7. Le Quiberon

    New Look Revealed

    Stripped and devoid of all character......an identity gone forever. Sad. Inexplicable. Strange. I am sure even the least brightest of sparks at BF towers could ascertain she looks bloody awful and put a new paint design in place. Losing the striping on the corporate logo also appears to be a monumentally poor decision. Le Quib.
  8. Le Quiberon

    King Seaways questions

    So tomorrow I will be doing the infamous Friday evening Newcastle - Ijmuiden mini cruise, staying an additional day on the Saturday and returning Sunday evening. I don't really like the idea of having just 5 hours in Amsterdam so spending the extra day is worthwhile for me. Outward I will be sailing on the 'King Seaways' and returning on the 'Princess Seaways'. As many of you know I have used this service before as a commuter in 2015/2016 as I took my car over when I worked in the Netherlands. However, there a few questions I would like to ask and would be happy if anybody could help: (1) How do you access the front deck of King Seaways and would it be open during the crossing? I seemed to miss this when I travelled on her a couple of years ago. (2) Will outdoor decks be open for the duration of the crossing? Sea and weather conditions are forecasted to be hospitable. (3) I have read somewhere it is possible to park for free at the Premier Inn close to the docks, is this true? If not is there anywhere free to park near to the docks? (4) Would I be right in assuming this will be the last crossing the 'Princess' takes before going on her brief hiatus? (5) What would loading and PAX numbers expected to be for the crossing? Should I expect the infamous 'rowdy revellers'. I am expecting very low, being the first weekend crossing after New Year. I will, as ever, post an in-depth voyage report on both crossings, which should be interesting as this will be my first sailing on the 'Princess.' Any help, as ever, will be much appreciated, sincere thanks, Le' Quib.
  9. I would complain about that and demand a new clean cabin when you pay good money - unacceptable!
  10. Le Quiberon

    New Look Revealed

    So true, I always remember growing up in the 90's and 00s I knew the individual features of each ship: Val de Loire: Had a large logo and fontage which was so intimidating and made her look so big, striping finished at top and started at bottom. Bretagne: Famous 'Z-stripes', unique blue striping at rear and front of vessel, large funnel. Normandie: Large logo and fontage, striping had 'one-step' effect. Barfleur: Obviously was Truckline Ferries for a while which was unique in itself, some blue striping on superstructure also. Duchesse Anne/Quiberon/Duc de Normandie: All older vessels of the fleet but had 'wrap around' striping and each had very unique funnels. My point being the vessels had identity, and looked great.
  11. Le Quiberon

    New Look Revealed

    it is heartbreaking to say the least, and to think this will be applied to all members of the fleet with their striping removed as well. I have seen mock ups of some the vessels on the bf newsroom site and they look absolutely terrible. I always ranked BF as the best looking vessels operating out of the UK owing to the colour scheme, logo, striping and individual paint schemes,however, now would rank them as one of the worst. And the saddest thing about it all is...... there is no way back....ever.....
  12. Le Quiberon

    New Look Revealed

    Says it all.... https://www.underconsideration.com/brandnew/archives/new_logo_for_brittany_ferries.php Why didn't they listen? Some really interesting comments on there as well.....
  13. Le Quiberon

    Merry Christmas

    Wishing everyone a Ferry Merry Christmas. Quibby.
  14. Le Quiberon

    New Look Revealed

    Fantastic post which clearly demonstrates how the look of the vessel has deteriorated as the ship has endured the changing logos, unique paint design etc. She really looked fantastic in her 90's livery, the previous one introduced in the mid 00's was not great and her most recent nothing short of a disgrace. A truly bizarre decision. On a side note its wonderful to see her during construction, something that is as rare as hens teeth there are not many around,
  15. Le Quiberon

    BF Confirm Charter of 'E-Flexer'

    Are there any mock ups of the new vessels?