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  1. Just researched this and it appears tat during the 22h 'mini cruise' the vessel arrives Tallin at 2200 but does not allow passengers to leave the ship till 0800 the next day, passengers must then be back on board for 12pm for a 1530 return in Helsinki. So the ship basically just sits quayside all evening and night in Tallin and does not allow you to get off till the following morning for 4 hours. I understand the point of wanting you to stay on-board and spend cash but it would be nice to have the option to leave the ship during the evening/night. Kind of off-putting really.
  2. Le Quiberon

    New Look Revealed

    Damn that fontage and logo looks so good!
  3. Right thats it stop buttering me up - I am starting to get cheesed of with this thread, it is becoming a right pain in the ham! If you are wondering where I am - I am moving to Breading!!
  4. Although this my have caused your plans to a rye you must stop being kneady - and I suggest other posters stop trying to get a rise out of him - its the yeast you can do. And before you all break down and rye - I want you all to know I loaf you! - You can crust me!! Anyway this all getting a bit too stale and grainy for me - its well past my breadtime! And yes guys - I'm om a roll!!
  5. so does that mean you can basically explore Tallin and the use ferry as a floating hotel? sound excellent! what time does the vessel leave/depart? thanks.
  6. Not sure if I fancy St P - sounds like Beirut! 😉
  7. Very it would seem - running the circular Baltic routes Stockholm-Helsinki-Talin-St Pt'brg route!!
  8. I plan to travel around northern Europe/Baltic states in summer 2020, starting from Germany. I already plan to do Color Lines cruise to Oslo as this 'has to be done.' Are there any recommendations for cruise deals in the Baltic - I have seen DFDS offering on Copenhagen/Oslo which looks reasonable. St Peter lines circular cruise Stokholm/Tallin/St Pt'br/Helsinki looks good. Any help or recommendations would be hugely appreciated as I am already planning the trip one year in advance. Thanks, Quibz.
  9. Really can not see bf grabbing a vessel in the near future myself...
  10. One would thus assume that if she has a lengthy lay up in dry dock in early 2020 (and several months is rather significant) that Bretagne will probably not have her usual legnthy winter lay up and will operate regularly next winter?
  11. Sadly the chances of any ferry comapny (re)-opening a route to Scandinavia is pretty much zero. Quibz.
  12. Probably won't happen but one must agree cruising down into the city centre would be simply majestic!
  13. I have 'heard' rumours that DFDS have looked into the possibility of going into Amsterdam itself as they have done previous, would add an extra hour or two to the journey time but would definitely add to the cruise experience. Rottterdam and Vlissingen have also been explored. Could all be rumours but its not as absurd as it sounds.
  14. I genuinely believe that a service further into the continent, eg/ Zeebrugge or even Rotterdam would have an extremely good case.....
  15. Indecently this is not beyond the realms of possibility, however, she would not look right in the new logo, typeface and paint scheme!! I think one thing that made 'The Val' look so good was her large, intimidating logo and typeface! I had seen a travel agent photo of her in the 05-18 logo and typeface which never came into fruition and she didn't look right at all. I also saw a mock-up done similarly of Bretagne with the Z-stripe and 05-18 logo and font which also did not look right!!
  16. These rumours have been circulating for the last 3/4 even 5 years and I have heard them on-board myself on the King Seaways back in 2016. The fact that so much money has been spent on refurbishing them would indicate to me that DFDS intend to operate them for the near future. It would be very hard to find 2 similar vessels out there that offer the mini cruise offer that the two current vessels provide as there actually is not a lot of relatively modern tonnage available at all! Also as stated earlier any possible new build would only be in 2023 at the earliest. Quibz.
  17. In all seriousness she could get down the Mersey and down the MSC or down the Ribble and be broken up quayside.
  18. It does not look like the new vessles will have much outer deck space, mostly at the rear like the Harwich twns. That abundance of deck space at the top will likely be unaccessible which is a shame.
  19. I clearly remember it being a stable red light, like the other vessels out at sea.....the speed was quite something. To think it cleared my panoramic line of vision within a couple of minutes was quite something!
  20. Friday 4th January. Was past Whitby, it was dark but I recall there were a series of vessels lining up to enter a port I can only guess was Hull.
  21. That could have been a possibility but it must have been flying very low and at some speed. Also there was no flashing lights - just one stable light.
  22. Was moving far too quick for that! 😂😉
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