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  1. Absolute shambles of a booking system. Tried to book a crossing last night for today - the website crashed after proessing my card details. They tool the money out of my account but did not confirm the booking. The contact centre is closed so you have to contact them by e-mail. I was told they would call me urgently so I tied to book a crossing on my mobile instead - that crashed as well!!! Truly shambolic operation. I know I am booking last minute but this should never be an issue.
  2. I have 27092 points which need to redeemed by mid January. I am going to wait till later in the year when hopefully restrictions will be lifted upon entering Finland and Sweden. December in Scandinavia and Baltic’s sound amazing, those points should cover a return long haul crossing and a 22h Europa cruise.
  4. Yes, you are right - I was only planning on doing a mini cruise, eg/Riga-Helsinki or Tallin-Helsinki Silja Europa and not disembark as such. It is probably better to save the Baltics till winter again. Kiel-Oslo in summer will be great.
  5. I intend to travel again in the next few weeks and initially thought about dong Kiel-Oslo as both countries are on travel coridoors. I have looked at the Baltic's and you have to quarantine on arrival in Sweden and Finland for 14 days from UK. However, if I was to enter those Finland or Sweden from a country that has travel corridors with no quarantine set up from for example Estonia or Latvia or Germany or anywhere else would I have to quarantine?
  6. It is a fantastic design but why the need for such extensive amount of cabins for such a short crossing with rather unappealing crossing times, especially overnight?
  7. Le Quiberon

    2021 Timetables

    I have to say its the fact that an economie ship are used on the Rosslare - France run that puts me off in all honesty. If a 'proper' cruise ferry as used I would do the route. Lets hope they are introduced in the future.
  8. Le Quiberon

    2021 Timetables

    Is this a relaistic possibility and do when do you think it would come to fruition? I would love to do Ireland - France on a cruise ferry. The reviews on Yeates look awful so I'm not interested and the Horizon looks not very good.
  9. I would love to experience this. I have never been on board a vessel that stops or reduces to a slow speed. I have always wondered how the Viking Cinderella does Mariehamm and back from Stockholm. She must do a similar thing.
  10. Done this January just gone - I did Star and Megastar. The Strar trip was to Tallin on a Friday aft/eve And it was rammed. There was nowhere to sit and the deck space was only at the rear of the ship. I ended up sat on the floor. Travelled to Helsinki on the megastar on a Mon Early afternoon and it was less busy. Again deck space is limited to the rear of the ship. Megastar is the superior of the two ships - she is newer and bigger but they both have good facilities to be fair - plenty of dining options and very large duty free. My only advice would be to avoid a peak sailing and do it in daylight so you can enjoy the scenery. Also the trips are EXCELLENT value for money. Also if the Symphony is INCREDIBLE. How you get to see the scenery out of Stockholm , you should that time of the year. I went in January so did not see anything. If you want to know anything just PM me. Jonny also has excellent knowledge of the Baltic routes - he gave me lots of info before I booked everything.
  11. Can’t book after 31 Jan. Is this normal?
  12. I was expecting numerous travel corridors to be revealed this week, with recipricol quarantine measures in place, however the routes I was planning to do, chiefly in the Baltic, many countries requite 14 days quarantine on arrival. Can anybody recommend any routes in Europe, preferably before UK/European school holidays where I don't have to quarantine on arrival. I was planning on doing a few Baltic routes, or even Color line again but Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Norway require 14 days quarantine on arrival so it is not possible at the moment. Thanks. L'Q.
  13. I noticed that yesterday, must be a glitch.
  14. So positive to hear encouraging news from a very knowledgeable and experienced poster. I hope this is true and trust you are right even though I had my doubts. Thank you. 👍
  15. It looks to me, sadly, like it’s going. Not positive at all.
  16. True enough, also I guess a large indoor theatre for shows as well. From the outside she has the Tallink 'look' but interior maybe not.
  17. Some interesting ones here - would you agree with me the Pont Aven screams "Tallink"??
  18. Not sure but please don’t go oot.
  19. I hope this does not offend anyone, and I don't intend too, but if the worst was to happen (and i hope and think it won't) and BF went bust or had to go into administration, what companies do you think each member of the fleet would suit most, and their routes? I have only included the cruise ferries here but you can do the whole fleet if you want. You don't have to be over-realistic, just use your imagination!! Il start off.... PONT AVEN: Tallink. She has Tallink written all over her and would make a great replacement for Isabelle on the Stock/Riga route. MONT ST MICHAEL: Stena Line. Has the look of a Stena ship and would be perfect for a short haul Irish sea route from Fishgaurd or Holyhead. CAP FINISTERE: Stena Line. Stena love their Superfasts and she would make a good runner on an overnight Liverpool route. AMOURIQUE: Stena LIne. With Contentin going to Stena this was easy as she is the most versatile member of the fleet she would make an ideal vessel for Stena as she is a reliable solid vessel but not too much of a cruise ferry. NORMANDIE: P&O Irish sea. There still a bit of life in the old dog yet and I think Normandie would suit an overnight LIverpool route. Her great vehicle capacity and passenger facilities would allow the overnight service to operate with passengers. BRETAGNE: Moby. Her age means she is destined for the Med and her suitability as a cruise ferry means she would be an ideal acquisition for a company like Moby. BARFLEUR: P&O. She has done Dover-Calais before so is suitable and would be a great operation to any of P&O's Dover routes. NORMANDIE EXPRESS: Fred Olsen. Fred Olsen know how to run cats, and she certainly would not go amiss operating out of the Canaries. That was harder than it seemed, and unsurprisingly Stena have acquired a lot of tonnage! Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated. L'Q.
  20. Having read the DFDS plans other bit I don't think the on-board experience on any ferry or cruise ship will be particularly pleasant. Plastic dividing screens, masks, one way systems, limited food options, no buffets, limited entertainment, closure of kids clubs, some parts of the casino just to name a few - it seems to be the way we are heading and it is not good. Only positive outcomes will be less crowded ships and better cleanliness and hygiene but out on deck will probably be the best place to be. I was planning on doing a repeat of my Baltic trip but am now thinking about doing a solo cruise where I can spend alot of my time confined to my balcony with cabin as I just love being at sea. There are some amazing short cruise deals out there right now..... L'Q.
  21. Just reading what arrangements will be like on-board DFDS vessels and it seems like the 'new normal' will not be particularly enjoyable at all. Sad times. One does wonder how long this would go on for? Until everyone has had a vaccine? Or forever? L'Q.
  22. They also had a shirt sponsor for SM Caen for a season. Have always thought this, as BF could sponsor a number of clubs according to their location. Plymouth Argyle Portsmouth Bounemouth Poole Cork City Guingamp Stade Brestois Sm Caen Racing Sanatander Athletico Bilbao.
  23. I have been thinking about this route alot and what DFDS plan to do with it as it is, essentially, sold as a mini cruise generally. The pandemic is going to change ferry/cruise travel until everyone has been vaccinated which will be a long time. Its a horrendous thought for those who enjoy ferry/cruise travel. The good thing is that this route ie very popular so if it does end, another operator could run it and make it a success if done properly.
  24. Oh come on your not an army general a war! Comments along the lines of 'I'm going to stew over this and reply in the morning' or a little over the top. I don't think anything Jonno has said has been out of order. And he has not imposed any views he has just expressed them. Huge difference. I don't know Jonno but in my opinion he is one of the best, most knowledgeable contributors to the forum. He actually helped me massively in planning my unforgettable trip to the Baltic's in the winter. These are tough times but some of us need to not get too carried away.
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