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  1. Looks like this is happening Interesting to find out what vessels will be used.
  2. Interesting news, although you would expect it to be freight oriented. The Netherlands is a great country but Emshaven does nit have the pull of Amsterdam or Rotterdam.
  3. Le Quiberon

    New Look Revealed

    By far the best BF vessel ever!
  4. Le Quiberon

    New Look Revealed

    Damn that huge logo and typeface looked incredible on the Val - as well as the unique paint scheme. It is something I very often comment on, it baffles me why BF went for the minimalist look on today's fleet .
  5. 'The holiday fleet' slogan was commonly applied in the mid to late 90's.
  6. This is a fascinating topic, and although it has been brought up before, I have no problem with it being discussed again. For me, a crossing from Liverpool to Roscoff/Le Havre/Cherbourg or St Malo would be fantastic for travellers/freight from northen England and Scotland.
  7. The future (sadly) is ro-pax. Judging by the video, DFDS are looking to replace the vessels soon as we already presume, but that is very much ongoing. It is all speculation but good to see some positivity regarding their vision for Newc-Ij. It would seem crazy for them to close down a very profitable, successful route.
  8. For those fearing losing her to the Med I see a number of other possible options for her: *To be used as a floating hotel anywhere in the world. *Going anywhere in the Baltics - St Peter Line maybe? *A rejuvenated new Swansea-Cork service. *A new or rejuvinated potential UK/Scandinavia service. Quibz.
  9. seeing nostalgic pics of her from he 90's with her z-stripe and unique paint scheme is quite emotional. It is interesting how Bretagnes livery was not as large and intimidating as that of the Val and Normandie. Looking at her now, stripped of character and identity is sad, but it is great to see her still going today. There are many vessels from the mid/late 80's plying Uk routes today, eg/ DFDS Newcastle pair, P&O's Hull pair etc - cruise ferries built in this day have longevity, there is no reason why they cant continue for many years to come. Le 'Quib.
  10. My expectation is that they will run the two current vessels into the ground and then close the route (textbook DFDS) - seeing a permanent end to the route. Just as the Newc' _ Scandi routes never re-opened, neither wil this one. When its gone, it will be gone.
  11. do you have any sources for this? Also is 600 passengers enough?
  12. Thanks for pointing that out - what tonnage out there do you think would be suitable replacement to the two current sisters?
  13. Although this has been discussed before I thought I would open a new thread for the subject of a UK - Norway/Scandinavia ferry crossing. When I was at Port of Tyne I noticed the now spare link span and gangway that obviously accommodated the previous Newcastle - Norway sailing. Have there been any news recently of trying to bring that, or any other UK-Scandinavia service back?
  14. Oh yes I am in no doubt about this, especially given the length of the crossing they will have to appeal to the mini cruise market - so numerous bars, lounges, restraunts etc would be needed. As mentioned many times before, the route is doing extremely well so I cant see DFDS abandoning it - for me it will be interesting to see if they go for two new builds or look to see whats out there - of which there are very few options. One feels that the e-flexers being rolled out of China would have been ideal.
  15. I agree, the cabins offered on the Stena twins are quite simply superb, and, even with a substantial delay there is plenty of time to make up ground on the crossing as the vessels dock well before dis-embarkation time. Indeed, I remember travelling overnight towards Harwich and the coastline of south east England was clearly visible before retiring admittedly rather late in the early hours. Although the self-service my not be the highest standard of food, at least it is more affordable and effective (as in you can be in and out quite quickly and quite informal) in comparison to DFDS Newcastle-Ijmuiden where you only have the choice of an a la carte restraunt or costly buffet to eat and no option of a quick 'in and out' bite to eat. When it comes to cost effectiveness over enthusiast mini cruise - Stena is miles ahead on UK-Dutch routes.
  16. I have just done a return crossing on 'King Seaways' (voyage report coming soon) and have heard on-board, and I wish to confirm sources to myself - that DFDS have put out a tender for two new vessels for the route that will have a larger capacity to take freight. As has been long discussed whether it is a new-build or whether they are waiting for an opportunity to buy suitable tonnage when available is unknown but as expected DFDS will probably go for something more like what Stena have on the Harwich - Hook routes. Also when I mentioned the tight turning circle on the Tyne this was quickly beaten down as Port of Tyne already handles some medium/large cruise ships. It was noted that any changes would be a couple of years in the making at least, which is probably why DFDS invested in the two current vessels recently, however, it must be said - particularly on the King - that time is starting to show particularly in the cabins which are nowhere near the standard of the two Stena vessels. I am guessing time will tell.....
  17. Just researched this and it appears tat during the 22h 'mini cruise' the vessel arrives Tallin at 2200 but does not allow passengers to leave the ship till 0800 the next day, passengers must then be back on board for 12pm for a 1530 return in Helsinki. So the ship basically just sits quayside all evening and night in Tallin and does not allow you to get off till the following morning for 4 hours. I understand the point of wanting you to stay on-board and spend cash but it would be nice to have the option to leave the ship during the evening/night. Kind of off-putting really.
  18. Le Quiberon

    New Look Revealed

    Damn that fontage and logo looks so good!
  19. Right thats it stop buttering me up - I am starting to get cheesed of with this thread, it is becoming a right pain in the ham! If you are wondering where I am - I am moving to Breading!!
  20. Although this my have caused your plans to a rye you must stop being kneady - and I suggest other posters stop trying to get a rise out of him - its the yeast you can do. And before you all break down and rye - I want you all to know I loaf you! - You can crust me!! Anyway this all getting a bit too stale and grainy for me - its well past my breadtime! And yes guys - I'm om a roll!!
  21. so does that mean you can basically explore Tallin and the use ferry as a floating hotel? sound excellent! what time does the vessel leave/depart? thanks.
  22. Not sure if I fancy St P - sounds like Beirut! 😉
  23. Very it would seem - running the circular Baltic routes Stockholm-Helsinki-Talin-St Pt'brg route!!
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