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  1. The Brittany Ferries logo and font was amended slightly for the launch of the Pont Aven in 2004. This was gradually applied to all vessels over the next couple of years, but not to ones that were to leave the fleet - for example Val de Loire never had the new logo and typeface applied to her and she left in 2006. The Z stripe applied only to Bretagne, The Vals stripes were both slightly raised and lowered around the lettering, the striping on Normandie 'dropped' from the left, whilst from what a recall Quiberon, Duc D N, Duchesse Anne and Barfleur had standard stripes which wrapped around the vessel, however I do recall Barfleurs original striping did not wrap around the back.in my op Barfelur, Normandie and Mont St Michael also had individual blue paint schemes which were removed. Please also note the switch of colours of the company theme from orange and blue to red and blue in the late 90's. I have said many times if you look at photos of the vessels from the 90's they look much better than they do now in terms of paint schemes.
  2. Biased of course I always prefer Brittany Ferries livery, especially the one that ran through the 90's. Each ship had its own individual striping, such as Bretagne's Z stripe for instance. The logo and font that ran (as quoted from above) from 84-04 looked much better than the current typeface and slightly amended logo. What disapointed me recently was how over recent years some of the ships have lost their individual striping and markings leaving the minimalist white cruise ship look, however in my opinion vessels such as Normandie and Bretagne don't look as good. After seeing the preview ships of the Pegasus vessel I also got the impression that BF were considering getting rid of the striping surrounding the typeface on the structure of the vessels. Other ferry liveries I admire are Viking Line, Silja, Irish Ferries and believe it or not - DFDS Seaways!
  3. I thought this deserved a thread of its own. It is now just over 10 years since 'The Val' left the fleet in a move that caught many BF enthusiasts by surprise. She was an immensely popular vessel among passengers and enthusiasts alike and hit the headlines for various reasons during her tenure with Brittany Ferries including being involved in a TV show. A decade later she still runs the DFDS Newcastle Ijmuiden service under the guise 'King Seaways' alongside her partner 'Princess Seaways.' Of course some people did not like her, like any ferry she wasn't for everyone, but I thought it would be nice to open a thread for people to leave their thoughts on her,and pay their respects to an iconic vessel in the history of Brittany Ferries.
  4. One thing that must be noticed about this particular era is that it was a transitional period for Brittany Ferries and the ferry industry as a whole. There was a two way split between the new age 'cruise' new build ferries ie: Bretagne, Normandie, Barfleur and (a significantly refurbished) flagship Val de Loire - and the 'old age' ferries Quiberon, Duc De Normandie and Duchesse Anne. A difference noticed even by non enthusiast whom travelled from Portsmouth - Caen who noted the difference between Normandie and the Duc, or those who did a peak season Plymouth - Roscoff and travelled on Quibby and the Val. In the current age, we have a fleet of better quality of build which all fit the 'cruise ferry' image, with the exception of Etretat and Pelican (and possibly BDS). So, although new tonnage may be necessary, I don't think there is such a large disparity in the fleet as we had in 1993.
  5. It is quite reflective of the wastage, superiorist culture of modern day society that a vessel that functions perfectly well is being spoken of being retired when it is not even approaching 30 years old! Bretagne does a great job, has rarely let the company down (in terms of breakdowns and incidents), receives great reviews etc - yet because she is approaching 30 must now be replaced. In 2016 she outclasses many vessels on the channel. Things such as this, along with the (in my opinion) dubious EU sulphur agreements which has caused many fine vessels to be ruined in appearance with ridiculous 'scrubber' arrangements, has in all honesty reduced my interest not only in Brittany Ferries, but the ferry industry as a whole. When Quiberon and Duc de Normandie left the fleet for instance, despite nostalgic disappointment it was understandable. They were showing their age and didn't match the quality of other vessels in the fleet. The fact we are discussing two very good vessels in Bretagne and Normandie having to leave the fleet purely because of their age upsets me. If they were two dirty useless rustbuckets that constantly let the company down then fair enough - as I have said they both outclass newer vessels sailing out of the UK!!
  6. I have a bad feeling, as with many other members, that DFDS will, as they have with other routes, run the 2 sister vessels down and eventually close the route probably within the next 5/6 years sadly. The route then my continue as a freight service. This would be a huge shame because it is a fantastic route.
  7. One would hope that security forces would be able to foil such an attempt from terrorist groups. Similar to the foiled plot by ETA to bomb the Val as she left Santander port, which could potentially have had dire consequences.
  8. Seems rather tasteless in my opinion, one always take Wikipedia articles with a good pinch of salt.
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