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  1. Magnificent marine animals move into Portsmouth International Port With life size Orca whales floating above their heads and a fifty foot Blue Whale to meet, it was a magical morning for a class of local school children at Portsmouth International Port. The inflatable models are part of the Marine Wildlife Festival opened today by TV wildlife presenter Nigel Marven. The display celebrates the diversity of marine life in the seas that surround the South Coast and on ferry routes to France and Spain from Portsmouth International Port. Thirty children from Cottage Grove Primary Sch
  2. A little more info from the Harbour Master: The new structures that have appeared in the Portsmouth channel are call transit marks. Quite simply a transit mark in its simplest form is made up to two maker posts separated by some distance. They are commonly used in many ports and positioned so that when the two posts are exactly in line with one another then the ship is guaranteed to be on its course track with zero chance of any error. It is the most accurate way of maintaining ones course through the channel by visual means. Some transit marks are made with numerous marker posts on them,
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