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  1. It presumably allows the trailer-container combination to be carried on a much wider range of vessels than just containers only. Ed.
  2. There might be changes on the way once the E-Flexers replace CF. https://twitter.com/BrittanyFerries/status/1221041219641532416?s=20 Ed
  3. Thanks Chris. That looks efficient and they say it cuts CO2 emissions by 80% so they'll probably get EU funding for any infrastructure work required in Cherbourg. Ed.
  4. Given that the Irish gauge is wider than that in France, and which therefore precludes installing rails on the freight deck of an existing ferry, I can only imagine they plan to transport entire tractor-trailer combinations up from Spain on open wagons and then drive them off the train and onto to ship in Cherbourg. Meanwhile the drivers will either be accommodated in a separate carriage or dock workers will load the vehicles directly onto the ferry to be collected by other drivers in Ireland or England. Ed.
  5. That makes a route from Cherbourg to Rosslare using either CF or Normandie an interesting idea. The railway spur from Cherbourg's station to the port is still viable, could be brought back into service and may well be tested from time to time. Ed.
  6. I'd better get a move on and book a weekend trip from Roscoff to Cork in that case before the opportunity dissappears. Ed.
  7. I was going to make the same suggestion but didn't dare. It would certainly be a civilised way of getting there. Ed.
  8. If you've damaged my token... Ed.
  9. I believe my trolley-token to be about here, as shown below. The problem is I can't recall if it's on the port or starboard side. Ed.
  10. No, in line the rest of you, I don't like Normandie. 😉 Ed.
  11. Come to think of it, it might not have been PA after all. Ed.
  12. And it was metal too so fully compliant with Greta's ethos. Perhaps they could make me another one out of what's left of PA's engine. Ed.
  13. Yes, they'll all give you one. Mine was a rather nice Carrefour - Tour de France one I picked up while watching the race go by. Sniff, sniff. Ed.
  14. What's the source of that information? Both Kerry and Connemara are still listed on the timetable until the end of the current season. https://www.brittanyferries.ie/ferry-routes/ireland-spain-ferries/cork-santander/timetable Ed.
  15. My experience of the tides in the Baltic, around the Malmo area, is that they only change by a few centimetres per cycle but I guess that when you are moving an object that heavy it's difficult to compensate using hydraulics etc., hence the barge. However, I suppose that she might be moved at some point into an enclosed dock and placed the other way round as you suggested. Ed.
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