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  1. Cabin-boy

    Grumps corner

    Children's play areas which are really just some foam matting and a tiny TV screen. How about something like this to keep all of us amused, young and old alike? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/travel_news/article-5650775/Pictured-Norwegian-Bliss-cruise-ship-Kart-track-deck.html Ed
  2. More info here : https://www.google.fr/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.irishtimes.com/news/ireland/irish-news/thousands-have-holiday-plans-thrown-into-disarray-as-irish-ferries-cancels-bookings-1.3469903%3Fmode%3Damp&ved=2ahUKEwj9heLRq8vaAhUIY1AKHZSrCagQFjAKegQIBBAB&usg=AOvVaw2brjyAbKGSiDw66v3BRoKz&ampcf=1 Ed
  3. Cabin-boy

    Normandie Express - 2018 Season

    I'm on her in a couple of weeks so we'll see. I've never had a problem but Cabin-girl and the Cabin-kids do tend to feel unwell onboard. Ed.
  4. Cabin-boy

    Normandie Express - 2018 Season

    Rust-bucket list surely? 😀 Ed
  5. Cabin-boy

    Normandie Express - 2018 Season

    Isn't most of her external cladding made of aluminium? Ed
  6. Cabin-boy

    Normandie Express - 2018 Season

    Presumably before the dock workers go on strike and prevent her leaving. Ed.
  7. Cabin-boy

    SAILING UPDATES: 2018 Latest News

    We are into week 3 of the strikes now and there hasn't been any real sign of other groups coming out in sympathy yet. Various universities were already blocked by protests before the train drivers started theirs. That might be the flashpoint if the students decide to copy what their parents did 50 years ago and have a period of mass unrest and civil disobedience. It all depends on the weather! Ed.
  8. Cabin-boy

    NOVA CRUISES: Nova Star

    Well, at least if they have trouble sticking to the published schedule they can call her Pol ish! Ed.
  9. Cabin-boy

    NOVA CRUISES: Nova Star

    I hope she's burning 'clean' diesel so she won't be called Pol lute. Ed.
  10. Cabin-boy

    Cork to Santander Route to Launch in 2018

    When Cabin-girl and I were down there last October the anchorage was pretty busy with the bunkering vessels buzzing around the waiting ships. Connemara may have to wait her turn. Ed.
  11. Cabin-boy

    NOVA CRUISES: Nova Star

    Or if the Baltic is frozen over and someone has nicked the anti-freeze, why not Pol ice? Ed
  12. Cabin-boy

    Future Ship Powering Options

    This report might also prove an interesting read. It's ironic how the Marshall Islands is the second biggest flag of convenience (after Panama) and therefore responsible for a lot of the lower cost vessels (and the least likely to adopt sustainable technology) out there and yet is one of the first countries to be affected should sea levels rise. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-43759923 Ed
  13. Cabin-boy

    Onboard Menus

    There was something in the original publicity material suggesting that Connemara would offer menus based on the specialities of the countries served by the ferry. Here is the line: "On board, passengers can expect a comfortable, no-frills service with a distinctly Spanish theme. Dining options will reflect the regions served, reinforcing the company’s drive to reveal more about its destinations at every stage of the journey. There will also be a small shop and café-bar as well as comfortable passenger lounges." Ed
  14. Cabin-boy

    CI Inter-Island Service

    Here's the latest progress, and points still to be resolved, in setting up the new service. https://jerseyeveningpost.com/news/2018/03/27/inter-island-ferry-service-demands-unrealistic/ Ed
  15. Cabin-boy

    BF bear bothered by ban!

    It looks like Pierre the Bear’s days as a BF mascot could be numbered. The Welsh Maritime Research Institute, based in Cardiff, recently identified a problem in the application of IMO rules regarding lifejackets on any ship where crew members are required to dress up in costume. The origins of the problem lie in this document, published 20 years ago, but only just revealed: http://treaties.fco.gov.uk/docs/pdf/1998/TS0044.pdf Prof. Dai Llasoy from the Institute has conducted a series of tests over the last 12 months, first in laboratory conditions and concluding with last Monday’s mass evacuation exercise on Pont Aven offshore from St Malo. After analysing the results he has determined that, in the event of an evacuation, all crew members must be able to pull lifejackets on, over their heads, without assistance and, crucially, without the need to remove any existing headgear. As such any crew member, or entertainer working on board, will be forbidden from wearing oversized headgear – pirate hats, clown wigs, Halloween face-masks etc – and, in BF’s case, large bear heads. An approved list of headgear is due to be issued later today. It is thought that Leprechaun hats might not meet the new requirements, potentially causing problems for Irish Ferries’ plans to introduce a mascot on their new vessel W.B. Yates. Various Scandinavian ferry companies are also expected to face problems with their Viking helmets and may need to turn the horns upside down to get around the regulations as no rule currently exists for the ability to remove lifejackets. Ed