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  1. They seem to be slowly making a comeback but a lot of them are still out of action. Here is one of the new generation. It can pick up 8 different offences including not wearing a seatbelt, using a phone and, probably, picking your nose too! Ed.
  2. All French speeding fines from fixed cameras are dealt with in Rennes so, as far as I know, the money goes into directly into the national coffers to pay for more cameras etc. Ed.
  3. If anyone does get caught, just send the fine to your kid's school teacher. Most of the time it's they who encourage this type of behaviour for a 'show and tell' class. All I have to do now is persuade Cabin-girl that her shopping for local products (and we came beck from the Dordogne with more duck, mushroom and walnut products than is strictly necessary) is in fact looting of a natural local resource. Ed.
  4. I had something similar back in the eighties. Ed.
  5. You may have seen this report on the BBC website. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-49394828 Last night on French TV news there was a more detailed discussion about the problem and apparently Etretat beach losses an average of 400kg of pebbles per day. The local police can now fine you 1,500€ if you pocket a stone while on the beach. Ed.
  6. I see your 14th and raise you (or perhaps lower is more appropriate) 13th on the French site. https://www.brittany-ferries.fr/traversee/horaires/infos-trafic Ed
  7. Perhaps they were simply busy ironing their uniforms as 'des' said in another thread and missed this lot. Ed
  8. Perhaps they were trying to even up the damage but denting the opposite hull. Now any prospective buyer will see a symmetrical design. Ed.
  9. Sorry. I no longer have access to the original now. Anyway, thanks for all the contributions. It seems that the 15 years I was quoted is a little out and 20 years is more likely. Ed.
  10. Getting traffic up and down the hill to Bouley Bay would be a challenge. St Catherine's Bay with its massive breakwater might be a better solution and the road to the rest of the island is a little better but unsuitable for trucks. I suppose the Rozel quarry site could also be developed but it's a long way from anywhere. Ed.
  11. I was just shown an old BF map of France and Spain. I was told it dates from 15 years ago but can't find a publication date on it. It doesn't include a route to Bilbao so that should help determine its minimum age. Le Have is obviously also not included. The slogan used is 'as relaxing as being there'. Ed.
  12. OK, thanks. So if we stick to 4 metres for St Helier is St Peter Port the same or greater? And how about the length? The reason for the question is would it make more sense to have different vessels serving each island rather than one-size-fits-all? That way each State could own its unique ship and deploy it as it sees fit. I accept that you then get into difficulties when it comes to refit time but separating the passenger ferry operations, running an inter-island fast service and separate freight link might be a more logical way around the problem. Ed.
  13. I know the maximum length of any vessel in St Helier is about 130 metres but could sometime please remind me of the draught limits. And what are the length and draught limits for St Peter Port? I understand there is a difference. Thanks. Ed.
  14. OK, I was just thinking of a solution to resolve the arrival-time issues. And a reason to keep Bretagne in the fleet for longer. Ed
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