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  1. He tried that earlier in the week and it still didn't work apparently. Ed
  2. I'm starting to wonder if 'Potty Pirate' might not actually be the children's entertainer but a saboteur. Ed
  3. If the helpline still exists they clearly don't want you ringing it as I can't find a number anywhere online. Ed
  4. Perhaps clear your cache on the device and delete any cookies before trying again. Ed
  5. That's the first time I've heard that recommended for someone heading TO the UK. Ed
  6. Excellent. Your first post on the forum and you start with a pun. Welcome! Ed
  7. Let's hope your MP isn't Diane Abbott or you are likely to get a reply along these lines: ---- Dear Constituent, Much as I support campaigns for independence, freedom from oppression and struggles against injustice, I'm unable to help you in regard to your request to contact the DVLA. The Liberation Army in DV, wherever that may be (and my geography is a little ropey), is certainly a worthy cause but due to previous issues relating to my support for other 'revolutionary groups' I wouldn't want to damage my political reputation by getting involved this time. Yours sincerely. DA ---- Ed
  8. There are three common methods of getting the health pass in France, all of which require proof and can be included on the app: Vaccination Recent recovery from Covid A test conducted within the last 72 hours Option 4 is a letter from your doctor exonerating you on health grounds from being vaccinated. There is a small list of eligible conditions. I wonder if a letter from a British doctor, formally translated into French by a certified official, would have the same result for children. If the doctor states that for medical reasons the child can't be vaccinated (it being not legally offered/licenced in the country for that age group) then that might work. Ed
  9. Perhaps they should offer a daily prize draw with each submitted test being eligible. That way you'd be sure to check your results just in case you'd won the prize. Ed
  10. But look on the bright side. Armorique has half the number of engines which can go wrong too. Ed
  11. This popped up in my news feed this evening. http://travelweekly.co.uk/news/tourism/brittany-ferries-seeks-urgent-clarity-over-pcr-test-switch Ed
  12. I think you fill in the date you leave Spain assuming you head straight home. If you pass through France then put the date you leave France for England. Ed
  13. Shouldn't that be 'fewer than 12 months'? Ed
  14. I point animatedly, shout 'look a whale!' and then grab whatever I can. Ed
  15. Try it with some you trust's address instead. A child, a family member etc. It doesn't matter if it's not the same person as the traveller as long at they can forward you the documents. If it still refuses to work then it's the site which is faulty. Ed
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