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  1. I always tell Cabin-girl that the ferry leaves an hour before it actually does on the French side so we leave home with plenty of time to spare for the 3+ hour drive. In the UK it's only 20 minutes to Portsmouth so we allow 30 to be on the safe side. As a consequence of my subterfuge she's under the impression that ferries always leave France late due to incompetence at the ports while in England they are always on time. I haven't decided whether to tell her the truth yet. Ed
  2. Anyone arriving into a French airport from an EU nation now needs a negative PCR test result. The authorities are putting a small white 1cm diameter sticker on your passport to confirm your test result has been checked. Whether the colour will change each day to avoid people cheating I don't know. The same is true at ferry ports. However they are not currently checking trains or road crossings which represent by far the majority of trips over the borders. Ed
  3. The other point is that they need to be able to get the people back for their second doses at some point and so the registration process needs to be carefully managed. I've made it known to my doctor contacts over here that I'm available on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings if extra doses are likely to be thrown away at the end of the 5-day life-span. For the moment they seem to be managing the limited stock they have without any wastage. Ed
  4. That's how Gareth is able to eat andouillette and still make it to the end of his holiday on two legs. Ed
  5. French television was saying last night that Spain has decided it can't afford another lockdown and is therefore just managing the situation as best it can with restaurants and bars open and reduced capacity being the norm. The feeling here is that we are heading for a third lockdown despite the French equivalent for the Office for Budget Responsibility saying that Macron's 'Whatever it costs' plan to help people ill soon become unfeasible. The political/financial commentator on TF1 said that due to next year's election he will simply increase the debt so as not to go to the people as the
  6. I think the original link was wrong. This one night be better : https://www.aircanada.com/ca/en/aco/home/book/travel-news-and-updates/2020/covid-19-insurance.html Ed
  7. French public radio (France Info) has for the last ten days been running a series of clips looking back one year to see how leading figures handled the emerging crisis in Wuhan and how they kept the French people informed of the unfolding situation. They have played clips of the former Health Minister, Agnes Buzyn, and Director of Public Health, Jerome Salomon, reassuring the population that the virus was contained, there was no risk of wider spread within the community and that the risk of it coming to Europe was very low. Given the current situation you might be interested to know
  8. Yes but just think of their value to memorabilia collectors in ten years' time. Those pieces of paper could be worth thousands. Of pence. Ed
  9. Very likely but it's such a shame as their quarantine system had been working so well. I hope they can contain the spread. Ed
  10. The question is: does cheese float? I'd have to tow what I need back to the mainland. Ed
  11. No. But I'd be over there like a shot if I could. I might even be tempted to make the trip by jetski if I can find one. Ed
  12. From the BBC: ---- Following months of freedom, islanders in Guernsey have been asked to cancel events and gatherings with immediate effect after four new cases of Covid were identified. Health officials say they can’t currently identify the source of the new outbreak, and there are concerns about renewed community spread. All shops have been asked to urgently reinstate social distancing measures. A press conference is expected later today. ---- I wonder how that happened? Ed
  13. If you do get in you won't be allowed to actually speak to anyone. The medical authorities are recommending that nobody talks on the Paris metro to avoid any droplets leaving your mouth. https://www.bfmtv.com/sante/covid-19-l-academie-de-medecine-recommande-de-se-taire-dans-le-metro_AD-202101220299.html Ed
  14. Yes, that's probably correct. Bad luck. Let us know how you get on. Ed
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