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  1. Perhaps they don't sell them in the Peppa Pig World gift shop. Ed
  2. Will this be the Christmas number 1? Or will Mr Bobby stage a comeback? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10253473/Piers-Corbyn-leads-Covid-denier-chant-wearing-mask-like-trying-fart-trousers.html Ed
  3. Good luck trying that excuse on over here. I've never seen anyone with one of those around their neck. Ed
  4. Have you tried asking them via Twitter? I'm sure there will be something suitable but if you specify the allergies they might at least be able to set your mind at rest. Ed
  5. That's what I would have thought. If you test positive they will want to know who you travelled with or sat next to on the plane, Eurostar etc, especially if they are not in your immediate family group. Obviously that's more complicated on a ferry as there is not be really any numbered seating (except on high-speed craft). Ed
  6. I get that you just need a code from the test provider to put on the form. But surely the date of the test is included when you send it back. Does nobody bother comparing that to the travel details? Ed
  7. Wouldn't the Passenger Locator Form notice a discrepancy of the result turns up before he does? He's taking the ferry not the Tardis! Ed
  8. I think the issue is the fact that they are supposed to isolate until the results arrive which means no walks outside, trips to the pub, shopping in the Boxing Day sales, visitors etc. Ed
  9. Don't forget inflatable dinghies too. Ed
  10. Perhaps wearing FFP2 (or even FFP3) masks for the various legs of the trip would be advisable. Ed
  11. Until they explain how so many apparently negative passengers managed to test positive so quickly we should be wary of anything the authorities say. Are the lateral flow tests not effective against this strain? Did people use fake test results (massive dissuasive fines for all in that case or prison terms)? The French government are treating every suspected contact case from this varient as high risk meaning immediate isolation, as I believe the UK government are doing. That means they will achieve lockdown by other means. Ed
  12. Yesterday I wrote the above but didn't realise the option existed, believing only Antigen tests to be available. If Colin is worried about not getting his results back in time from such a postal test, where can he go in Portsmouth late at night? Is there a walk-in service at QA Hospital for example? Elaine, if your eldest is travelling up through France I'm pretty sure there will be walk-in Antigen testing available at Toulouse airport (there is in Nice) and Orly (but maybe not in the transit area). Why not get several packs of Auto-tests and do two per day, morning and night, while at the same time maintaining as much distancing as possible. If your eldest is working in the French education system, such packs are available free. Ed
  13. Perhaps not but it wouldn't necessarily be attributable and therefore there would be less risk of travel bans etc. Ed
  14. Chances are this will be the last time this happens. South Africa are complaining that they are being punished for revealing this new strain. Other countries are going to be wary of doing the same in the future. Ed
  15. It's not a postal test. It's a PCR so I think it will have to be done at a pharmacy etc. Within the limits of what is possible, I assume. Ed
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