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  1. How about this for a good idea? https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-50672553 Ed
  2. You want a better cabbage joke? OK, give us one then. I bet it's not a patch on mine! 😁 Ed.
  3. People just don't want cabbages any more. They prefer Apples, preferably the latest and most sophisticated model. Ed.
  4. You've got five and a half hours. That should be enough to decide one way or the other. Just try and avoid doing so if it's rough, I suppose. Ed.
  5. So plenty of places to hide from his artwork if you don't like it. Ed.
  6. Maybe that's why she's running late. They are waiting for the paint to dry. Ed.
  7. I agree although the offer is still available. https://www.brittany-ferries.fr/vacances/longs-sejours Ed
  8. Yes, in that case they must have done it earlier in the week in Le Havre although one of her crossings was cancelled due to the weather. It also proves that even though they sell trips from France down to Spain on CF due to that Roscoff call, there are few if any people actually buying tickets. Ed.
  9. They can't cut it to drastically though as she's still supposed to be the stand in ship for MSM and Honfleur when they go for refits, isn't she? Ed
  10. Here's the latest on the plans for redevelopment of the area. http://www.dorsetecho.co.uk/news/18046162.ambitious-plans-weymouth-quay-regeneration-unveiled---residents-concerns/ Ed
  11. The motorway service station between Angers and Nantes did apparently run dry yesterday for a while. That's not supposed to happen but there was an exceptional level of demand. Ed.
  12. It's on the left as you enter the seating area, I believe, just after the exit from the payment desks and I think there are a couple of microwaves alongside it too. Ed.
  13. I think there are water fountains on some of the ships. I'm sure I've seen one on Pont Aven near the self-service restaurant. Perhaps someone can confirm that. Ed.
  14. From the 'sailing updates' page: France fuel protest As a result of blockades at refineries, there are fuel shortages and rationing at some service stations. As a precaution, we are advising customers to depart with enough fuel to reach their destination in France. However, please note that the carriage of petrol/diesel cans on board our ferries is limited to 5 litres per vehicle. Ed
  15. You can change to a robotic voice if she's annoying you. Ed.
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