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  1. True, but if contemplating Brest to Santander then turning your bike into a pedalo would probably be simpler. Ed.
  2. Brest to Santander when PA's engine went boom would have been a long trek. Ed.
  3. An excellent oxymoron to describe the current situation! 😉 Ed
  4. Just a thought but the population data you are using will surely only include those permanently resident in the region and not transient university students or undeclared members of large households. Obviously without knowing the exact numbers the risk is the statistics are unreliable. Ed.
  5. The deck plans don't just need to show the cabins but also the food outlets, shops and entertainment facilities. If any of those have specific names then they will need to be included and some details may not yet have been finalised. There is also the possibility that they are implementing one-way systems onboard due to COVID (in the self-service and shopping areas) and these were not included on the draft plans at the design stage. Therefore some updating may be required and we know BF are operating with a reduced workforce right now. I guess that once she's in dry-dock the final touches will
  6. Surely, like in a large hotel, the first two digital are the floor/deck number and the final two are the room/cabin number. Ed.
  7. But if you have fewer than 100 cabins per deck then you can get away with a different numbering system, can't you? Ed
  8. The answer to last weekend's trivia question was in fact Gibraltar. Here's the puzzler for this weekend: If you wanted to visit New London Bridge you would go to London and find it a few hundred yards upstream of Tower Bridge. But where would you need to go to find the 'old' London Bridge which stood in more or less the same position until it was replaced? Ed
  9. Yes but if a ferry had 10 decks them they'd need 4 digits which is what has probably happened here to allow the modular design to fit various models. Ed.
  10. I'm crossing my fingers that the cabin doors are staggered on opposite sides of the corridor and that in between 0900 and 0902 you will find 0901. Ed.
  11. And somewhere between 0900 and 0902 would be my guess for the outbound crossing. You don't get this level of expertise on other forums. Ed
  12. I just received the following. I sincerely hope that it's a saliva test but a nagging suspicion at the back of my mind tells me that the French version will involve a suppository. Ed
  13. Perhaps the naval architect got a fortune cookie after lunch and couldn't decide if 'Take care - new wave coming' referred to COVID or the Bay of Biscay and decided to bung a bit of extra plating on just in case. Ed.
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