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  1. It never happens when I'm on my own. Only when my wife is with me!! Further changes on Rapide are that the kids' video lounge has switched from the starboard to port side and the extra space is now being used as a second shop for books, electronics, sweets and toys. Ed.
  2. Since my last trip in October, Rapide has been in for a refit. The changes include the removal of the upper-level mini-shop next to the Ocean Bar. It has been replaced with stools and counters to give a wine-bar effect. The main shop on the lower level has also been refreshed and you now enter via the right hand side and exit in the middle which is to opposite of how it was before. The internal layout therefore feels slightly more spacious (or less cramped). Ed.
  3. On Cordor Rapide heading to Guernsey for the weekend to enjoy some sun and fresh air. Her departure has been pushed back by an hour and arrival looks like being even later due to lower than forecast tides. The website says: 'delayed by just over an hour due to lower than forecast tides which prevented her from coming alongside at the scheduled time. This was due to the unusually high atmospheric pressure experienced over the past couple of days which has an effect of pressing down on the water level.' I suspect this is perhaps quite a common problem but it's the first time it's happened on one of my trips. Plus the security at St Malo to get on the ship was intense. Police check with boot open. Private security-company search of the entire car and wanding of Cabin-girl and I and then a cursory bag inspection on entering the passenger cabin. If they had confiscated my cheese and pickle sandwich there would have been hell to pay. Ed.
  4. Specific answer - no. Just stairs and a lift. Ed.
  5. Khaines will give you a quote. 😉 Ed.
  6. Really poor translation work. Click on the French language tab and it's 14+ million. If you do make a donation just make sure you use the French site, not the English site, or your bank balance might take 850 years to recover. Ed.
  7. I had my appointment at the Prefecture yesterday to sort out my residency card. It was fairly painless as I'd prepared a stack of documents a foot high just in case. They were in fact able to reactivate my previous (expired) card number and update the paperwork. They want to give me a 'permanent card', which is only really valid for 10 years, and it should be processed in the next couple of months. However, depending on what happens in the meantime, they might switch it to a different document or give me a temporary one which can then be exchanged once the Brexit issue is finalised. The (overpaid/underworked) woman tried to take the upper hand by arrogantly asking me if I knew the latest situation or would like to be lecturerd to. I asked her to tell me what she knew and she said that June 30th was a decisive date.???? It seems like she's been listening to Theresa (and/or Macron) - bad idea. I said that I thought 31st October was the new official deadline and Cabin-girl (who was there to prove my status) chirped up and confirmed that. The woman then shut up, stamped and signed the form and shooed us out. I'll have to make another appointment to pick up the card at some point unless they tell me in the meantime that they are changing the system. Fingers crossed! Ed.
  8. Paris is almost unique whereby all the members of the fireservice are from military engineering regiments. I had one in my class at the Angers engineering school last year who was unable to continue due to injuries sustained at work and was requalifying as a structural engineer. The only other place where that anomaly exists is in Marseille where the local naval fire service are also from the armed services. In the rest of France they are either full-time civilian fire-fighters or local volunteers. Ed
  9. Remember, this is France. They don't do change or reform. Ed.
  10. If you can't get out to see her arrive, why not just screw up your eyes and squint at any other Red Funnel ferry. It probably produces the same result. Plus it gives that realistic 'emerging from the fog' effect. Ed.
  11. Isn't that the exact polar opposite of what you were suggesting yesterday? Ed.
  12. It's interesting how people are willing to provide money for its rebuilding (perhaps with tax-relief or sponsorship rights - 'Welcome to Notre Dame, presented by L'Oreal - because she worth it!') but not for its initial restoration project. A couple of French people I've spoken to this morning are already starting to detect that Macron is spinning this his way, to detract from other events and to justify not reintroducing a wealth tax. This could spectacularly backfire on him. Ed.
  13. That's quite a saving. What is the annual fee to join the caravan club? Maybe that's where they are making their profit. Ed.
  14. And Twitter is awash with disgruntled passengers who have now found themselves somewhere they didn't want to be and facing a long drive home or bus ride back to Portsmouth. Plus those heading for Portsmouth who now need to find their way to Plymouth. There is also one woman (with a heart condition) who appears to be the carer for a severely handicapped child and who is extremely angry at it all. I assume she has to travel by ferry as the airlines refuse to carry potentially disruptive passengers but from the description she provides on Twitter it can't have been much fun for the other PA passengers either. I get the impression reading the mother's tweets that in a real emergency on board her daughter could present a danger to all those on board. I wonder what BF's policy is on accepting people with behavioural problems. https://twitter.com/BrittanyFerries/status/1117766606355140610?s=20 And: https://twitter.com/BrittanyFerries/status/1118076478917365760?s=20 Ed
  15. Agreed. The preservation of what remains needs to be the priority and various options for the future use of the building will need to be considered before any public or private money is spent, aside from the initial clean-up and stabilisation of the shell. Ed.
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