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  1. Given the current weather they'll have to wait until the sea-ice melts. 😁 Ed
  2. What about the building? Have they started work there yet? Ed
  3. Could you add some suitably atmospheric music to that announcement? 😱 Ed
  4. True. A 'last chance to see' situation. Ed
  5. Have you noticed that there is a small global crisis under way? 😁 Ed
  6. Here is the link for the above cruises. https://t.co/UFVoYsYs6y?amp=1 Ed
  7. I get the impression that it's the latter option but whoever gives them the money they need will hold a minority stake. Ed
  8. Portsmouth International Port is apparently going to be home to Virgin Cruise's new ship Scarlet Lady over the summer. She will be doing short non-stopping cruises. Ed
  9. No idea but I guess they might grease your palms to hasten your exit. Ed
  10. Maybe at the time she would be in Cherbourg the port is already full of other ships and there is no spare linkspan available. Ed
  11. Just to clarify what Google translate presumably suggested here, this expression means 'no forced redundancies'. Ed
  12. For anyone planning a trip to France next year you might be interested to know that any motorway with tolls that has ongoing roadworks will see a small price reduction to compensate for the lower speed limits. Ed
  13. Not for the first time. Get rid of the 'l' if it's troubling you! Ed
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