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  1. What's the betting President Macron will therefore make us work an extra year before we can get our pensions? Ed.
  2. I believe most of the large airports are keeping at least one of their runways open and clear for emergency diversions, medical evacuations or arrivals and military operations. Ed.
  3. Sheepish, here's the French contact number. You might have more luck getting through on that. I don't guarantee you'll get someone who speaks English but I suspect they all do. 0033 2 98 29 28 42 Ed
  4. France's second biggest airport, Orly, has now totally shut down until further notice. There are around 300 planes parked around the airfield and only 15% of the workforce will be working for the duration to manage the maintenance of the site. All the planes will be inspected weekly and moved forwards or backwards by a quarter turn of their wheels to prevent damage. Ed.
  5. What is a 9C category? Does it relate to disability? Ed.
  6. The French position seems to be this: At first the government wanted to limit the offer to vouchers valid for 18 months (for the same trip or an alternative) to avoid any companies filing for bankruptcy. This was judged unacceptable by consumer's rights associations and so now if the traveller is unable or unwilling to use the voucher at the end of the elapsed period they are entitled to request a full refund but not before that date. I can't work out who is underwriting the scheme but I assume the government will take responsibility. That was the situation last week and I don't believe it has changed since. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.francebleu.fr/amp/infos/societe/voyage-annule-a-cause-de-coronavirus-un-remboursement-sous-forme-de-bon-d-achat-1585028203&ved=2ahUKEwjR-IO2_8ToAhURkxQKHVH1CWsQFjAAegQIBRAB&usg=AOvVaw3PDexm9-8g2nN7nFJzg-cM&ampcf=1 Ed
  7. Today's quiz (in French) is maths. I just did it (no calculator allowed) and only got 3/10 so my wife stands a chance of clawing back some points. The positive point is that it's got me out of helping my daughters with their home schooling this afternoon. 😉 https://angers.maville.com/actu/actudet_-confiquiz-n-2-10-questions-de-mathematiques_loc-4057172_actu.Htm Ed.
  8. Depending on whether I need to get back for a specific reason or not will determine my choice of ship and route. If urgent it'll be one of the Caen vessels most likely or perhaps NEX if she's running. If less urgent then Bretagne will do. If cost is an issue then one of the Dieppe ships is more likely. And most likely if it's just for the pleasure of being able to get out and about and enjoy the sea air, it'll be Rapide to Jersey or Guernsey for a weekend away. Ed.
  9. Have a try of this French grammar quiz and then check your score. I got 7/10 and my French wife only got 6. She's very angry and wants revenge in tomorrow's test. https://angers.maville.com/actu/actudet_-confiquiz-n-1-les-secrets-de-la-langue-francaise_54532-4056082_actu.Htm Ed.
  10. I started re-watching 'all the stations' on YouTube last night. There are around 60 episodes I believe and I've already got to number 6 so may have to ration myself. But when I've finished I can continue with their Ireland and Isle of Man visits too. Highly recommended! I'm making a list of places that might be worth a visit in the future once things calm down. If anyone can suggest any other documentary-style programmes on YouTube please let me know. Ed.
  11. Phew! The world is still here. I woke up this morning and found there was no shipping forecast as usual which is supposed to be a sign of the apocalypse. Thankfully they've just moved it to slightly later. I do hope someone has told the captain of whichever Trident submarine is currently out on patrol. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.sail-world.com/news/227862/Slight-changes-to-BBC-Shipping-Forecast-times&ved=2ahUKEwifp9jrucHoAhWqx4UKHbH0BXgQFjAMegQIBhAB&usg=AOvVaw2pyl35z0CrE_CzmIcVoDPe Ed
  12. If I was going to base my ideal port and harbour on one specific seaside town in southern England... Ed.
  13. This morning, as I had an hour less in bed, I decided to annoy Cabin-Girl and surprise the Cabin-kids by assembling my modular Playmobil port that I have been working on in the garage for several months. It's currently in the living room (just for display purposes you understand) and needed adapting slightly to fit around the furniture and a couple of extra buildings have been left behind for now. However, the result is pretty good I think with a reasonable selection of activities going on. There are two lifting bridges, a ferry port on the far left, a freight terminal for aggregates and containers, some dredging activity, fish-unloading areas, a slipway for launching from trailers, a yacht repair facility and a scientific and research dock. This is the second large-scale model I've attempted. The other is a full airport terminal with fire-rescue services, bus station, car-hire office, fast-food-petrol-station complex and cargo facilities. At the moment it's on top of a table in the conservatory having the final touches applied but unfortunately due to the lockdown I can't source any extra parts right now so am having to make do with my current stock. I'll try and add photos later once I get a chance. Ed.
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