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  1. There is currently no suggestion of any disruption tomorrow at any of the ports with regard to the strike so it looks like your wife's sailing is likely to operate without problems. Fingers crossed! Ed.
  2. I was on a very rough crossing on her two years ago and it sounds like they used the same procedure to turn her but perhaps without the lines ashore; Here's what I posted at the time: "I believe the ferry normally goes out of the harbour at Newhaven astern and then turns around (and certainly did two years ago when I last took it) but yesterday, due to the gusts, they turned around within the harbour itself. By using the bow thrusters and aft mooring lines and winches they turned the vessel through 180°. There are large metal sheets attached to the dockside to prevent damage to the pilings so I assume it's quite a regular procedure when the weather is bad." Ed
  3. Thanks Tony. I'm due on her next Monday evening so will be interested to see if they just patch her up or switch her with Seven Sisters, assuming the latter is currently serviceable. Ed.
  4. The Chinese yard building the E-Flexers have got a guy in place specifically in charge of checking all the measurements. His name is Sum Ting Wong. Ed.
  5. The answer will come back in tug-lengths though, so we'll need a conversion chart. There's a joke in there somewhere but as this is a family site I'll stop now. Ed.
  6. Not necessary! He's already very well trained. 😀 Ed.
  7. The notice required for a strike is generally 48 hours in advance to explain what services will be affected. The national strike next Tuesday was called earlier this week but the specific impact won't actually be known until tomorrow I suspect. Then, if it's a rolling strike, the situation is updated on a day-by-day basis. As yet, neither Condor nor BF have posted anything about Tuesday but if and when they do I'm sure one of us will spot it and let everyone know. I'd hold off on that email for now as the situation is extremely fluid and BF probably don't know any more than the rest of us. The French press were yesterday saying that tourist numbers for the Christmas period are way down (30% in Paris), not just due to the strikes preventing people getting there but also cancellations as people are worried they might not be able to get around during their stay or get home again afterwards. If your wife's trip is not essential then she can decide if it's really worth the effort although I'm pretty sure BF won't run a service if there is any risk of the ship becoming trapped in the French port as happened in previous strikes. Ed.
  8. I never go anywhere without my driver either! He comes in useful when it comes to kicking urchins out of the way as I cross the pavement to the front door. Ed.
  9. As it's nearly Christmas, I see your 'Poodle's Privates' (as it were) and raise you the 'Bulldog's Baubles'! Ed
  10. What's wrong with 'mutt's nuts'? Ed
  11. Remember the French will never do anything the easy way when there is a more complicated, incomprehensible alternative available. And preferably one which ties up large numbers of otherwise unnecessary civil servants to stop them getting bored as well as providing gainful employment for the local mayor's entire family as 'special advisors'. Ed.
  12. Absolutely and potentially twice over if they keep her for a long time. But they have no costs to pay other than the lease. What I don't know is whether BF have a get out clause before the end of the initial lease term if the vessel is no longer deemed suitable for the route. Ed.
  13. Jonno, surely when they sell Bretagne it's SOMABRET which will get the €30m profit and not BF. It's just a leasing agreement they have and there is no option to buy at the end. Ed.
  14. And I have heard that Monday might well see a road hauliers' strike with blockades of fuel depots, roundabouts and motorways. As Colin says, nothing is yet clear so we'll have to wait and see. I'll update the dedicated strike thread if I have more news. Ed.
  15. If we are doing theories, mine (aside from the aforementioned double booking) is: Honfleur will be ready for handover in early 2020 and they need to get the Normandie crew onboard for training as they will switch permanently once she arrives. Therefore MSM will stand in for Normandie alongside Armorique instead of having a refit while they work up Honfluer. Once she is in service the crew from Etretat will switch to Normandie and she'll go back to Stena. That means that all the current crews stay attached to their current ports which obviously makes life easier. Ed
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