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  1. Yes it is. And here are the other elements to go with it. Ed.
  2. I had a very dull and long telephone meeting with my boss this morning so, to pass the time, decided to build a Lego model. It wouldn't work if she insisted on a Zoom meeting but by phone she was none the wiser. In fact, it may have been my most productive hour in several weeks. Ed
  3. Two good-news stories featuring Switzerland in one day. When was the last time that happened? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8358109/Swiss-brothels-draw-list-coronavirus-safe-sex-positions.html Ed
  4. To avoid any arguments how about this: Take whatever score you get in Friday's test and multiply it by the percentage tax that you pay. Then divide that result by the number of BF vouchers in your possession. Ed.
  5. I said 'including things...' but meant not 'exclusively reffering to...' for the Overseas Territories. Therefore any subject may come up. All I can guarantee is that Scotland will not be the focus of the quiz, even though some knowledge of it's citizens might be an advantage. Ed
  6. Hello all, I am putting together another trivia quiz, this time including things you may or may not know about the UK's Overseas Territories (while carefully avoiding Scotland as it's a minefield!). My intention is to run it on Friday night this week as usual with an 8.30 BST start time. If that's too short notice for some of you, the alternative is next Monday night at the same time. Let me know your preferences. Ed
  7. Well, they are certainly experts at moving the goalposts. Ed
  8. With a monster lurking beneath the surface. 😉 Ed.
  9. I believe I've just inadvertently found the solution to the touch-screen problem. My smartphone was on my desk with the screen unlocked while I was called away to check on my daughter's homework. From the other room I heard it vibrating like a prisoner in an electric chair. Going back to see what was happening I found two flies doing a mating-dance across the screen, putting unnecessary items in my Amazon basket at the same time. So, to activate all these new touch-screens which are going to appear I simply need a tame fly (or a family of tame flies as each used one will have to be humanely swatted to avoid the risk of COVID transmission) able to recognise numbers, letters, red and green buttons and tick/cross symbols. The big added bonus obviously is the fly's inability to divulge my credit card number to anyone else. Ed.
  10. I was more surprised that anyone imagined Guildford would have an Aldi to be honest. 😀 Ed.
  11. Perhaps they wanted to buy a double sink unit for the bathroom. Plus would you take the risk of buying ANYTHING related to home improvement without asking your wife's opinion? I tried it. Never again! Ed.
  12. I'm assuming the information cvabishop posted about Aldi in Guildford is a joke. Ed.
  13. That's interesting as the SNCF ticket machines never seem to work with gloves, even leather ones which looks like discrimination against cows! 😉 You can get those special gloves for smartphones with finger- and thumb-tips which mimic human skin and should work. A number of French restaurants are hoping to reopen in early June and have taken to publishing their menues online with laminated QR codes affixed to tables and at the entrance for customers to scan and download. BF could presumably do something similar but passengers would need to do so before losing the 4G signal. Ed.
  14. How about the finest calf-skin that my Louis Vuiton luggage is made of? Does that work with gloves on? How about using a tablet stylus? Ed.
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