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  1. It's not a race. What's a couple of minutes compared to 8 months? 😀 Ed.
  2. Cabin-boy

    New Look Revealed

    I still can't understand why those Yapp Fido Rolls haven't caught on yet. Ed
  3. Cabin-boy

    New Look Revealed

    Yes, but only mongrels. Ed. 😀
  4. Cabin-boy

    New Look Revealed

    Apologies if this has been mentioned before but on the BF Twitter exchange there is a message which states that the Economie brand will also be getting a new logo. It's difficult to be sure if they mean the same new look as the rest of the fleet but my interpretation would be that it's going to be different. Sorry Gareth, it looks like the sub-brand is here to stay for a while yet. Ed.
  5. W B Yeats is currently being moved, with the help of two tugs to the other side of the pier (presumably to make room for Honfleur once she's launched on Friday). The Irish Ferries Forum (quoting the German Ferries Forum - you see, European cooperation is sometimes possible) are now suggesting that she will leave Flensburg on Sunday. Ed.
  6. Cabin-boy

    French road blockades

    The tragic shooting in Strasbourg last might well spell the end of the Yellow Jacket movement for a while. If President Macron believes a further attack is likely (or uses it as a pretext) then he can place France in a state of emergency which will outlaw certain activities, including unauthorised protests, and give the police extra powers to suppress such movements. Ed.
  7. Cabin-boy

    French road blockades

    Just wait. Yellow Jackets with be 'sooooo last year' very soon and you'll be a laughing stock. 😀 Ed.
  8. Cabin-boy

    Normandie to have “Dog Friendly” Cabins in 2019

    Yes, NEX (in the passenger space at least). But you might find my kids on board which may be worse. Ed. 😀
  9. Cabin-boy

    French road blockades

    It's either a stroke of genius or a serious underestimation of Egyptian ingenuity. Did they also ban the rental of your yellow jacket to someone else (although that may well be banned under Islamic law - I'm sure there's something about not making profits from other people) or the wearing of the yellow jacket you bought before the ban? I'm not sure they've thought this through fully. Ed.
  10. Cabin-boy

    French road blockades

    Yes, everyone here spotted the desk straight away. It rather distracted them all from what he was actually saying. Ed.
  11. Cabin-boy

    SAILING UPDATES: 2018 Latest News

    Presumably in the hope that it might be called off of negotiations succeed. Ed.
  12. Cabin-boy

    HONFLEUR - Arriving June 2019

    According to the article the work won't actually start until April next year and will last for a couple of months, costing around a million euros. What is due to start is the public consultation period, presumably to see if there any objections from other port users (hopefully not to the principle of enlarging the turning area otherwise they are going to have a problem but) to the disruption the work might cause. Ed.
  13. Cabin-boy

    French road blockades

    All he can be sure of is that the next person in the chair won't be him. And therefore he's happy to let them deal with the fallout. He tried to reform France and failed, leading to the conclusion that it's an impossible job. One report suggests Sarkozy is considering coming out of retirement to deal with the mess and another said that Hollande might put his name forward again. If that's the best France has to offer then we're doomed. Ed.
  14. Cabin-boy

    Cork to Santander Route to Launch in 2018

    Obviously a slow news day over in Cork. No cats stuck up trees (too intelligent) or topless protesters demonstrating against sexist judges this week (too cold) so let's go for a good, old doomsday-scenario report. Ed.
  15. Cabin-boy

    French road blockades

    President Macron has just addressed the nation and announced 4 principal measures to quell the protests. As I understood them, they are : A 100€ increase in the minimum monthly wage (which I think equates to about 7% but will need to check that) All overtime hours paid will not be subject to tax An end of year bonus can be paid and will not be subject to tax or employer's social contributions The cancellation of specific taxes (recently introduced) levied on pensions for those receiving less than 2,000€ per month In addition to that, he wants more dialogue with the people and to encourage the population to get involved in building a better France while, at the same time (his catchphrase), caring about the environment for the next generation. Ed.