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  1. If they find any triangular bread rolls, they are mine! Ed.
  2. They'd have to row her out of the port if that happened. Ed.
  3. Which will come first, the fall of 2020 or the fall of FSG? Ed.
  4. The authorities have now got on board the ship to check for any pollution risk. Apparently none has been found. https://www.bbc.com/news/in-pictures-51558440 Ed
  5. This might be an interesting option. https://www.bbc.com/news/business-51548361 Ed
  6. That's about 9 years behind schedule. Are they all competing for some sort of record? It makes Crossrail look like an efficient project. Ed.
  7. Yes it was HMS Protector that sighted her so had no weapons aboard apart from light arms. They wouldn't have had any way of sinking her without taking the risk of heicoptering a team aboard. They could have sent a frigate or similar out I suppose but perhaps they thought she was heading for Brest as most powerless ships seem to do. Ed.
  8. They must have seen the price of a tug. Ed.
  9. It's strange that neither the Irish Naval Service nor the Royal Navy (who sighted and checked on her back in September) decided to either take her in tow or sink her to avoid her being a danger to other shipping. Of course if she had crashed into Craggy Island, an invasion of giant carnivorous rats would have made for a great episode. Ed.
  10. It was when she was replacing Rapide and the following day's crossing was already cancelled due to the weather. Ed.
  11. Just doing my bit for international diplomacy. Ed
  12. She has called at Cherbourg at least once as a weather-related diversion in the last month so that berthing trial made sense. Ed
  13. Good news! I've rebooked this trip for a fourth attempt on Saturday 23rd May. Better news! I've also booked a Manche Iles Express crossing from Carteret to Jersey that morning and back in the evening to get me there. That allows me to use what I think is the last Normandy port with an international ferry service that I haven't yet tried. Best news! I should hopefully get to travel on the ferry Granville (assuming they don't switch the two again) and compare her to Victor Hugo. Fingers crossed! Ed
  14. The Met Office have just put out an amber alert for excessive levels of smugness across large swathes of central England, peaking on Tuesday afternoon. Ed.
  15. It has been a bit choppy up in Scotland too. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-51522580 Ed
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