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  1. Sorry, we've moved from the real Monaco to near Granville, known by locals as the 'Monaco of the North', for the second part of our holidays and the internet is almost non-existent up here so I'll let Colin answer that particular translation question. Ed.
  2. Thanks to the catalogue, no doubt. I have a feeling the plans to kill it off will be reversed due to the public outcry. Ed
  3. Thanks. We were supposed to have gone in May this year and the theatre has rebooked the places for us in January but that's obviously provisional. We also had tickets for Elton John in Paris in October this year and that's been pushed back a year like your event. Ed
  4. The containers are on the stern but there definitely seems to be some sort of awning on the top deck, perhaps to provide shelter around a bar area. Ed.
  5. No, should I have? I've got a bread machine that hasn't been used for several years. Ed
  6. Well in fact I'm pretty sure the ferry will be running but have very little confidence that the theatre performance we are due to see in London will go ahead as planned. Ed.
  7. Good news! So the question is do I book the foot-passenger crossing I need for next January and hand over my money now or wait and see how the current situation develops? Ed
  8. Here's my latest Playmobil 'MOC'. It's a Porsche dealership with a couple of vehicles on display and a small accessory desk and maintenance workshop. Ed
  9. Perhaps it's payback time for the 'enhanced flexibility'! Ed.
  10. I've tried 'eau de colne' and that smelt quite nice so I'm looking forward to seeing what the rest of the town has to offer. 😀 Ed.
  11. I just took my first trip on an electric ferry across the harbour in Monaco. Ed.
  12. No, Burnley can definitely wait. Ed
  13. Perfect. With PA's funnel set up like that you could get a lot of people in all at once. Ed.
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