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  1. You tell me. But if I can come up with it over a sandwich in the office, and you can see the logic at the breakfast table, surely the collective brains at BF Towers must be able to work out something better than yesterday's embarrassing shambles. Ed.
  2. That's more or less along the lines of what I suggested yesterday. There is no point saying 'sorry' each time it happens but it then doing nothing to rectify the underlying causes. Just imagine what will happen if they take over at Condor. They'll then have a whole new bunch of unsympathetic customers to deal with who will be equally intolerant of such incompetence. Ed.
  3. I think it might a accurate representation of the ship after its inevitable first accident with the bow pushed inwards and the bridge wings knocked off. What's astonishing is that it took him longer to build that than the Turks did the real thing. Ed.
  4. The only way I can see that BF can avoid this type of situation is to stagger the release of dates even more than they have already done. What they could have done is released the rest of April's and all of May's dates on Monday for ex-UK outbound crossings with a free choice of returns at any time up to October. The return dates being bookable only as part of a package in conjucntion with an April or May departure. Then on Tuesday release the June departures with the same rules. On Wednesday those for July, on Thursday those for August (by which time the number of permutations is lower and the booking algorithm doesn't need to load so many potential dates) and on Friday those for September and October. That way the website and call centre can handle the load better and it spreads the demand over several days but no-one loses out. They would have to suspend bookings on the French/Irish and Spanish sites for those dates until the the following weekend to allow UK passengers (who represent something like 80% of customers anyway) to get their reservations sorted out and after that it's just a free-for-all situation. Ed
  5. Come and join us revolutionaries. Ed.
  6. He might be on the golf course or on the beach but he's certainly not on the job right now. 😉 Ed.
  7. A number of other crossings seem to have disappeared too. You are not alone. Official BF advice on Twitter now seems to be 'come back this afternoon'! Ed.
  8. The UK site is extremely sluggish or totally unresponsive (delete as applicable). On Twitter BF are referring to gremlins and ghosts in the machine. Presumably they are well-paid French gremlins on long-term contracts with union membership and able to retire at 50. Meanwhile the French site seems to be running smoothly so come on over and enjoy some vintage fun! Ed.
  9. Some people are having to make two separate bookings. https://twitter.com/BrittanyFerries/status/1184387937829576704?s=20 Ed
  10. Yes I can, of course, and given the recent favourable exchange rates have done, but that doesn't always work in my favour if the balance is taken at a later date. Ed.
  11. A few observations. First, the process is very simple and painless. Second, there are not really three fare types. There is a basic price, which is cheaper than the old fare, to which you can then add different levels of cancellation/modification protection (neither of which boost the onboard experience in the way P&O's do), the first of which (£10) brings the price more or less in line with last year's rates and the second of which (£10) makes it more expensive. That explains the second band being described as 'our most popular' as it's what they've sold up to now. Third, the French website had not been updated yet in terms of look but the new timetables are available. However there is no three-band option! Only one price. And guess which one? The highest it wound seem. A classic foot passenger single on NEX has jumped from €45 to €55 but our terms and conditions have not changed. so we are paying more (the equivalent of the top band) for the same conditions as you get in band two. I'll have to check other permutations as there might be some off-peak trips that are cheaper than before but for my preferred route it looks depressingly like they've upped the price. Ed.
  12. With the inevitable 'pause-cafe' somewhere during the morning and bookended by 'le briefing' and 'le debriefing'. My bank here in France is the BNP Paribas and their current slogan on TV is 'Positive Banking' which probably works in the wider world. But when used with a French accent in the tv-ads the word 'banking' is pronounced the French way: 'banquing' which is not quite the same thing! At all! I'm nevertheless so encouraged by this enthusiasm for happy, carefree copulation that I have made an appointment to go and see my 'banque manager' (luckily called Celine and not Benoit) for advice and perhaps even a demonstration of their new services. Ed.
  13. Unless they decide to do berthing trials in St Helier and St Peter Port. Just in case. Although that's probably a stupid idea. Ed.
  14. Yes but Chris said she was boring so we sort of deviated off course. Ed.
  15. Is just an extension of the American Airlines olive-reduction campaign. Tiny savings per passenger but a significant reduction in costs over a full year. Ed.
  16. I like the way the French use a tuberculosis-ridden wild mammal to clock-on at work. "Je dois badger chaque jour." Ed.
  17. No. Remember we are doing trademarks and brand names. It should be easy. Ed
  18. Perhaps they are the most popular with their accountants. Ed.
  19. So you've got into midnight to apply and then work starts in earnest tomorrow morning at 8am. I wonder when they will fit in the training? Ed.
  20. And if someone asks if you have any 'scotch', it's not what you might think. Ed.
  21. Not in between jobs but in between appointments, often on public transport or waiting for my next victim (sorry, trainee) to turn up. 😀 Ed.
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