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  1. Mr ROUE tweeted last night that PA has just restarted her rotations linking Roscoff and Cork for the first time since the Covid crisis began. Here is the link: https://twitter.com/jmrouebferries/status/1281633171881304065?s=20 Would it be rude to point out that PA also did the same thing last weekend and that knowing where your ships are is probably a key skill required for running a ferry company? Ed
  2. I've heard gynaecologists make more confident pronouncements than that. Ed.
  3. How do you know it's firmly on schedule if you don't know what the schedule is? 😕 Ed.
  4. I didn't need to know he had Michelin connections. I guessed as soon as I saw the word 'foam'. Ed.
  5. I was wondering how we will recognise you on board with this new look, but then I remembered... Ed
  6. Do the masks help filter out the smoke particles from burning palettes too then? Ed
  7. There is no question of 'mask shaming', at least not from those who are aware of the problem. Certainly some people will never be able to accept them but others who might claim not to (as I think Khaines herself has said) will make the effort if push comes to shove. Absolutely true which takes us back to the original point about whether those who can wear masks in shops etc will actually do so, like you and I believe they should. As often the case, I guess we'll have to agree to disagree on this particular point, as we do on several others (Scottish independance, the delights of haggis, the need for cyclists to dress in lyra etc). At least we still agree that Bretagne is the best ship in the fleet, although what that says about the rest of the ships, God only knows. Ed
  8. You can train anybody given enough time. My wife has made enormous progress since she met me. Surely the autistic reward system for children could be adapted to fit the current situation. The problem is that we are going through an unprecedented health emergency and one for which nobody has written the rules and are therefore authorities are making things up as they go along. If that involves a few sacrifices and the temporary suspension of certain liberties (as we have all experienced recently) then so be it. It doesn't change the underlying compassion in society for those who are fragile or depend on others but there are currently other, equally needy, causes. Not a week goes by here without someone saying 'civil responsiblity' or 'collective effort' or 'we are all in this together'. Therefore if one is unable to take responsibility for oneself it is up to those caring for them to do so and make the appropriate decisions for the greater good. Ed.
  9. No, I get the point. I know all about dealing with stubborn people - I live in France remember! The point is that if it is impossible for them to wear a mask then what was normal for them pre-Covid will now become impossible. If private shops, cinemas, museums or amusement parks insist on masks for the protection of their employees and the confort of other customers then I don't see how carrying a card will exempt you. If I take my children to the cinema, and we wear masks as required, someone sitting behind me and coughing repeatedly (for whatever reason) with a card stating they have a medical reason not to wear one isn't going to make for a relaxing experience. The same on a plane or train. If the general public evaluate the risk is too great them something will have to change. Ed.
  10. If they can't or won't wear a mask then perhaps a visor would be more appropriate as the sensation is more akin to wearing a baseball cap. Selling those cards online is clearly a bad idea. Anyone can get one (I could apparently buy a thousand and resell them even if it says I shouldn't) and exempt themselves from not just wearing a mask but also contributing to the national effort. They should only be available from a doctor after a clinical or psychological examination and on a case-by-case basis. Every aspect of our lives outside (and often inside if you live in multi-family housing) is now adapted to allow handicapped people to fully integrate and play an active role in society. No such preparations were made for Covid so there's likely to be a period during which it will be difficult for them to adapt but if this goes on for months or years (and becomes more serious during the winter) then some flexibility will be necessary. So, don't tell them but encourage them. Train them. Ed.
  11. Surely those most likely to be exempt from mask-wearing are also those most likely to be unable to appreciate the risks they are taking, apply effective social distancing measures or judge whether any symptoms they might have are potentially Covid-related. They would possibly also have pre-existing medical conditions for which a mask would provide a degree of protection. Rather than issuing such cards, perhaps carers should be working to encourage them to get used to masks in their domestic settings so that when out and about it becomes natural. They would also probably find it easier to accept if everyone else was doing so. Ed.
  12. I didn't see the news last night, just the weather forecast as I was working out how to do business with the Swiss (long story, don't ask), but I can imagine the scene. Given the attack involved a dispute about mask-wearing you'd have thought people would be more sensible. I'm surprised the local t-shirt printers didn't think to produce masks for the occasion. They always do a roaring trade when things like this happen in France. Ed.
  13. Why don't you get one to come to your own home and do it in the garden instead? Ed.
  14. Fans might be banned too. They are over here as they waft virus particles around the room. Air-conditioning is a no-no as well in many offices. Ed.
  15. Did you get Toni or Guy? Ed.
  16. I think that any of you who come over to France this summer are going to be surprised by the experience. All supermarket employees are wearing either masks or visors (or both) and many are sitting behind plexiglass and wood structures errected around the tills to create a further barrier. Bakeries, dry-cleaners and many other shops with counter staff are doing the same. Shoppers seem to be split 50/50 at present. I always put mine on when inside (and keep it on if moving between shops), not just for my protection but also out of respect for the workers who are far more exposed than I am. When walking through the city I generally don't wear one but put it on if crowds build up or there are queues. I had one on for 4 hours (changed after two) at work yesterday and it wasn't comfortable by the end but if I want to be allowed into my customers premises then so be it. The rule now seems to be 'carry a mask with you when out and about' which is hardly difficult to comply with. I also always have a bottle of hand sanitiser and a pen in my pocket. The gel is for cleaning my hands when coming out of shops without automatic doors etc and the pen for pushing lift buttons or keypads on parking metres etc. It saves having to use the gel quite so often although car-keys work just as well. Touch-screen machines obviously require skin-contact so the gel is useful there too. It's true there are significant clusters in various areas, including Laval where my wife and daughters have gone for the weekend, but there do seem to be links to either abatoirs or towerblocks housing more ethnic-minority populations. If you are thinking all the time about these things then eventually it just becomes a routine and is not especially difficult. But, why wait for the government to rule on the issue? You can take the initiative and set a trend at the same time. Boxes of disposable masks and bottles of gel are now on sale in almost all supermarkets over here now so there are no supply issues anymore. Ed
  17. But what exactly is she doing there? I can't imagine she's taking any passengers on board. Ed.
  18. I'm not aiming to be accepted for dual-nationality. I just want to relieve them off an appropriate amount of cash and not under- or over-price the work. 😉 A customer in Paris has given my name to an agency in Zurich who are keen for me to translate a handbook/training manual for them. They want a short sample text translated to evaluate both the work and price so I need to be consistent and what I give now will just be scaled up for the big project(s). Ed.
  19. Some advice required, please. When quoting prices for a Swiss company, should one automatically double (or increase) the amount charged? I'm basing my logic on their ambitious pricing of sandwiches at Geneva airport. Ed
  20. Apparently the R rate is close to or above 1 in the south-west of England. It's just as well nobody has recently come into the UK at one entry point (Portsmouth) and left again via another in that region (Plymouth) for unnecessary reasons, thereby putting both themselves and others at risk. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/the-r-number-in-the-uk#latest-r-number-and-growth-rate Ed.
  21. Or take the refund that BF is bound to provide (assuming you had a booking) and get the train to Newhaven. DFDS will take passengers with bikes to Dieppe (as of last week anyway) and then find some way back from there to St Malo, perhaps with Bla Bla Car. Ed
  22. Is it just me or is the look reminiscent of the Starship Enterprise when viewed from the stern? Ed.
  23. Now we know why Barfleur's bow thrusters are a bit under-powered. Ed.
  24. Maybe! I wouldn't know what to wear. Would the tartan pyjamas be appropriate or the velour smoking jacket/dressing gown with matching slippers? And for the summer, my Wallace and Gromit tee-shirt/boxer combo might infringe the dress code. What a nightmare! Ed
  25. Ah, there and back via Holyhead might come to 400, yes. Ed.
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