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  1. Getting traffic up and down the hill to Bouley Bay would be a challenge. St Catherine's Bay with its massive breakwater might be a better solution and the road to the rest of the island is a little better but unsuitable for trucks. I suppose the Rozel quarry site could also be developed but it's a long way from anywhere. Ed.
  2. I was just shown an old BF map of France and Spain. I was told it dates from 15 years ago but can't find a publication date on it. It doesn't include a route to Bilbao so that should help determine its minimum age. Le Have is obviously also not included. The slogan used is 'as relaxing as being there'. Ed.
  3. OK, thanks. So if we stick to 4 metres for St Helier is St Peter Port the same or greater? And how about the length? The reason for the question is would it make more sense to have different vessels serving each island rather than one-size-fits-all? That way each State could own its unique ship and deploy it as it sees fit. I accept that you then get into difficulties when it comes to refit time but separating the passenger ferry operations, running an inter-island fast service and separate freight link might be a more logical way around the problem. Ed.
  4. I know the maximum length of any vessel in St Helier is about 130 metres but could sometime please remind me of the draught limits. And what are the length and draught limits for St Peter Port? I understand there is a difference. Thanks. Ed.
  5. OK, I was just thinking of a solution to resolve the arrival-time issues. And a reason to keep Bretagne in the fleet for longer. Ed
  6. My idea was they wouldn't need to if they stayed within the confines of the port, like an airline passenger in transit. They would simply load those cars at the front of the queue on to Bretagne and they would be first off and drive directly round and on to Rapide. Foot passengers would be taken the 200 metres or so by bus. Ed.
  7. I wasn't thinking particularly about only having a single ro-pax as the second would be able to do the opposite trip at the same time. If you are happy with an early arrival that's fine but they will have to give passengers the option of having that dreaded Breton wake-up music or not as those heading for Jersey won't like being woken up at 5am. Ed.
  8. Nick, the problem I see is how to provide a service from Portsmouth overnight that satisfies people in both Guernsey AND Jersey. If she arrives in Guernsey at 7am and takes an hour to turn around them she won't be in Jersey until perhaps 10 which seems late for an overnight service. To be in Jersey by 8.30 it means getting into Guernsey at silly-o'clock hence my earlier suggestion of a trans-ship route via St Malo which, while longer, gets you into Jersey before 9. The evening return is less problematic because a departure from Jersey at 7pm and Guernsey at 10pm gives the Jersey passengers time to eat before bed. Ed.
  9. The SNCF do still offer a car transport service (with a range of options) but the traditional overnight transfer now only operates between Paris and five destinations in the South of France. Your car, with all your belongings, leaves Paris at around 8pm, trundles southwards and arrives the following morning. You then take a TGV at around 8am and collect your car from, say, Marseille (assuming it's still in one piece and doesn't have a body in the boot or is riddled with bullet holes) at midday. My friends tested the service to Toulon last year southbound and it worked well. They were in the villa by 3pm after a relaxing trip and the cost was not too bad. Ed.
  10. If you are suggesting that Liberation only runs from May to September (or thereabouts) like NEX does (and if BF do take over Condor then that would be a likely scenario) where does that leave Poole for the rest of the year? The passenger traffic through the port would be cut by perhaps a third or more. On the plus side, those travelling out of season would have more rapid access to the UK motorway network via Portsmouth and in the summer there would be more choice of crossings. There could also be the option of tweaking Bretagne's arrival time in St Malo slightly so she gets in 15 minutes before Rapide leaves (she would need to be on the old berth) and transfer people across for the trip to St Helier in the morning while the other Ro-pax (Clipper) does an overnight to Guernsey before continuing to Jersey. That way both islands are connected to the UK southbound allowing tourists better access and islanders a guaranteed way to get home. Ed.
  11. Yes, I do, as it was left in the cabin I used on the next scheduled sailing along with a number of other unexpected and unsavoury items (you can search for 'hair band' or 'sequin' and you'll probably find it). I don't have it to hand right now but will try to dig it out on my return from holiday. Ed.
  12. Just another example of the great work the RNLI do and the lack of understanding that some people have. Broken link deleted go to this thread for details
  13. Well, we saw what happened in Poole when someone tried express disembarkation and that didn't quite work out. Ed.
  14. So presumably the only reason they don't do the same thing in the Hull basin once through the lock is that the ship then stays put for most of the day and they shut down the engines. Ed.
  15. I was told by one of my university tourism-research colleagues that when campsite owners see NL on their booking engine it stands for Non-lucrative. Ed.
  16. What were they using? An eyeliner brush? Ed
  17. Presumably 'internet all at sea' would be a better name. Ed.
  18. Well if they have just changed those on Bretagne and CF at the height of the season, and are aware of issues, it seems a bit silly to me. Ed.
  19. I'm pretty sure Normandie has a cash machine on board but does anyone know which other members of the fleet also do? Ed.
  20. And the same on Cap Finistere for 24 hours. PORTSMOUTH TO BILBAO / BILBAO TO PORTSMOUTH All services are operating to schedule. Please be aware that due to a technical issue on board Cap Finistère, we are currently experiencing difficulties with card payments. We advise that you withdraw cash for all on board purchases. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience Ed
  21. Beware if travelling on Bretagne at the moment as you will need to pay in cash or go hungry and thirsty for 9/12 hours. PORTSMOUTH TO ST MALO / ST MALO TO PORTSMOUTH All services are operating to schedule. Please be aware that due to a technical issue on board Bretagne, we are currently experiencing difficulties with card payments. We advise that you withdraw cash for all on board purchases. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience Ed
  22. I thought it seemed odd given the timing. 😂 I accidentally clicked on a 'send me alerts ' button on the Plymouth Herald website a couple of weeks ago and my phone now beeps every time a cat gets stuck in a tree or someone sneezes and they think the black death has arrived in the west-country. If anyone can tell me how to unsubscribe, please do. Ed.
  23. It would seem that that Armorique is unable to dock in Plymouth and is heading to Falmouth instead. https://www.plymouthherald.co.uk/news/plymouth-news/live-brittany-ferries-armorique-plymouth-3197099 Ed
  24. The free-surface effects of two thousand torpedo-shaped rolls must be quite terrifying! Ed.
  25. That might be pushing it on just three engines. Ed.
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