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  1. You don't even have to leave your flat. It can be delivered directly to you by Amazon. https://www.amazon.fr/Smirnoff-Triple-Distilled-Blue-Vodka/dp/B009NTO0ZK/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?keywords=smirnoff+blue&qid=1560968112&s=gateway&sprefix=Smirnof+blue&sr=8-1 Ed
  2. That's a relief. I'd have to get my feet wet so it's off the list. 😉 Ed.
  3. Surely the 'very ends' are why she has them! To see where the ship is positioned in relation to the quay. As for the 'tunnel', if it were any higher it would obstruct the view to the rear from the main bridge which is slightly raised up. They probably also contribute to the airflow over the top deck to carry the exhaust gasses up and away from the outer rear decks. Ed.
  4. Rolls, butter, cream, pheasants. There's quite a bread-th to our interests. Ed.
  5. I've never seen anything bigger than a mini-bus or Luton-van on board. However there is no reason why they couldn't fit one (or perhaps even two) coach(es) into the central parking area. I suspect they let the passengers off first though. Did you walk on over the ramp or use a high-level gangway? NEX normally has access to the berth next to the old cruise terminal building and there are stairs and a lift up to the gangway. Ed.
  6. I was going by what you had previously suggested. Do you have more recent information? Ed
  7. She is off for repairs, in Brest I believe, so I assume she is destoring. Ed.
  8. I know and that worries me. The Rapide takes 1h25m to do the trip to Jersey whereas the old Condor 10 managed to do so in an hour. That's still OK for day trips and weekends away but if I have to spend twice as long on a classic ferry it just makes such offers unviable. I'll have to take the Manche Iles Express from Granville or Carteret and hire a car instead which will cost me more and Cabin-girl hates those smaller vessels. Ed.
  9. Thank goodness someone is still ordering these ships. Hopefully with new ones coming onstream it will mean that some of the slightly older ones reach the second hand market allowing Condor and BF to perhaps acquire more of them. If Rapide didn't exist there is no way ofe go to Jersey or Guernsey quite so often as wasting time at sea would seriously reduce the time ashore which is so important during a weekend away. Ed.
  10. That's right. Just keep churning out the old jokes. 😉 Ed.
  11. Oh, drat! Right, a habitable building and a stone jetty on which to disembark. Now don't tell me it has one of those too. 😂 Ed.
  12. Right, Nottingham, I've tried the Condor pizza so you don't have to. But, it was actually really good. They asked me to come and collect it in 5 minutes once it was oven cooked. I don't know if it started out frozen but the taste was fine (just cheese and tomato) and not too big for one. Perhaps a little on the salty side but certainly nothing to complain about. That was obviously on Condor Rapide but I'm sure the Liberation ones are the same. Ed
  13. I actually think that my trip was cancelled due to a lack of reservations and not the weather. There seem to have only been 3 of us booked for a trip which could accept 12. The rival company has a policy of 5 minimum to make it worthwhile but I can't find such a clause for the company I was due to travel with. So, instead of the Miniquiers I went to Elizabeth Castle for a guided tour which was interesting. I also managed to travel there and back on Charming Nancy (sister to Charming Betty) which is half ferry, half bus, half land-rover. When the tide is out she trundles across the sand next to the pedestrian causeway and when it's in she engages her propeller and chugs over. I hadn't travelled on her before so that's another new ferry to add to my list. 😀 Ed.
  14. I didn't include that one on my list as I'm only doing those with habitable structures (and not lighthouses) on them. But if I'm ever on Alderney, and the trip is available, I'll be first in line. Ed.
  15. Well, it's either that or find a cow to milk, I guess. Ed.
  16. Chausey is great, I agree. As to my Miniquiers trip, guess what? Cancelled again. This time the sea state is too rough for the crossing. Or they judge it will be too uncomfortable for the passengers. So what to do in Jersey for the day now? 😕 Ed.
  17. They are all too drunk to be doing much invading this afternoon. 😊 Ed.
  18. It's the first time I've ever taken the Saturday afternoon crossing to Jersey and it's packed. There is a sort of happy, party atmosphere on board. I guess the vast majority of the passengers (and most appeared to be on foot) are Jersey residents who came over to St Malo on the morning crossing, have spent a few hours shopping and eating and drinking, and are now on their way home. Since my last crossing in April Condor have installed seat covers on all the chairs. Very smart grey ones on the upper deck and blue on the larger, lower deck. Ed
  19. Even with Rapide on the berth, there is still plenty of room for a decrepit Russian freighter to pass by and enter the lock. Ed
  20. I'm glad you got back as planned. However, given the price I imagine you paid for that cabin and the level comfort you expected to receive, I think that is unacceptable. PA has been tied up for a month so the company have had ample time to give her a thorough clean (even if that means bussing their cleaners to Brest) so that she's spotless for the summer season and to offset some of the disappointment relating to her technical issues. Did you bring it to the attention of the reception staff or take photos of the problem? Ed.
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