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  1. Absolutely no way are Stena Interested in the Channel Islands
  2. The Commodore Clipper (the old one, circa 1996) which went on to become the Hascosay serving with Northlink was a casualty in the massive explosion in Beiruit last week. She was now called the Abou Karim I and was the closet vessel to the epicenter. https://gsy.bailiwickexpress.com/gsy/news/commodore-clipper/#.XzJ6myhKiUk
  3. The earliest any crew will arrive from the Philippines is the end of July, the British Embassy in Manila is closed until the 15th July and then there will be a lot of crew trying to get visas!
  4. Like wise they have not been able to Furlough crew in the UK as the model they use is to make all crew members responsible for paying their own tax and NI. Other Ferry companies employing offshore normally pay tax and NI over to the UK Gov and hence can furlough crew.
  5. Sofy According to Condor, they are evaluating a decision to replace the Goodwill and Rapide with either another HSC or a Ro/pax. My money is on the Ro/Pax, but a decision will not be made until they have a ramp user agreement in Guernsey sorted and that could take a while.
  6. The Europe is British flagged and as such the MCA would not allow a passenger ship to sail with a hole below the water line!
  7. Ha Ha what would they swap it with Carisma?
  8. It was a berthing trial, I am not convinced by all the hype it was an test paid for by MTU. Sure that was the main reason and most of the cost was likely paid for, however why Cherbourg, why not Guernsey?? or just out and back. Ferry companies do things for a reason. As for no operational changes, think that is slightly economical with the truth, what about the advanced plans for Goodwills's replacement with a ro/pax
  9. Jonno, where on earth did you get those figures from. Turnover £6m asset value £2.6m??? Condor passenger numbers are around 350,000 there on board spend will be about £20 per head alone. Freight rates to the CI's are some of the highest in the world, between Clipper and Goodwill there is lane meters of around 2200 per day in each direction. I believe usage is around 80%, so they must be receiving tens of millions in freight revenue. Are you sure you are not looking at one of their subsiduaries
  10. Nick, I am not saying it isn't happening, just that others are starting to circle!
  11. There is not going to be any announcement, there are others interested and Mcquarie will hold out for max price
  12. Yes, I used to run them, well was Ops Director. Both Hjaltland and Hrossey are modern bright, fast and efficient Ro/Ro's Each has a separate bar, restaurant and it even has a cinema. Cabins are a mixture of 2 berth and 4 berth, inside and out, the more expensive with TV's. Cabins are popular, I don't consider pricing too high especially when you consider the length of the voyage to Shetland and you don't have to vacate on arrival or at least you didn't when I was there. They also have sleeping pods, a bit like lie-flat business class seats on planes. Food is all sourced locally, Aberdeen/Orkney/ Shetland. Service is either direct between Aberdeen and Shetland or via Kirkwall (odd and even days). Hope you enjoy
  13. The tender for the Northern Isles will not happen before 2019, after Brexit and if the unions and the Scotish Gov. can avoid tendering, I feel sure they will. I think personally Serco will remain the operator for the foreseeable future, unless they decide they don't want it
  14. I understand they are not looking at a third vessel. If you look at some of the news reports, the States of Jersey and Guernsey are now saying that they don't meet the requirements of the tender. So I assume that on some days there will not be two return crossings per day.
  15. Not sure that is correct, Liberation is operating extra sailings to cover the UK and St Malo
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