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  1. Emailed BF last week regarding cancelling our 15th April Portsmouth - Bilbao trip (returning 11 June) as my wife and I are very much in the 'at risk' category. Wasn't really expecting any response until some time in April so was very surprised (and pleased) to receive a phone call this afternoon. The full amount of the outbound sailing will be offset against our early Sept / late Oct sailings (which I sincerely hope will go ahead!) and the June return sailing has been moved to a 'fictitious' date, such that we will be able to move it to 2021 once the 2021 sailings are announced in July. In essence, we have not (as yet) lost money and BF have not had to make a cash pay-out so it could be considered a 'win-win' - I just hope BF remain a going-concern!
  2. Spain has now declared a state of emergency (not just for Madrid and La Rioja etc).
  3. My wife and I (both in our mid-Seventies) are booked for mid-April sailing Portsmouth - Bilbao for our usual Spring caravan trip to the Spanish Med. Normally our first few nights in Spain are spent at a camping/caravan site in the lovely little town of Haro (Rioja region) prior to heading across to the Med. Was startled to read yesterday that Haro is the centre of an outbreak and movements in the town will be restricted. Looks like I will now have to reroute and head for an overnight stop to Zaragoza instead. Interesting to read in the link from G4rth that:- I never realised that the cabin window could be opened... How is 'fresh air' supplied to the cabins etc? On passenger aircraft cabin air is put through HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) Filters which remove dust, allergens, bacteria, viruses and other irritating particles from the air.
  4. In this month's Club Voyage newsletter, it is stated the Galicia will "serve Portsmouth with our ports in Spain". I am very not au-fait with the details of the changes that the new vessels will bring and wonder what will be the result of Galicia's introduction. Is she a cruise ferry or 'ecomomie' type of vessel? We use CF for two return trips a year (Spring & autumn) to/from Bilbao.
  5. A touch late with this - had lots to catch up on at home after being away for two months. Departed a lovely sunny and pleasantly warm Bilbao 31st Oct on Cap Finistere. A few iPhone photos of the departure and cloud of fumes the CF left behind her!
  6. Making a Bilbao - Portsmouth June booking this afternoon, the website immediately flagged up that if I wished to proceed the full sum would be taken as my card expires in Feb 2020. Changed to a different card with longer expiry date.
  7. Getting back on topic... Looks like the CF is carrying a problem (Bilbao departure today will be 5 1/4hrs late). Anyone any further info on the "technical problem"?
  8. Well, it took three phones (from the cabin phone) and a visit to the Info Desk before replacement bedding arrived mid-evening. Not impressed. We travel on the CF four times a year, usually without any reason for complaint, so I will (just about) forgive them this once...
  9. Whilst waiting to depart Portsmouth today. And view of one bed!
  10. We switched from PA to CF a few years ago when a change of travel plans meant Bilbao became more convenient. Foodwise, the Cap's breakfast (in the deck 7 restaurant) pales in comparison with the PA's buffet. Nowadays we tend to either head to the open-air cafeteria on deck 10 (albeit very much dependant on the weather) or buy rolls (round ones!) etc from the mini-market. Comfort-wise we try to avoid the cabins near the bow as (a) we are poor sailors and (b) she pitches a lot more than the PA (well, seems that way to us!) We have car + caravan and thus so far have avoided being parked on the open deck area above the stern and therefore have been spared the job of washing off all the salt! Certainly if was purely a choice between PA & CF regardless of destination, we would definitely opt for the PA.
  11. Having eaten the round rolls whilst on CF last month, I imagine the members of the French Dentists Association will be gnashing their teeth at the loss of business...
  12. After the Barfleur had passed us (waiting on the Brownsea Island - Sandbanks ferry) we followed her for a few minutes, allowing an iPhone shot mid-chanel.
  13. Two iPhone shots whilst waiting to cross back to Sandbanks from Brownsea Island on Thursday afternoon.
  14. My J Lewis card worked fine (as usual) on CF last month.
  15. We make two return journeys Portsmouth-Bilbao per year on CF. Can’t say it is something I’ve noticed before but I see lately that she is also carrying out Portsmouth-Santander trips. Is this something she has been doing for sometime or is it a new route to ease the PA problem?
  16. Yes, but think of all the money they have saved on fuel & other consumables!
  17. Docked on-time in CF at Portsmouth Friday 2.15pm. Somewhat surprised to see a sister-ship (Normandie?) discharging her load and inwardly groaned at the potential for serious delays at Immigration. Went down to our car at 2.20, drove off at 2.25 and was on the M275 at 2.50! Huge numbers of cars and motorbikes all waiting to clear Immigration but the marshalling was very effective. Well done Portsmouth!
  18. Before departing Bilbao Thurs afternoon I had looked at an app called 'Meteo Consult Maritime' and the Wind/Swell map did not make for pleasant reading, so I was fully expecting a very lumpy crossing and very relieved when the crossing turned out to be relatively free of motion. Having arrived home this evening I was surprised to read a BBC report about Storm Miguel. Seems we were exceedingly lucky to have avoided it!
  19. The latest news re PA guarantees that our 6th June sailing on CF from Bilbao will be packed to the gunwhales!
  20. Cabin-Boy & David Williams - thanks for the twitter-guidance Bit disheartening though, lots of angst and woe on display there!
  21. Reference tweets, do BF tweet under anything other than @BrittanyFerries? I 'follow' them under that address but have not seen any tweets other than how wonderful things are and oh, look - more dolphins!
  22. Have been following this thread as we make two return journeys every year on the Cap. 'E-Flexers' - that had me scratching my head, having never heard the term before. However, a quick search revealed all. YLSNED!
  23. With major hiccups to the timetable such as the current PA one, how do BF cater for those booked on the cancelled sailings? Does everyone (or as many as possible) get transferred to the Cap or is it a case of 'tough luck, here's a voucher for a later sailing' or what? It is always a concern when reading about such outages as we sail Pmouth-Bilbao & return each Spring & autumn, hence my curiosity about how BF deal with such situations.
  24. Sailed on the Pride of Bilbao end of Feb 2008 - complete with many coach loads of Liverpudlians on a mini-cruise. As it was Force 8 & 9 most of the time I rarely ventured near the bars etc, but whan passing by they were certainly busy. Coming back early May there seemd to be just as many! Apparently the mini-cruises cost £99 inc coach from Liverpool. Liverpudlian ladies enjoying some Spanish sun...
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