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    BF Refits 2017-18

    The dry dock was only for preparatory repairs to be carried out. The Normandie will have to return to dock later in the year for the repair to be completed. Being an old lady spares aren’t available off the shelf sadly.
  2. Condor have pulled out of the tender process to operate the inter-island services... https://t.co/jilds4J0WN
  3. 102

    IoMSP Arrow

    The Arrow has now completed her charter to Condor and has left Poole.
  4. Condor Ferries have a shiny new website... www.condorferries.co.uk ... same old service though!
  5. 102

    IoMSP Arrow

    The Arrow has been drafted into service, and is currently heading towards the Channel Islands. Looks like she is in ballast as she did not go onto one of the RoRo berths in Poole prior to departure.
  6. Apparently the Liberation now hasa 3.1m wave height limit according to Twitter...
  7. I believe that berth 1 needs to be clear whenever there is a large commercial vessel arriving/departing from Albert Johnson Quay, hence her moving over to berth 3 last night.
  8. This article in the Portsmouth News carries an article on the Gosport Ferry that never was – which is now commencing a new life in Peru! http://www.portsmouth.co.uk/our-region/gosport/gosport-ferry-s-sister-ship-starts-new-life-in-peru-1-8078096
  9. Baleria are reported to be looking to reestablish sailing between Gijon and St Nazaire in 2018 - with a large government subsidy on the table. https://www.lavozdeasturias.es/noticia/gijon/2017/07/26/nuevo-paso-reflotar-autopista-mar/00031501079235974409763.htm
  10. In the latest edition of Shippax Info magazine there appears a very interesting case wrong interview with Brittany Ferries president Jean-Marc Roué. Asked if sister ships (to the Honfleur) could follow he replied "It would be ideal if we could sell the Mont St Michel and order a sister ship. However, this is not an option right now. Using the same design for ships on other routes is excluded since the routes are very different. The various routes need very different ship." Anything is always for sale 'at the right price' (as we saw with the sale of the Val de Loire', but his comments are still seem surprising. The Honfleur and Stena ship are clearly good news, but both conveniently ignore the elephant in the room - the required replacement of the Bretagne, which is growing increasingly tired and stifling any growth potential on the St Malo route.
  11. PHC have approved the construction of a new passenger gangway, which will primarily serve the Barfleur. The gangway, which is being constructed off site, is expected to be completed in September 2017. Good to see PHC investing in the port!
  12. This afternoons 1230 Cherbourg-Portsmouth and 1515 Portsmouth-Cherbourg Normandie Express sailings have been cancelled due to technical problems.
  13. Condor Liberation is in the news again, having crashed into a pontoon in Guernsey earlier today. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-guernsey-39799479 It was a typical bank holiday too, with sailings cancelled due to winds being too high for the Liberation to berth in the Islands. There was some hope on the horizon over the weekend when there were reports of a new ship but this is likely to be just for inter island services. http://guernseypress.com/news/2017/05/01/is-condor-interested-in-41-seat-gardian/
  14. Looks like Libby is currently operating on just one engine following an initial fault developing on her sailing to Jersey and a further issue when departing Guernsey. Must be a bank holiday weekend! http://tinyurl.com/7ertz3o
  15. Am currently onboard the Etretat in Portsmouth waiting for us to depart. No firms info given onboard other than there is a 'technical problem'. Guess I will either wake up with a view of France or Portsmouth one way or another!
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