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  1. I was in a premium cabin, but the problem is that a lot of the passengers don’t realise you have to book, and join the Q when the restaurant opens to go and dine, only to be turned away after a needless wait and holding booked in passengers up. on early scheduled sailing they start taking bookings for supper around 4.30 in the afternoon, but it is not made clear to everybody, it’s usually an announcement over the tannoy and it appears that not everybody hears it or cannot understand what being said. Anyway I don’t think it is an easy fix, as it has been like it for as long as I can remember. Won’t stop me going though I love it!! happy Days!!
  2. Last Sunday I once again took pleasure of sailing from Plymouth to Santander on one of my favourite vessels the Pont Aven. I was lucky enough to have been able to select when boarded if and when I wanted to dine in Le Flora restaurant without having to pre book and stand for ages queuing. However, like this trip and many times before it appears that not everybody knows about pre booking to dine and you end up in this massive que behind a load of people who have not only waisted their time along with the pre booked customers as they are sent away having not booked a table. It would make sense if there was a sign put somewhere so passengers are aware that it was bookings only on appropriate sailings I do realise that on late sailings it is a free for all. Apart from that it was great to see her back in commission - and what happened to the triangular rolls?!!
  3. Hi, you can park in the ferry terminal car park, also they have built a new parking area for motor homes and cars on the right as you go towards the check in. There is a cafe inside the terminal. Also a restaurant near the check in area by the sea harbour and a large hotel just before you get to the terminal, called The Duke of Cornwall. All in al you won’t have a problem
  4. Thank you for that I will call tomorrow
  5. I have been looking into booking a mini cruise from Plymouth to Santander like I used to do several years ago I must admit. However, it now appears that instead of returning to Plymouth it returns to Portsmouth?! Have I missed something here?
  6. Most memorable would have to be my Portsmouth to Bilbao on the Cap F on 23rd December 2014.. We set sail late from Portsmouth due to bad weather, arrived late in Roscoff for staff change late again, then set sail for Bilbao.... about two hours into the sailing whist sitting in a lounge one could see the sea higher than the port windows on either side on the 7th floor!! Not being deterred by this i went to book a table for supper in the Restaurant only to be met by staff franticly putting away all glasses and cutlery, this was on Captains orders as we were heading into a bad storm, so no booking for supper were being taken at this point. Shortly after there was an announcement by the Captain for all passengers to return to their cabins as he was going to attempt to turn the ship around as it was impossible to sail any further due to what was now Storm force weather - the danger was that the ship would roll!!! We returned to our pet friendly cabin and sat with our Labrador in deathly silence - watching our dog slide from porthole to cabin door without standing up!! The silence and fear was deafening as we awaited further instructions. The turn around was a success however we could not sail back either so we had to take shelter in a cove on the side of France where we would be safe for the night. After a short period of time when had started breathing again we ventured out into the upper decks reception area where we found total carnage of office papers scattered everywhere and soaked carpets where the sea had managed to flood in, what a mess it was.. But the staff were amazing, as if nothing had happened - the restaurant re opened to those who still had an appetite, the wine and food was flowing .. the flashing lights over the ship were a bit worrying as we looked out of our porthole, but were calmly told that it was a helicopter landing to collect a poor chap who had broken his collar bone - an hour later the flashing lights started again this time it was another helicopter as the first one was too small due to the size of the patient - sorry passenger but we did chuckle to ourselves!! Later that evening the captain announced that over the night he would make his decision as to head for Bilbao or return to Brest.... The next morning the boat was moving - arh! Bilbao we thought!! Alas no, we were heading back to Brest where we all had to disembark and make our journey from there to wherever....We were heading to Portugal towing a large car along with our Christmas Fair this was now Christmas Eve afternoon.....We made it to San Sebastian very late Christmas Eve where we slept in the car -- we awoke on Christmas Day with a long haul through Spain down to Portugal - We opened our box of Christmas crackers, wore our paper hats and ate mince pies and set off home - we were almost the only people on the road, the sun shone and for most of way and we sang Christmas carols to put us in the mood - We arrived home in time for Downton Abbey and a half a pint of Baileys on ice!!!!! Looking back it was very memorable indeed!!!
  7. Lofty

    Pont Aven

    Thank you for your words of encouragement, so fingers crossed for plain sailing!! The risk for me is that i fly on Thursday to UK to sail out on Sunday - so lets hope i don't find a tx message waiting for me when i land! Then i will be stuck!!
  8. Lofty

    Pont Aven

    I am booked to sail on the Pont Aven 29th May having been moved three times so far. Their website is stating that it is due back into commission on the 26th?! Does anybody have any insight as to whether this is likely or not please.......
  9. My first sailing was for today sailing on the Pont Aven to Santander after flying into Bristol three days prior, I was then re scheduled to the 22nd after moving my flights at a further cost. Thanks to BFEnthusiasts - I was forwarned re this booking for the 22nd, having now being cancelled, and was able to beat the rush before the emails are sent out tomorrow. I have now been given the 29th May with even further added costs to my flight....The kind gentleman at the booking office was not able to guarantee that this sailing would not be cancelled, his only concern was that the awaited repair part for the Pont Aven was coming by road and was causing concern?!! Oh! BOUY!!!!
  10. I was on Sunday's sailing from Plymouth to Santander and find myself lucky to be rescheduled on the next sailing on Sunday 22nd (Pont Aven) If they know that there is a major problem, should they still take bookings? I can understand small issues being treated in this way, but a major incident like this, I feel somebody should come clean and paint the whole picture. On this cancellation alone I have lost approx £400 including flights (from Portugal to UK) and hotels.
  11. Does Anybody know how one can find out the likely hood of the Pont Aven sailing on Sunday? I have tried ringing the booking department but they do not know either. Only I fly to UK tomorrow and returning by car on Sunday via Pont Aven. Unless I know before i depart tomorrow i could be stranded!! Surely somebody must know by now the severity of the damage to give us passengers a clue, the nearer the sailing date the less time it leaves folk to do alternative arrangements
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