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  1. This has been fantastic reading as I have learnt a lot about what lays ahead when going back to U.K. I also appreciate that things are changing on daily basis too. Could you please give me the link where I can book the CTM testing for future reference please. It feels good just talking to friends of BF - I do miss life on board ‘Happy Days’ 😊
  2. Thank you for your information and advice. We do have a house in France not far from Roscoff, but we were put off by the long drive with no hotels open and two boarders to cross. Maybe we had better sit tight a bit longer for things to improve - we feel we have been saying that for a long time - getting homesick now, especially when we are being called in for our vaccine in the U.K.
  3. The reason I ask is that my husband had a fall and had to have an emergency head operation last year and cannot fly at the moment. We are currently in Portugal and due to the fact that Portugal is on the Red list it makes it very difficult to get back home. If we are going directly to our own property in our own car do we still have to go into a hotel to quarantine?
  4. Thank you for that information that has helped a lot 😊
  5. I know I should know the answer to this question, however, for current Brittany Ferry bookings be it a limited winter timetable, is this for freight only, are there no passengers traveling too and from EU to U.K due to the COVID pandemic?
  6. Phew!! Thanks for that, makes sense - 😊
  7. I received an email today re consolidating sailing from Plymouth Roscoff to the Pont Aven. This promoted me to look at the timetables To which all dates to and from France Spain from U.K. have gone - only showing sailing for next year. Is this a blip in the system or am I missing something?
  8. Thank you, that is very encouraging 😊
  9. Thank you, that is helpful 😊
  10. We’re meant to be sailing next week from Santander to UK (Our home)then back in September to Spain (Portugal ) my husband is in the High risk category, in view of the latest announcements would I be wise to delay? We do have a cabin with a balcony, not that the virus is commodore exempt!!🙈 What a dilemma
  11. Dilemma - were sailing in the opposite direction next week From Portugal though Spain to U.K. Via BF. Sailing back late September to Spain then onto PORTUGAL were not tourists just visiting our home. However the biggest worry is - could we be stranded in U.K. come late September ?! we have to decided wether to go or not in the next few days or we will lose our booking - we desperately want to go as we have not been back for over a year - however should we bite the bullet and stay where we are- Help!!!
  12. I cannot understand for the life of me why they have made people quarantine form Portugal, the total deaths from the virus is 1,614 people. It’s nothing compared to Spain or France by a long way. It doesn’t make sense as it’s been safer here than the rest of Europe.
  13. We’re not getting off in UK we stay on the same ferry and continue to Roscoe
  14. I was considering moving my September booking forward to July and thought by looking at the sailing update page I would get some reassurance it was safe to do so. Thank you for reply, maybe it’s safe to move my booking forward. i am Setting off from Portugal sailing from Spain to U.K. and then to Roscoe - we are worried about the safety aspect as my husband is in the high risk area - were not going on holiday but checking on our property.
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