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  1. Does anybody know how this works, I cannot even find where to start, or is it staring me in the face. 😳
  2. Our doggies have European passports, does this still apply?
  3. We are both EU vaccinated with certificates and QR code
  4. If your traveling from Portugal by road to France, do you just need your proof of vaccine?
  5. When your being loaded onto the car deck your parked in a special place so not to interfere with cars leaving in U.K., plus your then facing the correct way when you get to Spain or Roscoff. There are usually quite a few of us, they were doing it all the time when the same vessel carries onto France or Spain.
  6. In the past when sailing from Roscoff on the Pont Aven to U.K. in the morning, my next booking from U.K. to Santander was on the same ferry, so on embarkation at Roscoff a notice was put on our windscreen saying Espange so we were able to stay on board without disembarking in U.K. and going through the checking in procedure all over again. (We we’re checked in onboard at reception) This procedure also worked when sailing from Santander to Roscoff on the same ship Pont Aven, is this still happening since the covid pandemic?
  7. May I ask another question? if you have had a EU vaccine passport from Portugal or Spain, do you have to quarantine when arriving in the U.K., or is this non quarantine for only NHS vaccines?
  8. Do boots the chemist actually do the test there and then?
  9. Whilst we’re on the topic of covid tests!! Do you know where one can get the covid test to travel on the ferry in the Plymouth area? One would imagine due to their being a ferry port there would be a facility nearby. We want to take an easy few days to get to Plymouth so we will not be able to do the test in our local area as we would be over the time limit.
  10. I have seen this advertised yesterday, is there any truth in it?
  11. I am pretty sure that the 72 hours takes you to the check in at the ferry port. I did ring Brittany ferries at Santander and the kind lady spoke good English as explain that was the case. it makes sense as anything can happen at sea!! also she sent an email giving local approved testing centres in Santander. Plus she said that U.K. was accepting the Antigen test. I called in at my local pharmacy here in Portugal where you can buy them over the counter ‘ however they also provide a service whereby they do the test for you and fill in the result with their stamp of approval as proof that the procedure was done to standard along with the result, so that’s worth considering and looking into.
  12. It is virtually impossible not to stop on route from Portugal to Santander how ever hard you try - so trying to convince anybody that you have not interacted would be a difficult one, plus they ask where you have traveled from, you can hardly say Portugal with a ferry departing from Spain🙈 I think Brittany ferries need to do some ground work for all us folk who not only need to use their facility but support them wholeheartedly and miss them dearly.
  13. So Portugal is on the green list which is amazing for us, however to reach Santander to catch the ferry by car we travel via Spain, where does that leave us? As long as we don’t get out of the car leaving Portugal or touch the tyres after entering Spain we’re still green - sorry I’m being sarcastic here but what a tangled web.
  14. Thank you for that, I have found their information and will try them when we have to apply. Did you Email them or call?
  15. We do have a booking traveling back to U.K. from Santander in June (covid allowing)! I have been looking into the mechanics of preparing for the pre covid tests 72 hours before booking in at Santander which is tight when traveling up from Portugal and a sailing on a Monday as many covid testing places locally here is Portugal close on a Friday. Anyway, am I correct in my understanding that the covid tests on arrival in U.K. can be booked from the passenger locator forms found on the brittany ferry website. Has nobody done this and have they any tips as to how to do it - I understand that the form has to be filled in no more than 48 hours before arriving in U.K. - we did fill the forms in last year in our car waiting in Santander at the ferry port - however at that time there were no pre booking of covid tests to be done. Any advice or experiences would be welcome please 😊
  16. We have a ferry booked for late June Santander to Plymouth sailing on a Monday. Knowing that the covid test needs to done no longer than 72 hours before checking in at Santander makes the timings very tight as traveling from Portugal. The local test centre here does not test at the weekends so Friday would be our only option even then it would have to as late in the day as possible so not to expire. I started to make enquires to obtain a covid test on route, this proved difficult too due to being a weekend. As a last result I called Brittany Ferries terminal at Santander, the kind lady pointed out that U.K. was accepting Antigen tests, after researching into this it would cure the problem as you can obtain the kit fairly cheaply and do it yourself on route without a laboratory result. Has anybody done this test to board BF Or know any further information good or bad?
  17. This has been fantastic reading as I have learnt a lot about what lays ahead when going back to U.K. I also appreciate that things are changing on daily basis too. Could you please give me the link where I can book the CTM testing for future reference please. It feels good just talking to friends of BF - I do miss life on board ‘Happy Days’ 😊
  18. Thank you for your information and advice. We do have a house in France not far from Roscoff, but we were put off by the long drive with no hotels open and two boarders to cross. Maybe we had better sit tight a bit longer for things to improve - we feel we have been saying that for a long time - getting homesick now, especially when we are being called in for our vaccine in the U.K.
  19. The reason I ask is that my husband had a fall and had to have an emergency head operation last year and cannot fly at the moment. We are currently in Portugal and due to the fact that Portugal is on the Red list it makes it very difficult to get back home. If we are going directly to our own property in our own car do we still have to go into a hotel to quarantine?
  20. Thank you for that information that has helped a lot 😊
  21. I know I should know the answer to this question, however, for current Brittany Ferry bookings be it a limited winter timetable, is this for freight only, are there no passengers traveling too and from EU to U.K due to the COVID pandemic?
  22. Phew!! Thanks for that, makes sense - 😊
  23. I received an email today re consolidating sailing from Plymouth Roscoff to the Pont Aven. This promoted me to look at the timetables To which all dates to and from France Spain from U.K. have gone - only showing sailing for next year. Is this a blip in the system or am I missing something?
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