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  1. I would also like to know the card you use. One with zero interest on all payments sounds like heaven!
  2. Belated thanks, Jim. We have now been transferred to the Pompey-Caen sailing on the Mont St Michel so all is well. Thanks again for members' help.
  3. So what about Ricard in 2lt bottles bought at the hypermarket?
  4. Sorry, attached an additional screenshot and I don't know how to delete it!
  5. Cheers, guys. Many thanks. David: Here's a screen shot of the Roscoff-Plymouth sailing.
  6. We have used both 8401 & 8410 the extra room on the balcony is a godsend in hot sunny weather.
  7. I find the report very reassuring (not that I really needed any reasurance) and I note the praise in the report of the technical and firefighting teams aboard. All in all I think this reflects well on the company so a big 'Well Done' to all involved.
  8. You guys seem to be pretty switched on regarding the going-ons at BF so could someone please give me some guidance as to what on earth is going on? 1. Sailing Updates on the official site say that the Bretagne is laid up from 7 September, no further service until 22nd March. 2. I have a booking for Pompey-St Malo on 3rd March 2021 at 20.15 on Bretagne. 3. The current 2021 timetable shows the Bretagne operating on that route with several sailing a week, including one on 3rd March. 4. A dummy booking reveals that the sailing is "Sailing Full". 5. Our return is booked Ros
  9. Me and the missus are two of them! Sadly I think our options will be limited should Ply-Ros route be axed. The 230 mile journey from mid Cornwall to Pompey is long and tedious to say the least.
  10. Many thanks, David. I have amended the sailing to early March in the (probably misguided) hope that the restrictions will not apply then.
  11. We are due to travel to the Charente 19th Sept for two weeks but we don't fancy self isolating on our return. We have heard about something called a Refund Credit Note (or words to that effect). The ticket was first booked in late January 2020 for travel in early March. Then we got the jitters about this virus that was apparently just starting to spread in France so hoping that the fuss would all be over by September we switched the booking to 19th Sept. Now of course the virus is spiking again and TBH my pessimistic self cannot see it going away in a hurry. We would like to hold the tick
  12. As an ex-trawlerman I am very superstitious, so much so that I cannot even bring myself to utter out loud the word that describes those cute little creatures with the bushy tail and long floppy ears. Instead we call them 'Limping cats'! This superstitious is rife among fishers of the English Channel who no doubt picked it up from their French counterparts way back in the day. Just saying. 😀
  13. Paully: Many thanks for your reply, and thanks, too, for the recommendations from others. Sadly none of these answer my current predicament😧
  14. I cannot access my account or check the balance. There is this message on the website: “To retrieve your balance or if you require any information about your transactions, please contact the customer services team at Brittany.ferries@exelaonline.com whilst essential maintenance is being carried out to ensure the security of your account. Please note, you can continue to top up your card as normal, as well as use your card for overseas ATM withdrawals and in store purchases as expected.” I had intended to top up the card and believe it or not this option still exists. I st
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