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  1. It all seems so far removed from the situation that pertained when I started this thread! We were advised in no uncertain terms not to travel to France as me and the wife both have underlying health issues. We did so but when I called BF to amend the booking they did so with good grace but imposed a £25 amendment fee. I am somewhat miffed, to say the least. We amended to a crossing in September on the Pont (out) and the Armorique (back). I hope it goes ahead but if not I trust I will not have to pay yet another amendment fee.😒
  2. I seem to recall a snippet of information regarding the air conditioning on the Armourique, namely that only fresh air is used. That is to say, the air is not recycled continuously as is the case on larger cruise liners. Am I dreaming I saw this or is it fact?
  3. ...and we are due to head the other way from Cornwall to France (Limoges) at the same time...It's a real teaser and no proper advice from government or the FO.
  4. Yes, that is the reason for our unease. We are both in our 70s and I have diabetes; by all accounts that's two risk factors ticked off! Thanks for everybody's input.
  5. We try always to sail on a ship with a decent restaurant as we have never had a decent meal in any self-service restaurant. However, for several years now we have given the main dish a miss, asking instead for a 2-buffet meal. We can then gorge on the seafood, pate, ham etc. in the first buffet, then follow up with a hunk or two of cheese and then a plateful of superb deserts. OK, the cost is the same with or without the main dish, but even so the meal is worth every penny. The house Muscadet makes a great accompaniment to the first buffet and a glass of the bar's Sauternes goes down well with the desserts. For us the dining room experience is as much a part of our holiday as the holiday itself.
  6. I am due to sail Plymouth-Roscoff on the 12th March. Can anyone consult their crystal ball and give an informed guess as to what may happen if this is declared a pandemic? If I cancel now with the ticket paid in full, would either a refund or credit be applicable? Thanks...and if you guess wrong I won't hold it against you :-)
  7. Thanks for the reply. We come in the same way as yourself so it's good to know that all should be well.
  8. Are there any problems coming into the ferryport from the Cornwall (Tamar Bridge/Torpoint Ferry) side of the city?
  9. Received this emal from BF just now: We are sorry to advise that as a result of an earlier technical problem, Pont-Aven is running later than scheduled. The departure time from Plymouth is now 23:15, with arrival in Roscoff unchanged at 08:00. Your cabin may not be immediately available when you arrive on board. If your cabin door is closed it is ready, if open, please wait in the public areas for further announcements. The Le Flora a la carte restaurant is open until 15 minutes after the departure time. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.
  10. Hi again. Sorry it has taken a few days to reply. We are Club Voyage members. We have often travelled on the Pont Aven with a Commodore cabin We find the in-cabin breakfast to be somewhat unsatisfactory (tepid coffee) and would prefer the buffet breakfast offered in the main restaurant. Can we forego the in-cabin breakfast in favour of a breakfast in the restaurant. Many thanks Ken.
  11. We have got a Commodore cabin booked for Thursday 5th September. I know we are offered a basic breakfast in the cabin but could we still go down to the restaurant for a more substantial breakfast on the Commodore ticket? Many thanks Ken.
  12. We are on the Pont on 5th September on the 20.45 sailing Plymouth - Roscoff. OK, I know its a couple of months away but can we reserve a table in the Flora? We have a Commodore cabin booked and we would love to dine in the Flora without having to queue for ages.
  13. Some friends were booked on that ferry. They have transferred to Poole on the afternoon sailing and they have received a refund of £170. Hopefully you should be due a refund of some kind.
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