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  1. Armorique currenty doing a Cork - St Malo run...Why not experiment a little, Brittany Ferries and add (say) one sailing a week Plymouth - St M alo? Not much to loose and planty to gain, I would think.
  2. Once again Plymouth - Roscoff missing from the start of November '21 until the end of March '22. 😞
  3. I wonder if BF would ever consider a Plymouth - St Malo sailing on a regular basis? I am sure that, like us, many visitirs to Roscoff head east at the N12, then Rennes-Nantes and all points south (or Rennes-Le Mans and all point east and south east). We invariably look to travel south from Rennes and the savings in distance and time make a leisurely sailing from our 'home' port of Plymouth to an arrival at St Malo a very attractive prospect. One sailing a week would perhaps be a welcome addition to the timetable.
  4. Thanks one and all. This old fogey is very grateful for your answers. I have had replies from both BF and the PCT Enquiries desk and have been assured that they are genuine emails and that the date sent will be secure. Just have to hope that I have done everything they asked. As David says, my statement was sent as a PDF so that solved that little problem. Now all we need is a ticket to sail and a bright sunny horizon to sail to!
  5. @ Rattler43. They may well be a legitimate outfit but that being so, why have I been contacted from outside the organisation? (See previous post) In the past I have topped up the card using my bank account. As for the PDF...I am a dinosaur. No iphone of printer with a scanner.
  6. Believe it or not the top up option is still live on the site! Offering €1.13 too!
  7. Just had another email asking for bank details. There is a footnote to this one as follows. Looking more dodgy with every email.: CAUTION: This email originated from outside of the organization. Do not click links or open attachments unless you recognize the sender and know the content is safe. Please contact suspicious.emails@exelaonline.com with any concerns
  8. I cannot withdraw the funds as the card expired 01/21. I have had a reply from this address: pctenquiries@exelaonline.com The text is: "Either you can take out money in Bank ATM in uk if your card is still valid and not expired." There is no corresponding alternative option as in 'either/or'. The email asks me for a copy of my bank statement, sort code, account munber and account name. It goes on to say: "We need the following, please attach a PDF format and this has to be in your name and we need the document to show all 4 corners please." I don't know how to cre
  9. tuxedomoney at cmp.dotmailer.co.uk I have received the same email. They state that they will refund the card's balance to my bank account. Trouble is they ask for bank details. I am not prepared to put these in an open email. I have asked Tuxedo Money for a phone number to discuss but no reply so far. But...Tuxedo Money? ...Really? That sounds very dodgy to me. Any ideas, fellow Enthusiasts?
  10. God! I do so hope you are right. We had the Pfizer jab a week ago (no after effects whatsoever) and have been told we should get the 2nd dose in late March. We had a holiday booking for early March crossing Pompey-Caen but have cancelled it thanks to very stringent travel restrictions in France. We are now keeping our fingers well and truly crossed that the same won't happen in mid April when we are again due to travel to the Limoges area for a couple of weeks. Hopefully our jabs may count in our favour.🤞
  11. The FCA acted with speed and froze Wirecard UK `s accounts straight away. Turns out that unlike the German fiasco the UK money was contained within ` ring fenced` accounts held at Barclays. They are now subject to surveillance by the FCA. So the money that I have on the card should still be available when I return to France, hopefully in September this year...?
  12. Can anyone tell me the latest situation regarding the card. The option has disappeared from the Property Owners section of the website, which I fear bodes ill for card holders.
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