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  1. Open for sit down dinning only...No buffet. Two course meal £24.95; three course with desert £29.95. Silly money! But we are looking forward enormously to sitting in that fabulous restaurant again, though it's a shame about the buffet.
  2. I'm betting a £ to the proverbial pinch of **** that the lanes will close again on Tuesday, just in time to totally **** up my trip to the ferry port.
  3. Back to the BF email (I also received one yesterday). Here's some advice from me to Brittany Ferries:
  4. Indeed, it does, but you can avoid the Carkeel roundabout and the tunnel by turning off the A38 onto the B2371, through Saltash via Fore Street. This brings you out immediately at the approach to the bridge.
  5. So can anyone answer my query bout using the Saltash route ... ?
  6. Thanks for the update. We are thinking of going via Saltash. Would that be any easier, do you think? (And what genius decided to resurface the bridge at the height of the tourist season?)
  7. Thanks again, David. The missus has a tablet, and now she tells me that she can use the NHS app. Drop me in it, why don't you, sweetheart!
  8. Why am I not surprised...Makes you want to vomit .
  9. Here, here! And you can bet a £ to a pinch of **** that some government crony or cronies is making money out of selling these tests, probably the fraudulent ones reported at the weekend.
  10. Oh, God! What next. We are both tested to the hilt. We have got the Covid Vaccine certificates from the NHS. We have got passports with five years + to run, we have got a return ferry tickets to prove that we don't intend to stay in France, we have got those cute little cards they hand out when you are jabbed, We have turned somersaults to try to comply with the French rules and regs. The ONE thing we haven't got is smart phone! We THINK we have downloaded the TAC app, but now we are being asked to activate it using the Bluetooth on our phones. Only problem...we don't have a 'kin phone! Why does everyone assume that everyone else is smart phone'd up? And why not issue a credit card style card that can be scanned, as one does with instant payment in shops, etc. How hard can that be? Now it seems that the gendarmerie can lock us up for eating without a permit. If Brian Rix was still alive, he'd be scribbling notes assiduously for his next Whitehall farce.
  11. How ridiculous is that. We take NHS a free self-swab test every other day, important as I have early stages of prostate cancer, so I am at a higher risk than Joe or Jolene Average. We have always tested negative. Furthermore, we have a small pile of plastic test strips, all showing a negative result. I shall continue self-testing (and submitting the result to the NHS) while I am away so why in God's name can't I submit the test strips as proof that I am negative (always assuming that I continue to test negative!).
  12. We have used Expert Medical and so far so good. We have our reference numbers for the PLF and the kit will arrive in the next few days. Fingers crossed we won't get Covid while in France, that's all! Got to ask, why bother sending it back, especially if the test shows a negative result.
  13. Un kilo de langoustines et un dépistage Covid Antigène svp!
  14. So you can get a test in the SuperU just by asking...?
  15. We are doing just that on the 31st...Only question is, can we eat a buffet...?
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