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  1. Cheers for all the comments. That's the thing, she might turn out better than expected - I'll let you know by early July on my return. Just one question - use of own mobiles on board - handy, but does that not latch on to the maritime network that costs a fortune? or if it uses wifi then surely the signal isn't good enough? Going to Bilbao, then up through France and back on the Normandie Cheers Marth
  2. No I have not travelled on Cap before. The follow-up post is becuase I am due to travel on her in June and I am concerned how enjoyable the trip will be, having read about the ship and its facilities, and bearing in mind the price paid. Th ship was built for a greek route, and for a 36 hour trip to Spain I believe BF should have better by now. No proper catering facilities on such a long trip and the layout of the a la carte restaurant seems unacceptable. Also loading and unloading seems slow. Just asking and making comments from what I have seen and read - that is all.
  3. BF has had Cap Finistere for 7 years now and bit concerned regarding facilities for passengers and dog! No self service, people walking through restaurant, slow loading etc. For a 36 hour crossing and the price should it not be better? Marth
  4. Travelling on Cap Finistere Portsmouth to Bilbao, via Roscoff in June - so two nights on board. Grateful for any tips. Will have dog with me in dog cabin. When does the ship arrive at Roscoff and then leave? Are there phones in the two berth cabins? Are cars with dogs loaded in a particular place? Can you buy stuff from the Boutique to eat on board? is it worth getting the new wifi package? Do you need to reserve for the restaurant and i so how and when? What is the entertainmnet? Grateful for any
  5. I agree with you. You would have thought that Pont as a purpose built ship would at leat have a 5* purpose built designated area with rooms fro dogs to sleep in. Having travelled Stena Harwich to Hoek, the kennels there were of a very good size and tv in cabin to keep a look. Not bad for a short overnight crossing, but I don't think bf reaches this standard for a longer crossing which is disappointing.
  6. Cheers for the advice. Think it will depend on timings. CAP sounds ok, and I don't mind the two dayer especially if we call at Roscoff on the way. Can nayone explain the kennel facilities for a large retreiver type dog, as all cabins have gone will have to us the kennels. as spending time in North East Spain before going back via France don't suppose it makes much difference if it's Santander or Bilbao. Don't think the option of the st Malo Pooole catamaran is a sensible one! Marth
  7. Thinking of travelling to Northern Spain in mid June, then back up through France via St Malo or Caen. Which would you recommend - Pont, Cpa or Baie. Baie goes early morning so would have to pay for overnight stay which seems to wipe out price advantage. Will have a dog, but all dog friendly cabins seem to have gone. Baie de Seine would appear boring for such a long crossing. Cap Finsitere - what are cabins like? Concerned there is no self service. Is the 2 night sialing on the Cap that bad? Which is likely to be or fell the busier - this can make a difference e.g. q
  8. Anyone going Plymouth to St Malo and st Malo Portsmouth next Friday and Saturday evening? It's Armorique on the way out, Bretagne on way back, but I don't think there is early boarding on the Bret anyone know why? Cheers Martha
  9. Is there anything i St Malo new town - is that near the station? Marth
  10. Cheers for the info on Bus service in StMalo. Is there anything in St Malo new town in or round the station? Also, am I ok to get a bus from centre of Caen to Ouistreham about 20:00 in the evening. Looking forward to going on the Mont, but why does she have to have a new funnel to comply with EU regs but Irish sea ferries don't and what modifications for the Bretagne. Marth
  11. having checked, looks like there is no connection to the evening ferry to Ouistreham, only during the day. but does Bus 61 goduring the evening via the ferryport onwards -Ithink it does about 20:00 hours, which would suit me fine. Thanks for all your help. Have only been on the Mont many years ago so exited to see hernow, but presumably noting much has changed? If the crossing is rough as it is this time of year, presumably Bretagne will jeep ok to timetable as a good sea boat and St Malo pretty sheltered. if I arrive in St Malo 08:15 is 09:30 train doable, if not there
  12. Cheers, I'm in Caen on Monday 19th.
  13. Going from St Malo to Ouistreham Monday 18th December. Trains are not that good, but worse thing is I can't find any info of bus from Caen to Ouistreham, - Bus Vert website doesn't work and neither does Twisto bus provide info although there is a picture of a ferry boat but I click on it and nothing. I might be arriving into Caen at 17:15 and wanting to go around until around 20:00 - can I catch a bus at that hour to Ouistreham? There also seems roto be a new shopping centre near the station - Rives des Ornes? Might want to go there. Also are there trams form the station to mi
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