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  1. Last summer I seem to remember discussion on here about PA being delayed, often by diversions to give assistance to other vessels, and having difficulty in catching back up with her schedule between Sundays and Thursdays (i.e. while sailing to/from Santander). That seemed to occur quite a few weeks in mid summer. Wouldn't lack of one engine compound the difficulties, or was she holding off from full power and just taking a measured approach to making up the lost time?
  2. Thanks for this, jonno; very interesting. What are the prospects for diversification on the other side of the Channel, away from Calais? I recall UK government ministers, several weeks ago, urging freight hauliers and operators to use other ports as an alternative to Calais, presumably Belgian and Dutch ports. I heard that some development is being made at Rotterdam, but generally I imagine the new facilities at Calais will make diversification to other ports less likely?
  3. Here is an alternative link to a plan of Terminal Jules Verne, showing the elevator down into the railway interchange: https://www.ladefense.fr/en/terminal-jules-verne btw, you'd probably find RER A to be faster than Ligne 1 ( but much less attractive, to me). If you have lots of time consider continuing by bus: 73 until its terminus Musee d’Orsay, then 24 to Gare de Lyon. [Neither run on Sundays.] In my experience on other routes in Paris, this has been easier and more relaxed than the metro; that has included when travelling with someone less mobile and with suitcases. Less walking, understanding people, more interesting. Your particular journey would be considerably quicker by Ligne 1 or RER A though, as both are direct.
  4. We enjoyed a very peaceful night on Bretagne's deck 2 when we had a cabin there a couple of years ago, despite it being a Friday evening in peak season. I was almost disappointed by the lack of marine diesel rumblings. I enjoy these as holiday lullaby. When LNG takes over I'll miss them, though I imagine that I am in a minority on that one.
  5. You can look forward to the Quic en Groin, Neil. My partner and I fondly remember our night there a couple of years ago. Small, family run, very fine shower and an indulgent breakfast buffet in a conservatory. It is well placed for a stroll to Plage de Bons Secours. I was glad of a space in their garage, conscious of having a conspicuously full car at the end of two weeks camping, but book this in advance, limited spaces. Hope you have as good a time as we did. Nb As this is almost my first post here, let me say hello to all. A few holidays such as this are my experience of BF, two years ago being the most recent. For us, there is no better way to start out on holiday than boarding Bretagne.
  6. Thanks Cabin Boy for the excellent photos and account. Evocative of fond memories of two weeks on Belle Ile last summer. We enjoyed a relaxed drive cross country (SW) several hours from St. Malo. I imagine that the Quiberon peninsula could be slow at peak times, but the ferry was fun as CB describes. The island lends itself to cycling, flattish apart from the steep sided valleys leading down to the ports and beaches on the north and east. It totals perhaps 15 km x 8 km with enough beaches for a whole summer. There are plenty of bike hire places in La Palais, enough to find an electric bike which my fiancé could manage with her bad knee, and set off slowly in deference to her expressions of 'reluctance'. By afternoon she was gleefully disappearing up the road, headed for another beach.
  7. PR has proved hugely valuable in Northern Ireland. The Assembly is much more constructive and less sectarian than Stormont when elected by FPTP. When introduced, the slogan (supported by Westminster politicians) was "PR is as easy as 1-2-3". It was that simple to vote. PR has its drawbacks, but really deserves a fair hearing, especially if an electorate is strongly partisan. For anyone curious to see it work, try stepping through the stages of a constituency count: http://elections.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/ni-assembly-2017/belfast-south (impressive website from the Belfast Telegraph illustrating the counts from last month's Assembly elections)
  8. Dieppe, passing through the channel into the inner harbour, to berth alongside the quay that is now lined with restaurant terraces. Now seems so unlikely. An even more remote memory: Princes Dock, berthing directly in front of the Liver Building on the overnight ferry from Belfast. I think I have a bias toward breakfast time arrivals. The present day favourite that I can look forward to seeing again is, for me, St Malo.
  9. Choucan

    AIS apps

    In answering boallen's original question it might help to distinguish between mobile and desktop operating systems. On iPad £3.99 for Marine Traffic might be well worth it as I find the (free) website seriously slow and cumbersome. On Mac i.e. desktop I find that the website works well and is free (thankfully, as the cheapest subscription is $12.50 per month!) It looks like pricing is the same for Android / Windows environments and I imagine the user experience is at least intended to be similar.
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