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  1. scarlton

    Plymouth Traffic

    Take the green route and avoid the red area.
  2. 1. It's required every month. But I think BF do it every week. 2. They only need to be lowered to the water every three months. So whenever 3. I Don't know. 5. Operators can have exemptions granted from their flag state, however they still need to happen so they will need to make time. The small boat is a rescue boat, to be used for man overboard situations.
  3. scarlton

    Fleet Renewal - Second E-Flexer Confirmed

    Unfortunately, Bretagne's time is limited. This isn't necessarily a move to replace her, however I've been told she is in the cross hair. It will be a shame to see her go.
  4. scarlton

    Onboard security

    At check in you should have been given a letter explaining. It is perfectly normal and happens very often. Just a proactive move from the French. Most seem to find it reassuring.
  5. scarlton

    Fleet Renewal - Second E-Flexer Confirmed

    Exactly. Sorry I wasn't clear.
  6. scarlton

    Fleet Renewal - Second E-Flexer Confirmed

    As you know, the first one will replace BDS. The second will replace CF. No decision has been made about the future of CF after.
  7. scarlton

    Cork to Santander Route to Launch in 2018

    It's not the specific nature of the deficiencies that concerns/annoys me; it's more the complacency of the crew that it reveals. I'm not saying they are sitting around smoking all day or incompetent. But that amount of deficiencies shouldn't be present on a ship that has had plenty of time without passengers onboard recently.
  8. scarlton

    Cork to Santander Route to Launch in 2018

    I wouldn't say it's unsafe. If it was, it would have been detained. Half of these are crew only things and paper work. However I still stand by my original comment.
  9. scarlton

    Cork to Santander Route to Launch in 2018

    For any vessel that is ridiculous. And for a passenger vessel, disgusting. In all of my career I don't think I ever had more than four small deficiencies at a time from a state inspection.
  10. scarlton

    Cork to Santander Route to Launch in 2018

    Yeah I know it was just an observation. Just adding that the pax vehicle number was higher as far as I know.
  11. scarlton

    Cork to Santander Route to Launch in 2018

    I'm pretty sure the car number was a fair bit higher than 30, so I think it looks good.
  12. I really don't believe that number. If that number is true, the booking numbers must have been concealingly low.
  13. scarlton

    Help needed!

    I'd recommend emailing customer services. I'm not sure whether traveling as a foot passenger with the fish would be allowed. However passing it to another passenger definitely isn't. It's certainly worth an ask.
  14. scarlton

    Onboard Menus

    Stores are loaded in Plymouth. It's mainly for the English things that are difficult to acquire in France. Armorique has a trailer which is put on board. Pont Aven loads containers when alongside.
  15. scarlton

    BF Refits 2017-18

    I have 100% faith in my source for this. Apologies if I'm incorrect. As you say, time will tell.