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  1. They would all still need their own individually named forms with their own QR code. So surely that's just splitting hairs.
  2. Why is the group/families bit relevant? Honest question, sounds almost aggressive when it's typed.
  3. If they didn't have their vaccination certificate, they wouldn't have been boarded. So they're being pinocchio.
  4. You're NHS covid pass isn't acceptable as it's not an EU Covid pass which you have selected. You have to select other certificate as that's what it is. The NHS certificate is acceptable to the authorities in Spain.
  5. They don't always check the AHC as they make BF check them all at check-in. They then push the time and awkward conversations onto the person checking you in
  6. There's a particular ferry related event happening in Santander that day....
  7. SPS is sanitary and psytosanitary checks if that's what you're asking. Heath checks for freight. The PEC lapses after a certain amount of time. So the captain's will need to do several visits with a pilot to renew it
  8. Yes. A British vet can't enter a rabies vaccination in an EU pet passport. When I say a current EU vet, I mean one practicing in the EU. Not one that was born/trained in the EU but practicing in the UK.
  9. A Spanish pet passport is still valid for travel to the EU as long as the rabies is still valid. The rabies must have been done by a current EU vet or if done by a British vet, done before 01.01.21. If you are concerned about your AHC, feel free to take pictures/scans of every page and PM me .
  10. The idea is to make sure that your new sailing is suitable for your needs and that you can be carried safely and comfortably. And to ensure that any arrangements made can be carried over to the new sailing. For most people and with most ships now it's not so much an issue as it's simply mobility issues. But others needs may be more complex. That's the idea.
  11. As has been said, if the information is wrong or changes (highly likely), BF or whichever carrier has given the information will be blamed. Ultimately it is your responsibility as the passenger to check and comply with the entry requirements, the carrier can only do so much. I don't know what the original question was as there's a lot to read back through. But everyone over the age of 12 requires a negative PCR or Antigen test (no NHS tests) taken within 24 hours of departure. The exceptions to this are if you are fully vaccinated (7 days since your second jab or 28 if you happen to have a single dose vaccine) or have a certificate of recovery. Evidence of this is required.
  12. You can't change the type of ticket. That would defeat the entire point. Eg, you want to cancel your economy booking so you change it to Flexi to benefit from the more generous cancellation fees
  13. I'm sure plenty of people have experienced issues with them. They are incredibly complex and specific. I strongly advise you check the requirements and the certificate thoroughly. Your vet should know what they are doing and complete it correctly, but there's a very good chance that won't be the case As far as I know they are all checked by the authorities on arrivals in Spain
  14. Yes the 72 hours is now correct. If you have received the QR code and form to present and all the information you input is correct, I can't forsee any problems
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