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  1. Unfortunately the breakfast allowance isn't available for promotional fares.
  2. A helpful imagine to illustrate the positioning. From: https://brittanyferriesnewsroom.com/pont-aven-will-sail-to-brest-for-steering-gear-repairs/
  3. If such an incident had occurred, it would have been public knowledge. As has been said the announcement of an investigation would have given it away. Even without that, the press would have been all over a passenger ship accident.
  4. The reason is due to ratio of garage space to cabins. If you run out of cabins/seats, it's difficult to sell the space (impossible if the sailing is to Spain). This applies to Etretat, Connemara, BDS and CF. It's not normally a problem for travel to France as there is an allocation for foot passengers, all be it a low one. I would suspect the allocation for foot passengers has been sold. People seem very upset about this as it obviously looks very environmentally damaging and to maximise profits. But obviously it is about profits. If a large number of cabins were occupied by low fare foot passengers, the profitability would drop substantially. Potentially enough to stop the route.
  5. I'd get a new one. A new SSD will only go so far. With new Ryzen laptops on the market it's a good time to buy.
  6. Interesting to think of the rough year PA, it's crew and passengers have had.
  7. Berthed the other way around.
  8. scarlton

    Pont Cabins

    No concern for those in steerage being shaken awake all night.
  9. scarlton

    Pont Cabins

    No. All on deck 5.
  10. It would appear the sailings were there and released initially, but are no longer available. Why? I don't know. hopefully someone else can shed some light..
  11. I think that's a website error. I see the sailings on other schedules. I shall investigate.
  12. BDS is operating a sailing from Bilbao on boxing day when she is meant to be in Portsmouth. To clarify, that last minute strike in Le Havre was crew related. As for the rest, I believe they're the gift of port staff.
  13. Surprisingly it was crew. Bingo
  14. I'm sure you could be given the voucher number and make your own.
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