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  1. My understanding is it's bow thruster related (not confirmed).
  2. Armorique wasn't allowed entry by QHM due to the high winds. Pilot and tug required also due to the high winds.
  3. Yeah. It's odd, but I don't buy into the theory of brown envelopes etc. Perhaps I'm being naive though and don't want to believe it..
  4. Perhaps they dug and found no firm evidence of pressure? Maybe verbal only and the captain didn't want to admit it. No doubt that there was pressure, there always is. Just a thought.
  5. As well as the classification society.
  6. Sorry to dig up an older thread, but what are peoples overall conclusions on the new site?
  7. Indeed, the MOB buoy on the wing.
  8. Would be a bit pointless as they wouldn't be able to escape a competent investigation anyway. I like the theory though. Just seems to me to be a pure flag of convenience move. Another sad day for the UK flag.
  9. I think the weather is causing minimal delays. Most of the time it only affects departure, and usually the arrival remains the same (with the exception of last night of course). Operating to St Malo is an interesting idea, no idea what the demand would be though. A rotation to St Malo once a week would be a good way to diversify the appeal of Plymouth perhaps?
  10. Still working for me. Keep hitting play.
  11. scarlton

    BF Refits 2018-19

    When the scrubbers were installed.
  12. The preliminary report is available here. For those that want to read it for themselves as the writer of the article seems to be drawing their own conclusions slightly.
  13. scarlton

    BF Refits 2018-19

    Still waiting for the return of the illuminated name on Pont Aven. A man can dream.
  14. Holy hell. You're all in for a shock.
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