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  1. Possibly, could have possibly been worse with a larger window of people looking to book. Who knows.
  2. It's possible to upgrade the cabin, but the amendment fee may apply. I believe the fee is going to be applied more consistently than previous years.
  3. My understanding is the amount is genuinely unprecedented and it has been an incredibly busy day at BF towers.
  4. The difference is rather insignificant. From the customer side, the difference is rather simple, but would need to be done on the phone. It's a bit more complicated from the other end. This is all based on what I'm told.
  5. This is accurate. It occurred when alongside, not on the crossing as has been suggested.
  6. The only way to avoid these helicopter evacuations would be to have a lab, pharmacy and surgical team on board. The infirmary is well stocked and staffed by an emergency nurse. But ultimately it is better to get someone to hospital where every form of treatment and testing is available. I don't think it's reasonable to expect a passenger ferry to be able to fully care for someone having a stroke, a heart attack or a broken arm for example.
  7. As has been said, they're individually priced. So there is no penalty for booking two singles.
  8. Economie will still exist, but in name only.
  9. There's no point. 😉
  10. What happens to Connemara after BDS leaves is dependent on Honfleur. So an answer on both will be revealed soon.
  11. And will then leave the fleet. Personally, I think she's a good ship with quirks. The new schedules are released in less than 2 weeks.
  12. Looking forward to seeing NEX all fresh. My understanding is that BDS is still leaving the fleet, with Connemara to cover.
  13. I assume you reported it to the information desk? What do you want to happen? Limited amount of things that can be said.
  14. You would have thought that about a lot of things, but here we are. Ultimately it's down to the companies to enforce. I think most try their best. Easy if you only have 8 artics. But with 40 say, I can see how you'd lose track.
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