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  1. Light escaping forwards makes a huge difference to your night sight on the bridge. You have to experience it to understand but even a reading light is annoying and damages your ability to see.
  2. Mid October is correct. Things could change I guess, but can't they always?
  3. The state of modern journalism.
  4. No amount of planning or practice can remove the human element on passenger ships.
  5. The MAIB report for this has been published. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/media/5d402009e5274a401464760b/2019_-_11_-_Kuzma_Minin.pdf
  6. You're more or less bang on with the dates, give or take a couple of days here or there.
  7. Pont Aven is indeed going to Gdansk.
  8. Not really a lot they can do to be fair.
  9. Something like that would be my guess.
  10. Out of service. Not sure what specifically for.
  11. Cap visits Plymouth for audits. The shorter crossing time allows more time alongside.
  12. To answer your original question, the repairs were not 'substandard'. They were sufficient to allow the ship to still operate through summer. The alternative to only operating from Plymouth and at reduced speed was to take the ship out of service for three plus months during high season. As has already been said, the current schedule is being maintained, and there is no reason to assume your plans will be disrupted any further than a change of departure port.
  13. The Spanish routes still remain popular and near capacity most of the year I believe.
  14. I think it would be appropriate and helpful to cite/link the source of quotes.
  15. Just for future reference, you can to go on a different deck if you're concerned about clearance. The staff will be able to tell if you'll clear it or not.
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