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  1. I didn't mean to sound insensitive and apologies if it appears so. But I don't think it's fair to blame BF for not being able to guarantee the status of a sailing that is sailing to a 'vulnerable' port days in advance. Of course it's ridiculous and extremely inconvenient, but it is out of the companies control. I'm sure the cancellation information was conveyed as soon as possible.
  2. But there's no information to give? The point of a strike is to cause disruption. If the strike was BF staff then maybe, but it's consequential.
  3. Can't give any information that isn't there. Can't tell you it's cancelled until the impact of the strikes is known and confirmed. As for the ticket not arriving, just send an email saying you didn't receive it. Glitches happen.
  4. I have also heard the MSM rumour. It wasn't confirmed at the time.
  5. Definitely do that. You will get it.
  6. The requirement to travel with a car is a result of restrictions within the licence issued by DEFRA.
  7. Like they say, 'sea sickness won't kill you, but you'll wish it will.'
  8. I believe the share is rather influential. It's not just a seat at the table.
  9. I'm not sure, but that's my understanding. BF will act as a shareholder. Perhaps a full take over/integration would have caused problems in terms of competition and monopolising?
  10. That's correct. Registered assistance dogs have access to all public areas.
  11. The paragraph regrading pet friendly cabins is incorrect. There will be 12.
  12. Ultimately Club Voyage is a discount scheme. It doesn't make you more important because you own additional properties or make you exempt from certain conditions.
  13. Prices are rising on everything in every industry. You can't expect the cabin costs to remain the same in the current environment. I believe BFare the only operator on the channel that don't demand full payment at the time of booking. You'll struggle to find a sector, especially one as vulnerable to external costs as transport, that isn't increasing fares/prices. I really think it's unfair to say that BF take you for granted. Club Voyage offers a large discount. If you travel to your second property regularly the membership cost if easily justified by the savings.
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