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  1. TerryDorset

    Honfleur booked

    At last our travel plans coincide with Honfleur's schedule. We're booked on her, but not until November next year. At least that gives enough time for the teething troubles to be sorted out!
  2. TerryDorset

    BF Refits 2018-19

    Great vid Tony
  3. TerryDorset

    BF survey

    Has anyone else received a survey from BF about their last 2years travel? Amongst all the seemingly pointless questions it asks how you would feel about Club Voyage changing or merging with another loyalty scheme like Tesco Clubcard, Nectar etc. God forbid☹️
  4. TerryDorset

    SAILING UPDATES: 2018 Latest News

    That isn't my experience of being diverted on BF. The one time it happened to me they paid me a mileage allowance for the extra driving distance. Can't remember if there was any fare adjustment too. In the case of Brest to Bilbao that would be substantial.
  5. TerryDorset

    Brittany Ferries BETA site

    Whilst I'm not overly impressed with the beta site, no particular reason, probably just because I'm a stick in the mud old f*rt, I am very impressed with the can-do attitude of Millard and his team, which probably comes down from BF management. When I was a software developer the pressure from above to go live with a system that hadn't been properly tested or approved by users was enormous. They seemed to think they knew better than the developers. That's probably why in-house IT in the civil service got such a bad reputation. So well done guys. ☺️
  6. TerryDorset

    Armorique 09-12-18

    All things being equal we should be on that return sailing, having put the mobil-home to bed for the winter and topped up with wine for Christmas
  7. TerryDorset

    MV Bretagne cabins

    It depends what you want. It'll be dark for sleeping and quiet, apart possibly for the lapping of water as it's probably below the water line. We had a cabin on deck 1 once and it was perfectly satisfactory for what we wanted at the time.
  8. TerryDorset

    New deposit price on bookings?

    Bit of a drift off topic here I think. Dragging it back, wasn't there discussion about the new deposits a little time back. I seem to remember airing a theory that it was to help compensate for not being able to charge a surcharge for credit card payments?
  9. TerryDorset

    Onboard spa/beauty treatments

    Yes, you just book on board, usually in the shop.
  10. TerryDorset

    Poole Harbour Developmement

    Hope it's built to last, we'll be using it on Sunday!
  11. TerryDorset

    Deposit increase from £35 to £40

    The cynical side of me thinks it may be a way of generating income now they can't charge a surcharge for credit cards.
  12. TerryDorset

    Poole Bridge

    ... is open! Tweeted 30 minutes ago by PHC. I wonder how long for.....
  13. TerryDorset

    More competition for BF - but not for a while

    Given Boris' record on bridges, I don't think this is overly serious.
  14. TerryDorset

    SAILING UPDATES: 2018 Latest News

    Didn't see one.
  15. TerryDorset

    Favourite French films

    I enjoyed "Les Chorists", which has the advantage of being available in English as "The Choir"