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  1. I'm 6'1" and fitted comfortably. I'd say they're at least 6'3" long. (Sorry for the delay in replying).
  2. You're perfectly correct. If I recall correctly it was between the London Car Club and the Army car club. I think it was called Autopoint.
  3. Sky's available on the tvs in the midships bar/cafe area and the deluxe cabins. It's also (I think) on the tvs in the 8 deck level of the Planets bar. I'm on her again on Sunday, so I can check that. I seem to recall that most of the time the latter tv shows the safety video on a loop.
  4. Next to nothing is a good idea Neil. I recall a couple of times Gdansk have beggared the rudder controls (was on her once when she limped/was tugged into Pompey.
  5. I wish to be associated with the remarks of the previous posters. Season's greetings to one and all.
  6. Yes Neil. The frustrating thing is it's 2 hours driving through the borders to Carlisle,which doesn't actually get you any farther south, just east! Nice scenery though, providing it's still daylight (which it was for the first 90 minutes).
  7. Hi Michael Not really a ferry trip, but a boat along Lake Geneva from Yvoire to Lausanne is a relaxing, picturesque and interesting excursion. You can go outward direct, then return calling at the Swiss villages along the way.
  8. Having just completed a rapid trip at short notice to Belfast via Stena routes, on ships analogous to some well-known to BF fans, I thought I'd record some thoughts on the comparative offerings. Outward was overnight from Birkenhead on Stena Lagan, a Visentini. I've never fully appreciated the significance of comments on the ramp on these vessels until now. Golly, it's steep and narrow! Once on board, we found the bar and enjoyed a drink and a snack, then pausing in the coffee bar to collect a couple of hot chocolates to take to our cabin. I have to say that the choice and quality of the food was excellent, even if it was a tad pricey. Although the half price refills of hot drinks was a nice touch. Our outside cabin was very comfortable, a little bigger than the usual BF offering, but the real difference was in the mattress. Wow, that bed was comfortable and we had our best night's sleep on board a ferry for a long time. The return crossing was to Cairnryan on a superfast. However, this one still has its wings and the interior layout is completely different from Cap Finistere, reflecting the completely different pattern of usage. Loading and unloading was on 2 levels and both bow and stern doors were used, so no interior ramp and no whirligig driving round in circles. The Hygga lounge was very comfortable and convenient for the self-service cafeteria (where again the choice and quality of the food was excellent). The only criticism I have is the television would have been better with the sound muted. All throughout the staff were friendly and helpful and I couldn't fault the customer service. The worst parts of the journey were getting to Birkenhead (overturned vehicle on the motorway and M6 roadworks) and the long drive from Cairnryan to Dorset with no heater in the car!
  9. If it's one issued in the UK, then it won't, but the same people will supply a second one for Spain and Portugal. I've got both, they work well and I have to say the Spanish one opens the barriers much quicker. I find with the French one you have to get your bonnet under the barrier before it opens (unless you use the 30kph lane!)
  10. I got this too Neil. Going to have to think about what to go for. Up to now I'd have said economy would have suited, but having had to make 2 changes in recent weeks I'll have to think again. And then there's the different amounts of deposit required. They're not making it easy are they?
  11. For a cheese with an aroma like fetid dingos kidneys but a taste like heaven, I go for Epoisses de Bourgogne. Won me a competition with a work colleague once, who could find the smelliest cheese.
  12. They're actually classed as de luxe cabins , the closest you can get to Commodore class on CF.
  13. TerryDorset

    CF vs PA

    Yeah, what they all said. Plus, if you want fresh air on CF there's always deck 10 with its cafe and swimming pool.
  14. My cousin, who has lived and worked in NL for over 40 years, tells the story of the Dutchman who goes on holiday with a clean shirt and a 5 euro note and doesn't change either!
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