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  1. A bit early to be worrying about a September crossing I'd say. And we're up to version 16 on one of our tickets - and about to change again as 17 May to France is not looking too promising. But we'll do nothing until the early May announcement. We're certainly still regarding October in Spain as a possibility.
  2. . If you have a Windows machine you can download CutePDFwriter. Then it's just a case of printing the document to CutePDF.
  3. Many thanks for update and good luck,please let me know how you got on.merry Xmas and a happy new you all

  4. Terry I think this may help,I got a e mail off a friend in Spain and a Spanish friend says the main airports in uk do the tma (mediated isothermal amplification)test in 90 minutes. I have looked it up at the airport and that what it says,I might be be worth a look.stay safe

  5. Terry please send me info,we are due to sail on the 26 January.many thanks joe

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    2. nodwad


      Thank you I thought there may be some light at end of the tunnel.keep trying.stay safe

    3. nodwad


      Terry just had a call from Spain and he says there is a uproar in Spain because the tma test is only done in Spain.if so why have the Spanish come out with this nonsense for.stat safe

    4. TerryDorset


      Thanks Joe. I'll be talking to the testers some time soon!

  6. No Nodwad, I was thinking to get tested in this country to enable boarding but then to have a second test on arrival if the Spanish authorities weren't happy with a slightly out-of-date certificate. I have since been in touch with BF and I understand they are contacting those booked up to 10th December to make them aware of the situation but after that date they hope to have something in place to make travel easier. My personal thinking is that as Spanish lockdown is to be reviewed on the 10th, they are hoping for less stringent measures to be in place from then. Stay safe.
  7. Thanks Nodwad, I have done that. I understand that BF won't allow you to board without the certificate. But the Spanish government website indicates that you may be tested on arrival, so if they're not happy with the test being 84 hours old a retest may be possible. Since you will have been on an effectively covid-free ship for the excess hours, that should not be a problem. As David says, things should become clearer next week.
  8. Thanks guys. I'll have to ponder. Suppose there is nothing to say I can't have the test on Saturday, or even Sunday am, so I have the results for check-in. If the Spanish authorities don't like the result being a few hours over their limit,they can always retest (Spain website says it's a one hour test).
  9. Well, we're registered for the Covid test which we'll book in Fareham for the Monday morning if it's still required in January. That way, as we sail on Tuesday morning the results should be emailed to us by the time we arrive in Santander on Wednesday afternoon. It just fits the 72 hour timescale. But my question is, do we still collect the entry forms on board? Everything I have seen about the online version refers to arrival by air. Does anyone know what happens?
  10. Beginning of January for us too. C Club cabin both ways.
  11. Yup. Another factor was people who booked through the Club weren't notified direct, it had to go through the Club. Encountered this on an early outward journey (2014 I think) where we were informed direct of a delay but friends who booked through the club were completely unaware of the change. It was a Sunday in January and the Club travel unit weren't working!
  12. Exactly the same situation. Excellent service from Red Pennant. We were at Camping Virgen del Mar with friends when the text from BF came in. Both our phones bleeped at the same time. We just looked at each other and said "uh-oh!"
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