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  1. Ours too. But they re-instated it yesterday.
  2. Yes David, Jane has come to the rescue again. To quote her "booking Galicia on our system is slightly different to normal and the agent didn't add them on the outward. Every day we get a report where this has happened and these have now been added on". She is wonderful!
  3. Back (almost) to the original topic. We received the third version of our Jan/March ticket, following CF being taken off our return sailing. It now shows our outward (PA) Commodore changed to a Galicia Commodore cabin and our return (PA) Commodore 'suite' changed to a Galicia Commodore cabin and Commodore lounge (as opposed to a Commodore suite). According to the BF ship guide, the lounge should be included automatically with the Commodore cabin. So why mention it specifically on the return leg but not the outward? Or, why not mention it specifically on both. I've asked Jane.
  4. I found this very interesting as we received an email this morning telling us that our 5January crossing had been moved to the Galicia. Getting rather excited about it already and thinking if the government travel "advisory" is still in place I might invest in a travel insurance that would still cover us. Quite expensive I know but hey-ho you can't take it with you! Can't wait for the revised ticket to arrive.
  5. Hoping beyond hope that it will be possible to have a week in France for Toussaint, we were booked onto Bretagne. At 1356 yesterday I received an email from BF confirming they had received by balance payment and at 1533 I received another one with an updated ticket, changed to Portsmouth/Ouistreham on a silly date that would have given us just 3 days. So just over an hour and a half to take the cash and then switch the booking! I suspect the silly dates arise from the availability of Commodore cabins on MSM/Normandie, as my attempted amendments showed virtually everything sold out for the
  6. Similar experience here. Got through Portsmouth border control at 1030pm on Friday, wife got a call around 10am Saturday. To our surprise they said Friday was day 1 of quarantine. But I still haven't been called. Bet they wait until day 14 just to make sure we don't jump the gun and sneak off to the pub for an early celebratory pint!
  7. Oops. That should have been Neil, Ian.
  8. Get well soon Ian, hope you're back home now. Hospital is no place to be if you need a bit of rest!
  9. Funny, mine flew off driving down the N137!
  10. This was a hyper U in Aizenay, where the attempt at a one-way entrance/exit was widely ignored too. We'll no doubt be visiting hyper U in Challans soon so I'll see what they're doing. By the way, the cases of wine on the ferry have all been re-priced to pretty bargain levels.
  11. But new cases in France yesterday were lower than in the UK
  12. I don't know if this is the correct home for this post - if not mods please feel free to move it! Some thoughts on the new French experience. The crossing to St Malo felt very safe, but then we had a Commodore cabin with breakfast brought to us. Judging from the car deck it was a pretty busy crossing too, which was good to see. Boarding and disembarkment were done in colour order (allocated at check-in and indicated by a windscreen sticker and also on your cabin keys) , as was the recommended breakfast times in the self service restaurants. Some signs of cost cutting, no newspaper, frui
  13. Interesting Neil. Shame you have to pay to read 85% of the article ☹️
  14. Nice to see a photo of the Cap still sporting her wings!
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