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  1. I know, it's a shame, won't be a chance so close to home again soon I doubt.
  2. Sorry my reply wasn't swift enough- do have a day job!
  3. http://nearyou.imeche.org/eventdetail?id=12464 this was the tour in 2016 , should have said it was with IMECHE.
  4. Thanks all, I had already, in conjunction with my post, emailed BF customer services and you are spot on, a flat no - due to health and safety. I saw a write up online about the Plymouth one last Oct, but wasn't on the ball enough to catch it as it was happening. Maybe the asking whilst on board is my only option.
  5. Hello all, I'm a new member and desperate to do an engine room tour. I see BF offered one from Plymouth last October, have any of you been on one, is it possible to book a private experience?
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