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  1. Quite a nostalgic piece of footage. No Gunwharf, harrier jump jet, Morris Ital estate and even a Bedford Chevanne.
  2. I presume they use champagne on the starboard side and port on the other? But, going back to the question, looking at the video, I guess there's some release mechanism at the top of the slipway or something similar, then it's grease and gravity?
  3. What's the process to switch from a ship sitting on the blocks to sliding down the slipway? Is it given a pull (or push) to get it moving? Or a nautical equivalent of releasing the handbrake?
  4. What time is the launch (UK time) on Friday? Is there an outside webcam?
  5. Do I assume that she will launch bow first i.e. towards the camera?
  6. just a reminder that we can all take a live look ourselves via this link: CLICK HERE
  7. How do they get her in and out?
  8. The St Malo route is heavily biased to the summer and cabins rather than lane metres. So Bretagne is perfect for the route but for her age - this can be mitigated by laying her up for longer each year and eventually becoming a summer only ship. Putting the PA on that route is a waste of lane metres and I suspect that the route isn't profitable enough to put a brand new ship on. So I suspect that they will keep Bretagne on there as long as possible, knowing that her days are numbered; and that the PA might well be the best option as she too gets older.
  9. BF routes can broadly be divided into 2: Those they operate with the intention of making a profit: Portsmouth to Caen: Honfleur and MSM (10 sailings a week each way per ship) Portsmouth(/maybe Plymouth) to Bilbao/Santander: 2x eFlexer (3 sailings a week each way per ship like CF) Routes they operate to prevent other operators getting a foothold: 1 ship per route - details tbc With 3 ships arriving and BDS and Pelican going, it could be that Etretat and Connemara leave too, with 1 less ship but more lane metres overall
  10. PA (or CF) could be Cork based, depending on how the Connemara builds traffic
  11. It would appear that my previous post has mysteriously disappeared, so I'll repost, as my opinion remains the same ... It is very disappointing to see such a list of faults, particularly relating to the safety of Brittany Ferries passengers and the crew. Even more disappointing, given that TWO of Connemara's sister ships have succumbed to fire in the last 4 years ... Sorrento and Norman Atlantic
  12. Did my post at 9.14pm last night get deleted by a moderator?
  13. impreza280

    BF Refits 2017-18

    We all knew it was the Clairvoyant!
  14. impreza280

    BF Refits 2017-18

    She's on her way back now - left at 1630, due in Cherbourg on Tue 27th
  15. Surely it can't be good practice to have timetables which require a ship to vacate its berth, sail aimlessly a few miles offshore for a few hours then return? Think of the wasted fuel and the crew's time. Etretat spent 4 hours off the IOW this afternoon; and this appears to happen regularly at Roscoff and also St Malo.
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