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  1. I have understood what you mention me to say! I Have used Brittany ferries many times to Spain and France. (Been on all ships apart from cap fin or economie)! I guess they a keeping an eye on their numbers. Once again many thanks for your time!👍😀
  2. What will happen to Brittany Ferries during Brexit?
  3. The PA looks aulful with the scrubbers. I'm sorry but bf have ruined the classic look of the PA! Her scrubbers are huge compared to the rest of the fleet. Look at the Cap fin hardly changed at all. I think it looks like scaffolding on the top of her! She will look even worse when her funnel gets dirty! My favourite ship is the Bretagne with the classic Brittany ferries look!
  4. Perhaps the Armorique could take over from the Barfleur!
  5. Back in 2014 bf said that a new ferry would enter service in spring 2017 which would replace the PA on the Spanish routes! The PA would be on the Portsmouth-St Malo service and the Bretagne would be sold or scraped!
  6. The Normandie is the worst for car alarms as all the cabins are near the bottom of the ship!
  7. Every year I wonder if the Bretagne still wanted on the Portsmouth - St Malo service as she is the oldest ship in the fleet! What are your thoughts?
  8. I think people hate her because of the lack of facilities to do onboard. There is no buffet style restaurant and she is quite small compared to her big sister Pont-Aven! I don't see any problem the Armorique! I am looking forward to sailing on her soon!
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