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  1. Isaac  Mitchell

    Pont Aven

  2. Isaac  Mitchell


    Armorique leaving Roscoff on 1st April 2017
  3. Isaac  Mitchell


    Passing Armorique after leaving Roscoff on the Pont Aven, 2nd April 2017.
  4. Yes, if you stand near Armorique's funnel on the upper deck it is s if there is a light rain when its actually the vapour from the scrubbers. I havent noticed it on the Pont-Aven.
  5. Not really, it is just a part of the ship info i'd like to know about! thank anyway! Merry christmas
  6. Isaac  Mitchell

    The Former Chance Planet

    What has it become now?
  7. Hello, is there a place where I can find out the height of the ships in the BF fleet? It is a dimension that is quite relevant but I can't seem to find it anywhere, whereas I can find beam, draught etc. I think the height of the ships should be listed on the dimensions section of, for example, Wikipedia.
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