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  1. I saw that too, inventor of the gadget was Scandinavian, don't know where the feature was recorded, or the ships name - they also reckoned up to 20% fuel saving too by gunge removal! It will be on iplayer shortly I think.
  2. Nice picture of Cap Finistere in the article!
  3. ….. and a ship with better passenger amenities! (Sorry Armorique fans!)
  4. Well, I found it interesting, Thank you Mr Weaver.
  5. Lost the 'Dumpy' nickname then! Lets hope the paint job lasts back to St Malo 😄
  6. Makes BF prices for exclusive use of a cabin look positively attractive!
  7. I thought that was a wind-up till I read Jonnos attachment!
  8. So the extra width on Honfleur will be taken up with wider vehicle lanes, or (as I suspect), an additional lane - making little difference to the problems/discomfort being reported.
  9. Do you think BF will do anything about it?
  10. I only got one correct (doh!), but I was still invited to enter the draw (so I did)
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