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  1. Unfortunately the Quiberon was the only ship in the fleet at the time (1990s) which was guaranteed to make my kids seasick - Val de Loire, Bretagne, even Barfleur were all no problem. I never figured out why she had this affect!
  2. Decided to relive a bit of my younger days, but the joints were not having it! The good bits are around 1:15.
  3. Been trying to work out meaning of symbol third column, second down - man playing keyboard? Seems you can do whatever after 9pm!
  4. I visit a large Sainsbury's weekly - quite a long distanced queue to get in at times (worst 40 mins), but the self scanners are cleaned and handed out to the queue while you wait. One out, one in, but free to roam inside! No problem with distancing inside, except for the few who ignore it. My frustration is with those who want to get at the same goods as me and take an age to make their selections while I stand back waiting!!! Been wanting to bake bread for weeks now, but cannot find dried yeast anywhere.
  5. Stunning backdrop! I don't think I could cope with those drop handlebars these days though!
  6. I have just spent a happy week repairing and painting my shed (which is stacked with her stuff. "You could have bought a new one" Grrrrrrrrrrrr ............
  7. On a positive note, I went through the first 3 pages of feedback and comment from complainants - not one referred to BF. The survey just goes to show they are just one of many operators experiencing difficulty in achieving customer satisfaction in these difficult times.
  8. Queen of the Midlands and all that..... Most of the Trip is in cave cellars under the Castle Rock - for the modelers there's a cursed cobweb -ed bedecked galleon - legend (and some facts) say anyone that moves or touches it will suffer accordingly. At least three deaths have been associated with this story. In the 60s it was a bikers pub and back in the 1800s a brothel, as the castle was not at that time policed by the city.
  9. The 'Trip to Jerusalem' picture was a gift for me - have you/anyone ever visited the establishment?
  10. A rather embarrassing 28, but good fun - thanks CB
  11. Londoners do seem to be 'a law unto themselves', there was a BBC report a few days back showing a total disregard for the rules on public parks. Our local bus companies have set up distancing on board, screening, no pick-ups if they are already at capacity, pre-paid card tickets only, combined with cleaning between trips and deep cleaning overnight - although I can get by without using the bus, I am actually pleased with their efforts to meet requirements. Unfortunately they have lost a very popular 59 year old driver to the virus, which for a few days resulted in suspension of services until they had set these measures in place to the satisfaction of the staff. However I do not trust Sky news - they were reportedly encouraging hospital staff at Nottingham's QMC not to distance or change out of workwear when filming the Thursday evening applause last week. The Trust had to issue a warning email memo to staff warning about them staging situations.
  12. Are there any ships which might be of interest to BF?
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