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  1. I have just become a grandad (for the 8th time) - would love to drive down to Aylesbury and wet the new grandsons head, really frustrating! My wife gone into knitting overdrive, no conversation as she's counting stitches.
  2. Predictably - Bretagne every time! We do have an early August holiday booked inc crossing to/from St Malo. Fingers crossed!
  3. Failed French O Level + a smattering of Breton and a shrug/smile gets me by in most situations! ! got to question 2 and decided non!
  4. A few years back, I had a 6 month spell in hospital, during which time membership expired. They waived the rejoin fee, but I believe it scuppered any 20 year 'benefit' that some have enjoyed. It would be a good PR move as you suggest, but in the current climate I am not anticipating anything more than the bare minimum from BF
  5. Some sort of 'bravado' by frightened people? I take it you have not been invited/declined to go the party!!!
  6. WE could all chip in and 'time-share'. I could just about manage an afternoon per annum! Who does own/occupy it?
  7. I suspect your travels will not be over just yet - its too much fun! In the short term you could always jet off at Easter to Planet Trump, where normality will have resumed (or not!)
  8. Go for it! "I have a dream, a song to singTo help me cope with anythingIf you see the wonder of a fairy taleYou can take the future even if you failI believe in angelsSomething good in everything I seeI believe in angelsWhen I know the time is right for meI'll cross the stream - I have a dream"
  9. This is worrying! It would be good to receive some assurance from the top at BF. Currently I have vouchers for cancelled crossings in April and have to wait and see about those booked for August. You never know they might get 'bought out' by an entrepreneur, the French government or a competitor whilst they still have a value. I would hope that this can be avoided. What does the team think?
  10. I have started on my garden - cutting back the ivy, holly and shrubbery coming over the fence from my neighbour's. Trouble is I now have 15 bin sacks full of garden waste and I can't legitimately take them to the household tip which is around 6 miles away - may have to burn in the chiminea which will pass the time I suppose!
  11. Something else for the panic buyers!
  12. We're involved with cancelled return flight to USA. The flight (now cancelled) is operated by British Airways, who would give us a voucher or full refund. However, we booked through American Airlines because at the time it was slightly cheaper. They offer a voucher similar to BF only. Grrrrrr!!
  13. We will need optimism and determination to get through! In the meantime more scenic views and archived shipping pics do pass the time
  14. Why is Le Havre the preferred port to lay up the fleet? Is it cheaper than elsewhere?
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