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  1. Just had a quick look - liked it, but could not see how to display the timetable for (say) a month view.
  2. Sorry to lower the tone, but wouldn't this display as POO-TANG on AIS?
  3. We travelled on one of the last Ramsgate - Ostend crossings, just before it went bust. Loved Ostend, the ferry was just 'weird' - being almost empty (4 cars and 1 truck). We dined on chicken and chips in a deserted restaurant, declining the brussel sprouts offered as a side. The travel up river to the berth at Ostend was scary - the ship didn't seem to slow down and was at times very close to moored craft.
  4. I think so too, but she was not popular Portsmouth - St Malo with passengers - but she has taken on freight roles before.
  5. Sounds like whales in the mating season!
  6. It's a very nice NYE so far, just on our second bottle of Bourgogne and agreed a holiday in France for August via Zoom with stepdaughter and grandchildren! Hoping for happier times to come. Best wishes to all and thankyou for the excellent information, fun and debate on the forums.
  7. What a shame about the lack of entertainment facilities
  8. Thank you - never gave a thought to the possibility of " causing any offence" when I posted! Apologies.
  9. That just bought back memories of my teenage Thursday nights in the '60s - TOTP with Pans People - my favourite was Babs (the very bouncy blonde one)
  10. Well, if they got an exercise area for the pooches, it was about time the passengers were thought about - assume being outdoors you can have a ciggy whilst on the press bench!
  11. It all looks very 'sad', hope the Norwegians can make something of it.
  12. My little bruv (RIP) did a trip to the Falklands on Invicible - it was estimated that the crew quarters in the bow were rising and falling 30m in the South Atlantic. Makes me queasy just thinking about it!
  13. Fell foul of the ANPR a few years back - my company car number plates had been stolen off the vehicle one night. The case was still 'open' with Notts constabulary. We were detained briefly whilst they checked out my 'story', but it was a bit embarrassing as all the other passengers stared as they drove past, felt like criminals!
  14. LHF (Le Havre Ferries) has a certain ring to it!
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