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  1. Was last there 10 years ago, apparently it took 200 years to build .... I wonder who the structure belongs to, church or state?
  2. You're right - it don't work any more!
  3. Just saw the topic title - thinking we have digressed! (again)
  4. Guaranteed planning approval in Nottingham if you clad the exterior with rusty, or better still brightly coloured steel planks.
  5. Plus, in the UK the EU has not been 'promoted ' at all well - when I drive in France I note every bit of infrastructure engineering has a large board up stating how much of the cost has come from EU, local and regional government - in UK never seen this, so either we don't get the funding or haven't shouted about it!
  6. I believe there may have been a roadworks section with a reduced limit - paid it now anyway - still feel 'hard done by!😕
  7. Is he related to any UK politicians?😉
  8. The documents are issued (like in UK) to the registered keeper - there is an option to pay a deposit and declare to them the liable drivers details - then reclaim the deposit later!
  9. I was on the N164 near Cleden Poher, just outside the built up area travelling west
  10. I have received a 'Violation Notice' in the post this morning for a speeding offence recorded September 2018 by a fixed speed camera whilst on holiday in Brittany. The authorized speed limit allowed was apparently 70km/hr and I was recorded at 76km/hr, meaning after the 'allowance' of 5km/hr, my offence is for doing 71 in a 70 limited area. The time taken to issue is presumably down to the time taken to get my details from DVLA. Having looked at my speedometer in the car (a Citroen C3) it's nigh impossible to read the scale with that sort of accuracy - I feel a bit hard done by, as I'm certainly no boy racer! Trip adviser has several cases of people caught out by signage not being correct when limits changed last year, but I can't think how i could look into that possibility at this stage. Suppose I'll have to stump up the fine (45 euros if I pay promptly) Obviously I shall be super careful on my next visit to France in May - I post this as a warning to others as to the very fine tolerances the French authorities work to, 😕
  11. I know NEX has not yet appeared on the BF website 'fleet finder', presumably because shes not in service at present, but Bretagne has now vanished from both the map and the listing! (shows on AIS though)
  12. Just 'signed up' - fingers crossed!
  13. nottingham

    New Look Revealed

    I recall a new company financial director making his mark by reducing the colours used on stationery printing, signs etc - the savings were quite impressive! - I wouldn't be surprised if sugar cubes etc get a monochrome version of the logo.
  14. There is a banner now on the site apologizing for technical issues being experienced!
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