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  1. I think the wording could have been better ….. Saver/Standard/Premium? I also thought that as a CV member you got 'free' amendments at one time - when did that perk go? (I haven't had to make an amendment for a long time)
  2. nottingham

    New Look Revealed

    Having travelled on Liberation earlier this year, I don't understand why BF would want their brand associated with the beast!
  3. Like the look of double bed cabin!
  4. When Brexit was thought to be earlier this year, Aviva offered me a green card, free, if I was planning to travel abroad - so I got one (in case)!
  5. Big believers (the Europeans) in Class II (double insulated) appliances and protection by rcd - something our own Regulations have reluctantly adopted in part, as the industry worked toward 'harmonization'. At the present time, in the UK, you can nowadays install a socket outlet in a bathroom (with some conditions) - hopefully these relaxations to our British Standards will be reviewed if we Brexit! BS7671 Requirements for Electrical Installations if you want a long boring read!
  6. So as they will work out of Plymouth/Portsmouth, they will obviously also offer Yorkshire puddings and Cornish pasties!
  7. I find it funny that ships travelling to Poole, AIS abbreviation often used is POO (which is of course totally inappropriate!)
  8. Given the choice I would rather unpack for inspection rather then let a dog go sniffing through my belongings! Sorry dog lovers.
  9. nottingham

    ibis Plymouth

    We attended a family wedding near Plymouth last year and found the Premier Plymouth East, just off the Marsh Mills roundabout was clean, maintained and good value. I would use it again if we ever sailed from Plymouth in the future, but extra miles/M5/Armorique make that very unlikely!
  10. Perhaps the extra traffic will lead to border control improvements being commented on in another stream.
  11. Think the BF website might be having a minor update of some sort, on the ship locator Pont Aven has changed colour from yellow to a bright blue, so might be adding Connemarra, Kerry and Honfleur?
  12. The overall bad experience was down to Condor's shambolic arrangements - architecture I agree is not their 'problem', and was the least of my issues.
  13. Definitely announced Plymouth! A lady sat near to us said "Idiots! the sooner they're gone the better - if you lived here you would understand just how rubbish their service is"
  14. I think that should be reported as plagiarism to the mods immediately!
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