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  1. nottingham

    Euros from BF?

    Thanks for pointing that out - I'll check on receipt - I could have sworn the lady said +1 cent when I ordered!
  2. nottingham

    Euros from BF?

    I just ordered some for collection at the port - they are usually at the check-in kiosk waiting, only once have I had to go into the terminal to collect in over twenty years. The only 'faff' I find is having to count the cash in the car while watched by the check-in staff (Usually delegated to Mrs N as she used to work a bank counter!) The rate quoted (Sunday)was 1.090 euros to the pound + an extra cent for Club Voyage membership compared to Sainsbury's offer at 1.099. plus nectar points. Went for the convenience option rather than another visit to the supermarket! How did you wangle +2 cents? 😉😉
  3. nottingham

    Plymouth - Roscoff disadvantaged again

    Sounds like a plan Cabin-boy!
  4. nottingham

    Club Voyage Friends and Family

    I noticed that too - but I did get an e-mail with a discount voucher reference to use when booking the next trip (I don't think it could be used against membership renewal fees)
  5. nottingham

    New Fuel Pump Labelling.

    I have a small diesel car (Citroen C3) - I know it can't use bio diesel, but how do I know whether to use B7 or B10? Which one is the one currently sold at the supermarkets and simply labelled gazole in France?
  6. nottingham

    Migrant Issues at BF Ports

    From Cherbourg, can't you ferry to Eire, then cross an open border into the UK?
  7. nottingham

    Migrant Issues at BF Ports

    Crikey! Just caught the end of the news report on the evening news, went onto BBC news website search and thats what came up! Mr Bishops comments elsewhere are better informed. Shall watch Victoria Derbyshire tomorrow though (even though I find her a very annoying presenter!)
  8. nottingham

    Migrant Issues at BF Ports

    Apparently 'Victoria Derbyshire' is discussing it tomorrow (Weds) morning
  9. BBc news article link - did not know there was a problem, although it doesn't affect my plans for September holiday BBC NEWS _ World _ Europe _ Cherbourg 'becoming new Sangatte'.html
  10. nottingham

    Flexible Pricing

    I looked last night out of interest, could not spot any last minute reduction on today's BF sailings, I was always under the impression prices got higher the closer you booked to the sailing date - shows how much I know! Perhaps reductions only offered off-peak? We obviously need a Price Drop Monitor to be appointed! How you fixed Manxscorpio?
  11. nottingham

    HONFLEUR - Arriving June 2019

    Every confidence in 'Fleur' to get the job done on time - who is she?!
  12. Note the lack of comment from BF concerning the complainants report of 'attitude' from BF staff (which I personally think was mis-quoted)
  13. I scarcely believe the alleged crew response, the pictures don't lie however - but what do you expect if you want to share your bed with animals!
  14. nottingham

    2019 Fleet Deployment

    Not in the timetable list, but bookable from 'ferry booking'. Cheap too at present!
  15. nottingham

    Wightlink port redevelopment & new G class

    Genuinely quite jealous!