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  1. nottingham

    Brittany Ferries BETA site

    I used the site last night to attempt booking a gite holiday on my home laptop - really frustrating! The software operation clearly has NOT been thoroughly tested! The location maps for each property are not working/set up, so you have no idea where the property is in relation to your target destination. Using the filters on the side bar is irritating, as each time one is applied the software scrolls back up to the banner at the top of the page! I think the property descriptions have been shortened and contain less detail than they used to. On the ones I viewed, there was no definitive advice as to 'pets' being welcome (or not) I couldn't see a link to previous client reviews The response time to selections seemed 'slow' If you enter a previously identified property ref into the search bar, you would hope to be directed to that page - not so, unless you select the text from a pull down that appears " Property ref: BF***** I shall resume my research later today, probably booking the accommodation separately to the ferry through Gites de France , which is disappointing to have to do - although sometimes slightly more expensive I would have preferred a complete BF package.
  2. nottingham

    Sponsored Ferries

    Armorique, sponsored by McDonalds of course!
  3. nottingham

    Canine Cabin Companions

    I'm not a pet lover - matter of record on here, but I had thought that a (disposable?) pet bed would/should be provided in a pet friendly cabin, the cost could be added into a premium charge to cover also the deep cleaning etc also needed after each use, essential if only to protect pets from 'bugs' potentially present from previous canine occupants. I can't imagine the PFE's (Pet Friendly Enthusiasts) would mind that. I don't understand the issue with pets being housed in decently appointed kennels or cages away from their owners just for the duration of the crossing anyway, with better access arrangements for owners to visit which to me would be a preferable way forward. (I believe some of the pet accommodation is not the best) I do think there should be improvements in the provision of 'dog exercise' areas at the port embarkation lanes. Do many French travelers bring their pets to the UK, or is it mainly a UK trait I wonder?
  4. nottingham

    Navy to convert ferries to warships

    HMS Bretagne - I hope not!
  5. nottingham

    Brittany Ferries BETA site

  6. nottingham

    Brittany Ferries BETA site

    A minor point only - why change the abbreviated ship names? Honfleur = HN on original site, HO on the new.
  7. nottingham

    General disquiet about a drop in standards.

    Sign of the times - its very disappointing, particularly the cleanliness - complaints so often aired in recent times. I find invariably the TV works fine in port, but not at sea - I suspect problems with the tuning of the ships receiving equipment being correctly aligned to the satellite signal, rather than the satellite. I think in recent years they have dropped from 'outstanding' to 'good' , but having just won an award for customer service it can't all be bad (or the competition is really bad!)
  8. nottingham

    Armorique 10th Anniversary

    That sounds like a good idea, but you may incur the wrath of the Armorique Lovers Society!😉
  9. nottingham

    Armorique 10th Anniversary

    Unfortunately I cannot compare with the Newcastle ships - they don't go to Brittany! I continue to dislike Armorique and am certainly not going to change that opinion in the light of the comments made. I have travelled on all BF ships except Cap and NEX and the Economies
  10. nottingham

    Armorique 10th Anniversary

    I don't agree Neil, she is not really popular due to lack of ambience, abundance of 'plastic', not to mention the open deck parking and the much discussed restaurant issues.
  11. nottingham

    Armorique 10th Anniversary

    Can we have a day of mourning 20th February for Val de Loire rather than a celebration of Armorique - there are good reasons she doesn't get 'packed' !!
  12. nottingham

    HONFLEUR - Arriving in 2019

    Workmen back on board now, so fingers crossed
  13. nottingham

    HONFLEUR - Arriving in 2019

    Just looked at the webcam - all the working lights 'off' and no activity to be seen!
  14. nottingham

    LATEST: £46,6m BF charter for no-deal Brexit

    'Arrow' has been hanging around Poole for a while - relatively small though.