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  1. ….. and a ship with better passenger amenities! (Sorry Armorique fans!)
  2. Well, I found it interesting, Thank you Mr Weaver.
  3. Lost the 'Dumpy' nickname then! Lets hope the paint job lasts back to St Malo 😄
  4. Makes BF prices for exclusive use of a cabin look positively attractive!
  5. I thought that was a wind-up till I read Jonnos attachment!
  6. So the extra width on Honfleur will be taken up with wider vehicle lanes, or (as I suspect), an additional lane - making little difference to the problems/discomfort being reported.
  7. Do you think BF will do anything about it?
  8. I only got one correct (doh!), but I was still invited to enter the draw (so I did)
  9. I have often thought if there was a lunchtime departure from Roscoff and an earlier evening departure from Plymouth, a decent restaurant would be justified on the route
  10. Clearly held together with string!
  11. I think the wording could have been better ….. Saver/Standard/Premium? I also thought that as a CV member you got 'free' amendments at one time - when did that perk go? (I haven't had to make an amendment for a long time)
  12. nottingham

    New Look Revealed

    Having travelled on Liberation earlier this year, I don't understand why BF would want their brand associated with the beast!
  13. Like the look of double bed cabin!
  14. When Brexit was thought to be earlier this year, Aviva offered me a green card, free, if I was planning to travel abroad - so I got one (in case)!
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