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  1. We have stayed at Le Richardais a couple of times - and enjoyed restaurant meals in the evening. I never suspected they were microwave! Quite upset now.
  2. I think in time it will be 'expected' as part the service and will become cheaper or even 'free'. It's even available on our local bus services these days (not that I use it, but it keeps kids quiet!)
  3. I travelled many times on the Quiberon and Val de Loire in a class cabin sold as a 3 berth. There was me (adult) and 4 young teenagers (3 of mine + a nephew). We had to book the cabin and two seats. Almost every time at breakfast the steward brought a tray to the cabin, smiled and fetched extra pastries and juice. We never used the seats, one boy on the couch, one in a sleeping bag on the floor, two girls in one bed (a squeeze!) and me in the other. I suspect BF have tightened up on the generosity of the staff since then.
  4. I paid a French nominal speeding charge using my UK (HSBC) debit card on line. I thought it was through a French national scheme which sent the charge to my UK home address, so assume they re-distribute money collected to local prefectures, or is France in a minority having a national scheme?
  5. I have never understood the attraction of the UK over other EU countries - is the UK just a 'soft touch'?
  6. The person who maintains the BF 'sailing updates' page must be on annual leave - info relevant for 14th-15th August is still displayed this morning. 😞
  7. Is there a timescale for bid(s) to be accepted/rejected? Are there in fact any other bidders?
  8. Give it a few more years of climate change and Nottingham could be a coastal port!
  9. I recall my employer trying very hard to get me to have a company smartphone ….. "you'll be able to receive and respond to e-mails while you're out and about, or at any time of day or night" he said. Needless to say I continued to survive without the facility - Mrs Nottingham does have one, it bleeps from Whatsap groups incessantly! When I ask her about the content it seems to be mostly about food and gossip. I get irritated in the supermarkets with people who talk while they shop. I'm just old school, but I think it was better in the days of posted letters and faxes.
  10. I thought the H&W site was just a tourist attraction - obviously not! I cannot see BF putting any work in their direction (but would like to be proven wrong).
  11. I've only ever felt queasy on one ship - Quiberon, every time as she approached the English coast - my kids nick-named her the 'Rocking Horse'. I used to dose the kids with a chewy tablet thing that seemed to work before sailing, always a bit embarrassed in the chemists asking for a packet of 'Joyrides'!
  12. I remember being let through the gates early once, thinking we were going to be first on board - no, we were then immediately pulled over, searched and questioned. It was because number plates had been stolen from the car 6 months earlier, and there was an outstanding case from Notts police which the ANPR had picked up at check-in. Wife got the giggles when they gave me a 'pat down' search until a lady akin to Rosa Klebb emerged from the office to do the same to her! It took 30mins to get the ok from the police back in Notts, and some complex explanations that it was a company car leased from VW by my employer for which I was authorized to drive! Worst of it was the looks and smirks from other travelers as they passed us - we clearly appeared to be (and felt like) criminals. We were one of the last to be loaded after all, much to my frustration!
  13. Crikey! - just read some of those tweets - don't ever let him join this forum, the guy needs a personal 1:1 moderator 24/7! I think he probably has a price in mind to shut him up. Reminds me of the case in USA when a guy stood on top of a dome topped fridge to change a light bulb, slipped and was injured. He successfully sued Kelvinator because it did not say in the fridge user manual that you shouldn't stand on it ….. A sign of the times with the blame and claim culture?
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