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  1. nottingham

    Normandie to have “Dog Friendly” Cabins in 2019

    😒Are there any pet free ships?
  2. nottingham

    HONFLEUR - Arriving June 2019

    Anyone got a link to a webcam looking at the post launch assembly area? Hopefully there's some chunks of superstructure waiting on the dock side by now!
  3. nottingham

    SAILING UPDATES: 2018 Latest News

    My brother had a spell on the old Invincible - they were told they had a life expectancy of 12 minutes should WW3 ever kick off!
  4. nottingham

    Death on the Tyne

    It certainly makes the new BF livery seem suddenly much better!
  5. nottingham

    HONFLEUR - Arriving June 2019

    Does the team think the hull launch will be achieved to schedule? The workers do seem to be doing extra shifts!
  6. nottingham

    Bretagne Club Cabins?

    Ditto, from our trip in September - muck under bed and broken light switch covers!
  7. nottingham

    New Look Revealed

    Yes - to me it conveyed 'waves' and a French feeling - as others have commented. I had hoped for something more radical, perhaps simply making the existing logo much bigger and displayed on the whole side and length of the ship
  8. nottingham

    New Look Revealed

    Just disappointed! - the new logo does not convey any meaning to me at all. It will not encourage or discourage me to use the ferries. An opportunity missed here I think.
  9. nottingham

    New Border control technology

    I used to visit someone who was in HMP - the fingerprint visitor i.d was always troublesome for me as I have electrical burn scars on my fingertips
  10. nottingham

    New look logo announced

    Getting back to the new logo, I think they will go to a Breton themed black and white scheme - we could end up with striped duvet covers and pillow cases in the cabins!
  11. nottingham

    New look logo announced

    Exactly my own thoughts back in October! - I wonder if its a deliberate running down of facilities as she nears the end of her 'time', or is it down to the ongoing poor performance of contracted janitorial services? Perhaps improvements will be made during the winter maintenance programme. We can but hope!
  12. nottingham

    HONFLEUR - Arriving June 2019

    No, been 'off' all day! Hope they get it sorted soon - I thought it was just me as there's a message in small print about re-configuring the browser (which is beyond me)
  13. nottingham

    Roscoff Webcam

    The webcam over the fishing harbour at Roscoff fell inactive when the fairground was erected this summer. Operated by the 'Centre Nautique' it was a camera which turned and zoomed on a set programme during the day and fixed at night. You could see the coming and going of ferries too. Presumably as it is intended primarily to let boaters view local weather conditions the weblink was diverted to a camera looking over the nearby Dossen beach. The harbour webcam has now been re-instated, but it's a fixed panoramic view only - not a patch on the old arrangement! http://www.roscoff-nautique.com/webcam-a-roscoff#content
  14. nottingham

    We need to talk about speed...

    The new BF fleet locator has Bretagne currently doing 47.7 knots on her way back from Cork - should dock before midnight! Brittany Ferries.html