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  1. Fell foul of the ANPR a few years back - my company car number plates had been stolen off the vehicle one night. The case was still 'open' with Notts constabulary. We were detained briefly whilst they checked out my 'story', but it was a bit embarrassing as all the other passengers stared as they drove past, felt like criminals!
  2. I think you're correct - the little oik also told the police to FO initially when asked to close it down, so they called in reinforcements to forcibly break it up.
  3. If you haven't heard about it already I'm 'ashamed' about the student birthday party in Nottingham, attended by 50+ and resulting in a £10k fine for the host. And I always thought uni students were more intelligent than me.
  4. Annihilated by the BBC yet again! Sea songs reduced to a 15 minute re-arranged and almost unrecognizable presentation of the 'traditional' Spoiled my evening! I think they tried to use Covid as an excuse for being politically correct! And when did they become the BBC proms by name - they always used to be The Proms. Bet the French don't trifle with the Marseillaise on Bastille night!
  5. LHF (Le Havre Ferries) has a certain ring to it!
  6. I wish we knew how this situation has arisen when throughout the Scots have been so much more cautious in their handling of the virus than other UK areas? More local to me in Leicester, the 'blame' game has been in full swing - the behavior of youngsters - sweatshop working conditions - returning travelers from Asia - crowded housing - flouting of rules in restaurants - the list goes on!
  7. I wasn't intending to invite a political comment, I said "rightly or wrongly" I fully appreciate that BF are not in control of the situation in respect of the pandemic or Brexit, particularly in respect of quarantine impositions which have affected them so badly. However they are sitting on a lot of their customers hard earned cash for the time being. I suspect a lot of the RCNs will be redeemed in due course, but I find my loyalty eroded somewhat - it would help if there was some incentive was put on the table for when better times return!
  8. Much as I like BF services, I am astonished at the CEO bemoaning the drop in British travelers - due to the quarantines imposed by the UK government (rightly or wrongly) in the interests of its citizens. He is holding 'millions' of British holidaymakers cash - basically an interest free loan for now What has happened to the extra cash collected last year running (as it turned out) all those additional crossings because of Brexit? Does he seriously expect British holiday makers to carry on regardless of their government advice? Perhaps he needs to invest a little in supp
  9. I'm a bit of a dinosaur. I was offered a smart mobile phone in my last years at work. "You'll get your e-mails instantly even when on the move" they said ........ err no thanks! So I have a basic model, text and calls only - does me fine, and seems much safer than life with 'apps'. I decide when I see my e-mails etc on my laptop - usually once a day. Easy life!
  10. I found that if you 'right click' an open timetable page, select 'print', I get a print preview showing all months on one or two pages on screen rather than just one. Not sure if this is a unique quirk of my hardware or how it's intended!
  11. I attended hospital for a blood test and follow up monitoring my bone marrow transplant (now almost 7 years ago) a few weeks back and was issued with an 'approved' mask at the reception desk not to be removed within the clinic! What I found disconcerting was that the waiting areas which probably accommodate up to 50 or so outpatients was almost deserted - whether that was because of plans to limit numbers or because patients are staying away I don't know, but I'm sure there can't have been a massive slump in cancer/leukemia cases. Either way it must be terrifying for those waiting diagnosis a
  12. Was hopeful of an October weekend in St Malo (wedding anniversary) - we had decided to book 'late' to have a good idea of the situation/risks near the time using the RCNs. we have accumulated for cancelled ferries earlier this year. Thwarted by Covid again!
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