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  1. That just bought back memories of my teenage Thursday nights in the '60s - TOTP with Pans People - my favourite was Babs (the very bouncy blonde one)
  2. Our local daily paper headlined today that vaccination centres in Nottingham will be ready by December 1st, and supplies of the Pfizer vaccine will arrive on 9th. Source attributed to Nottingham CCG. Sounds good .........
  3. Well, if they got an exercise area for the pooches, it was about time the passengers were thought about - assume being outdoors you can have a ciggy whilst on the press bench!
  4. Apparently they can trace virus hotspots by testing in sewers, and we now know it can mutate/cycle through animals. Lets hope the upturn during the pandemic in pet sales isn't a contributory factor.
  5. This morning I laid a wreath at a socially distanced outdoor service on behalf of our local Town Council - as I walked home I pondered as to whether this annual moment is commemorated 'on board'. Anyone travelled on a Remembrance Sunday?
  6. It all looks very 'sad', hope the Norwegians can make something of it.
  7. I seem to remember years ago this being used in a commercial for ferry travel - always loved it!
  8. My little bruv (RIP) did a trip to the Falklands on Invicible - it was estimated that the crew quarters in the bow were rising and falling 30m in the South Atlantic. Makes me queasy just thinking about it!
  9. Fell foul of the ANPR a few years back - my company car number plates had been stolen off the vehicle one night. The case was still 'open' with Notts constabulary. We were detained briefly whilst they checked out my 'story', but it was a bit embarrassing as all the other passengers stared as they drove past, felt like criminals!
  10. I think you're correct - the little oik also told the police to FO initially when asked to close it down, so they called in reinforcements to forcibly break it up.
  11. If you haven't heard about it already I'm 'ashamed' about the student birthday party in Nottingham, attended by 50+ and resulting in a £10k fine for the host. And I always thought uni students were more intelligent than me.
  12. Annihilated by the BBC yet again! Sea songs reduced to a 15 minute re-arranged and almost unrecognizable presentation of the 'traditional' Spoiled my evening! I think they tried to use Covid as an excuse for being politically correct! And when did they become the BBC proms by name - they always used to be The Proms. Bet the French don't trifle with the Marseillaise on Bastille night!
  13. LHF (Le Havre Ferries) has a certain ring to it!
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