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  1. Crikey - fingers crossed for you!
  2. I thought that following your previous experience you were not intending to travel in style again!
  3. Having decided a change from Brittany for later this year, we booked an apartment in St Helier via Airbnb and for the first time ever are travelling on a fast ferry Liberation from Poole, with Horizon lounge seating and our small car. (You can't book self catering holidays with Condor on line) The cost was almost identical to flying from East Midlands and hiring a car. BF, I take it all back! in comparison your new website booking process is so easy in comparison to the Condor site! When booking we had several attempts before we achieved what we wanted, and had further issues making the card payment. So I got an e-mail reservation confirmation number, followed by a further e-mail asking if I wanted to resume my booking? Unsure therefore if all ok, I telephoned the advice and help number for reassurance, an automated message said they were busy and offered call back after 10mins. I got that call back 90mins later, all was ok, the lady was pleasant, but puzzled at me calling. Phew! The food menus for Liberation are very different to the BF offerings - any recommendations or otherwise on those? I also have a pre-conception that the ferry will be noisy and vibrate a lot - does it?
  4. My father in law went over D-day+4 as an ambulance driver, and survived - like many he was reluctant to talk about it, but he did have reservations about holidaying in France with us, saying that some villages greeted them with open arms as 'liberators', but in others the shutters were up and they were spat at in the street. (When he did eventually go over with us he couldn't believe the welcome he got from French people) Later on he was at Belson and had to help bury bodies - for that reason he said he would never ever visit or forgive Germans. I would like to think that generations since have different attitudes, but respect the sacrifices made by these guys.
  5. Think it was removed a while back as the banner logo was 'out of date'?
  6. Sainsburys sell it in a roll shape, note they say its from Normandy "Salted Isigny Butter Our Isigny AOP butter is made exclusively from the best milks of the Isigny (Normandie, France) region. These milks are chosen for their exceptional richness in cream, protein and vitamins. Only Isigny's best creams are selected to be churned into Isigny AOP Butter. These creams acquire all their distinctive aromas and organoleptic qualities during the traditional slow maturation. As specified in the AOP technical manual, nothing is added or taken away. Isigny AOP butter is naturally rich in iodine, vitamin A and beta carotenoids. It is famous for its golden buttercup colour and its flavour, which has distinctive notes of hazelnut and milk."
  7. Small torpedoes on MSM this morning - softer versions of those on Bretagne - very acceptable.
  8. Based on those I had on Bretagne last Friday, the reason for the change is obvious - the new shaped offerings are smaller! Sign of the times I suppose.
  9. From the BF website - hope all this 'history' making and additional scheduling isn't taking it's toll Plymouth to Roscoff / Roscoff to Plymouth We're sorry to inform you that our ship Armorique sustained a technical breakdown last night 07/05/19. Repairs are ongoing and as a result, the following sailings have been CANCELLED. We apologise for the inconvenience. 08/05/19 Roscoff to Plymouth 09:00 Plymouth to Roscoff at 15:00 on 08/05/19 is expected to operate to schedule. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience.
  10. All working well, thanks
  11. Set off early from Nottingham and diverted en-route to a NT property (Greys Court), arrived at Gunwharf around 1600hrs. Had a meal at the Slug and Lettuce (recommended by a friend) - it was awful, wish we had gone to Loch Fyne as usual! Checked in at terminal around 1830, and was waved straight through and onto deck 4, which I don't think I've ever been on before. Steepest stairs in the world up to our cabin (an os 4-berth) no 6718. Pleased to report it was immaculate and clean. Very obviously attention had been given to air grilles. The pillows seemed to have been replaced with new, larger versions. Evening entertainment was improved, although predictable - duo/magician/solo singer. Spoilt a little by French school party running around through the public areas in 'packs'. Had a good nights sleep. Morning breakfast was good, as usual (commented elsewhere on the bread rolls). Disembarking was speedy, once we had waited around 15mins for the deck 4 call, and we were straight through French formalities at the port. So glad we opted to use this route rather than via Plymouth with its current disruptions which could have affected our plans. Viva Bretagne! WE return on MSM next Friday night
  12. Bretagne this morning - small torpedoes!
  13. If there round, they're cobs me duck!
  14. I like to use this feature, but at the moment it keeps taking me to shipping around the Greek islands!
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