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  1. All the times all the times I said were UTC so the ship would have left at 20:15 French time
  2. Thanks for the info 👍, just didn't know what she was doing!
  3. The seats do look a bit like lego but I'm sure one they are in service they will be comfortable with quite a bit of padding (the bottom of the chair is rather thick)
  4. The Pont Aven left Plymouth at around quarter past 8 yesterday evening but then at 9pm she stayed pretty much stationary until midnight when she continued to Roscoff. She arrived at Roscoff at quarter to 6 this morning and left for Cork just after 11:30 am. Instead of heading to Ireland though, she headed north-east and stayed stationary north of Morlaix until around 12:30 when she made a return to Roscoff. She departed Roscoff at 19:15 and at the time of writing (21:25) she is making 19.5 knots towards Cork. Does anyone have any information about her long periods stationary in the English Channel and her return to Roscoff?
  5. So unless Etretat frees up some space in her timetable there won't be any expansion to Ireland in the foreseeable future.
  6. The new ship that BF have on order is due to sail on the Portsmouth - Caen route and is being said to replace the Normandie. Might the Normandie then be moved to Irish operations alongside the PA to compete with Irish Ferries?
  7. Does anyone know anything about the new IF ship on order?
  8. I think the Pont Aven is the best ship bf has ever had
  9. They would lose quite a bit of money but they have still ruined the ship
  10. Also, why would Brittany Ferries sell off a ship which suits the routes she serves very well and which they have spent quite a bit of money refitting with scrubbers?
  11. So let me get this straight. BF are selling the PA to DFDS in part exchange for a ship (val de Loire) which they got rid of years ago. Complete madness if you ask me.
  12. Better to lose a few cars than ruin the look of the ship in my opinion
  13. Not sure about that area of scaffolding at the back but a very good looking ship overall
  14. I don't mind the scrubbers but she definitely looked better before the addition. Also, I haven't been on her since the scrubbers were fitted but it looks like there is less room on the outside decks
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