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  1. Hi again, Thanks for your answers. This all seems completely correct now. We stayed out on deck right into Newhaven until the engines were off, so this why we noticed it. It was a nice day and we were on the main upper vehicle deck (Pont 4), so no need to hurry down (when in Newhaven). The Red Ensign was flying on the starboard side of the mast that was above or just behind the Bridge, as you have correctly reported. Maybe the Tricolor was missing or damaged from the recent normal Bank Holiday weather. I will take more note of the flags from now on, and see when the Red Ensign is put up, and if the Tricolor is ever taken down. Thanks again for the info. Graham
  2. Hi, first post here. Been reading this forum on and off for years, starting around the time our beloved Speed Ferries stopped. Been travelling Newhaven-Dieppe for a long time, originally once a month, and now every two weeks. Nice to have the second boat back on again this year for the summer. So, we were travelling to the UK on the Tuesday 30 May 12:00 service on the Cote d'Albâtre. Now forgive me if I am wrong, but both the Cote d'Albâtre and Seven Sisters are French registered boats, always have been, having the French flag flying at the rear of the upper passenger sun deck. Coming into Newhaven, I noticed the Cote d'Albâtre was flying the Red Ensign, directly above the Bridge, and it did not have the French flag at the back or anywhere to be seen. Has the Cote d'Albâtre changed to UK registered, does the Red Ensign mean that it is UK registered. I do not know how flags and registration really work. We have sailed so many times on these boats, I could not even count how many times, been outside on deck whenever possible, as they are so nice to sit outside on for the crossing. We have never noticed any Red Ensigns, from memory just the normal French flag. Are we mistaken? Do the boats sometimes fly Red Ensigns, and we have just not noticed them? Thanks, Graham
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