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  1. Haul Away

    Favourite French films

    "Bienvenue Chez les Ch'tis" (Ch'ti is slang for someone from Northern France). Easy to watch, touching, charming and very funny French comedy with sub titles about a manager with La Poste.
  2. Haul Away

    Armorique spray

    Interesting, we returned on the morning crossing from Roscoff on Armorique last Wednesday 9 August. The crossing was calm and largely uneventful after the overnight storms and Armorique appeared to be back on form after her mechanical problems. We sat at an outside table on the port stern area at one point, about half way through the crossing. I thought nothing of the wet staircases and believed this was just on account of the conditions following the rain earlier the same morning. However, a lady at a nearby table was hurt when she was struck on the back of her neck by a large hard lump of soot which fell suddenly seemingly from the funnel. I looked around the deck was littered with black lumps of sooty debris. Not something I've noticed on previous trips - anyone suggest a possible cause?
  3. Haul Away

    SAILING UPDATES: 2017 Latest News

    Thanks Chris, was great to meet you too. Thank you very much for your friendly welcome and buying advice. Crossing home was fairly calm, a little lumpy near the french coast after the storm. We got caught in the heavy rain early morning whilst loading the car! Do you know, but for the dirty linen, we might of squeezed in another six! Sorry to hear about your garage, hope the flooding didn't cause too much damage. Looking forward to trying your recommendations which I'm sure we'll enjoy.
  4. Haul Away

    SAILING UPDATES: 2017 Latest News

    Thought something was up with Armorique. I was waiting for her (to get some photographs) on Sunday afternoon on a beach near the port at Roscoff. She scheduled to arrive at 15.00 and didn't dock till more like 16.30. On ship tracker she was only doing around 11 knots. Hopefully she is fixed for tomorrow when I'll be sailing home; although a longer crossing wouldn't be the worst thing in the world! Will surely pop in and squeeze another box of wine in the car as well before I leave.
  5. Haul Away

    Budget hotels .

    I've generally had very good experiences with Premier Inn. I much prefer to Travelodge where I've suffered many a disturbed and noisy night with people returning very late, banging doors and talking with raised voices. Those near the city centres seem to be the worst as they attract large parties 'out on the town' at weekends. I've also had rooms above the main foyer and been kept awake late into the night/early hours by smokers who congregate just outside and seem unable to talk quietly!. Often no aircon so no choice other than to 'sleep' with the window open. Never been a fan of Travelodge near PIP for just these reasons and now always try to avoid.
  6. Haul Away

    First time on Plymouth crossing

    Those deserts look great Neil, is that a Café Gourmand you have there?
  7. Haul Away

    First time on Plymouth crossing

    Thanks for your responses, I'll be sure to check these recommendations out. We'll be getting to Plymouth the day before our crossing so I'm sure I'll have the time for a good walk along the Hoe with my camera.
  8. Haul Away

    Brittany Ferries Fleet Pics

    These are truly fantastic photos Tony! I can't get these results even on a Nikon DSLR; but then I'm not fortunate enough to have an office in Gosport! I'll have to take a trip over that side with my camera the next time I'm in Portsmouth.
  9. Haul Away

    New Premier Inn

    Agreed, good location. That end of Portsmouth (the area around the Hard in general) is in need of regeneration.
  10. Haul Away

    First time on Plymouth crossing

    By way of introduction, I'm passionate about ships and the sea and have sailed with Brittany Ferries frequently on the Portsmouth to Caen crossing and also once on the Poole - Cherbourg crossing on family holidays. For the first time this summer we'll be sailing from Plymouth to Roscoff on Armorique, a trip I'm eagerly anticipating. We'll be sailing outbound from Plymouth on the 08.00 crossing, where we'll be staying for just over a week in Saint-Pol-de-Léon and returning from Roscoff on the 08.30 crossing. We have a club cabin booked both ways. A couple of questions: Does anybody have any recommendations for good restaurants and wine stores in and around Saint-Pol and Roscoff? Secondly, as this is our first time from Plymouth; can anyone suggest the best vantage point around Plymouth for ship photography? I'll be sure to share a voyage report and photographs of the trip on our return.