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  1. Is this area private or can non members access it? Some things I am happy to share with other members (recent Spanish Crossing) but not with the general public
  2. Must be saving BF a fortune in fuel. Will customers get any compensation for any extra miles driven
  3. Take cheese off the menu😈
  4. Do you have to accept cookies to access?
  5. What a cracking idea by the government. Encourage all the students to go back to university then lock them up in the halls. Supervised quarantine blocks at no cost.
  6. I like to track price changes on our booked crossings. Next Aprils has increased by £20.00 already. I also spotted this. Softwear still not right Select your sailing Note: Local times shown ECONOMYINFO STANDARDINFO FLEXIINFO 12:00 12:45 (23 h 45 m) Ship: Cap Finistere | Cru
  7. We are currently in quarantine being retired it's not too bad. We have booked a crossing to Spain in April and will spend the next few days booking some hotels in the south west of the peninsular. Deposit for the crossing paid with a voucher so no real loss there. Hotels can be cancelled up to 48 hours before arrival. Like you something to look forward to. A casual glance seems to indicate hotel costs will be about £500 less than last April which of course did not happen. Remember if you commit the crime you have to do the time
  8. I know we have our different opinions on certain things but I really hope the treatment works. It must be a big concern for you and your family especially in these difficult times. Ian
  9. That's why I believe in wearing them. Not that I think that because I have one on I can ignore social distancing. If I do sneeze (and I erupt with no notice) then I may protect people in the near vicinity
  10. The plan at the moment seems to be that things will improve in six months. Is this based on a vaccine in the new year? I would like to know what plan B is if the vaccine does not work or has a similar success rate to current flu vaccine.
  11. Ad infinitum! In my opinion (not a fact) you wont stop it you may slow it but it will spread until it naturally subsides to a level that causes little effect. You cannot enforce people to act responsibly. You have to convince them that the action required is right (Banning smoking in public places is a good example I believe compliance was high from day one) The government and health experts change their minds almost weekly and then ignore their own advice so what chance have we got?
  12. Lucky? Out of work with no money and with a very bleak future!!! It will be interesting to know how many school leavers and graduates this year have got a job Those who have a jobs are going to be paying off the debt as well our social security, pensions etc. for the rest of their lives This will also include all of our grandchildren. Give them a break some are idiots and uncaring but I suspect most do have a social conscience
  13. Most of it is an opinion stated as a fact to support a personal view or agenda and will change when that personal view or agenda changes and will then become a new fact. For example opinion masks have little if any effect becomes a fact supported by the government at the start of the pandemic. Later opinion changed to masks are beneficial which again becomes a fact supported by the government. (I believe masks are beneficial). I suspect that this "fact" changed for two reasons 1) Masks became available 2) The government needed to be seen to do something and masks were a no cost
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