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  1. Makes voucher issues seem insignificant
  2. I hope you have a change of mind. Vouchers / refunds in the scale of things compared to the health of your loved ones are insignificant. Best wishes for the future Ian
  3. I think a lot on here can beat that if you are talking about investments / pensions. The vouchers are not a big issue to me and I will probably end up with nearly £2,000 worth. it is the attitude of BF that is concerning.If I cannot contact them I cannot tell them to use the vouchers for a crossing to Santander which is not going to happen for another crossing booked for September to Bilbao. As an aside I should be travelling to Portsmouth today for the crossing to Santander
  4. I agree with most of this but closing the phone lines and not responding to emails is not the way to go. Answering the phone and replying to emails can be done from home in isolation. Using under utilised management if necessary. If the reason to close the lines is to protect staff from abuse then we the public should be ashamed. If closing them is to avoid difficult encounters with the public because BF are not playing fair then they should be ashamed
  5. As others have probably said treating it as two singles is diabolical. We could end up with the return crossing available (unlikely) with no way of getting to Spain to catch it. What planet are they on.
  6. The wife has been nagging me to clean the rolls for a couple of months so decided today was the day.
  7. Is anybody in a similar situation to us. If so any opinion would be appreciated. Originally due to travel to Santander on Friday. We moved this out a month three weeks ago to May. It cost about £75.00 more as we had booked this last August and prices had increased. It is now unlikely to happen. I don't want to move it again as we already have a crossing booked for the 3/09/2020. I believe I can use the vouchers for the May crossing to pay the balance for September. Will BF do this automatically or will I have to tell them to do this and how practical will it be to get in touch with them. Ian
  8. Slightly off topic but another example of companies attitudes to their customers. Sky allowing you to pause payments for its Sports channels and still allowing you to view the current content.. BT not letting you pause payment. We have this via Sky who are apologetic about BT but cannot do anything about it
  9. I agree my father is 90 this year and my mother 87. He suffers badly from skin cancer and has difficulty breathing all the time both curtesy of working all his life down the pit. So I also get emotive over this hence my post re prince Charles and ventilators.
  10. Perhaps we should all count to ten. This is a brilliant site and I would hate to see it spoilt over this issue
  11. Thanks David. I think unless we want to try legal redress this is the best option. Ian
  12. I am in a similar situation, We took the decision to move April's crossing to May a little while back. We also have a crossing booked for the 2nd September. The last thing I want is BF to take the balance for September in July. I am hoping to cover this with the money already paid for April. Do you think this is likely or are BF restricting the vouchers to new bookings.
  13. He managed to find a test kit then
  14. Sorry point about future travel had nothing to do with Corona Virus in hindsight I should have thought about how it could be interpreted. It was meant that as we get older and our reactions slow, driving abroad may not be something we wish to undertake. I am 61 and hope to travel many times in the future. I was luck to be able to retire early but on many of the crossing we now take we are at the younger end of the passenger list and some of the people may not wish to drive as they get older.
  15. Out of season a lot of the travellers are of the older generation. Some of these may not be able to travel in the future. The voucher should be transferable to another family member!!!
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