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  1. IanN

    CF vs PA

    We use both to Spain. Pont out and Cap back twice a year. I prefer the food options on Pont. My personal experience is that we have had no delays on the Cap she seems to be able to catch up. Pont Aven has had delays on our last three crossings. We are going out again in two weeks on the Pont Aven. We are planning our next trip for April and will probably use the Cap for both journeys ( a little concerned that the engine replacement on the Pont over running)
  2. Good luck I have been there with a Caravan! We will be on the same crossing but with a small Nissan note. Enjoy the crossing Ian
  3. Hi Just a thought a cabin cost around £130 a night on Pont Aven so £80 for compensation for a hotel seems a little unfair?
  4. Does anybody have an idea why Pont Aven seems to be traveling so slowly leaving Santander. Out to Spain on Sunday is there an issue
  5. Slightly off topic but have you checked your car insurance cover / green card. My insurance states (the minimum legal requirements for EU countries) I assume this means third party only. We have been quoted an extra £28.00 for our March cover for 3 weeks in Spain in April and a bit more for September. Not complaining about the cost but worry how many years we have been driving in Spain & France assuming full cover. Has anybody had any problem? Brexit has made us check.
  6. We travel to Spain from the Midlands two or three times a year normally from Plymouth and back to Portsmouth (Plymouth on the return is a pain) Charging points on the ferries would be great for us as we could get to Plymouth on one stop. Fully charged the car would then give us 150 miles.. We use our 2018 Nissan Leaf for most journeys within the UK but are not brave enough to arrive in Santander without a full charge to use.. Our small 1.5 Diesel is used for travelling around Spain but if we were sure of a full charge when arriving then we would use the electric car as a lot of the hotels we use do offer charging facilities.
  7. Hi What are the 1st and 2nd class restaurants. Do you mean the a la carte and the self service? It was a tongue in check response to a previous post which was a supposed wind up regarding the two ends of the boat by another member. My wife and I mainly eat in the self service as we do not want to stand in line back to the centre of the boat just to book at table but do enjoy La Flora when we do not have to que or sit outside in the Piano Bar
  8. I hope this is the right topic. I was in Santander on Wednesday evening for the return to Plymouth which was three hours delayed. The Guardia Civil were checking vehicles in the lanes and noting details of all empty vehicles (a lot of people had done what we had and gone into town). After we cleared Passport Control an immigrant was frog marched down towards the terminal building. A general comment is that it is very easy to straddle the wall where the tugs are moored and gain access to parked vehicles. As a side note due to the delay the first class restaurant was closed but the second class remained open!!!!
  9. Hello I don't post a lot but read the informed comments on this site every day which I find in general very informative. I agree totally with the comments about breakfast in Pont Aven. The same applies to a degree on the Cap. However this comment I find rather snobbish "self service canteen at the second class end of deck 7". Do you mean stearage
  10. Thanks for the replies I know they often follow the coast. This just looked a little unusal.
  11. Hi I am new to the forum but have been watching for about 3 years. I may be in the wrong area if so please put me right. I wonder if anybody knows why Cap Fin currently is running slowly and off her normal course
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