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  1. IanN

    Winter timetable

    I am not 100% sure on this but a member of this forum I think it was Commodore in some early posts would ring up and pre- book a crossings quite a while before they came out. You could in normal times predict the sailing days and times. I think what he was booking was commodore cabins on Pont Aven for Spain perhaps some of the longer term members will remember this
  2. Sorry can't picture myself with one. Its just not me. My Brother in law was Headmaster of a private school he had one it made me cringe (so did he) Probably a very practical acquisition I could be missing out
  3. Hi Didn't think you were a yuppie 🙂 Ian
  4. No Is it a yuppie thing?🙂
  5. We had twins so university was a killer financially and emotionally but we wanted them to experience independence and university life (I didn't get the chance) They were free to choose home or away both chose away but the boy stayed close enough to bring his washing home so got the best of both worlds. The daughter worked at Dotty P's during holidays and saved enough so not to work during term time.
  6. Living close to the Leicester lockdown area with not a lot to do I have been doing a bit more work on the big Mack Truck. Not really taking shape yet but I have got a lot of bits just hope they fit together! Aanyway it passes the time
  7. I am not a long enough member on this forum to welcome you but do like the handle Only Oro but still trying. Ian
  8. No suggestion was made by either of us that this was the case. Boris's Dad has not found a loophole he has found a dirty great tunnel. It's a wonder he was not just checking his eyesight to see if it was safe for future trips
  9. Not a great incentive to stop people down the road from us walking 500 yards up the road to a pub outside the Leicester lockdown area
  10. April the first? Its unbelievable Only the French could do this.
  11. I come from Leicester and I hope they do. BF have your post code when you book so if their IT dept. is any good they should be able to cancel the reservation very easily.
  12. I don't recall that post . At the time feelings were running very high. Comments against individual BF employees is not fair. but neither is closing the switchboard for 3 months. It also unfair to post against a person on this forum who has given his services for what is an unenviable task. It shows his fairness that the post has been allowed to stand
  13. The map seems to be a bit arbitrary. We are outside the area by 30M and its a residential road so some houses are OK and some not. I appreciate a point has to be picked but some of the neighbours will not be happy and the police will have difficulty enforcing it. Perhaps a barrier across the road? The location is also fairly rural not built up
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