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  1. That is what is concerning. We do not have any alternative at the moment all hope is on the vaccine. The only other option seems to let it take it's natural course which is unthinkable
  2. I am getting a little concerned. The government here is singing the praises of the vaccine rollout. Which has to be applauded. Nothing much being said about the effectiveness. The Government has quietly extended lockdown laws to give councils the power to close pubs, restaurants, shops and public spaces until July 17 this year (Telegraph) It seems to suggest they are not to sure about the effectiveness of the vaccine.
  3. If you are 60-65 you think you should be a priority. If you are 70-75 then you think you are a priority. Me when I get the call I will go. Next week would be good but 4 months down the line will not fuss me. As for holidays if its legal and I judge the risk acceptable I will go. Worrying about who is a priority and getting stressed will not help. Get on with life as best you can.
  4. It seems that crossing time is important, what about the green argument used to justify the E flexers reduced speed.
  5. This may be of interest to some. Dad had his vaccination last Friday. Mum went with him and asked if it was possible for her to be done as well. No problem both done at the same time which makes total sense.
  6. IanN


    https://www.nealsyarddairy.co.uk/products/colston-bassett-stilton. Ships abroad!
  7. What about the tendency for the port workers in Le Havre to strike. Would this not put any company off investing. It would be my last choice of destination if I was travelling to France
  8. My biggest concern will be spending money in BF restaurants if I cannot take food onboard!!😜
  9. I do only need to take one item Co-op Tea bags. (don't like coffee) anything else is not important to me.
  10. We have been living with high rates in Leicester for nearly 12 months now. What you are seeing is not new to us unfortunately your area has now caught up😞. I can name over 20 people who have caught it locally fortunately no deaths. The limited good news is Leicester seems to now be below the national average Good luck Ian
  11. I don't think all are scarred to death I think most treat it with respect and get on with life as best they can.
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