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  1. I will not be brutal but since Jan 2020 we have made two return crossings to Spain and one to St Malo (BFE offer) another is booked and paid for for September. April 2022 is also booked. I can hardly be accused of not supporting Brittany Ferries. So I do reserve the right to voice my opinion and have done to BF when the opportunity has arisen. My views are known so I will not post about crossing times again. Just vote with my feet.
  2. I know this is an enthusiasts forum so I guess I must be in a minority I just believe that this is a bad move by BF. The holiday begins on board seems to be being diluted. They seem to be trying to recover by charging very high prices for what is a much reduced service. I do hope it works for their sakes.
  3. Sorry an extra night on a boat sleeping in an over priced cupboard or a nice hotel in Spain with good beds and decent views then spending the extra crossing time wandering round the Plaza of a Spanish town. To me no choice but to others the boat must be more attractive.
  4. All well and good until till the peak season and you have to entertain little Johnny and his sister for thirty six hours with the associated costs and also pay for hotel accommodation on your return to the UK if you don't live close to the Port. Plus extra time off work. I accept I have other options and assure you I will use them. Currently PA from Plymouth suits us If this becomes 24 hours plus I will use the tunnel. Next Sunday's crossing Plymouth to Santander returning at the end of the month is £908 return economy before you add on cabin costs. This can buy a lot of fuel and a couple of nights in nice hotel as we drive through France. I accept my two return crossings to Spain are immaterial to BF but it is much easier to loose existing customers than attract new ones. I can also save my CV fee.
  5. I have not been on one and I only criticise on a mater of fact. The crossing to Spain on them is far to long. For people who like travelling on ferry's fine for people who just want to get there?
  6. From the Daily Telegraph I have no wish to go to France i prefer Northern Spain but I do wish some of the people running the country had a clue what they were doing. Mr Raab told the BBC Radio 4 Today programme that the decision to put France on the amber plus list was "based on the prevalence of the so-called Beta variant, in particular in the Reunion bit of France". Reunion is a French island in the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar. Asked why the travel restriction remained in place for mainland France, the Cabinet minister replied: "It's not the distance that matters, it's the ease of travel between different component parts of any individual country."
  7. I did not condone breaking the rules but in the situation described I would.
  8. If it's only the isolation that is worrying you. Ignore it. Leave her phone behind when she visits. No court will fine in her circumstances or if they do it will only be a token . If it comes to that lots of publicity should do the trick
  9. And a bit too political on my part mods please delete
  10. Sorry I was wrong what a waste of space our beloved leaders are
  11. I assumed this was a quiet way of getting France off the amber plus list. France is still in the EU is it not? Double-jabbed EU and US travellers will be exempt from quarantine rules in England from 2 August, ministers have confirmed.
  12. Don't suppose we will get a refund on our Covid tests
  13. I am not sure if this is true in France but in Spain when we went (early June) booking in advance seemed difficult. The clinics were set up to test people who thought they had covid not for people who wanted a test weeks in advance. You don't book a test for three weeks down the line in case you might feel ill. We would have preferred to know it was booked in advance but managed fine getting in a couple of days before hand and we were well off the beaten track in Gijon
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