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  1. If that's the case then perhaps the advertising standards agency should be informed. Be assured I will not be going to Quistreham. The money is not important it's the way BF are treating loyal customers. Telling me it would have been cheaper when I booked is a bit well insulting. I still don't understand your point that it was a sensible response. If designed to upset customers then fair enough.
  2. How do you come to that conclusion. It was advertised as a loyalty bonus! Anyway you pays your money takes your choice. That will be about £2,000 a year not going to BF. They should think a lot harder when making advertising did they not think it would p*ss off people who had already booked. Or don't they care I guess it's the later
  3. I emailed BF regards the extra 10% discount I was not expecting any Joy and was not disappointed. This is the reply ;- You would of already reserved the space and cabin of your choice and probably a better price, prices tend to go up the closer to your travel date. (Not really the point if advertised as a loyalty bonus) The normal club voyage discount is still very good if you travel frequently. I'm sorry that you are disappointed. We look forward to welcoming you on board soon. It seems they could not even by bothered to check the reservation details. (I did provide the number) So If I now amend the crossing to a cheap one to Caen and then cancel will they refund the amount already paid less 25% I will sacrifice the 25% and drive down in April and September and save my CV membership
  4. Accepted but the eflexers to Spain do give you plenty of time to see the faults and document them What else is there to do 😀
  5. You have been on board what restrictions apart from the occasional tannoy announcement asking you to wear a mask. What you see now is what you get yes they will brighten it up with advertising. The extra 10% for loyal CV members is a classic example but if you have been loyal you don't qualify. Extra loading time to allow segregation on the car deck is another. The actual loading seems to take about the same amount of time. You just wait longer to get started. Fresh sea air piped through the boat is plugged as if they had invested in it. They are becoming all front and little substance
  6. That's not like you 😄 Just woke up from two hours on the bed back no.better
  7. We like Cabin 6495 right at the back on deck 6 for this reason. Out of the Cabin and through the door and you are outside. Also noisy neighbours on one side only. Having said that I think we had the whole of that corridor to ourselves in June
  8. Agreed luxury is not the right word but are Commodore cabins luxurious? For a guy who's farther was a miner and a mother who worked in a needle factory luxury is all relative. Dining out was a visit to the local Chippie a couple of times a year. Sorry for my ramblings I have pulled my back shoveling hardcore and can find little to do that doesn't hurt so the forum is passing time. Any mods please delete if not relevant
  9. There is something on offer. We need to sort it out. The priority at the time was booking the hotel and car park then the other hotels and finally the Ferry. I think you can wander around once all the day trippers have gone
  10. I have just been thinking about something the wife mentioned a few years back. She worked for a company providing accountancy training and a young girl in the office was all excited about a Christmas cruise her boyfriend / partner had booked. She had been on about it for ages boring everybody. Anyway she brought in the details to show everybody. The wife piped up that's the Ferry we go to Spain on. The subject was never raised again
  11. It's simple really when the Captain says go the cleaners get off and hope to get it finished next time
  12. I do appreciate a bit of Luxury / exclusivity though. We booked two nights with breakfast in the Alhambra Parador in Grenada for Easter 2022 back in July for £564.00 which in my opinion is much better value than the £608.00 the two Commodore cabins for the crossings. But I except that others think differently and I do respect their opinions. The same nights in the Alhambra would now cost £839.80 so booking early can pay
  13. Upstairs Down Stairs would be appt with the commodores being on Deck 8
  14. Even better seal the whole Commodore area off with access only from the car deck at the start and end of the crossing.
  15. So just expensive not special
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