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  1. Apart from mask wearing indoors and a higher percentage than the UK wearing them outdoors Spain seemed back to normal
  2. Went to Asda this morning wanted a bit of Fruit and some fish. As I left a couple about 75 were struggling to push a large trolley each. I hate to think how they managed once they had filled them. Tell our generation not to panic buy and it's the first thing we do
  3. Friends in high places also helps. Could you have a word
  4. Problems what problems 😊
  5. There you go again wasting moneyπŸ˜†
  6. We have had an email with a link to the web site didn't bother to look
  7. This is the relevant section from our form with Nationwide Pathology with the date we originally planned to depart Date on which you last departed from or transited through a country or territory outside the common travel area (U.S. Format: MM DD YYYY)9/23/2021. Which was the date of our crossing We came back a week early and it didn't matter
  8. On our return from Spain the queue to book La Flora started at about 3 pm The BF Staff arrived at about 5 pm to take bookings. There were about 20 people who stood and waited the whole time. At 7:30 we wandered past there were plenty of spaces and I think you could have just walked straight in
  9. How about trying De Vil Manor its got a good reputation for dogs
  10. So we cannot book anything for next year then as expiry date for most CV membership is 30/11/2021. That doesn't seem right? In the past it the price was subject to CV renewal and the card would be debited for the balance if not renewed
  11. Ever thought about a Staycation? πŸ˜†
  12. 'I've just had another friendly email from my new best mate at the helpdesk of the Spanish Health Ministry. She confirmed that the system issues a QR code straight away if you state that you had a completed approved vaccination at least 14 days before your travel date and that the QR code is valid for the date you arrive. Happy days! Have a good trip! AMIGOCIRCULO
  13. I think Amigo Circulo said that if you are double vaccinated in the UK with a digital covid certificate you can complete well in advance. Its only those who need a negative test who are restricted to the 48 hour time period.
  14. Don't they need to have hung on the car mirror for at least three months as well
  15. The Amigos club for Parador's is very good. Reduced prices for members cheaper than the normal rate with breakfast thrown in if you stay for 2 nights. A point for every 3 Euros's spent. 350 points will get you a free night. Of course the more expensive the hotel the more points required. A free drink for two on arrival is a nice touch. Spend enough and you become an Oro member which gives half price parking and breakfast. if breakfast is included as part of your booking they knock half of it off the bill. Spend even more and become an amigo circulo which is free parking and free breakfast This is for free no joining fee or annual subscription required. A free breakfast is included in your first booking after becoming a member. As a way of keeping us a customer it works for us (We had three free nights in our holiday this September and two in June) Wouldn't it be great if BF ran similar scheme.
  16. Yes but now it needs to generate a QR code so its on line only just like the UK
  17. I returned our day two tests to Nationwide Pathology this morning (The wife insisted) They are doing very well four or five big Mercs on the car park one an electric version plus some top of the range Audi's and Range Rovers
  18. Just tried to call the UK again to change our April Booking can't get through. Rang Santander phone answered immediately booking changed.
  19. Only one the Dog won't need to be tested
  20. Have you noticed the Plymouth Santander crossings also depart about an hour late
  21. Just pay for the cheapest test get it delivered to your father he can give it to you. If it arrives on time all well and good. If not!!!
  22. And how will testing stop it? I accept a full lock down across the world would have delayed it until we opened up again. I do mean full lockdown no lorry drivers no cross border travel, no freight movements at all.
  23. Just been to Nationwide Pathology to collect our day two tests (Lovely location in the middle of Leicestershire Farm Land) any way signs every where Strictly this and Strictly that especially parking and litter. Knocked on the door young lady came out. I explained I had come to collect my day two tests. She returned inside came out with two test kits in plastic bags handed them over and closed the door. (Kits made in India). I had my order details at the ready she did not even ask for them. Something like 1% of day two tests return a positive result I sometimes think do they bother to test or is the poor sod who is number 100 get a positive result
  24. Typical politician though trying and I suspect with some succeeding to make us feel grateful for reducing the cost of something he imposed in the first place.
  25. David I know we have different views on this but Spain does not require any Tests if fully vaccinated and their infection rates are the last time I looked 80% less than ours. Why don't we aim for zero % then if we miss we might hit 10%
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