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  1. Sorry I didn't think lateral flow was acceptable even though it is used for schools a massive help thanks
  2. David How will a PCR test at checkin work? I thought the quickest test was 24 hours or have I got this wrong. I do hope you are correct
  3. Also still taking the cash. I wish they wouldn't but understand why they do
  4. Didn't it say no price changes so a booking in June should still be early enough. We are happy with an outside 2/4 berth so it should not be an issue. I hope not anyway as a payment goes out tomorrow for June and we have a September booking also so not really an option to move our June booking out till later this year
  5. David sorry I don't understand. It seems to me you can move them out to 2022. Have I missed something?
  6. It was just a comment on my luck really. Changing the crossing to Spain by 24 hours Plymouth to Santander could be problematic😀
  7. Typical we have a booking for the first of September 2021. Membership expires Thirty first of August
  8. American state park in Florida
  9. Anything to do with a Russian princess?
  10. Small comfort as the meals have already been paid for in the crossing price. There is no option I cans see to avoid this on Galicia
  11. Agreed. Would it be a good gesture by BF to stop taking balance payments until a date is announced. We have a booking for early June. BF will collect the balance early April (before the 5th). I don't particularly want to move it again as the price will have increased. I can of course move it out to delay payment but if I move it back the price will almost certainly have gone up
  12. That's not a big problem for us. To go or not depends on risk to ourselves or others. The bigger concern to me anyway is that we seems to be drifting to more and more draconian measures. Will all this legislation be repealed or will the powers that be quite like it and let it remain on the statute book. I see a summer of discontent coming not just over foreign travel but all restrictions
  13. Think positive, be optimistic if we can't go what have we lost.
  14. Your representatives were not in Wuhan last year were they? 😁
  15. Is this for real Is it a total about face or am I missing something
  16. Looks good shall we start a bidding war?
  17. You are lucky. Leicester has now effectively done 12 months and is still high.
  18. Be careful for what you wish for. It will be used to show disagreement and could upset people. Any emoticon which infers disagreement should be avoided. (Just my opinion)
  19. I think we are about on ticket eight. I have noticed that sometimes the confirmation email with ticket is not sent. We then contact BF by phone or live chat. They then send it but it has gone up another issue. I think every time it is sent it up issues.
  20. Hope you are right and the excesses of the summer don't cause more restrictions Yes David I understand this our crossing is now £90.00 more than when we booked but was still pricey at the time. If we had waited till just before departure we would probably would not have been able to get a crossing and the Economy ticket would be about the same price we paid for the Flexi.
  21. At least from BF's point of view its keeping us off discussing pricing. Spain at the beginning of September is now eye watering and crossings seem about full
  22. Agreed but within the EU main players they do seem to act a bit like Sheep. How many will die because the Vaccine is delayed / not used compared to the number from a clot which may or not be caused by the vaccine.
  23. The EU will find some way of delaying / not using it. It may cause anti European sentiment as a side effect and so be banned. (I was a firm believer in the EU and thought we were insane to leave still think it was wrong but now not so sure. I state this as my opinion and with no political overtones.)
  24. Yes but if 98.7 vote for the Tory Party would you expect an Labour government. The majority must have a majotity say. I personally think the majority have been brilliant over the last 12 months and I thank them.
  25. We could try education how about sending the ones who refuse to vaccinate to Rural Sussex, Guernsey and the Isle of Man to see how it should be done. Maybe in batches of 1,000 to ensure the message gets spread.
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