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  1. Talking of "Chariot" tokens, did you know that Intermarche will give you a plastic token if you ask at the info desk. Its free as well. Don't tell Greta its plastic though! It fits most of the others like Leclerc. I'm off now Toddle pip
  2. Don't defrag any SSD. Win 10 still refers to it and needs to be selected off. Samsung SSDs have all the info included to clone the working system over to the SSD. Strip out as much rubbish as you can (try "PC Decrapifier " or do it manually thru "CC cleaner") and it will run pretty well. Only annoying thing is MS updates that try their best to not allow non MS software to run. I've got some old RAM cards that might help you to increase the ram but older 'putters don't generally have enough slots. Win 10 home stripped of rubbish and no games will run on less than 80GB if you try. Stu
  3. Big change for me next year. Instead of booking 6 returns (and paying any amendment fees if I change) I have opted for 4 flexi outbounds and only 1 booked return. I'm hoping that this will give me greater flexibility and considerable savings on picking up any discount bargains on return economy ticket crossings without any deposit being paid. I also will stay longer in France to avoid at least 2 extra crossings as I normally do, just to go home and cut the grass! At years end I shall see if I saved anything on my annual spend. I believe I can do it. Thanks BF.😎 Stu
  4. Do Club members get a further discount and does it apply to one way tickets? Happy new year Stu
  5. Anything to cut out that awful drag of boarding late evening and "enjoying " an hour or two of cruising the coast of Cornwall before Armorique setts of to Roscoff. I presume this is due to staffing at Roscoff early morning. Stu
  6. Not unusual to most of the internet I'm afraid, just instant junk thrown at us. Ordered some cream(oh Matron!) off an inline chemist. Got 3 mails showing the stages of picking, packing and sending, 2 more mails from RMail telling me that the package will be with them soon, then showed me my signature on delivery. 5 mails! The world is mad. Saw a feedback that was cut and pasted straight from the manufacturers description, rather more of a sales pitch. BF are just following the herd. Feedback is largely all tosh. Just bin it or give them feedback on feedback. Stu
  7. I remember doing the very same thing years ago and got a cracking good deal with Caravan and Dog Club. Came to cancel it, boy was I clobbered. Admin plus cancellation fee £70. I never saw that coming and that was over 10 years ago. Suggest you read the CC deal T &Cs. I may be wrong or it may have changed now. Stu
  8. Thanks all. I have the tickets on the laptop desktop (MSoft) so that loads without wifi. I also have a small usb stick in the car with lots of info to call up if stuck. Just the thought of passing a laptop,even a small one through the car passenger window to a small checkin booth window. The rain only makes it less enjoyable! Stu
  9. Sometimes I don't have access to a printer when booking. I also don't have a mobile that can show emails. Would it be accepted to check in just by quoting the booking refence number? Or do I have to dig out my laptop and show the email? Any ideas please. Stu
  10. Awake at 4am having a cuppa and a thought came into my head. No, not the naughty stuff, I've just come out of that dream. Now calmed down after a good rest maybe try to book me thinks. Steady nerves, deep breath and away we go. No losing my nerve now. Click away very slowly allowing a few seconds or two for the old BF 'puter to react at each click. Steady man, nearly rushed it once or twice. Slowly,slowly does it (like accessing the Deepartment of Deeefence as they say) Come to pay,will it shut me down? Hands sweaty. NO, I'VE ONLY GONE AND DUN IT. I HAVE A TICKET HOUSTON. Stu
  11. I tried Ply-Ros for early August. After a few moments all "sailings full" appeared. Then they were showing prices! I then just got right through to click pay for 2 different tickets and up came another gotcher- start again. I'll see what appears in my inbox tomorrow. Depressed. Stu
  12. Oh no! I've been locked out- we encounter problems. please try later. Maximum number of sessions per origin IP reached. (65) I may have clicked 65 times but not 65 separate sessions for Gods sake. I did manage one ticket but that slipped through the system until I realised I had an email with a ticket attached. The web page crashed on payment. I don't care how many times my IP address has been used. All I want is another ticket not some moronic computer telling me to go away. Keep that cr*p to yourselves BF. SFD
  13. Slowly giving up on BF website. AWFUL,AWFUL!
  14. Got a ticket!!!. It crashed after "pay now" bit but there it was-in my inbox. Off to get my life back! Only 3 crashes but the back arrow seemed to settle it down a bit.
  15. Already thinking how to avoid these extra "fees". Having a place to stay in France, my first thoughts are to do one less round trip next year to keep my travel costs in check. They lose me for one trip! I lose nothing. Always book one way tickets to avoid amendment fees on the return. That will save me a couple of hundred pounds after my final op in hospital is done. They lose again, I lose nothing. I must say that with the UK economy and sterling struggling to lift above the Wrexit fiasco it does seem an odd move to hit the British traveller who make up a large percentage of BF business with this move. We shall see. I do love the spin that has been put on all this in their newsletter. Its just another business, no better or worse than others. Stu
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