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  1. Yesterdays (11th Sept) Roscoff- Plymouth crossing with a number of armed Gendarmerie Maritime on board plus increased security at check in. Also noticed a huge steel structure going up south of St Pol. Either a lorry processing station or maybe the biggest Le Clerc in the world going up! Stu
  2. I use the stop/start system in the car in queues at Plymouth, esp inbound Border Control. The area is tucked in with high walls and buildings. It must be quite bad pollution for the staff there. We will not use Pont Aven out of Plymouth because Plymouth just cant cope with a full load esp arriving. It takes too long. Still we are nice and warm and dry in a car! Nothing quite compares with a long wait in the open air in winter rain or freezing weather outside a portacabin into a Disney like queue inside to be allowed back into Europe from Europe at Exeter INTERNATIONAL Airport! Maybe we Brits have fallen out of love with queueing? Toodle pip Stu
  3. This gives me hope. BF will keep the staff working and getting paid. This gives me optimism that someone is pushing on regardless. I hate everything about Brexit but I'll dig in and get through it. Less moaning and a strong will. Stu
  4. Ah, Union Street in Plymouth. Gateway to Britain! Luckily the new posted route to the ferries now bypasses Union Street. Devon and Cornwall police once reported that a quarter of their budget went on policing Union Street. Great advert for visitors to the UK off the ferry.
  5. Don't think I've seen more than one or two groups of Wetherspoonistas that were tired and emotional at the ships bar. They stand out because they shout loudly! What does occupy me sadly, rather like watching people using cutlery in the most odd way is lots of people who feel a glass or two of wine with their meal with a mere hour or so before they drive on the "wrong" side of the road or negotiate leaving the port at night in appalling weather. Legally drunk or not, it won't look good if something happens. The relaxed nature of a nice crossing seems to lull people into thinking no further than relaxing or having a good time. Rather like the souls who feel flip flops and shorts will be ok. I do wonder if they read the safety notices around the ship. Too much alcohol is not a good mix. And I do like a glass!
  6. Chin up Richard and hope for the best. Best wishes also. Stu
  7. Isn't it exciting- UK Gov freight plans- Plan A for a no deal Brexit. Plan B if Plan A doesn't work or is not ready in time or is challenged. Seems easy enough. I'll get my cheque book. Stu
  8. I have a "spare" crossing in November previously booked ages ago that I want to move to April 2020 but the amendment service says I've timed out after a couple of mins when I input revised details. I clearly have not timed out having timed my amending to 4mins! Any idea whats going on or ways around this jam apart from paying to call the call centre? The spare crossing is the result of lost holiday time due to hospital visits being given to me as I'm on the "any cancellations, last minute list" Thanks Stu
  9. Yep, timed out twice due to inactivity for 10 mins. Rubbish, my finger never left the keyboard.I await the email to say the timetables have been released. I'll email BF to tell them its been released as they don't know yet it seems. Not good is it? SFD
  10. Booked on Friday morning Ply -Ros. Cancelled by BF. Rebooked Sat overnight. Looks like tonights (fri) wont sail. No updates so far. Stu
  11. Sorry my keyboard cant spell Stu
  12. 12.30BST Amorique has turned back to Roscoff
  13. straightfeed


    Slightly off topic but still hopefully under "Refund". So far this years 6 visits to France have been rather altered due to upcoming hospital operations. Put myself down for any cancellations at Hospital in order to be flexible. This needed some juggling and guesswork but I'm getting there. This has resulted in having to change the odd trip, out of the expensive summer schedules. I get an updated invoice from BF with a refund due "by application". Does this mean that if I don't apply the money is forgotten or even applied to times when a final balance on another trip is due? The refund seems to take 28 days! In all this I checked my credit card bills the other day and over one day BF deducted £70 then returned same amount. No idea what that was about! I know they've had an "interesting" year so far but I do wonder if somethings at Bf are behind the ball a bit. Anyone else had odd billing moments? Stu PS. Up awake again but drugs now at an end ,so far.
  14. The earth is flat, Coriolis effect pulls planes round! Bye Stu
  15. It would if left to do so. Generally rudder and rudder trim is added initially to make the plane go in a straight line. Its now skidding sideways. At full power on one engine it will be required by certification to demonstrate a maximum (generally 5 degrees) roll towards the operating engine using ailerons and or spoilers on the wing as well as rudder trim in order to maintain control . All this creates drag so costs fuel. Subject to satisfactory speed and flying attitude its often better to reduce power on the "good" engine. Stu
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