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  1. I do love this "magic" figure of 6. As if its God given that if its 6- its ok. We have a major anniversary coming up and I've told the kids not to travel some 180 miles to see us. Stay away and protect your families. Wife, jokingly (I hope!) said could we have her brother and wife to come instead! Sister in law, after months in an ITU some time ago is excited to be going out (again) with all the family for more lunches. Friends talk of having BBQ's with friends round, separate toilets allocated of course! Has Britain gone mad? What's all this rush to shop and socialise all about. I t
  2. Not so funny really. You awake from a deep sleep, grab and try to correctly fit fire fighting gear in the middle of night, then make good decisions that maybe are life changing. Rapid fuel for the brain and body.
  3. Morning, Nice to hear from someone who sets their own agenda rather than slavishly follow instructions from politicians. Good on you mate. Bank holiday coming up so lets pray for bad weather and hopefully the rush down here in Devon to lick an ice cream on a crowded beach will not happen. When the shops opened down here the rush was awful.
  4. Yep, in the same boat. Pardon the pun! Long drive to Portsmouth, long drive westbound to the French Atlantic coast. We would be no better than Cummings wandering through France with a rise in infection and the risk of breakdown in a country already starting to suffer again. Sadly, a place in France, then wandering through the country, improving our efforts to speak the language well are slowly drifting from our minds. It doesn't help that we have money invested in BF with unused tickets and vouchers and then maybe, just maybe, lose our Plymouth-Roscoff link will be the final straw.
  5. As I read it there are no crossings from Plymouth to Roscoff after 1st November until 22 March 2021. Thats nothing, absolutely nothing for four and three quarter months from Plymouth and Roscoff. In all this retrenching is there any intention to return to the old schedule after the pandemic? Got some hard thinking about France as a year round place to go.
  6. Someone on here mentioned that there is a years limit on an amended ticket. Would that year start from the date of Version1 of the ticket or from the date when I amend the ticket as I'm now about to do?
  7. Our French home insurance renewal came up. I wrote to Groupama and explained that I couldn't make the visit to France to the Groupama agency due to Covid19 complications and got a quick reply back to say, don't worry, send it via money transfer just this one time and when you get back just set up a DDebit at the agency for next year. Sorted. Bish bosh Roscoff!
  8. Yep, let down badly by RollsRoyce. The TriStar had so much redundancy and back up it was possible to disconnect pilot and copilot controls and still fly the plane. Airbus went the other way. Neither pilot can see or feel what the other pilot is doing with his "out of sight" joystick- or thrust levers that have no relationship with the amount of power delivered. Progress? It also had direct lift control where instead of the nose bobbing up and down on approach giving constantly changing attitudes/speeds the lift was gained or dumped. Way ahead of its time. Stu
  9. BF stickers fall off in pluie. Bit annoying as I usually like to keep it displayed to show poor people I go abroad. Rather like the large faded poppy on the car grill that lasts at least a couple of years. Toddle pip
  10. Been investigating whether to go back to the gym. 1. Govt say open 'em- so must be safe surely? 2. Feedback says "staff wonderful". Even supplied umbrellas for queueing in the rain! Big deal. Better check out what the medics, science etc and the general public think (friends and family)- crickey, its a bit one sided now. They mostly say leave it for now. Don't go near them. Can't blame the young and full hardy thinking that going back to old ways almost carries a seal of approval in their eyes. If the FCO remove the warning it must be safe, right? I've been really impressed
  11. In our motor homing daze we noticed a French Camping car on site had a rabbit running around in the "garage" part of their van. How sweet we said until we realised the poor thing might actually be dinner for the owner. French way of things of course I suppose. Stu
  12. Report by BBC on the way the UK government handled the situation. It maybe "public health" but " C19 herd immunity" was not based on any concrete evidence at all it seems. It stood a chance of 60% of the population getting it with unknown damage to their bodies or death to the vulnerable. The lockdown started too late and should have been selective to be effective. I'm always amazed at how few people understand that you start with what you want or need to achieve then work back to do so. Constant reassessment on the way also. The crumbs of Government policy dropping on to m
  13. The Hyper Casino south of Landivisiau on the road to Sizun similar as above comments. Walked in, walked out, didnt bother!
  14. Theres a good reasonable size Super U in st Pol. Sorry, just noticed you knew that already Nottingham.
  15. Thanks Paully. Unfortunately an IDP would not be issued with an extended expiry date only whats on my UK DL card. But look what I found- Covid-19: validity of a European driver's licence extended by 7 months June 17, 2020 The 2020/698 Regulation (EU) of 25 May 2020 extends the validity of a European driver's licence. A licence that expires between the 1Er February 2020 and August 31, 2020 remains valid for 7 months from the end of validity date indicated if it is issued by one of the following states: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece,
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