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  1. straightfeed

    LATEST: £46,6m BF charter for no-deal Brexit

    Hi Nodwad, You've just proved it. Traveling from up country to the south west. 1. One rail line- disaster in the winter unless you have shares in a replacement coach business. 2. M5 /A303/A35- huge delays in Summer. Still waiting for dual lanes from Stonehenge to Exeter. 3. Haldon Hill west of Exeter- a winter hazard all round. 4. Lack of expansion to Exeter "International" airport. 5. A30 into Cornwall! Great place to live though. Wouldn't change that.
  2. straightfeed

    LATEST: £46,6m BF charter for no-deal Brexit

    I'm amazed that BF cannot or will not post a revised timetable for the effected routes for a couple of months after March 29th. Bit like booking a flight and praying that airline doesn't go broke! How do you sell a trip or holiday knowing that the transport arrangements are not firm and could vary? Its bad enough living in the "dead limb" of England (near Plymouth) in a transport sense. Come on BF, tell us the planned revised timetables so that the 80% or so of your traffic (pax /cars etc) can make plans. I'm very grateful you serve us down here but join with us and come clean please. Stu
  3. straightfeed

    Preparing for no deal!

    Cant find any info on the PO site saying that the 1968 IDP jobbie will be available from 1st Feb. I read it as the IDP is available now, not type specific. Stu
  4. straightfeed

    Preparing for no deal!

    Brilliant. Thanks both. I presume the back page of my insurance certificate with many languages explaining my cover will not be enough then. SFD
  5. straightfeed

    Preparing for no deal!

    Should it happen what's best way to prepare? I need a Green card from my insurance company, I'll give them a bell. Shirly, all that foreign lingo on the back of the insurance policy certificate should impress Jonny foreigner! Quotes from BBC website- "If there is no deal with the EU, drivers may also need to get an International Driving Permit (IDP) to drive abroad. From 1 February, the government will begin providing IDPs at 2,500 Post Offices across the UK." Any ideas about where one gets all this paperwork from? Any idea where these 2500 post offices might be? Are BF giving any advice for customers to get all this paper garbage or shall I just cancel all my bookings until I can get all this sorted.' See, not mentioned the "B " word but I thought I might have at ago at a panic. Tooddle pip, Stu
  6. straightfeed

    Booking Document Query

    The data base that BF now use is fairly crude. I believe it to be called "CarWeb". My Citroen Berlingo always comes up on the booking saying that my dimensions differ from the manufactures info. That's odd as my car handbook shows a range of heights depending on the model. This causes confusion and puts me over the 1.83m height. The model version is called the Berlingo "Feel" and is only 1.80m high. It has no external roof bars. Last year my 6 bookings saw the height increase as an amendment on a few occasions plus phone calls from BF saying I will be charged extra along with the continual warning that I may not travel. Not being keen to pay for the air above my car I have spent ages phoning to get this changed so that the vehicle will be checked at checkin. That's a laugh as the staff look at the gauge marking on the kiosk wall, shrug their shoulders and let me on. I've spoken to others with the same model Berlingo in the garage on board and all of them get the same aggro. I would love to feel good about BF but this system really irks me. Talk about "the computer says NO". I have 6 trips booked for this year so I expect the same trouble. Still, we have the upcoming rescheduling of the timetable down here in Plymouth to fit in with "Government work". Cant wait' Toodle pip Stu
  7. HNY. The contractor not cleaning properly is totally unacceptable. But what of the previous occupant of the cabin. Wouldn't take a second to leave the cabin rubbish neatly and visible to the staff to see and collect. Would they leave the dinner table in the same mess? Probably yes. The cleaners are only partly to blame.
  8. straightfeed

    Government charter

    The UK is presently a member of the EU. Is the UK Government breaking any EU rules about subsidising business unfairly by bank rolling ferry companies operations. Surely, ferry companies should stand alone and raise capital from non governmental bodies to take part in this commercial operation. Guarantee support sure but pay for it before it happens must irk other operators who could have chartered in ships and offered a competitive rate for the work. I would have thought this would have been a "banker" for an operator to raise capital for "wet leasing" any operator around the world. Without HM Government shelling out a penny. I wonder if the EU is running their sticky little fingers through the fine print on this deal. Head down. Stu
  9. straightfeed

    Brexit effect on BF

    My thoughts exactly. Got 6 trips booked all out of Plymouth. We suffer only overnight long outbound crossings until the season proper starts. Fine, we depart at a reasonable time and arrive at a reasonable time after Arm wanders down the Cornish coast before setting off. Sensible time for the return journey, allowing a comfortable journey up to Roscoff. Rescheduling of the existing timings for BF to fit in another daily crossing will cost me and I will need a rethink on all this. I can see it will be akin to a regional airport, a mere 100 miles away with a departing flight at sparrows fart and return at midnight with another drive at 1am esp in wintertime. All scheduled to make return trips to Europe within the day. Apart from the holiday season I have seldom seen Arm packed fully with pax or freight. And where will all this freight come from? The west country is the dead limb of the UK with the only realistic transport link down the M5. Roscoff is hardly located well for serving central or eastern France industry. I can see BF down here carrying small amounts of freight and pax loads and peeing off many with the unsocial timings. Still, its their bat and ball and I'm just the customer. SFD
  10. straightfeed

    Brexit effect on BF

    Interesting- https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-46704522# SFD
  11. straightfeed

    New Look Revealed

    Really disappointed they didn't come up with "Floaty Ferries"- young and vibrant, seeing tomorrows world today. Reaching out to the young "millennials". And all this talk about clean cabins, there's plenty of floor space to kip on with your mates! HNY Stu
  12. straightfeed

    New Look Revealed

    Really can't believe this. Its BF's business not ours. Don't like it- cancel your booking then! Write to BF and tell them. HNY SFD
  13. straightfeed

    Merry Christmas

    Same from me. Is that a hint of positivity I see? Out of all this gloom and doubt over the last 2 years there seems little to look forward to. Lets kick this negativity into touch, accelerate out of the bend. The babble from politicians doesn't matter a jot. Its worthless. Society and business does matter. Lets give them our support. Lets push on as Michael Clarke, the cricketer said " See you in the middle and push on until tea". Lifes too short, lets push on my friends. HAPPY CHRISTMAS ALL. Best Stu
  14. straightfeed

    Brittany Ferries aircraft!

    Not quite Jonno. Piaggio admit backup is not good and they are going into military projects. Beautiful plane though. Stu
  15. straightfeed

    Honfleur - The Launch

    fTruly amazing. Pics seem to capture the coldness of the North in winter as well. Who would fit out a steel ship in the open air in winter in northern Europe? Unlike the launch no signs of all the people wandering around on board! If this lot lets go you won't want to be around! Stu