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  1. Thanks for that and a Happy Christmas. I've sort of taken an interest in eye problems after all these years. You probably know this already but eye problems under the DVLA come in 2 types. Those that deteriorate and those that recover. Mine is Glaucoma which slowly causes the optic nerves to die. Yours is the second type that the loss with a stroke my recover in time. If so, you may be ok. I hope so. Neighbour down the road has only one good eye and drove for years like it, although he misjudged a stone wall once! if you are used to field tests by an Optician the DVLA tests uses
  2. Yipee! My driving licence came yesterday in the post. Waited nearly 10 months after I applied for my over 70's 3 yearly renewal with a medical problem (eyes). Took the eye test 10days ago, failed the initial field test but did it again without glasses and optician happy. Then the DVLA Docs review it. Then the dreaded letter. Can't feel a plastic driving licence inside! ---I've only gone and done it.!! They want a new passport photo. Jump in car, speed off like a madman, clipped every bend, through every puddle to get to a photo machine. Don't care now if I get stopped. I've got my d
  3. 21/12/20 BBC posted that France not accepting UK lorries now due to C19 and BF saying they are "consolidating " services now. Any news on the Caen -Portsmouth service just after xmas? Have friends who braved a quick visit to their place in Finistere and will be travelling back before we are ex European on the 1st. Thought it might be nice to give them a heads up on any amendments to their return crossing chances. Where is the best place to look for an inflatable boat along the French coast going north bound. Might be useful for them! HNY! Stu
  4. Great advice Doctor. Now get those pubs and shops open, I'm going mental! I'm not antivaccine at all. I've had many jabs to get here. Maybe in my dotage I want more information. "Rolling up my sleeve for the next one" is rather like the "herd" effect. Thanks others for the postings offering some background to this new vaccine and the progress being made outside our tiny island. Keep well my friend. Stu
  5. What a strange thing all this has been. When it kicked off I was allocated a slot marked old (76) so at deaths door but useful for "herd immunity " work. Quite depressing. In fact WHO commented on the practise of such things. So far, by my own rules and behaviour I have avoided becoming the next stage - "sadly missed" .See how easy it became to write people off! I see that I have now shot up the list to have the vaccine. Am I now the test pilot for this rapidly approved vaccine in another game? Get the oldies first and any probs will be sorted by the time the great mass of the p
  6. Trying to get away from "travel insurance" and looking to get "medical cover" only in France for up to 5 trips a year. Does anyone do such a thing? I really don't want to get coverage for loosing a £13 mobile phone or losing my luggage in transit (its in the car!) and as far as cancellation delays- I just take the next available ferry! Simple medical insurance cover doesn't seem to exist. I want a "get me better policy with a "ship me back in a box" as an extra benefit! I also dont want a long conditions/omissions/restrictions pile of bumf to read. Toddle pip, Now wash yo
  7. Now go and wash your hands for 20 seconds and save the NHS! Stu
  8. Yep. Same here- early morning depart- 18 mins to Milbay. Cuppa, catch up on sleep. Wake for lunch, shower and bish bosh Roscoff then on the road. 1 hr 45m to door. How we laughed at the those worn out retirees who had slogged down from upt' north who started out overnight to the port then a mere 6 hours driving to their home in Fr. All gone now, except the closeness of Plymouth and who knows if thats still viable for BF. Back again to GB .Not altered for a predeparture shop at Le Clerc and the 1500 sailing, thank God. Still the little Armorique will be back. The Pont is far too big f
  9. What shocked me when watching Michael Palins travels was the realisation that I regularly visited most of his places before him in the 1970's. It was nice to see the thunder boxes used on the old Dows in the Gulf again. Beer in hand at the Old Dubai Calton Hotel watching the steady stream from the aft toilet facilities. Oh for the 1970's queues at Indian airports and railway stations. Nostalgia is not what it used to be!
  10. My Latanoprost drops have a small percentage of Timolol. Does that make a difference to the storage once opened? Mine says fridge not required after opening.
  11. Not just "take" but have the prescription translated into Spanish and French with a tel number of your GP if the dispenser wants to talk to a medic. It also helps to have a precis of any medical problems you have. Carry it in a bag or purse on your person. I'm always amazed how few people know what drugs they are taking rather than "yes, I'm under the Doctor".
  12. I do love this "magic" figure of 6. As if its God given that if its 6- its ok. We have a major anniversary coming up and I've told the kids not to travel some 180 miles to see us. Stay away and protect your families. Wife, jokingly (I hope!) said could we have her brother and wife to come instead! Sister in law, after months in an ITU some time ago is excited to be going out (again) with all the family for more lunches. Friends talk of having BBQ's with friends round, separate toilets allocated of course! Has Britain gone mad? What's all this rush to shop and socialise all about. I t
  13. Not so funny really. You awake from a deep sleep, grab and try to correctly fit fire fighting gear in the middle of night, then make good decisions that maybe are life changing. Rapid fuel for the brain and body.
  14. Morning, Nice to hear from someone who sets their own agenda rather than slavishly follow instructions from politicians. Good on you mate. Bank holiday coming up so lets pray for bad weather and hopefully the rush down here in Devon to lick an ice cream on a crowded beach will not happen. When the shops opened down here the rush was awful.
  15. Yep, in the same boat. Pardon the pun! Long drive to Portsmouth, long drive westbound to the French Atlantic coast. We would be no better than Cummings wandering through France with a rise in infection and the risk of breakdown in a country already starting to suffer again. Sadly, a place in France, then wandering through the country, improving our efforts to speak the language well are slowly drifting from our minds. It doesn't help that we have money invested in BF with unused tickets and vouchers and then maybe, just maybe, lose our Plymouth-Roscoff link will be the final straw.
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