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  1. Keep fighting everyone. Hope it turns a corner. The sun is shining down here and it raises the spirit. Most people are so kind. The neighbour one side is diabetic .The other side has had pleurisy, the partner has an enlarged heart. All are younger than me by 6 years and I'm fit! They have offered to help me and my wife! Made me smile. Wifes cousins husband, a retired Doctor irons his daily newspaper and puts magazines in the oven at 175 deg to kill the virus. We shall have him sectioned. Stu
  2. We used to use the 9C category (the "C" means comfort, "for your confort"), but like you we discovered that its not amendable on line. So we book without using the 9C category but instead ring up a few days before and get it changed. They always warn that it may not be available with such short notice but we never lost out. In fact, on one time I forgot the get the 9C and my dear wife, who has ataxia, said she would try without the facility of parking close to the lifts. She managed it and it gave her a real boost to not take a slot by the lifts and help others who really need it! Stu
  3. My sons elderly neighbour has received a note from his GP telling him that as he has a stent fitted plus a pacemaker and has been through prostate cancer he has been assessed as 80% chance of not surviving so its suggested that he self isolates from his wife if possible. Bet that cheered him up!
  4. Interesting exercise yesterday. My wife and I have an online order in now with only 2 more weeks to go until we get (maybe) some food from a large supermarket . We thought we might try a small local market just down the road. Always avoided it due to the overpriced organic food. Boy, it was being restocked with local veg and had a good supply of meat etc AND no overcrowding with the usual supermarket push and shoving. So impressed we thought we would try another country market shop. Even more good food. And we were the only customers! An absolute pleasure. No customers at the time so interaction with other humans was minimal. We've been thinking of how BoJo will police our movements and it started a conversation of when we last saw a Police officer down our lane. I said a couple of years ago. Wife said 2006 so we settled on that. In isolation in the Shires, Stu
  5. This is what I got from BF yesterday from- 1."The voucher is valid for one year and may be redeemed against any future sailing or inclusive holiday with Brittany Ferries" I take this to mean that I can book a crossing up to 364 days from now for a crossing up to November 2021(end of the timetable) and still meet the requirement of using the ticket within one year ) .2.This is what I read on BF website- "Any refund voucher issued to you will be valid for two years from its date of issue (for a journey starting before its expiry) and cannot be converted into cash. The voucher, which is non-transferable, will be issued in the name of the Lead Name. This seems to be at odds with item 1 above! This journey has to start within the voucher 2 years validity but is more restricted by the amount of time available left until the following timetable is issued. So why issue 2 validity periods, odd or what?
  6. Well said. In all this, Supermarkets, freedom to roam anywhere we want, job security, schooling, life in general comes nowhere near the real truth in all this. This has shown us that we need an expanded health care system to prop up our society. It was sadly underfunded and understaffed and ill equipped. Never again surely. To "optimism and determination" I would add learning about life. Sister in law, who has received a refund from P&O for her cancelled cruise with the family (she does about 2-3 a year) has told us that she is having second thoughts! That's after being in intensive care a couple of years ago, heart ops, breathing problems, incontinence and depleted memory.The sun shone a few days ago, so she went out and had a pub lunch! Stu
  7. Nope. Sailing on 10th April.
  8. I think BF have just pressed the "refund them" button. This virus hurts all of us including BF. They give me a voucher then pull the service to save them money, but could cost me a lot more (changed routes etc).Its not just a voucher for the money I've not lost, Its me accepting that I have faith that BF will still be around for 12 months at least. So, lets start again BF. "We would prefer that you accept a voucher valid for 18months. In that way you will be supporting us through this difficult time. I means a lot to our company and our staff. Thank you" The savvy customer will want the cash back. So will the not so well off. Think about it? Stu
  9. Be fair. We are all in it. Give them a break. Stu
  10. Oh no! From HMG-The Foreign & Commonwealth Office advises British nationals aged 70 and over and those with pre-existing health conditions against cruise ship travel at this time. I suppose it doesn't help that BF call a ferry a "cruise ferry". Can't see the travel insurance people paying up now. I'm 75 and as fit as a fiddle as well. Stu
  11. That bookings are down is a fact BUT really, profit and loss relies on income in and costs to get to cover that. Demand, pricing and currency and the cost of debts etc. influence that. Then there is the value of their assets. Is something worth what a new one would cost, worth what its present/future monetary value is, worth x amount on what returns it makes, its scrap value or even a value based of earning revenue etc. Mix all this into an accountants pot and they will tell you all is fine or not depending on what they want as a result to be made public or kept confidential. Its in times like this that confidence is needed. The opposite will only pull things down. Toodle pip Stu
  12. Talking of "Chariot" tokens, did you know that Intermarche will give you a plastic token if you ask at the info desk. Its free as well. Don't tell Greta its plastic though! It fits most of the others like Leclerc. I'm off now Toddle pip
  13. Don't defrag any SSD. Win 10 still refers to it and needs to be selected off. Samsung SSDs have all the info included to clone the working system over to the SSD. Strip out as much rubbish as you can (try "PC Decrapifier " or do it manually thru "CC cleaner") and it will run pretty well. Only annoying thing is MS updates that try their best to not allow non MS software to run. I've got some old RAM cards that might help you to increase the ram but older 'putters don't generally have enough slots. Win 10 home stripped of rubbish and no games will run on less than 80GB if you try. Stu
  14. Big change for me next year. Instead of booking 6 returns (and paying any amendment fees if I change) I have opted for 4 flexi outbounds and only 1 booked return. I'm hoping that this will give me greater flexibility and considerable savings on picking up any discount bargains on return economy ticket crossings without any deposit being paid. I also will stay longer in France to avoid at least 2 extra crossings as I normally do, just to go home and cut the grass! At years end I shall see if I saved anything on my annual spend. I believe I can do it. Thanks BF.😎 Stu
  15. Do Club members get a further discount and does it apply to one way tickets? Happy new year Stu
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