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  1. Been investigating whether to go back to the gym. 1. Govt say open 'em- so must be safe surely? 2. Feedback says "staff wonderful". Even supplied umbrellas for queueing in the rain! Big deal. Better check out what the medics, science etc and the general public think (friends and family)- crickey, its a bit one sided now. They mostly say leave it for now. Don't go near them. Can't blame the young and full hardy thinking that going back to old ways almost carries a seal of approval in their eyes. If the FCO remove the warning it must be safe, right? I've been really impressed in talking to family how responsible they are and where they see the right balance to all this. Keeping positive. Stu
  2. In our motor homing daze we noticed a French Camping car on site had a rabbit running around in the "garage" part of their van. How sweet we said until we realised the poor thing might actually be dinner for the owner. French way of things of course I suppose. Stu
  3. Report by BBC on the way the UK government handled the situation. It maybe "public health" but " C19 herd immunity" was not based on any concrete evidence at all it seems. It stood a chance of 60% of the population getting it with unknown damage to their bodies or death to the vulnerable. The lockdown started too late and should have been selective to be effective. I'm always amazed at how few people understand that you start with what you want or need to achieve then work back to do so. Constant reassessment on the way also. The crumbs of Government policy dropping on to my plate have done nothing to me to say I think we are going the right way. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-53433824
  4. The Hyper Casino south of Landivisiau on the road to Sizun similar as above comments. Walked in, walked out, didnt bother!
  5. Theres a good reasonable size Super U in st Pol. Sorry, just noticed you knew that already Nottingham.
  6. Thanks Paully. Unfortunately an IDP would not be issued with an extended expiry date only whats on my UK DL card. But look what I found- Covid-19: validity of a European driver's licence extended by 7 months June 17, 2020 The 2020/698 Regulation (EU) of 25 May 2020 extends the validity of a European driver's licence. A licence that expires between the 1Er February 2020 and August 31, 2020 remains valid for 7 months from the end of validity date indicated if it is issued by one of the following states: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, United Kingdom, Slovakia, Sweden. Brilliant news for me
  7. Good post Millsy. Chin up. Maybe you take control back with your Dad. When it all kicked off I listened to the science, then watched the slogans, then was aghast at the politics. I worried about my age, my wife and my kids and their families. Then our leaders gave us dates for this opening and dates for that starting again. Almost as if they knew what they were talking about. I'm reminded of what Stephen Fry said. Listen to the scientists and experts. They say "maybe" "just don't know" etc. Then more promises and plans of everything better by years end. Oh, and Brexit is coming along nicely. Snake oil salesman springs to mind. I have no idea what I'm allowed to do or on what days. My wife and I wear our masks, have become fans of online food shopping and have a plan that we control. How can I take seriously anyone who thinks its ok for his staff to drive around just to test their eyes work ok on public roads or is unable to string a sentence together. Stu
  8. Hi all, Still waiting for DVLA to finalise arranging eye tests with opticians to cover those of us who require a regular 3 yearly test in order to kept our UK driving licence. In the mean time I'm able to continue driving in the UK under Section 88 of the Road Traffic Act which allows me to drive until DVLA says otherwise. No one can predict the future with a big backlog at the DVLA and also Opticians serving urgent customers who have missed out regular tests. Up to 16th week of "we will let you know in 12 weeks" of the log jam. I can't even use my international driving permit as mine has "expired" based on my old Driving Lic expiry date. Anybody know of any method I could use to drive in France legally within French law using section 88 of the uk RTAct? Thanks Stu
  9. Been with Nationwide for a few years now. After the removal of a small interest payment for having a FlexPlus account, which negated half the monthly charge, then the monthly charge went up got me looking at what I really got from "free" travel insurance and breakdown cover. Add the extra fee for "age" cover plus "Covid cover only covered if I booked before March- what is a "booking" if its frequently been amended to a booking after March? Little "get out clauses" sneaking in for my liking. So I checked having coverage away from what the big banks offer. At Christmas 2019 the insurance market seemed to be level in cost with the offering from a Nationwide account. Wife and I both have loaded Caxton FX cards but after the Wire AG thing we have reduced our money held quite substantially in these cards. Hardly used them much in France over the years except for cash, then realised we were walking around with too much cash. And as has been happening over the last 3 months and previously in France we just didnt use cash much at all, just a Visa credit card. Even our insurer in France (Groupama) last year stopped taking "payment traditionale" and now take a credit card instead.
  10. Yep David, learnt that along time ago. So with a day or so to go before departure I used to phone up (remember those days?) and ask to park near a lift. "May not be possible etc" back came a new version email ticket with "needs assistance" or whatever as an amendment at no charge. Stu
  11. My wife struggles ok with getting from car to the lift but stairs are out for her (and me to steady her) even if stairs are closer to our car. We have for the past year or so not booked as requiring assistance so as to be near a lift. We felt there were others who really did need it more esp at holiday times. So will non stairs peeps be able to chose a lift and take a little longer to get up and down to the car deck? Stu
  12. There is NO amendment fee more than 4 hours before the sailing of the outbound sailing. As its a one way ticket the "outbound" sailing is a new booking so its not outbound from the UK. Its as stated on the ticket (ie France, Spain etc). I checked this with BF when these new ticket types were introduced. I was advised to book separate tickets for the flexibility I wanted. For amendment within the 4 hours there is a £20 charge. But if BF cancel your UK outbound. You alone can amend your return freely. Stu
  13. Don't book returns. One way, each leg. You lose some flexibility in the booking /amendment process buying returns. Also a return "flexi" losses some amendment advantages. BF cancel the outbound crossing but I've been able to "amend my booking" easily for the return. Not sure if the system adjusts the prices on one way tickets but with recent events its got to be the way to go. You take back control from BF what you do to the return not them. Stu
  14. Did 8 years on the TriStar L1011all versions. I'm afraid it made the Death Cruiser 10 look rather a truck of the skies. P-M (Pure...Magic). Stu
  15. Morning All, Talking of prices. Thought I would use up a voucher (RCN) and upgrade the cabin we have outbound in August. We always get a Club cabin on the Arm but using the "amend your trip" facility I noticed a Club Super cabin (love the name-not) was only a tenner more than the listed Club cabin. I'll have a bit of that! Shock, when the final cost pops up the whole ticket has increased by £30! What's going on here? Has the crossing price gone up after I've paid for it during the amendment process? Most annoying trying to upgrade a cabin then pay more than the published price. Ah well, their loss. Must "stay alert" more. SFD
  16. straightfeed

    New Look Revealed

    Morning David, Lockdown getting to you ? Steady man Best ,Stu
  17. We've come across this "no couples in here" bit. My wife can't cope without her walker or hanging onto a supermarket trolley. So picking anything from a shelf involves grabbing anything nearby including any display! But no, I'm not allowed in with her. Where did this rule come from? The other day B and Q allowed a couple in front of me to go in together. Shame on them! Stu
  18. And the fire/bomb evacuation plan is what? Any pics of this? This could tell the world that we're not very good at dealing with a pandemic !!! Never shirly. Toodle Pip
  19. The August holiday shutdown of manufacturing businesses in France no longer amuses me quite so much now. The priority now is to get business producing and selling, kids at school, hospital beds freed up for thousands who who have ongoing care needs and the economy up and running. Beaches, lying in the sun etc can wait. We've all seen a cleaner planet crawl out from under this. The seasons slowly change still. I just need a safer place, holidays can wait. Stu
  20. Get that in the Daily Mail and BoJo will promise that for us next Wednesday.
  21. In my early heady daze when flying for Big Airways we had been allocated an African route in exchange for one of our prosperous routes under Mrs T's reign. Took the company ages to realise the bar uplift was double the previous airlines! Hic Stu (you haven't seen me right?)
  22. Oops! Roscoff -Plymouth carries less passengers but that equals an 11% increase! Get me the name of their accountant. Love it. Stu
  23. As I understand it any relaxation of lockdown allowed by the French Government will be left to each department Prefecture to decide how and when they allow such changes. So, opening of campsites etc may be only by permission given locally after I would guess that an inspection has been made and restrictions on activities imposed. Stu
  24. When all this kicked off, with the Govt talking about those over 70 as a special case etc ,I firmly believed that unless one puts that in a "box" it will eat ones mind away. This is much the same as going back to France again this year. Another idle moment-say we could, just say, we might make France in June. Another dream to sit in my simple brain. Then reality strikes. Letter pops through the box, remember letters? Crickey, driving licence expires in June. Need an Optician for an eye test. DVLA say as they are closed, you can still drive if you satisfy Section 88 of the Road Traffic Act but need a GP to see me. But is an expired DL with a UK Section 88 exemption valid in France? More worries. But say I don't go to France in June but go later in the year when I get the all the licence thing resolved-no problems now. Problem solved and no worries now! How cleaver am I? Glass of red on the patio and think how its nice here. A few more phone calls to old friends maybe, always great to hear they are still alive. And no chance of giving the French people our virus or clogging up their health system. We'll go when they are ready. Stu
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