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    Slightly off topic but still hopefully under "Refund". So far this years 6 visits to France have been rather altered due to upcoming hospital operations. Put myself down for any cancellations at Hospital in order to be flexible. This needed some juggling and guesswork but I'm getting there. This has resulted in having to change the odd trip, out of the expensive summer schedules. I get an updated invoice from BF with a refund due "by application". Does this mean that if I don't apply the money is forgotten or even applied to times when a final balance on another trip is due? The refund seems to take 28 days! In all this I checked my credit card bills the other day and over one day BF deducted £70 then returned same amount. No idea what that was about! I know they've had an "interesting" year so far but I do wonder if somethings at Bf are behind the ball a bit. Anyone else had odd billing moments? Stu PS. Up awake again but drugs now at an end ,so far.
  2. The earth is flat, Coriolis effect pulls planes round! Bye Stu
  3. It would if left to do so. Generally rudder and rudder trim is added initially to make the plane go in a straight line. Its now skidding sideways. At full power on one engine it will be required by certification to demonstrate a maximum (generally 5 degrees) roll towards the operating engine using ailerons and or spoilers on the wing as well as rudder trim in order to maintain control . All this creates drag so costs fuel. Subject to satisfactory speed and flying attitude its often better to reduce power on the "good" engine. Stu
  4. David, you didn't mean that surely. Would your plan cover standby of the underfunded French sea rescue and RNLI just incase the ship fails the test and is too close to a shore or traffic. I would expect any test (without pax) would include extreme manoeuvres to test the integrity of the repair. It would certainly require a sea state that may not fit a timetable.I'm afraid the mentality of tick boxes won't do. Stu Testing is just that. Its not exercise to subject the public to any danger at all.
  5. Thanks for that. I think we shall go as you said, down past Home Park. Used to go that way but when they opened the route down to the Barbican that's the way weve been using for a couple of years now. Have the city council given a finishing date for the road works? Thanks again
  6. Coming from Exeter direction down the A38 we take Embankment , go left just before Charles Church roundabout to the Barbican area and then left at the Duke of Cornwall to Milbay. So we skirt a block from C Church roundabout. What do you think Bisnick? Any problems for us? We take the 0800 to Roscoff. on the 28th of this month.. Thanks Stu
  7. Aha, another person that starts a sentence with "SO". This is slowly replacing "like" as the repeated word of the decade. "Tossing" anything on this forum will get the ire of the mods. I know. Recently saw an obituary on a guy which summed him up.---" "xxxxx" was a very knowledgeable chap and keen to pass this on to others." Larf. Sorry for the early hours posting but my medicine gets me up at this hour. I wonder what its doing to my brain? Toodle pip, Stu
  8. Beat that. Once got up to version 14! All this uncertainty doesn't do anybody any good. If you can, try rebooking away from using BF for your hols for the immediate future. Or amend your crossing for much later in the year. If you haven't found anything that suits just amend it to next year when the timetables come out. (yeah, I know you're investing in BF sort of but if you paid with a credit card you will get your money back. All this talk of compensation doesn't cover the pain of long drives, finding hotels, getting receipts and praying BF will cover it. The sad fact is we are losing control here. Yes, I know peeps have leave /holidays booked with their job but how many have taken positive steps that PA will not be back for months. Take control. I'm bloody sure BF aren't at the moment. They are just working on a "maybe" guess on a day to day basis. Head down. SFD
  9. In 2017 I turned up at check in with a booking at Amendment 13! Sometimes the computer system increases the amendment count even without changing anything. The process just seems to count up even if I abort the change sometimes. We used to book and tick the box that asks if you need assistance. This restricts chances of amending bookings. When my dear wife found out about it she insisted she would cope on the car deck without assistance, thus enabling us to amend as we need. Stu
  10. Try it. See if the computer says "no" Stu
  11. AIS looks like Pont is getting to Brest in a series of straight lines this morning! Steering? Stu
  12. Sorry to hear this Jason. BF don't know if you were able to be flexible on this. Many years ago I got "caught" the same way. But, there is another way. If you can afford it and you still want to travel on BF, then instead of cancelling why not amend your trip to some later date. Possibly to a date well outside the busy summer period. This may get you a part refund if its cheaper.!Then when you are ready to travel again just use that booking and amend it again to suit you then. No extra cost to you and BF has your money for when you are ready. We commute a lot to France between Spring and late Autumn but I get my bookings done when the timetables are released and amend any that don't fit in as the year progresses. This gives us flexibility to get home quickly for upcoming hospital operations at a moments notice and last year and up to April this year rushing home as my wifes uncle was in a care home and very frail (now deceased). This flexibility from BF has allowed us to continue to enjoy ferry crossings with BF and keep visiting our place in France with life constantly changing around us. I cant think of any other travel company that is so flexible. I'm grateful. Stu
  13. Oh dear, last time our commented on our excellent and honest press as above I got deleted by the Mods. So I wont say a thing. Oh God I just did. Silly me! Stu
  14. Is it me? Link not working. Do others have the same result? Stu
  15. I've seen loads of "EU funded boards" in Cornwall. I see only a few "Tulips" turned up at Plymouth Docks. Didn't the old Liberal party try to get Proportional Representation as a voting mechanism accepted sometime in the 70's? It was rejected by Parliament I believe. Isn't that what we had in the Referendom? One person, one vote, first past the post! Referenda -best left to the Swiss me thinks. Stu
  16. Oh dear. This means Armorique will have to cancel its slow cruise down past Cornwall before she sets off to Roscoff. Brilliant fuel saving for BF, less time in bed though for the poor customers. I presume this Farcebook mob will get a paid days work in before blockading begins in the evening. This is one of the most stupid things I've heard for ages. Hit the very company (BF) that is going to help the UK to get medicines and material in to survive Brexit. Tulips all of them Stu
  17. Crickey, My son demonstrated a Flettner rotor during his Craft, Design and Tech course at school 30 years ago. His small boat moved along by Mums hairdryer. All in the bath! Tell BF that it works, go for it. Stu
  18. In my flying days I regularly flew Paris CDG flights and we used to rush it along and get doors closed before Air France and ask for push back. Nope, not before the Air France with loading not finished and doors open. We tried everything to beat them to London. And we did, great fun. Stu
  19. I appreciate the worry facing the traveller abroad. But I'm frequently amazed how little control people take over their travel plans. Most have an attitude of it'll be alright having put all their plans in somebody elses hands. We spend Spring to Autumn (6 crossings) in Brittany but I constantly run through an exercise of "what if" this or that doesn't fall into place or is it a bad choice I've made. Its not worry, its being in control as much as possible. If its said that Paris is best avoided-don't go there. If there is the slightest chance that I have to drive at night in France just to catch a ferry I won't do it. I'm 74 so we will go back to our "shed" in Brittany and relax. We've long since stopped taking "holidays". Instead we live in France sometimes and live life just as we do in the UK. Life in Brittany suits us just fine and should any "must see" destinations come up then I may just get around to seeing it some day (maybe !). Be in control. Stu
  20. Just read that. Its not getting any better is it? Stu
  21. Been signaled up by my Malwarebytes checker that shipspotting .com tried to introduce a trojan on my 'puter. Stu
  22. That's strange as my Aviva policy breakdown on total cost shows an extra amount for "foreign use". Checked on phoning them and its the added premium for having fully comp abroad. So, I assume its an added extension that one could delete if not required or have I been duped into paying for something that was included anyway(as above). Also Aviva use 2 terms for driving abroad.- "Continental cover" and "Foreign use". Clear as mud! Stu
  23. Yippee! At great inconvenience to me I have a "Green card" ( a flimsy bit of paper actually). Plus the IDP, I feel I'm ready for the Continent. I just hope the lovely lady doesn't let me down and secure an agreement with that EU lot. Never felt so secure as the day I got my yellow vests, alcohol testers, warning triangle, GB plate, beam benders and spare bulbs. Now for a great season. Stu
  24. You are lucky. Aviva would only promise a green card valid until end April, why I don't know. I wonder if I could buy a green card on the dark web, whatever that is? I want to go back to the old days when I took £50 abroad and had a stamp in my passport stamped by the NatWest manager. I also expect to be asked what is the purpose of my visit on entry and a full examination of my 3 duty free bottles. Toodle pip Stu
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