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  1. I've only gorn and dunnit! A trip to France now I think before Plan B or C. BoJo only managed one daft phrase in the briefing "Get hand on the tiller" so I thought I'm off travelling before total Christmas lockdown (plan C I think.) This is easy. Order test day 2 for 2. First DPD van arrives, blocks country lane and brings traffic to a stop. Guy wanders into large drive I have, head down communicating with his idiot talking box. Larf, hes about to walk into my flower bed. Gets to door, shouting "get back". " I need to take a picture of your open door." I really cant stop giggling at his absurdness !!! Next dpd van swings into drive 2 mins after first guy. Nice lady driver gets out shouting into talking box. Thinking I know the SP on all this I ask if she wants to take a picture of my door. Nope, we are supposed to take a picture of your feet but I dont bother. I tell her my shoes are filthy as Ive been concreting. Shall I get a clean pair of shoes on? Shouting into box she departs or does one say "super depart". New lingo! Will my boots now be on TikTok or Twitter! Crack a glass of red. I feel I've been attacked by Tesla zombies.
  2. Must be checked in by depart minus 90 mins so the they will be turned away surely.
  3. Does the Roscoff terminal building stay open all night to serve these very early departures? Well, 7.30 am latest checking is early for me! Just might need a pee after a 2 hour drive? Thanks
  4. The UK Gov has changed things . Have they? Whats the betting on the price of a simplified Antigen test through test labs/postage/return postage plus a "free" PCR test if you are positive? We shall see.. Has this rip off game ended?
  5. We have a system that is unique. Double jabbed, we have to buy our way back into our own country using a system that was set up with no regulation, very expensive and charged us VAT as well. It clearly has not had the effect of regenerating the holiday industry abroad. Its produced a cost burden for the average family. Any other countries do the same?
  6. Been looking at the new BF website. Can't amend due to Customer services (blah, blah etc) Road map, traffic lights, updates by 1st Oct,new BF website, PCR,Antigen........... I've slowly realised quite frankly that I cant be bothered anymore with France/BF and UK Gov. Time to move on.
  7. Thanks Ed. I'll get back to you if Uncle wants to travel over to the UK. He is now in contact with the hospital so his main concern appears to be having his sons house locked up securely. We shall see what he wants to do.
  8. Thanks again, really appreciated. I wanted to get this lined up for uncle before he commits to travel. At the mo he is trying to find out if the para medics locked his home (he lives alone) after they took him away. Chris was found unconscious by a delivery man. The hospital nurse says he is improving but his Doc at Derriford hospital says its not looking good. We have found his cleaning lady who knows where a key may be. Thanks again. Stu
  9. Thanks everyone for the replies. Great help. What French form would be needed to show Uncle has had both jabs and more importantly what forms would be acceptable to the UK authorities to get into the UK?
  10. Morning All, Need some help please. I'm up to date with what France and the UK want from me as regards the procedure and tests to enter France and return to the UK but my wife is trying to deal with an elderly uncle living in France who is thinking of visiting his son in hospital down here in Devon. We think he holds a UK passport and some residence status in France. I presume he would need the same tests we would need to enter the uk or return to France. Would he have to quarantine in the UK? We were thinking of putting him up at our home. Any thoughts please? Any body know what the rules are on someone from abroad visiting a son in hospital in a non covid ward. Son is in Derriford hospital in Plymouth. He also may want to visit the sons house in Cornwall to check everything is ok but we are really struggling with the idea of offering him to stay with us after visiting the uk capital of covid ( Cornwall ).
  11. Booked already on PA thanks. The problem is if France goes red and we have say 2 days to get home or have to pay for quarantine of 2 for 10 days when back in the UK if we dont make it by the deadline.
  12. Had an email from BF saying two of my crossings are cancelled out of Plymouth. Armorique pulled away from Plymouth again! This is explained as "until 31st October." Hang on, Plymouth shuts down then through the winter. Nearly fooled me that one! Better look at things again. Covid tracker.fr really warming up with more and more cases. Will France go RED? I've looked at every possible "what if " and the heavy costs attached to of all this and realised I'm wasting my time and need to get a life.
  13. Admins- How about a survey yes or no how many members ,double jabbed would travel on BF within the next two months if the UK gov removed the day 2 test right now? Then it might be picked up my some jurnno ready for BoJo to read in his daily comic. Stu
  14. Thanks Yorky. Do you have a fixed number of days that you are covered for foreign travel or is it unlimited? My renewal last March went through the roof with an increase of 30% so I was attracted to the Post Office deal. Then when I was getting over being smug at how clever I had been they sent me a thank you voucher of £30. Was I lucky? Seems not! Stu
  15. Well, I decided to play ball and apply for my green cards (one for each trip). I ask for the exact date of between my crossings. "Hang on" say I, what if BF cancel my crossing due say for weather. Reply "you will have to apply for another GC!" What say I. You will post a new GC to my home address, in the UK allowing 21 days before travel. Doesn't work. What you can do says nice lady, just apply for longer GC in the first place BUT we will need to check that your trips do not exceed your paid for days of coverage in the policy. We check that you dont exceed the 30,60, 90 days whatever is in your policy! I did explain that I'm quite grown up now and do understand what the rules are. So what ever the requirements are to have a GC is now used by insurance companies to check on that one keeps to the paid for foreign cover limits. You over state the days away to cover yourself and it eats into the paid for block of insurance company cover. The green card is now used by insurance companies for their purpose not just for meeting any legal requirement that may or may not exist. Also, I never give my dates away from home to anyone except my keyholder and of course to buy the ticket. Now my insurance company knows all. This is as bad as the old days when people put their address on their luggage going on their hols only to see that loaders at airports selling the details down the pub that Mr and Mrs X are away abroad.
  16. Trying to think what the mighty might have up its sleeve to inflict on us next got me thinking. If BoJo stops to think "crickey, I've given some perks to those jonny foreigners from the EU and US, how about we do the same for the Brits?" Better throw in a test or two to slow the blighters down. Hang on "is there VAT on the tests-call Rishi, the boy wonder" Loverley Jubleee. sorted. Stu
  17. Hi, Welcome. Years ago I found that booking "disabled" rather screwed us for amending things on line. So I booked a non disabled ticket (allowing me greater flexibility. Then nearer the time I ring up asking to be put nearer the lifts. Fine, "see what they can do etc "but cant be certain we will get near the lifts they warn. Never had a problem, always helped by the loading staff. Ringing up is a bit of a non existant pastime at the mo until all this covid thing passes. We dont bother with a "disabled" ticket now. We cope ok.
  18. There must be someone who knows the latest requirements! BF could send a runner over to the the little immigration cabins and ask Pierre or Bob what the latest ill thought out scheme respective Governments have told them to work to for the day. Get on the blower to Roscoff etc, swap the news. Sorted! Bish Bosh. D I Law and I try to out do each other in "knowing" what the latest garbage is from respective governments are only to trump each other with newer news. Great fun.
  19. When ID cards came in at work (maybe the '70's) the less responsible of us had great delight in knifing down one edge of the ID pass and inserting any old photo. Your pet dog was popular and so was Danny le rue in drag! Happy daze Stu
  20. One car only on the drive now plus I use all the old car batteries we went through that had lost cranking power but very suitable for solar storage on simple things like lighting sheds, garages, garden buildings, security etc. Never throw my old car batteries away. Some are 10 years old. Shocked at the piles of "dead" batteries I see at garages. Another thing is the push to have smart meters. Smart people are all that is needed. In a few years someone has got the take a pic of old outdated Smart Meters being trashed for recycling. The push for selling EV's should be less about the car but more about how smart we may be in our choices.
  21. Yeh Terry. Thanks due as well. We're are in the same boat (sorry). Down here in the Plymouth we have lost Armorique in exchange for PA. At best ,in non covid times the unholy scramble for breakfast always resulted in a race around the selfservice cafe and off to the cabin with our £8 allowance in whatever I could grab. Hardly luxury travel. Add the testing and costs and its all a no brainer.
  22. I have a car insurance certificate that as far as I can see has all the requirements of a "Green Card" clearly printed on the back (0bverse?). Get a letter from the insurer that I need to apply for a Green Card before departure stating departure and return dates now. Now, the EU or is it the Daily Mail have decided we don't need them. But have the French Government ratified the EU agreement? With the cost of testing, continual updating of BF sailings, trying to follow what the hell each UK gov plan is and what daft name they use(are we going from a "road map "to a "footpath "policy on the 9th or is it the 23rd?) Who cares anymore? Our local market has a sign saying one customer only OR one "double bubble". This is madness. We really have to get out of this mess and get back to a better life.
  23. Some time ago now but I remember the runway at At Marys had a nasty upward slope at the threshold. Nearly caught me out to use full power to land as I was flying a heavily loaded, oldish, underpowered plane hired by my friend. Wife said I looked very serious!
  24. Best side of Pont Aven - Can't resist,sorry. The stern when its leaving Plymouth! It is too big for Plymouth. Takes ages to load and unload at tiny Plymouth. I once asked a Pont staff member where cabin xxxx was to be told "Don't know that one, I'll ask another staff member". We love the little Armorique and a Club cabin with a window . Bish Bosh Roscoff. Sorry, on a high at the moment as No2 Son, lovely wife and daughter due this week after not seeing them for 18 months. Have a great day. SFD
  25. Why not use the press for advertising? Perish the thought. I'm sure some Jurno would take a bung or two or even a free holiday. We used to fly travel agent staff for long weekend free bees to Florida. Bet they didn't stop talking about it to customers in their in their shop. SFD
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