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  1. I've seen loads of "EU funded boards" in Cornwall. I see only a few "Tulips" turned up at Plymouth Docks. Didn't the old Liberal party try to get Proportional Representation as a voting mechanism accepted sometime in the 70's? It was rejected by Parliament I believe. Isn't that what we had in the Referendom? One person, one vote, first past the post! Referenda -best left to the Swiss me thinks. Stu
  2. Oh dear. This means Armorique will have to cancel its slow cruise down past Cornwall before she sets off to Roscoff. Brilliant fuel saving for BF, less time in bed though for the poor customers. I presume this Farcebook mob will get a paid days work in before blockading begins in the evening. This is one of the most stupid things I've heard for ages. Hit the very company (BF) that is going to help the UK to get medicines and material in to survive Brexit. Tulips all of them Stu
  3. Crickey, My son demonstrated a Flettner rotor during his Craft, Design and Tech course at school 30 years ago. His small boat moved along by Mums hairdryer. All in the bath! Tell BF that it works, go for it. Stu
  4. In my flying days I regularly flew Paris CDG flights and we used to rush it along and get doors closed before Air France and ask for push back. Nope, not before the Air France with loading not finished and doors open. We tried everything to beat them to London. And we did, great fun. Stu
  5. I appreciate the worry facing the traveller abroad. But I'm frequently amazed how little control people take over their travel plans. Most have an attitude of it'll be alright having put all their plans in somebody elses hands. We spend Spring to Autumn (6 crossings) in Brittany but I constantly run through an exercise of "what if" this or that doesn't fall into place or is it a bad choice I've made. Its not worry, its being in control as much as possible. If its said that Paris is best avoided-don't go there. If there is the slightest chance that I have to drive at night in France just to catch a ferry I won't do it. I'm 74 so we will go back to our "shed" in Brittany and relax. We've long since stopped taking "holidays". Instead we live in France sometimes and live life just as we do in the UK. Life in Brittany suits us just fine and should any "must see" destinations come up then I may just get around to seeing it some day (maybe !). Be in control. Stu
  6. Just read that. Its not getting any better is it? Stu
  7. Been signaled up by my Malwarebytes checker that shipspotting .com tried to introduce a trojan on my 'puter. Stu
  8. That's strange as my Aviva policy breakdown on total cost shows an extra amount for "foreign use". Checked on phoning them and its the added premium for having fully comp abroad. So, I assume its an added extension that one could delete if not required or have I been duped into paying for something that was included anyway(as above). Also Aviva use 2 terms for driving abroad.- "Continental cover" and "Foreign use". Clear as mud! Stu
  9. Yippee! At great inconvenience to me I have a "Green card" ( a flimsy bit of paper actually). Plus the IDP, I feel I'm ready for the Continent. I just hope the lovely lady doesn't let me down and secure an agreement with that EU lot. Never felt so secure as the day I got my yellow vests, alcohol testers, warning triangle, GB plate, beam benders and spare bulbs. Now for a great season. Stu
  10. You are lucky. Aviva would only promise a green card valid until end April, why I don't know. I wonder if I could buy a green card on the dark web, whatever that is? I want to go back to the old days when I took £50 abroad and had a stamp in my passport stamped by the NatWest manager. I also expect to be asked what is the purpose of my visit on entry and a full examination of my 3 duty free bottles. Toodle pip Stu
  11. Managed to get the promise of a Green Card. Expected in 10 days they say using business post! Insurer says only valid until end April. Basically 1 month validity. If we leave without a deal on the 29th March you will need to apply 10 days before if you need one in April. If this is procedure is industry wide and your away abroad after end April you will have to reapply. My insurer says they will accept an email request. So if you are still abroad after end April you better nip home and check you snail mail or get a friend to send it to you. Madness Stu
  12. I did notice that if you start a booking and change your mind, theres no way to cancel or delete my choices that comes easily to hand. So, I just close the site and that's it for me. Used to say "new quotation?". Just click that then close the page. Now I get an email saying BF noticed I didn't finish my booking. So that goes in the junk box. Its getting like those infuriating popups asking for feed back when I've finished. All that does is cause me to shout at the screen to "B -off". Its certainly a cleaner booking site but with flaws. Generally, the internet is becoming clogged up with crap.
  13. Whatever side you are on the B****t thing, this Grayling fellow has to GO. He arrived at Dawlish the other day to announce some money may be going to build a bigger sea wall to save the rail line. My heart sank when, there he was on TV giving all his promises some airtime. I expect a cockup. Go away Grayling we cant afford you. Stu
  14. Had to amend a crossing coming up in a few days. For personal reasons we have to stay in the UK at the moment. Ticket fully paid for a long time ago. All amended ok with a small refund due. But, up comes a note saying that the "final" payment will be taken in August. This is no final payment due. Will ring later and clear up this mess. Email arrives with an invoice with the "final" required payment missing. Most odd. Now have to check if a payment really is taken in August. Just another nuisance for me to keep checking. Really not impressed.
  15. Firstly, my apologies to Gareth for my silly cynical attitude. I understand your stance on feeling that BF are not listening. I really do. I'm sure there was a cut off point where management said no more changes. Let the website run. As a result, us poor consumers get the frustration of using it. I must say what a daft time to instigate a new system. Brexit upon us and the resultant uncertainty that brings, Government contracts. Timetable changes as result plus an economic downturn(what ever the reason) and new ships coming online (maybe) plus deposit changes up and down and a new logo to boot. Maybe the powers that be said-"stop, let in run". Lets just have a nice sunny summer. Stu
  16. Yeah, I hear what you say. We'll get the Facilities Management enthusiasts coordinating team get back to you and prioritise our response feedback system to bring you up to speed. An annoying feedback email will be sent and will cover over anything useful on your screen except click bait ads. Right, I'm off to do my PPI claim after I've read some more about where this woman has won a million dollars in Torquay. It's their bat and ball and I'm just a customer. I really get annoyed when I have done nothing on the BF website and up pops a message asking for feedback when I've finished Luckily I've got more sense than to offer feedback. Toodle pip Stu
  17. Before 29th March I'm European, therefore I do not need an IDP in Europe. "Before" is irrelevant. Stu
  18. Good morning "Little Engerlanders" Got it. One brand new International Driving Permit. Post Offices getting up to speed on this now. I do love Post Offices. Regardless of telling the lady what IDP I wanted she checked I had got it right. Now 2 staff members join the session to check all is going well. This is rocking. Now "when am I going on holiday". Being cheeky I said "I don't go on holiday". I live there as it takes me. I might go tomorrow or sat next week or next month. Totally confused she said she would date it from today but I'm losing some days she warned. Will you be going before or after March 29th. Oh God, she is thinking of not giving me one so soon before March 29th. Shut up talking and pay. I have what can only be described as a cheap looking booklet made of material similar to post war ration books with lots of stamps plus exactly what my UK licence says but with half a dozen foreign languages added. A complete waste of time and money. Try this one at POs- "whats in your parcel". "My parcel has no restricted or forbidden items" says I. That won't do- "Whats in it" !!!! I once got told off for not taking my TV licence reminder to be stamped at the PO. It was duly stamped and thrown away by me. Stu
  19. Which ships have this dog kennel/cabin facility so that I can avoid them?
  20. Pics of dogs all over bedding in cabins just make me ill to look at. If dogs are banned from food outlets, how did it become acceptable to have them in cabins? So how do the dogs cope when the owners eat on ships? Leave them on their own in the cabins! When the barking starts I hope BF revisit this decision. Head down, I'll get me shovel! Stu
  21. Thanks Keith. The "new" UK card DL really annoys me. I try to strip out, on my person , all identity to my home address, so that I can safely carry my home house keys. Why carry details of your address along with the keys to get in to it. Remember the days when we opposed identity cards then started to carry driving licences with our identity on it!
  22. Well, been looking at the Post Office website and the Int. Driving Permit issue is available at nearly every PO around me BUT its missing the small key that said its available during working hours. That's odd. Virtually every other service offered is available during opening hours except this IDP! I've checked at the 2 major cities around here (40miles round trip plus city parking charges) and they say the same thing. No phone numbers listed for all POs on the PO website. Despite emailing PO enquires all I get is a reply telling me I need one and to look at the website. Any one have luck in SW England at getting the IDP 1968 convention done? Thanks Stu
  23. HMG allocating £800m and appointing Lawyers to oppose/pay compensation to cover any legal trouble from Le Shuttle being left out of the honey pot! SFD
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