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  1. Slightly off subject but in my flying days a relay radio transmission call was being transmitted by a USAF aircraft for another military aircraft call sign ASCOT xxx. Said USAF aircraft asked which airforce the military ASCOT was from. The reply was classic- "THE ROYAL AIR FORCE". SFD
  2. Depends which direction (east or west) you are going/coming from. Best we have found coming from the east is off at Marsh Mills on the A38, along the embankment (follow the signs to the ferry port). Along Chlamydia Way (or what ever the name is!) down towards the old Charles Church roundabout BUT take the signed left turn before around the back of the new bus station being built and follow the ferry port signs. We have given up on using using the north bound exit way up past Home Park towards the A38 on our late arrival back to the UK as traffic is always heavy PLUS there is no street lighting on the east bound A38 before Marsh Mills. On a wet night its just an accident waiting to happen! We found departing using the reverse of the above route is always heavy traffic leaving the A38, all the way past home park etc, down Union Street. Now, Union Street is something to behold! What must arriving tourists think of that place. Years ago the Devon and Cornwall police said that they used a quarter of their budget on policing Union Street. SFD
  3. I was on the Tuesday sailing and it was all explained to me on board by those lovely Ladies at reception. Thanks Chris
  4. Once had a jolly laugh waiting in the checkin queue at Plymouth watching a couple rearrange everything countless times in and out of every door on their car. He moves bag to rear door, she gets out after he settles into seat and moves said bag to another door. Jump back in car, move forward, do the rearrangement all over again. Wife and I had the giggles watching it all. We started to count the baggage moves, doors open fiasco. I should talk. Every trip seems to be "give me your passport". "I put it up there" "No you didn't,I cant find it" And so it goes on! Bye
  5. What happened to Amorique ex Roscoff afternoon departure 23rd April? Tracking shows a course NW rather than direct Plymouth then a long period drifting to the east with little progress north and then return to Roscoff. Another hold off Roscoff harbour. She seems to be on time and course returning to Roscoff overnight. Will ask staff on our trip back to Plymouth today. Stu
  6. Hi Anna, Sorry to hear about your dilemma. Do be careful about asking someone to carry something for you (I'm sure you knew that already). As we left for France the other day we were asked by security at the departing port if all the contents of our heavily laden car was ours, did we pack it all and has it been out of our sight since packing. You may inadvertently cause some bother for that passenger that tries to help. Also, remember that BF may have security officials travelling on your trip and spy your unusual package if you carry it on your person. Security on Ferries has been tightened, most is unseen. Good luck Stu
  7. Being a newbie to this big ship thing I noticed a reference to "being in ballast" above. Assuming that its probably sea water that is used for ballast how is corrosion inside the tanks minimised and is it not environmentally a no-no to transport this water and then dump it miles away. How does that work?
  8. Oh, how lucky we are. Live in a national park in lovely leafy Devon (or cut off as the kids tell us!). 20 mins to the Plymouth Ferry. Hot chocolate drink on the Armorique watching blighty disappear, breakfast calls followed by a senior moment in the cabin, cheery Bonjour to the friendly immigration guy then a gentle couple of hours drive through the Armorique park for a couple of weeks in our "Shedeau" by the sea! Do it every month from April to October until the visitors leave the South West of England. Bish, Bosh, sorted! What traffic? Summers coming. You haven't seen me right? SFD
  9. Just a thought. Armorique has just been positioned to Ouistreham from its Plymouth "home". Strange that a strike should happen then! Do you think that- 1. It maybe extra work loading over and above the usual ships they handle? 2. Did anyone bother to tell them to check its handling is covered by their existing contract? SFD
  10. They use the data from Car Web. Not sure if they use it for factory standard vans/trucks etc. Not on my ticket but on the page that comes up when starting to amend a booking that there is a note that I dispute the Car Web figures. Its checked at checkin everytime so I would suggest that this is the final check. I've seen a pole type gauge being used at Plymouth checking a van with a high roof load. Bit late for a driver who won't make the allocated deck! SFD
  11. Whats missing here is this is all about having a clean air environment. EU says you've got to clean up city air. French government says heres a wad of cash for each city to apply and implement its use as they see fit. Thus the Crit Air certificate. Had both cars issued with the sticker when it came out. Easy. Son tells me that last summer an air quality monitoring unit 100m from his London Flat exceeded the EU limit. His baby didn't comment! A few Euros-no brainer. SFD
  12. Up date on "Car Web" data base being used for car sizes during booking.. After phoning, a log time ago, I was promised that a note would be added to my booking about my "disputed" car. I never saw such a note on any ticket or receipt I had downloaded neither was any extra money taken with my balance due. But last time checking in I got the usual shrug of the shoulder, peep at the roofline and on we go. Well, I had cause to amend an upcoming trip and blow me down there was a note added on the amendment page saying I now had "1 FREE Car Web Dispute " or something like that. It came about asking for an accommodation change. Print ticket/receipt out and there it is "gone". Do the check in staff have "manage my booking" in front of them I wonder so that a change can be billed on the spot? Odd, I need to lie down now! SFD
  13. Ply -Roscoff shown in the published timetable as operating 9/3/18. But in the updates on the BF site it says it goes to Caen instead. Fine. Try to book this on line. It doesn't exist, I presume one has to call the reservations dept. Funny way to run things. What about all the west country folk and Midlanders who use Plymouth as a way to France? Why not advertise it as a one off? Bet its mostly empty by cancellations for those who must have Roscoff as their destinations. Maybe it will operate empty! Just an observation about all the talk here about limited services over winter from Plymouth. I'll still save a lot over the year as a Club member so I'm grateful for that. Take care SFD
  14. Hi Trev, May have a result. Heres what you do-from a very helpfully guy called Glen in BF Reservations. Check what you want on line, for dates and best prices etc. Then book by telephone. They will then add a note that you have checked your car size is in the right box and make a note as such on the booking. I'm not sure what the note will be but I should not get an automatic new version asking for more money (unless I go and fit roof bars). Seems that the Berlingo type vehicle does cause a problem along with a few others that vary by model type. Most people claim not to know their height size it seems. The use of an automatic correcting program after you've booked does allow rapid checking in. Just didn't want the agro of reclaiming the overcharged amount. SFD
  15. Morning all, Here we go again. Booking my trips for next year. Get ticket and invoice Version 1- hooray. Next day get Version 2 as an amendment and vehicle now has increased in height again. Talk about "computer says NO"!!!! The extra charge of £41 "Will be taken". Anyone have any idea how I get a refund after check in? I've tried Customer services and Reservations -all promise BUT it doesn't work.I sent all the car manufacturers info but that's a waste of time. Their bloody system just uses that god awful brainless system called CarWeb I reckon. Anyone know Mike Bevins number? Trip advisor keeps entering my head. Good company BUT I dread a booking system like this. Sfd
  16. Result, sort of! Checked in at Plymouth on the 25th. No one in the queue at 6am at all. Explained the saga and promised that my booking reservations email will not have the note saying that my car is over the 1.83m limit according to BF (or Carweb that they use). I was advised to say the vehicle was a "leisure" vehicle! They are of course right in including such a warning on the ticket as I may have added a roof rack etc. Interestingly the Carweb dispute team never did reply within the 7-10 working days or at all. BF Customer services rescued the situation. My suggestion is that if your manufactures handbook or the sales blurb shows a range of model heights then check that BF don't assume incorrectly that you now enter a different price bracket and more importantly that the final payment for the fare has not had the higher rate included in the balance. Easy to miss when payments are taken automatically on cards. SFD
  17. A number of things killed off the TriStar. It was great for US coast to coast with suitcases (the lower galley didn't help). No space for freight, so internationally not good when freight was increasing. A great holiday aircraft. But then the B737 beat that with 2 engines. Long range, the new big twins ventured further into long haul over oceans. Twins rule. That's what killed the 3 engine concept and also now 4 engines. Wait for the first A380 to be put in the desert. Airbus can't sell them. I know little of the 10 but was taken aback by its simplicity. (all anglepoise lamps, switches and levers!) compared with a high tech elegant design from Lockheed.The 10 developed into the MD11 and still serves well in the world. The long haul TriStar500 didn't sell well, was shorter, less seats and over powered. Sorta like the B747SP. The travelling public is generally not worried how many engines a plane has or that it might have to fly for 90 mins on one motor. SFD
  18. True Trev. Just warning Club members it ain't a bargain. That's my point. Why should a member pay more and get less?
  19. Just got a mail from BF about the new offer of Up to 4 days in France from only £69 per person Tried it using my Club membership with a mpv, cheapest cabin both ways, out of Plymouth to Roscoff 1-5 Nov 17. Result- offer price £213, Regular price with 2 "free" breakfasts - price £209. Bargain? £4 less plus 2 breakfasts without the bargain offer!
  20. Lovely to see Charlie Alpha again. Did lots of hours in her as a Flight Engineer. At the time the best airliner around bar none. The spoilers used on approach as "Direct Lift Control" SFD
  21. The crew seats were flat panels! We had sheepskins put on them. Lockheed did deliver them with 3 lovely suitcases fitted under a jump seat. Cant understand how they disappeared. Big Airways had 6 new dash 500 TriStars but nothing in the bank to pay the wages. The RAF got them for a song plus a couple of ex Pan Am. Think the seats were ripped out and put back in backwards (an RAF requirement). Happy Daze SFD
  22. Hi Paully, Auto spoilers are on/off as selected but it firmly reduces the landing run after touch down, not before. On the 747 the firm touch down was drummed into us from Boeing trainers.Floating was a no-no. On the TriStar you could crab it in and touch down on one leg and kiss the ground. With a long runway, firm touchdowns are not necessary. Touchdown at the "correct" place, probably covered with rubber as well is drummed into pilots. The short haul airliner of today will be knackered by its cycles in 10 years with its "firm" landings. Last arrival I was on as a holidaying pax was a crash followed by passenger applause. I think they were grateful that they had arrived alive! Energy management of a 40,000 ton ship at 1 knot and 60 tons plane at 140 knots! Ah yes airline food. One US hostie took a "spare" steak home, put in her fridge and next morning it had turned into purple sludge and "melted" back to its reconstituted state. Enjoy the flight mate, SFD
  23. Having spent 30 years dragging my body around the world in an airliner I discovered ferry travel late in life. What a difference. Sure, you need a plane to go really long haul but somewhere along the way we lost the pleasure that the journey can bring in many ways. Airports and airlines don't do it for me anymore. One thing that stood out for me was why every time I arrive in a Boeing 737 or little Airbus do pilots bang it down into the concrete in some Spanish airport. The other day arriving from Roscoff the Commandant slowly brought the Arm gently into her Plymouth mooring. You wouldn't know we had arrived it was so good. What a great bunch of pros all round. SFD
  24. Yeh, drove an Electric Ion a year ago. Likewise impressed. We really need to knock this pollution thing on the head. My new grand child was born in central London a few weeks ago just after a monitoring point 100m from her home exceeded EU pollution limits during that hot spell a month ago. SFD
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