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  1. Not quite Jonno. Piaggio admit backup is not good and they are going into military projects. Beautiful plane though. Stu
  2. fTruly amazing. Pics seem to capture the coldness of the North in winter as well. Who would fit out a steel ship in the open air in winter in northern Europe? Unlike the launch no signs of all the people wandering around on board! If this lot lets go you won't want to be around! Stu
  3. Jet ownership (or fractional ownership) is a good bellwether on the health etc of a company. Maybe worth watching. Stu
  4. 20,000 tonnes or so travelling at a few feet per second is an enormous amount of energy. Its got to go somewhere. You'll feel it. SFD
  5. Whataboutery comes in many forms. I put it in the "I didn't see that coming" box. A counter to any request or comment is so obtuse as to be laughable. Its really easy to do this whataboutery lark. Lesson 1 Change the subject (only slightly) in your reply. Lesson 2 Introduce comment about a serious illness in the family, say Alzheimer's. A good one here is a biblical quote as well. Lesson 3 Later, when you remember soon after what you really should have said, save that for next time. What about that then? Remember to practice this skill. Stu
  6. Should be able to get it for £20m or less. Would make a great - "Fly-Cruise-Drive" deal. Could create a nice monopoly here in the West country. No money yet from UK gov for a rail line in the sea at Dawlish! Most people how ask about our trips to France ask if we fly. When we tell them we use the Ferry its normally followed by "where from". And that's from a Devonian. We're a dead limb down 'ere in the West country. Except for holiday makers. Stu
  7. As an employee I went through the disastrous rebranding and repainting of British Airways multi coloured tail fin art representing a world image. The Chief Exc removed himself from it all as he was colour blind he said! Aircraft logbooks had entries asking to remove graffiti from tail fin. We even saw other things in the "art" that had clearly not been seen before and one was seen as inappropriate. Cost millions and abandoned shortly afterwards. Universally hated by most staff. Don't try to be too clever. Fell about laughing when years ago I saw that French owned Britt Airways had reb
  8. Oh, Wortley you are a tease! Belly buster brekkie, dreaming of "icing on the cake " as you rightfully exit 3rd off the ship. Any trouble squeezing between the cars to get to the old Jag? SFD
  9. Got into the survey only to realise I was just clicking to get quickly to the end. Didn't really know what my answers would really be or in what order I should prefer. Also seems to concentrate on "holidays". We use the ferry to commute every month from Feb to Oct to live in France. But the dear old Brits still say a cheery "enjoy your holiday" as we travel. They mean well but abroad must mean a "holiday" for them. Now, a BF survey to ask about my "holiday"! Do surveys really change anything? SFD
  10. The journey times are published. When you by a ticket, the contract is to carry you from A to B. That's it! From my position they offer a safe, professional ferry service through good and bad weather and busy shipping lanes. Nothing else matters. SFD
  11. Today Nov 1st- Big cheese from BF on BBC 1 midday spotlight prog talking about the downturn of bookings for 2019 holidays. Probably repeated at 6.30 after the news at 6. Not good at all. SFD
  12. Has the "Beta" booking system been taken down? Its not coming up on my BF booking site. Stu
  13. Like you, the queue at Plymouth Border Control inbound irks me. Although the staff seem pleasant enough. It doesn't reach the grind of Exeter "international" Airport Disney like queueing on a dismal winter night outside a porta cabin! France has got a little bit expensive. But all that is tempered by what lifestyle you lead and naturally what disposable income you have. The CPI controls my income (I'm retired). But very little of the CPI basket affects me greatly. Unlike the employed I don't fuel my car every week or buy the latest "Apple" junk very year. We enjoyed a year with over
  14. Anyone notice on BFE that "Fleet finder" doesn't load. Or is it me? SFD
  15. Found my ten pounds listed when I had to amend a trip and there it was included in the total cost.. Nice surprise. Stu
  16. Looks real horrible weather near us on the coast just west of Douarnenez Chris. Notice that PA circled just north of where she started to backtrack. Maybe a pick up ? Cant see that any heli could get air bourne in this weather at the mo. Its gusting up to 45 mph or so. Heres hoping for a safe outcome. Stu
  17. Oh Scarlton how sensible you are. Tried all you suggest over the last years trips(7) but every time ,despite the promise to measure at the port I then get the odd booking amended by BF saying that they will collect the money for the additional amount from my card as its over the 1.83m limit. Grrh! If I ask how do they refund me at the port-never an answer. I even get phone calls warning me that my car is over the 1.83m and I will be charged at the port and may not travel. BF use a data system that is inflexible should a model have a range of heights. How my car ended up at 1.85m on t
  18. They're at it again! Got a couple of bookings for next year over the phone. Great. What's this? On one booking my dear old Berlingo has gone and jumped up 5 cm in height and is now over the 1.83m height with the usual cost increase. Its also now been named on the ticket as a Berlingo Multispace instead of MPV. I have given Bertie Berlingo a good talking to and told it to stop jumping up and down. Its confusing Brittany Ferries. It whispered that BF reservations made it so excited! "I'm not really that height" Bertie said "I know it does wind up my owner so much". Bertie is
  19. I love the randomness of the "lanes" used at port. Great people watching. Long discussions on just who all these people are. Whats their life all about. If we move off before an adjacent queue I always chant "nah,nah,na, nah,nah,nah" followed by "peed on your fireworks". It cheers my heart. They then get on before us. But I've had my boyish fun and no one gets hurt and I don't get angry.Wife chuckles as well. Lifes too short. Ying and yang mate. Chill Nod my friend. Stu
  20. What is all this thing about "pet friendly". Searched for pics of peeps enjoying pet friendly cabins and lots showed their pooch laying in the beds of cabins. Yuk! Will BF spend hours cleaning out these cabins? I'm for a cabin that has NOT had some mut jumping all over. (stand back for all those owners who will tell me how clean their pets are!) Years ago the Caravan club had a proposal put to them to rename to the Caravan and Dog Club. Camp sites are full of dogs. Now I suppose I will have to kip in a bed previously slept in by Fido. Dog owners-off you go now, get typing. I've h
  21. Block bookings ban! Thanks Jonno. Theres me thinking BF was a business. Silly me. Stu
  22. Can you point me to the bit where BF says its to stop block bookings please.
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