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  1. @ross brown I do not think anything like this will come about for reasons already given and I have nothing more to add in this regard. Although I have fundamental disagreements with you about Mr Trump and the UK leaving the EU - leading me to believe our political views and spectrum are polar opposites. I would like to encourage you to keep thinking big and outside of the box and dream big!
  2. Correction about Wednesday 17th Poole - Cherbourg and Cherbourg - Poole is as of yet, NOT cancelled.
  3. Very true indeed, valid arguments to be had there... I would argue however that actually the internet has made the world a much smaller place. It makes it much easier for people to keep in contact with people they have met and/or loved ones all over the world. Before you would write a letter and maybe enclose a little something and stump up the postage. Now you can skype your loved one who lives on the other side of the world (providing you make it work with the different time zones) and with a webcam have a conversation sort of face to face. All for free. (sort of) Indeed this very forum has allowed us to communicate. Before someone would have set up a club or something in a town and there would have been weekly meetings or something - which is fine. But now anybody around the world can join in if they want and anytime they want thanks to the creator of this forum. I feel the internet in regards to social isolation is a double edged sword. I apologize, the thread topic has gone way off and it is my fault.
  4. Sad news; Tomorrow 16th Jan Poole - Cherbourg 08:30 - Cancelled as is the return from Cherbourg 22:15. Wednesday 17th Jan Poole - Cherbourg 08:30 - Cancelled as is the return from Cherbourg 22:15 Tonight Portsmouth - St Malo 20:15 will arrive in Cherbourg tomorrow morning (unknown arrival time) Tomorrow 16th St Malo - Portsmouth 20:30 will depart Cherbourg at 22:15 (unknown arrival time) Tomorrow 16th Portsmouth - Santander 08:45 - Cancelled as is the return from Santander on Wednesday 22:00 All weather related.
  5. Some of that is debatable. Do you suppose everyone knows how this works? Was it a bad thing to explain why you got a 4-berth outside at the cost as a 2-berth? This is a forum for everyone - if I wanted to specifically explain how Club Voyage works to you I would have sent you a private message.
  6. @Gareth @Gardian @Cabin-boy Thanks, we live and learn.
  7. That £5 is because it is an outside cabin. You were entitled to a free 4-berth inside cabin but paid a supplement to have an outside one. Nothing to do with size.
  8. Yes indeed this should not make any difference to anyone apart from the crews who change over. As far as I know (exceptional circumstances aside) passengers never disembark or embark at Roscoff (in this case Brest) when the Cap makes her weekly call. I hope the weather and sea conditions hold out for you Halfcrown!
  9. Yes indeed, BF are trying to sell a premium experience. They are trying to be the BA or M&S of the sea. And customers certainly do pay for it. I think it is wonderful. This may not be the correct forum for this but I am getting increasingly worried at how cut off and isolated people are becoming with things such as self service. Things are also fast becoming too convenient as well. Loneliness is a real issue for people today and it is becoming more and more unusual to talk and interact with each other. The elderly no longer take a short walk down to their local shops to find everything they need from a fruit and veg shop, butcher who knows you by name ect, now they are to go to busy supermarkets where they are encouraged to use self service or interact with someone briefly and always different (in all likelihood). Worse still they find the supermarket is too far and they have their needs delivered and don't go out at all. First world problem - but I really dislike self service and the way things have gone re above. I hope when I am a little older people will take the time to talk to me or not think I am some weirdo because I said 'hello' to them. Seems to me people are in such a hurry, such a rush, they are forgetting, in some ways, how to interact and value each other.
  10. What is the attraction to self service? Do people not wish to talk to one another anymore?
  11. This would make such a complicated pricing system. Probability of service... distance to travel to obtain a service... In this crazy universe I could not imagine the willpower required for BF to constantly explain why someone who lives in Portsmouth needs to pay £70 but someone who lives far north or in the far southwest only need to pay £60 because they must drive further to obtain services. But if you lived in the midlands or perhaps south Wales you need to pay £65 because you're sort of maybe closer. Perhaps they would need a map of the UK with artificial lines through it to explain the pricing... Come on people... Anyway, no port is closed for 3 months of the year. There are some sailings (in all probability the must useful travel dates for most people) from Plymouth in December and January.
  12. I think I am one of those several. Either that or I just disagree with the title of the thread 'Property Owners card not good value with hardly any useful sailings for 3 months'. Are you saying it is good value for money but could be better if there were more crossings offered during quieter periods? Such a first world problem this...
  13. After all that the Armorique will be leaving Roscoff a little late. She is expecting to depart at 15:30 rather than 15:00. BF will communicate to passengers soon.
  14. Word has it there will be a 'demonstration' on Saturday in Ouistreham - I predict more industrial action somewhere along the coast! BF are informing their passengers and asking them to allow extra time to arrive. I hope that is all there is to it.
  15. Another blow for BF https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/ShowUserReviews-g186258-d214968-r546776505-Brittany_Ferries-Plymouth_Devon_England.html#REVIEWS I must admit I find some of the comments crazy. As if the coach driver on his phone had anything to do with BF. Also I don't understand how they felt BF were only interested in making money from cancelling their return crossing, hiring a coach to transfer foot passengers to Caen and then giving them their money back whilst giving them free food knowing it would be unlikely they will see their business again. Nor do I understand how they can say "They knew there was a high likelihood of a strike and they knew they could not accommodate all of the passengers to the same standard on any alternate ship. Yet they went ahead anyway and did not at any time advise us of the possibility of a problem on the return leg." - I do not know how anyone can so easily jump to that conclusion. At least there is a brief note at the end regarding dockers - but this passenger clearly wants to hold BF responsible for everything. Sad situation for everyone involved.
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