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  1. Thanks v much! 2 weeks tomorrow i will be giving this a bash!
  2. Sorry to be a bit dense. Does this mean that if you book a commodore cabin, you are entitled to a breakfast as part of the deal and that you can basically have it either in the cabin (croissant and coffee etc) OR say no to that and go to the restaurant and show you ticket and have a buffet breakfast (free) ??? if so, do you have to book - assuming it is in the same restaurant as dinner is served?
  3. Thanks everyone - its the portsmouth - St malo routes, should have made it clearer.
  4. Apologies to more experienced enthusiasts but having always travelled on BF during or right at the start or end of school holidays (have been on most of the routes and current ships), i have absolutely no idea how busy things are out of the school holiday season. My wife and i are travelling without our sons for the first time in nearly 20 years and have booked on Bretagne in late september, going out on a sunday night and back on Friday morning. How busy is it likely to be and will all the facilities be open? We are planning on having a much more relaxed than usual meal in the restaurant and are big fans of the buffet. Is that likely to be fully open?
  5. dibdobber

    BF Refits 2018-19

    its not too bad. We were on it at half term (May), both days were Saturdays and it was pretty much full. Made for interesting scenes with people struggling a bit to get into their cars but there seemed to be a seat for everyone on board. My sons really liked it - to the extent that they don't want to go on the over night Bretagne route, even with a Commodore cabin. Shame. Still, really is a a lot faster.
  6. Just to re-bump this thread which i started last year after coming home on Bretagne, now just back after a return trip on Normandie Express, which seemed to be best available option. Again we were travelling at an incredibly busy time - half term on a saturday. Have to say, on balance, was a success. Car deck very crammed - had to climb over from passenger side to get back into car on both legs. accept that i am far from small but really felt for couple in front of us on way back - neither of them could get back into car and had to wait for lane to our right to move off before they could get in. That aside though, pretty impressed with NE and speed etc. Foggy on way back but no delay - had set off 10 misery on way out. One of my sons now basically ONLY wants to go on NE which i regret sightly - i love the overnight crossings IF you can get a nice cabin and i ;ike to walk around boat, go outside and of course much better choice re catering.Shop on BE has v limited range and bacon as bad as as it is on other boats. all in all though just a bit sad won't be on BF for at least another year, and probably two!
  7. Thanks everyone for suggestions! Was certainly worst experience on deck 3 for us. Had Deck 4 on way out and we on pretty early, plenty of space around the car and off pretty quickly too. How is the fast ferry these days? Not been on that for some time.
  8. Agree with all the responses to my original - certainly expected it to be as busy as it was, just making a comment! Am a long term browser of this forum and only recently joined, primarily as a way of remembering my holidays! Not likely to be on BF again until next May at the earliest. Will be going to France on first day of half term and as we live near Manchester, would be too late after youngest son finishes school for us to have any chance of making Portsmouth - St malo overnight ferry, Any other suggestions? We are headed for central Brittany?
  9. We came back from Saint Malo on Saturday Morning's crossing. Got to the port at about 9 and did not board until 10.20! Deck 3 incredibly crowded, hard to get in and out of the car but to be fair the staff were v helpful. Used this crossing lots of times before but never quite so crowded. Just thought i'd post because i really enjoy using BF, though not quite sure why! On the up-side we were off the boat and on the Motorway about 12 minutes after the boat docked. The thing that really gets my goat though is people getting in and out of their cars whilst we are queuing to get boarded. Why!!! anyway, feel better now i have had my say.
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