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  1. Beautiful girl! Proud to share my birthday with her, well, mine's tomorrow but near enough!
  2. I was there 3 weeks ago and didn't notice any issues, but had travelled on foot and walked into town and along the beach. Very pleasant in fact. However, drove in earlier this year and on the main road in, saw lots of police rounding people up. Certainly never felt under threat there though and will use that route again.
  3. Out on the 0815 Portsmouth to Ouistreham and back on the 2300 to Portsmouth. Quick day trip. First time on Normandie. She's a good ship and the cabin gangways are very reminiscent of Bretagne. (Have included a pic of Bretagne leaving Portsmouth the previous evening, taken at Southsea). Return on Mont St Michel. Great ship and very quiet considering peak summer holidays. Went as a foot passenger. Very well organised and actually disembarked both vessels well ahead of the vehicle drivers.
  4. Yeah, wish I had known that. Usually in the car so hadn't given it much thought.
  5. No foot passenger bookings being taken on the Cap Finistere in November between Santander and P'mouth I'm told, which is a little disappointing.
  6. Tried booking as a foot passenger to/from Spain in November. As it's being operated by Cap Finistere on my chosen days, there are no foot passengers allowed owing to limited car deck space. That was news to me. Was looking forward to leaving the car at home for once! Oh well...
  7. Some of the Spanish sailings have dates and times available but you can't select them and it says 'call us' (or something similar). Any one know why?
  8. Thanks for the replies. Will keep an eye out for new timetables towards the end of July then. Admittedly, we usually book later than this so are a bit ahead this year!
  9. Hello, We usually use the routes to Spain in November but can't see any sailings beyond the first few days of the month this year. Does anyone know if more dates will be added in due course for November? Last year there were sailings right up to the end of November /beginning of December. Many thanks!
  10. Drake


    Yes, I suppose it could be a tender other than the pilot. They joined us for about 5 minutes shortly after leaving the berth. I've not seen this before, myself.
  11. Drake


    On the Pont Aven on Monday, the pilot attached itself to the ship as it left Santander. I didn't see them come on board, so trying to work out the reason for this. Does anyone in the know have an answer?
  12. Drake

    BF Refits 2017-18

    I was on Pont Aven from Santander to Portsmouth on Monday. I presume this was her final sailing on this route for the season? She was in great condition in my opinion. The last BF ship I sailed on was Bretagne...in 1994! Fabulous to sail with them again after all these years. Won't be leaving it so long before travelling again!
  13. 1992, Armorique day sailing to St Malo. Very rough. My brother was violently sick over the chair in our cabin, so we dragged it down the corridor and swapped it with one from an empty cabin!!
  14. Hello, I'm new here. This site really takes me back! I used to sail to St Malo over 20 years ago. We regularly sailed on the (original) Armorique and the Duchese Anne and then the Bretagne when she took over this route. I'm very excited as I have a trip from Santander to Portsmouth in late November on the Pont Aven! I was due to fly back with Monarch, but since they went out of business, had to find an alternate route home. So pleased to have the opportunity to use BF again after all these years and to also see so many fellow enthusiasts!
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