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  1. Cabins : Commodore cabin on Mont St Michel 4 berth Club cabin on Bretagne
  2. Returning via the St Malo route on the Saturday 27th July. (Bretagne) I'll try a do a Trip Report and (Bread Roll inspection).
  3. That's because BF changed some of their card readers form the Verifone SC5000 to the Atos Worldline ones. The Bretagne stils has SC5000. BF should use the Verifone VX820 like P&O, Irish ferries and Condor do. Then then they could accept contactless payments.
  4. At least adapted the design to feel more like a cruise ferry. I wonder if BF will considered using Meyer Werft or Fincanteri in the future to build the Bretagne New-build. (Sorry if slightly of topic to this thread).
  5. I hope the Bretagne new-build follows the design of Hornfleur but has a ''close stern'' like the PA and Bretagne
  6. Thanks for the Pic's there Khaines. I'm looking forward to doing a day trip on Barfleur in September shame the BFE offer runs out and the end of August! The BF website is a bit misleading about the inside cabins then! I've been on all BF ships apart from Barfy so i'm looking forward to trying her out!
  7. Sllightly off topic, do the Barfleur cabins have the same decor as the Normandie or Bretagne? The outside cabin is in the the same decor as Normandie which makes scene because both ships were bulit around the same time at the same shipyard. The inside cabin has pink sheets like the Bretagne. (Has this been referbished) What is correct?
  8. The focus rolls over to the Normandie tomorrow!
  9. Bf Bretagne


    Only on the Pont-Aven
  10. Its a shame they don't build ships like the Bretagne anymore (Cap on the funnel). Although I like the circular porthole design used on the more modern BF ships (Pont, Arm and Hornfleur). It might just be me but i like the closed stern effect used on Pont-Aven and Bretagne and the dark carpeted vestibles!
  11. The Normadie still has old BF logos on signage / safety posters etc. Bretagne dosn't!
  12. Wasn't deck 8 fully overhauled in back in 2009. Normandie and Barfy are only 3 years older and don't get praise for their age like the Bretagne does. Has the Normandie had a refurbishment like the 2009 Bretagne one?
  13. Is this thread still relevant to today? Or have these problems been rectified?
  14. It looks like it may have to be Plymouth to St Malo on Armorique the way things are going!
  15. It would be better to get the engine replaced now so that it doesn't effect the summer mouths. Portsmouth to Santander on PA is very popular with bfenthusiats or for people who dislike the Cap.
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