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  1. Booked on the Portsmouth - Cherbourg return for next spring. Got a 4 berth outside club with the number 7101. Can't wait! If all the e-flexers's had Swimming pools and spa treatment rooms that would be a complete gamechanger for BF. As the Pont, Cap and BDS can all be directly replaced. I can see Pont moving over to St-Malo in the future with some form of refurb. I wonder whether they could retro-fit Swimming pools on them during a later refit?
  2. Pont-Aven and MSM really need a BIG major internal refurbishment to bring them up to a sensible standard. It's a shame this has been largely neglected over the years. đŸ˜„ As for Bretagne and Normandie with only a few more years, new carpets and repainted walls/ other hard surface's and a intense deep clean will do the job!
  3. Do you think BF will fully perchance Galicia after the 10 year charter?
  4. Looking at the stern, will she be a double decker loader ?? But there's no linkspan at Santander which is odd IMO.
  5. It will interesting to see weither they will use the same yard as the e-flexers for the Bretagne replacement as I doubt they will be using the same builder as the Honfleur.
  6. Found that Galicia is now on registered Marine traffic! This beats honfleur 😆
  7. But then the crossing will exceed 24 hours and they will have to have a Muster Drill which will be very inconvenient for BF!
  8. My predictions of what is likely to happen is as follows: 1. One E-Flexer will do Portsmouth to Santander / Bilbao (Via Cherbourg for crew change) 2. The second E-Flexer will do the same as above. 2. The third E-Flexer will do Portsmouth to Le-harve. (Replacing Normandie) Note: The CF will most likely to be sold. The Pont-Aven will do Plymouth, Santander, Roscoff, Cork.
  9. Will the 'Pont-Aven' receive a full re-paint whilst in Gdansk? I know she's in the new livery but it makes sense as she's in dry dock!
  10. Will the Mont St Michel receive the 'interim livery' in Cherbourg and the 'full version' in Gdansk like the Bretagne did?
  11. Another thing to point out, BF generally have a quite a forward thinking interior design team. For example the Armorique feels more modern compared to P&O Spirit class despite being 2 years older. Personally I would say that the Pont-Aven has a more modern interior compared to MSM, which doesn't really make sense.
  12. Personally I would say that the Pont-Aven and Mont St Michel could do with more intensive interior refurbishment since theses ships were designed and built around the early 2000's and have a long life ahead of them. Having said that BF do a great job on the maintenance side of things!
  13. MSM 12/07/19: 22:45 We arrived at Portsmouth with are car earlier than normal because we had booked a commodore cabin for the first time. Only to find ourselves waiting for ages at the port and people checking in after us were being allowed to bord before us up the linkspan and onto the ship. Our cabin was on Deck 9 like all Commodores are it's a bit awkward on MSM as you have to walk through the rather rowdy bar and then be directed by a steward through the cabin corridor where cabins are still been cleaned. Anyway the cabin was reasonable, we opted for the breakfast in the main rest
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