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  1. The Bretagne is a lovely ship. Probably the best that bf will ever have. However she dose need a proper refurbishment. Don't put me off. I'm Looking forward to sailing on her this summer (daytime).
  2. Thanks for your help! It looks like I'll be remaining with the chosen cabin.
  3. We have been allocated cabin 8304 on deck 8. Is it an good place to be or is it better on deck 6? This is a 4 berth club cabin.
  4. I hope bf get it right. As a passenger you want to be connected to back to the ship. I argre she will far nicer stern than the P&O in the photo (Sprit of France). The good news is there will be a main restaurant unlike arm. Also I hope there’s a good stage/focal point. The armorique is just very soulless unlike the rest of the fleet. To me the armorique outward look is far better than the inside. Also as part of being an enthusiast is complaining!
  5. Even a design based on MSM would look far better. I wounder wether the replacement Bretagne or Pont Aven will have a simmer stern. If it’s a modified armorique, than I got make the most of these years!
  6. I understand it has to be twin-level, but its still a bit disappointing though. It looks as if the rest of the ship is missing!
  7. I hope Honfleur won't be like another Armorique. I much prefer the stern of the Bretagne and Pont Aven it make it feel more like a cruise ship.
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