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  1. DM is the best method for any small adjustment to a booking, the Social Media team are incredibly responsive and helpful.
  2. I see that the website is now displaying the standard features for day 1 of the timetable (ie down) , however the error messages get even more technical - It now says socket timeout. The early bird definitely got the bookings today - I even managed to get my cabin switched using a DM as well !
  3. You can now benefit by using Economy and fixing the rate !
  4. Ed - can't you use the British site if you want
  5. Honfleur is not scheduled to start until mid September, they are being super cautious.
  6. New timetable up & at 06:00 the site is nice & fast. PA Commodore booked for next summer & the new ticket types are nice and simple at £10 or £20 extra per leg.
  7. Being serious for a change, I would trust that we never have anything like that. Message boards that allow a dislike as well as a like can lead to a very negative atmosphere.
  8. At least they didn't try and put the logo on the funnel - it looks ok with one logo per side !
  9. Wednesday is going to be chaos with everyone trying to understand the options - it still may be be cheaper to do Economy if the difference is large enough and live with some change fees.
  10. David Williams

    New Look Revealed

    I am not sure anyone was being serious about the immediate Condor branding, I certainly wasn’t in my contributions to it. That is why I like this forum, it combines the serious stuff with a bit of light hearted fun.
  11. Is this the new Amorique logo ?
  12. Normandie was showing as a Cruise Ferry in the original Le Havre timetable for this year, I imagine that it will again when we get the new timetable out in a couple of days.
  13. It highlights the new dreadful logo, it is either two seals going forward or a bird going backwards, however easy enough to repaint when it is returned.
  14. Re Le Havre, even paying the same as Caen is worth it for an extra 2 hours in bed, in addition the Etretat has a £20 cabin discount that appears on the final total ( the BDS doesn’t ! )
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