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  1. I must be honest, I am not sure why one would do such a short trip to St Malo, it is such a great place with lovely restaurants and attractions and deserves at least one night.
  2. It was never a loyalty bonus, that was just marketing spin for a scheme to get some more bookings in a quiet time. The route from Ouistreham to Santander costs £175 in petrol and tolls !
  3. Cancellation fees for flexi tickets are either the original deposit or 25% of the final ticket price whichever is higher. i think that the BF response is sensible !
  4. I believe that the deal allows for a few crossings a week for BF. When asked on twitter re fast crossings, BF do say hopefully next year. However BF won’t want to pay for the crossings if they don’t need the capacity.
  5. I don't feel that we have seen how BF will operate the eflexer once the restrictions have ended, it would be better to judge them after next year's season. I have found the MSM soulless this year due to the restrictions / reduced service.
  6. Ho Ho, that includes most of the staff taking the order !
  7. Dispensers also give everyone a touch point to pass on the virus - automatic or pedal based ones are better !
  8. In the summer I felt that Spain was far more careful than France. Even now in France with the covid pass, once in restaurants masks are off ! However France has vaccinated far more kids and the UK graphs show that the main groups are kids and those in the age group of their parents! Macron's master stroke was to give everyone a good reason to be vaccinated for their own benefit. It will be interesting whether English figures diverge from Scotland and Wales.
  9. From Oct 24 we can use private lateral flow tests for day 2 with a photo upload, if positive get an NHS PCR test, hopefully this will lead to competition and prices of £20 or less, Randox are about to launch click and collect at £20. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/lateral-flow-tests-to-be-introduced-for-vaccinated-international-arrivals
  10. I believe that works ok now, however as to the rest of the functionality ????
  11. Interesting, however it is just a name. It has a lounge, currently just with a coffee machine, however there is no reason why they can't add more.
  12. On the BF Twitter and facebook accounts. https://twitter.com/BrittanyFerries/status/1447977934963331080?s=20
  13. For a short while there is an extra 10% CV discount:- "As a thank you to our Club Voyage members, for their loyalty & support during these challenging times, we're increasing the saving available to 40% for a limited time when sailing over the winter. Book by 22 Oct & travel before 7 Apr 2022 " I have seen this online, however have not received an email about it !
  14. Rates per 100k are UK 355, France 43 However hospitalisation rates are better for comparison Ave daily admissions for last 7 days UK 736, France 193 Our population sizes are similar
  15. A lot has changed with the BF finances. Low running costs, including staffing, is a key part of their recovery. The FSG insolvency was a good opportunity to get out of the project. I guess that Siem would not offer BF acceptable terms to continue.
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