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  1. The nice bit about BF is that you can go out on one route and back on another without any penalties. Next summer for one trip we are out on Plymouth Santander and back from Ouistreham, we live in London and will probably overnight around stonehenge, On other trips we have stayed in Tavistock or Totnes for a few nights,
  2. Plymouth is in a beautiful part of the Country and is worth spending a night or two in Devon on the way. Likewise Finistère is a great part of Brittany with loads of interesting Parish Closes. I do like the occasional holiday incorporating one direction on that route. Another advantage of Roscoff is that I can buy my vodka there !
  3. I was not doubting that, I just don't understand why ! NEX obviously helps the route as it has a decent percentage of the Cherbourg passengers, not withstanding it being seasonal Looking at the figures (https://corporate.brittany-ferries.com/en/key-figures.aspx), it is interesting how the routes compare.
  4. I like the fact that we have a choice of decent routes and we can mix them up into a decent holiday if we are in a touring mood. There is also at least one route running whatever the weather and the mood of the dockers. I don’t personally see the point of Cherbourg, however others seem to.
  5. Share there is no response emoji for 'that is a terrible pun - we need a few more responses available. Anyway, I thought that it was cauliflowers and artichokes. and I am sure that you could do something better with them,
  6. I imagine that Ouistreham will still be working, it does not seem to be part of the big organised unions, it just prefers no notice strikes around local issues. The Le Havre notice just talks about the 5th being the first day of a series of major public sector strikes, however they are normally good at coming back to work. https://www.cgt-gpmh.com/actualité-locale/
  7. It was always planned to take over the Normandie sailings, I believe that is one of the reasons that Normandie had dog cabins created.
  8. looks like they have had the touch up paint on the bows !
  9. It is still quoted on the Honfleur website !
  10. One of the key uses of public space on that route is the ability to accommodate large numbers of coach loads of French schoolchidren,
  11. The bar's name allows the passengers to practice their French. (https://www.brittanyferries.ie/ships/economie/kerry/facilities) Bar Le Bar is located on Deck 5 and offers a selection of alcoholic drinks and beverages, ranging from French wines, beer and spirits, as well as crisps and snacks. I am not sure whether they rename it on the Spanish Sailings.
  12. Sadly another missed target. Sorry - must include source. Screen shot from BAI Honfleur site (https://www.destinationhonfleur.com/en), screenshot snipped using snip and sketch software from Microsoft inc of Richmond, Washington, United States of America - hope that I haven't missed anything !
  13. To be fair, the facilities needed on a ship aimed at 24 hour crossings are a lot different than those needed on a 6 hour crossing. I personally don't see the point of Commodore cabins on a short crossing. Normandie is fine (apart from Garage), MSM is fine (better garage), I would hope that Honfleur will be better, however all that is needed are wider car lanes, decent cabins with day seat (like MSM) and a decent restaurant - it is not as if I will be spending a long time on her !
  14. I find the passenger facilities on the Normandie of a high standard, the main issue is the garage when busy
  15. A few years ago the Normandie got updated and USB charging sockets put in the cabins, the MSM still does not have them however it still feels modern overall.
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