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  1. I don't think the email is a scam, there was a recent tweet re this:-
  2. “The new freight ferry is DFDS’ “Ark Dania” with a capacity of 188 truck units (including 12 driver accompanied units and 176 unaccompanied units/trailers).” It shows the increasing importance of unaccompanied trailers
  3. But the UK is a net importer so the Irish trucks on the land bridge perform a useful function until everything is short sea containers.
  4. I am amazed at those who try for answers on facebook where a quick google gets the response https://eeas.europa.eu/sites/eeas/files/visa_waiver_faqs_en.pdf and passport control is where you get your passport stamped which will vary depending on route !
  5. I find this more user friendly than punch cards and paper tape !
  6. It is a shame that BF did not share this link officially with BFE ! My comments are generally favourable apart from cabin selection. For the regular user, we just need a simple table showing price and availability with links to the descriptions, for the infrequent users the new style may be ok. I like the way that 'add ons' work for booking Galacia lounge access in normal cabins, CV selection is also better. So generally I find this better, however cabin selection is an irritant. I would also like to see more filtering when finding available sailings, at present it is
  7. I look forward to sailing on her at some point and the 2 night crossing looks interesting. However these ships were not built to win prizes, they were designed to be efficient in both fuel and manpower and make a profit ! I suspect that once the concepts on board have been refined we will see them applied to the other ships re service and crewing.
  8. Good job that it is up to the individual Countries to decide, the EU can only recommend.
  9. If it is Euros, I would recommend a Starling bank account with Linked Euro account. Withdrawals are free and it is only one tap to switch the debit cards between the Sterling and Euro accounts. It is also fully protected. ps, however it is all smartphone based.
  10. Nice article, I like the picture of the original LD Lines Colours. I note one of the old routings Portsmouth Le Havre Rosslare, maybe that will return some day. https://www.niferry.co.uk/brittany-ferries-calls-extra-time-for-etretat/!
  11. The actual link which includes test bookings https://quarantinehotelbookings.ctmportal.co.uk
  12. There is a link on this page which is very useful https://www.gov.uk/guidance/how-to-quarantine-when-you-arrive-in-england
  13. The advantage of allowing all vaccine types for all ages is that no one gets the chance to choose. Generally the clinics get what they are given and the patient doesn't generally know until it is in the arm and the tatty bit of cardboard handed over with the safety sheet. I think that if given the choice with the information up to a week or so ago, most would have chosen Pfizer, however we get what we are given ! I think that the Johnson and Johnson one jab vaccine may be better for the young or disorganised in the months to come. ps I got AZ.
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