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  1. It’s not just the unions, saving BF was about the jobs ! Maybe NEX will end up in Jersey!
  2. Well, I hope that the process is up to it with 3 different vaccines, 1 with 2 different dosages. I imagine that the second shot must be the same type !
  3. Hi, the details are on the BF website with the form, unfortunately it also says that you need the result at checkin. Spain The Spanish government’s requirements for arrivals into the country has changed. You must check the Spanish government’s website for full details but in summary you’ll need to: Complete a COVID-19 PCR test 72 hours before arrival in Spain Present valid documentation, at check-in, to confirm the test was negative for each person travelling (including children) We strongly recommend you check with Spanish authorities for the full details of this import
  4. No idea what words you have added to your dictionary, however I do note that you called your wife Canin-Girl a few days ago.
  5. One season the port of Arromanches did have 2.5 million passengers and 500,000 vehicles.
  6. This will soon be irrelevant as an issue, however I understand that the World Health Organisation were thinking about it - they are responsible for the Yellow Fever Certificate and that is just paper.
  7. Well they did have an opportunity to reach for some yellow paint ! All is not lost it seems:-
  8. Definitely, at present this is serving a UK freight contract. When the covid restrictions are over and lorry drivers have to share cabins again, they can have the 'economy' cabins and tourist traffic can use the 'Comfort' cabins. 4 lorry drivers over 2 cabins sharing a toilet is better than they have on the other routes. I suspect that foot passengers won't be welcomed due to the limited capacity and costs. I imagine that the plan is to turn it into an Amorique 2 in a few years time.
  9. A very good question, does the Etretat fit in Poole ?
  10. However, Le Havre is one of France's premier freight ports and it makes sense for BF to run a freight only ferry there. Cherboug is in a better location to support some of the other BF routes. Ouistreham is too close to Le Havre and is the major BF port.
  11. Further to above, the knock on effect is that Barfleur does not resume for passengers on the Poole route until 5th April (Easter Monday) - this will lead to some with Easter bookings getting affected.
  12. Not quite sure what is happening, freight timetables are showing Etretat in Le Havre from 31/12 to 21/3 followed by Barfleur 22/3 - 3 April https://www.brittanyferriesfreight.co.uk/ferry-routes/timetables/portsmouth-le-havre The Poole route is showing Cotentin from 2/1 to 3/4 followed by Barfleur for the rest of the season. I would guess that Cotentin then goes to Le Havre https://www.brittanyferriesfreight.co.uk/ferry-routes/timetables/poole-cherbourg -
  13. The cheapest basic price on both routes seems to be £119 for a single economy crossing, however they do adjust price for the seasons and also the tickets are sold in batches starting with the lowest price and then moving up the prices as tickets sell out. Roscoff is very much a holiday route and a lot of people had vouchers from this summer that they wanted to spend ! The cheapest prices are when tickets are released & it is an individual decision whether it is worth buying then and if so what type - my decision is always to buy early and buy flexi, however buying late and econ
  14. French CV is a no brainer, we managed to save the joining fee and the annual fee on our first crossing & with the free / cheap day cabins and food discount it is great. The only trouble is every time I get fed up with the queues etc and look at switching to the tunnel, it never makes sense financially !
  15. I imagine that he is not eligible for France, maybe he could stand in Scotland .
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