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  1. Was free wifi promised in the cabins in Honfleur ? On recent trips on the MSM, I noted a good signal strength in the cabin for the paid for wifi & technically BF could have free wifi running from the same infrastructure, however commercially they obviously choose not to.
  2. I believe that the funding for the Irish Ferries builds comes from the European Investment fund, that may well come with some restrictions over where it is built.
  3. There does seem to be a storage tank at the top of the Honfleur - it also seems to be present in the animation
  4. Is that definite, the last release FSG put out denied that negotiations had broken down, I have not seen anything about them agreeing the contract and more importantly getting state guarantees to get the funding.
  5. BF really have a problem maintaining this, in addition they deliberately slow down the release of information in order to inform passengers sailing by sailing. Most other transport companies pass on information almost immediately either by having reliable information updated immediately on a searchable site or for immediate stuff being embedding via a specific twitter feed in the updates page. I have seen tweets where the social media team say that they will ask for the page to be updated - maybe they should take responsibility for it !
  6. The Honfleur site still says Sea Trials November, Delivery December, Into Service March; However the Siem report says Delivery in Q1 2020. I imagine that BF believe they will have some confidence on timings at the beginning of October in order to publish a timetable. Re FSG - it would have taken them some time to renegotiate things with the subcontractors & they have seem to be prioritizing the Leevsten as it will bring in cash in October. The new build has slowed down (presumably for cash flow reasons) and they still have not announced whether the 2 Tasmanian vessels and the Irish Ferry ship will go ahead .
  7. If you do, don’t forget that receiving sales calls could cost you £2.40 per minute !
  8. Yes this will be our first Spanish experience with BF, we have been on most of the French routes. Our plan is one way to Spain and then drive back through France. You have all convinced me to go on PA. Thanks
  9. Ok Thanks, that convinces me to try for the Commodore cabin on Pont Aven, I will just have to be quick come October. Re the comment about fresh air on deck 10, that doesn’t fit our needs as we like to sleep with fresh air if possible.
  10. Thanks for the info, very useful, we are used to the buffets on the MSM and Normandie & my wife loves the seafood ! Portsmouth is better for us as we live in London
  11. David Williams

    CF vs PA

    I am contemplating booking a crossing out to Spain and then returning via France next Summer & want to be ready for the October rush. I have French Club Voyage membership. I would be grateful for advice on choosing between the CF and PA, we are not bothered about entertainment but do like a decent restaurant - is it correct that the CF does not have buffet starters in the decent restaurant ? We also like the idea of fresh air in the cabin - am I right that only the PA Commodore cabin has that or are there any other options. Do the Spanish fares rise a lot in the UK school holidays ? We are not sure whether to go in early or late July. All help welcome.
  12. Not sure where all of this money is coming from - it looks like BF will be expecting the States to stump up the cash for ships & I would imagine that legally the 2 companies would be separate with some shared servicing functions that keep money rolling into BF.
  13. Is this what you want ? https://www.hancocks.co.uk/dsc-belgian-chocolate-milk-mouse
  14. PS the PA passengers from Plymouth will have fun as the port will be full of Amorique passengers - that's the problem with relying on small ports like Plymouth ! Tuesday 13 August Plymouth to Santander at 23:15 (was 18:00) – We're sorry to inform you that due to adverse weather conditions, this sailing will be delayed by approximately 5 hours. Check-in will open at 20:00 and close at 22:30. Parking in the Port of Plymouth may be limited until after 19:15. Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience.
  15. I think this is just due to PA being 5 hours late and instead of the Amorique coming in to Plymouth after the PA had left it has to turn round before it comes in.
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