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  1. That was good of them, the contract allows them to switch ships and give you inferior cabins.
  2. They are going to have to invent a new process which includes the lateral flow test and for some a pcr without charging extra for the pcr.
  3. A strange set of comments ! https://www.independent.co.uk/travel/news-and-advice/grant-shapps-lidl-lateral-flow-test-b1926141.html
  4. Or they stopped ordering tests so they won’t have excess stock once the locals have to pay for it ! At least I don’t have that problem as we return on the 6th. ps don’t forget to fill up your petrol tank just in case !
  5. For Great Britain the limit is 18 litres !
  6. I suspect that not many of them understand that the Health pass will be extended to kids. I was surprised how natural and simple it is to enter restaurants and museums etc with the pass.
  7. And you may get your car washed by the crew.
  8. Here is the official release https://brittanyferriesnewsroom.com/clarity-on-pcr-test-deadline-needed-to-boost-the-half-term-get-away/ However, I am not sure that the Government will make it either cheap or simple unless they make it self test and self report. I can’t see that there is the capacity for monitored testing. It would be simpler if we could use the NHS tests and just pay a small fixed sum.
  9. Have you tried complaining to your MP, their staff generally have fast track access to the agencies
  10. If BF do less of the cruise thing and more of the Ferry thing they may start losing out. I really enjoyed our Dover Calais crossing this week, very relaxing and stress free and an excellent meal on arrival.
  11. Ian, did you get your result back ok ? Now that the rules seem to be clear for early October, I must get round to booking a day 2 test.
  12. Amorique is now shown as performing the Winter St Malo sailings
  13. I really don’t understand why they went live with so many problems and trust that they are sorted out soon
  14. I generally use hotels.co.uk as the cancellation policy is good and I get free nights. You can search a town for pet friendly and 24 hour reception desk. However booking sites don’t always have the offers available for direct booking so it’s always worth checking direct afterwards.
  15. I think that it was 2019, however still consistent with https://www.gov.uk/taking-vehicles-out-of-uk/for-less-than-12-months
  16. The chance of ever getting asked for this is extremely low to non existant, however you in theory need a vehicle on hire certificate https://www.rac.co.uk/drive/travel/driving-in-europe/vehicle-on-hire/
  17. It is/was a Marketing and Introduction service with the owner able to control availability, however as has been said earlier, there are other options. A couple of months ago BF said that they were going to revamp their holiday option, maybe the lack of realtime availability on the website is linked to that.
  18. Some problems get resolved by running the forms in private/ incognito mode.
  19. Any issues with the Spanish forms seem to be dealt with very quickly by the help desk
  20. That is an online form, just choose the maritime version. Full details and link shown under Spain on the BF page https://www.brittany-ferries.co.uk/information/coronavirus/covid-19-faqs https://spthm.puertos.es
  21. The rules are reasonably clear. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/red-amber-and-green-list-rules-for-entering-england From the 4th October Green and Amber Countries are merged as one set of Amber rules. If you are double vaccinated you do not need a test before return, however still need a day 2 (0-2) test. At some point in late October the day 2 test changes and becomes a lateral flow test followed by PCR if positive, however these rules and dates have not been announced.
  22. OK, I give in. Assuming that you don’t export aggregates what is the correct word ?
  23. Brilliant crossing today. Booked on 10:35 DFDS from Dover, however thought I would attempt the earlier one. Left hotel at 8, docks at 8:05, 5 cars in the passport queue. Passport stamped showing Dover as French port of entry and blank cardboard hanger handed over. Drove through & security asked to see blank bit of cardboard as I hadn’t hung it. DFDS checkin a few minutes later where I had to handover bit of cardboard- apparently it shows that all the documents have been checked ( they hadn’t been). As it was only 8:15, got moved to the 09:10 crossing, drove to lanes and 5 mins later started loading, about 20 cars in total plus loads of lorries. By 8:30 sitting in restaurant eating our free English Breakfast. Found a quiet seat and made use of the free wifi throughout the ship which had a speed of around 6Gb. Arrived in Calais on time, drove off within a few minutes past the French Customs and out of the port. A really excellent crossing. Cost was £74 which came with a free meal and a clear and helpful change policy which allows current bookings to be changed or moved to a voucher. The policy was clearly stated with validity dates, unlike the BF one !
  24. She is, it is just a lot of solid dark stuff, even the other ex Sea France DFDS ships look better, however it is just one opinion !
  25. And watching all of the ferries turning in the harbour, it really does highlight how good the new P&O double headed ships will be they come.
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