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  1. I see that Pelican is still in the summer schedule, presumably it has had a lease extension,
  2. A cabin in daytime is often a useful place to hide. On a recent trip there were regular announcements in French asking school parties not to run in the corridors and please can the teachers get them under control !
  3. Jane is back answering tweets and offering to fix problems by DM
  4. If you want to look at the tweets that have not been answered which are a great way of spotting problems use:- https://twitter.com/search?f=tweets&vertical=default&q=%40brittanyferries&src=typd&lang=en, sometimes it will need sorting by taking the latest tab
  5. Yes, however seems to be in dry bit and not the wet bit
  6. It may not need a dry dock, just the specialists.
  7. The news release said 'As a consequence of reduced steering capacity in one of two steering systems she is not able to complete her rotation from Roscoff to Cork departing 20:30 Friday (local time). Nor will she be available for scheduled services between the UK and Spain next week.' That implies no sailings this week, however I imagine that they should know more by now - the problem is that Customer Service work a day at a time and can not cope with problems like this - especially at weekends.
  8. Knowing my luck, I would lose one of my bookings for the year so I won’t be trying ! It was just a hypothetical question
  9. There is a very detailed explanation in the news release https://brittanyferriesnewsroom.com/pont-aven-will-sail-to-brest-for-steering-gear-repairs/
  10. I have amended both date and route ok, how extreme can one go with the amendment ? Is it possible to amend down to a single foot passenger one way on a daytime crossing ?
  11. Sadly the crew only chuck you out of cabins 30 mins early and remove the sheets, they don't seem to have any cleaning roles.
  12. Plymouth is twinned with Brest, BF are just trying to assist with the twinning by running regular ferries.
  13. Looking at some of the tweets, BF are prepared to pay for a nights hotel if they get sent receipts and it is less than 80 Euros, I imagine that they would also consider tolls if the precise amount is given (and Via Michelin makes calculating tolls easy), however it is processed at the Customer Services area that only responds to emails. However they are in their standard mess of cancelling weekend sailings and having limited capacity to deal with the phone calls.
  14. For those that think that St Amorique is a pot of gold.
  15. About the speed of an eflexer then !
  16. Except that Normandie is capable of replacing MSM or the Honfleur if needed, Etretat is not.
  17. Earlier this year we had virtually no sailings into Le Havre for a couple of months, a combination of Etretat maintenance, military charter, cover for Spain, Le Havre works. BDS often gets cancelled when it is running late in Spain. BF seem happy enough to cancel Le Havre knowing that Caen has capacity.
  18. I guess that depends on when Honfleur arrives and whether they switch Normandie back for cover. Le Havre is vulnerable to closure at quiet times.
  19. I had the torpedo at Dinner on MSM this evening and thought that the quality and taste was the same as the original triangular ones, yes they are smaller, however one can have as many as needed.
  20. Wonder what they would charge for a car ?
  21. The 12th May PA sailing seems to be cancelled ! and the Portsmouth - Santander on the 14th appears to start in Plymouth
  22. The target is still to be back in service on the 12th May, BF have taken the following week off sale as a contingency.
  23. A news item mentioned that they needed a spare part for an engine. https://www.itv.com/news/westcountry/2019-05-08/250-passengers-spend-the-night-on-brittany-ferries-ship-as-plymouth-to-france-sailing-cancelled/
  24. Interesting, with last night passengers on board (and presumably in cabins), they will have another load of passengers for the 15:00.
  25. Something seems to be up with Saint Amorique, her evening crossing from Plymouth seems to have been moved to this afternoon and passengers appear to have been loaded last night, the return crossing was cancelled.
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