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  1. And it assumes that France lets us in, I am not sure that they will.
  2. I think that it has only be reducing for main residences, it has not been reducing for secondary residences !
  3. I am not sure what your aim is - life as a landlord has loads of hassles and if you add in the complexity of doing it in a different country, being subject to both Countries tax regimes, French Inheritance rules, possible extra taxes for non European owners, maintenance etc etc plus having a loan - is it really worth it ! We bought a flat in Normandy just under 20 years ago, our objective was a hassle free home from home. Our objectives were:- Easy access to multiple ways of getting there (it is 25 mins from Ouistreham, 3 hours from Coquilles', 5 mins from a branch line that connec
  4. If the numbers in the article are correct there will be up to 120 truck drivers in their own area plus up to 120 car loads of people. Does not look that busy people wise.
  5. I think that everything is in the air at present until BF see how traffic patterns settle, they may surprise us !
  6. I must admit this does make the argument for landing further East if they can make the schedules work. Dieppe would be a good option.
  7. Presumably the other advantage is that they can bring back as much booze as they want without being limited to the UK restrictions.
  8. A few years back we did have a fire in the tunnel, it closed fully for about a day and then operated at reduced capacity for about 6 months whilst the tunnel was repaired. The tunnel is split into 3 sections with crossovers so that if there is a problem (or they need to maintain a section), one of the sections can be made 2 way working - to make it simpler they bunch up trains so that one section can be North bound for a period of time and then switch to southbound when clear. However it is useful to have both trains and ferries so that they can back up each other.
  9. The Concession is granted to Group Eurotunnel for a long time & I am sure that they do not have the money or inclination for this. Note that the Eurotunnel design was chosen in the competition in the 80's as the most practical I like the tunnel, historically one had a 35 minute break to have a snack and go to the loo whilst speeding to France, however as the French Customs border is in Folkestone, I guess that snacks could be an issue.
  10. No reason for us to subsidise a French company with mainly French staff with the French state railway as the main share holder. When France allows us back in, which will be later than when the UK lets us out, they can run more trains !
  11. Eurostar is a totally different French company to Eurotunnel ( a French Company ) and there is nothing to stop other operators using the tunnel. Deutch Bahn did some test runs.
  12. They can put a signal in a deep tube, it is just transmitted in a different way. Cars are likely to communicate with each other and the 'highway' using 5G when you get serious automation. However, no one is going to spend the money in a hurry, the tunnel was built with no tax payers cash with shareholders and banks taking the risk. Just like the railways and canals built in the 1800's, the shareholders either lost the lot or made a lot of money - the shareholders only survived with a marginal holding as it would have been too complicated to let the company go bust due to the unique
  13. CF also has the advantage of being French flagged, whereas Connemara moved to the Cypriot flag - I don't know whether it was planned to move back in March, however the flag might affect which ship runs into Cherbourg.
  14. I don't think that there will be any subtle decisions, it will be more like 'if we run this next month will we make money out of it'. With BF at present cash is king.
  15. ROI- EU via GB should be even simpler (assuming they still use TIR)
  16. The ports are now creating more skilled jobs to cope with all of the border functions. However we will see what happens on the route in 6 months time when the paperwork has been sorted out and covid has died down. The Irish who just transit the UK have simple paperwork, it is only an issue if they drop off / pick up on the way, however they will still lose their sandwiches ! At least we will save in the cost of testing the Irish truckers at the moment,
  17. Yes either will be possible, it will depend on loading. I also don't see Easter have much tourist traffic, therefore they can continue this for a while if needed.
  18. If they find that it is popular, it would be simple enough to keep it going with a dedicated ship on 3 crossings in addition from mid Feb - late March by not laying up CF. They could even continue past this by delaying CF's return to Spain.
  19. I bought the shares for a bit of fun and it was interesting getting all of the stuff as they built it. When they sold the shares there were travel rights attached to them. I paid either £350 or £450 for 100 shares (can't remember what) and got one free trip, after rights issues & transfers to the new French company I ended up with 2 shares in GETLink worth around €30, my last dividend was £0.43 - it does make an operating profit - just not a great return on investment. If one had invested £5000 in shares at the original offer, you were entitled to unlimited trips for life at £1/
  20. I bought some shares on launch & I think that they are worth around 10% of what I paid - I did get one free trip !
  21. Dunno, it seems to come when they change something and only lasts for a while. i have seen the 1 minute on the Caen route before. Re your examples, these are extra sailings and did not replace an existing timetabled sailing.
  22. Simple, it is survival which means cash flow. Shame really as brexit and covid are creating opportunities for stronger companies, time will tell whether the new routes are needed or whether we are seeing the slow death of accompanied freight.
  23. And Holidays in July and August
  24. Dunkirk has the advantage is that the drivers can use that route to get a 24 hour break which is useful for all of their complicated restrictions.
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