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  1. I believe that they will refund vouchers from sailings cancelled last year now if asked.
  2. That is so last year ! Since late summer they have been better - they give you a week to move to another crossing (that is why the sailing stays in the schedule for a week or so), after the week (or so) they give you a repayment automatically. The only slight sting is that if you paid with a credit note, you will get a credit note back as repayment is always back to the method of payment. When my Easter outbound was cancelled I got a combination of a credit card refund plus a £10 voucher reinstated. ps and I also got the inbound refunded even though the sailing was still in
  3. Who knows where the IT team come from, however they don't stay around to answer the phones !
  4. It really is about time that BF announces the May cancellations, I just hope they don't announce on a Friday evening and then go home ! - They have done that before.
  5. I would have thought that BF will soon be announcing May cancellations and probably early June ones as well
  6. Sadly, there is no competition for UK traffic West of Dieppe.
  7. Time will tell, we all look for different things. The CF without buffet was popular and the BDS had it's fans. I have even seen positive comments about the Connemara on an Irish crossing ! However, I am a great fan of a decent BF Buffet, though it will be some time (years/ never) before we have help yourself buffets again - maybe a controlled tapas will work better if there is enough variety.
  8. Totally agree, however this is the direction that BF are going in. I think that there is a very real risk that these facilities will be removed from the existing ships as well.
  9. The extra space, the double bed and the extra service together with the fresh air and an outside seat are of more use than a swimming pool !
  10. There will be a number of issues like this, however we just need to adapt to them.
  11. Not a chance, that is the downside of a standardised design.
  12. Yes, which highlights that BF are following their strategy with the 3 new ships replacing older ones. The only problem was that the Honfleur was part of the strategy as well !
  13. It is BF strategy to replace the CF and BDS with the new ships.
  14. Not sure what this means, the BF strategy is https://brittanyferriesnewsroom.com/brittany-ferries-names-new-ships-and-promises-significant-co2-savings-from-fleet-renewal-plans/
  15. For sale, one Superfast ! ps plus 1 Incat, just re certified and only 100 miles since previous service !
  16. Advice is difficult as it will depend on what the ‘credit’ is and what type of ticket you have. It is possible to have a credit on a ticket that can only be used by an amendent to the same ticket if the credit is part of the original ‘deposit’. However as it is due to BF cancelling a sailing and you took the rebook option instead of your money back they may be flexible
  17. Reading the article, it was not clear whether this is new money or just getting a bank to swap debt for equity.
  18. Dunno, port selection seems as much about politics and keeping the berth available to BF
  19. Perhaps LHCity has more info. Google Maps satellite view has a ship in the berth, it looks like BDS which is 199m to Galicia’s 215m. I would have thought it was worth a trial to see whether the pilot station is really blocked.
  20. I guess that is possible, the crew has to change somewhere, we should find out next month. However they never did check whether it will fit Le Havre !
  21. I think the Balcony cabins is the main loss, I like the 2 night crossing as the timings on both ends is good and you get 2 nights accommodation for the price of one !
  22. Freight timetables are updated, Caen seems to have Barfleur doing winter freight cover in Feb / March and Amorique gets to Le Havre for a week in November
  23. I don’t think that yesterdays release was as busy as last year as the website was fine all day and they did not have to use the queuing system. Some complaints on Twitter about the length of the phone queue and being cut off however some got through ok. I got through on the phone quickly, however I did call at exactly 9 which is when they switch off the closed message and allow the queue to open.
  24. I thought that was going on the Bilbao route to replace CF which ends up in Ireland or sold.
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