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  1. But there are, it is just Brittany Ferries that is not allowing passengers.
  2. It was in the April newsletter, however I think that it only applies to France. <<We’re looking forward to when overseas travel starts again and we can continue to reveal the stunning regions of France and Spain. We also recognise that you’ll want to get your travel plans back on track, so we’re offering you an extra 10% off all sailings to France for departures right up until 1 November*. That’s a total saving of 40%. We very much understand that you may wish to wait before making any new arrangements, so we are holding this offer open for you until the 10 July. >>
  3. I would expect the end of June to be the key date as that coincides with the 'review' of our quarantine arrangements plus Spain removing theirs. I note that Spain is now encouraging tourists from July. I spent yesterday doing lots of what ifs re my July trip (Spain / France) and decided to keep the booking and review everything at the end of June. I also make a new August booking of a return to Caen ( as 2 singles) to give me some flexibility whatever happens. The current extra 10% CV discount is quite handy as it brings the cost down. I think that booking will be quite difficult once BF announce the new policies and possibly less ships.
  4. 1) I find the Wetherspoons app great, I have even been known to order a half pint on it. 2) If BF used in app ordering, I would hate to see what gets delivered given the quality of their developers. I guess that it would not be that difficult to put an intranet on board with information as well as food ordering as they have put wifi across the shop to support the premium services. For interest, the Wetherspoon appraoch to reopening has some useful features (like disposable menus) https://www.jdwetherspoon.com/news/2020/05/wetherspoon-is-to-invest-an-initial-11-million-before-its-pubs-reopen
  5. I suspect that they won't insist on cabins only for long on some ships (eg MSM), as there are not a lot of cabins compared to car capacity / size of ship. I note that the guidelines say 50% capacity is ok without cabins. 50% also makes NEX viable
  6. There are a number of questions here & a number of scenarios:- 1) what chance do we stand of going - who knows - 50/50 ? It will be clearer at the end of June 2) getting money returned - If BF cancel the ferry or your booking they will give you a credit note, however you can now ask for money back instead as long as you use the proper form. - If you want to cancel the trip you can either cancel the ticket and get a partial or zero refund depending on the ticket type or you ask BF to convert your booking to a credit note. Loads of details are in the faq part of https://www.brittany-ferries.co.uk/information/coronavirus The bank is now irrelevant as you can get eventually get money back from BF if you are due it.
  7. This is getting a bit silly, a lot of countries require everyone to say what countries they have been to in the last n days & that would be sensible for the UK to adopt for everyone. I am not sure when the current Irish quarantine ends anyway
  8. The BF update does not say what they are doing, the quote is "Some catering options will have to change. Buffets will be replaced by our creative and innovative chefs" I imagine that it will be limited, however if they just gave us list of options on our 'one use' menu we could just tick what we want.
  9. I believe that Spain ends quarantine in late June as it is linked to the state of emergency, however it is good to see that France is so even handed !
  10. Stena do own some nice ships which are coming & BF don't seem to have a lot of money to pay for rent ! Looking at some of the lorry driver complaints, they are currently getting cold snacks on board whereas I believe that DFDS to Dieppe has hot food (and still has a passenger service). I am not sure whether the BF focus has not been more on their staff and less on their customers.
  11. No harm in being optimistic and I agree re 1st July as the next date to push it back to, however I am not convinced it will be all ships. Another gem from Friday's CEO update was : "This week we’ve been speaking directly with some customers about these changes, to gauge reaction and opinion. All were very understanding" - I am surprised that they did not float some ideas on this forum for comment.
  12. Hopefully everyone will huff and puff a lot and sort it out by the end of June, however when the Spanish finish their quarantine (end of June), I am not sure if it would be possible to go via Spain to France and avoid quarantine in France. On a separate note, the Paradors in Spain should be open from the 21st June. I guess that the next stage for BF is to extend the closure until the end of June. The next tweet is in English
  13. Not easy being a mod ! However it would be helpful if factual comments about travel restrictions and tourist facilities reopening was easy to find as it is very useful information & is referred to by the BF updates
  14. Totally agree and this thread should explain and predict how BF will change their product to cope with the restrictions, comments from French residents are extremely useful for what is happening in France - it would be helpful if we had Spanish input as well. It is then up to the individual what to do and the answer will vary according to their circumstances, in my case I am beginning to doubt whether a Spanish / French touring holiday is sensible, however a visit to my flat 25 mins away from Ouistreham with Quarantine afterwards probably is !
  15. Today's CEO update has a hidden gem " We will also be asking you to arrive in ports 90 minutes before departure (as opposed to 45) so that we can stagger boarding and prevent queues on car decks, on stairs and in other areas on the ship. Likewise, disembarkation will be staggered. This will ensure we can safely get everyone back to their cars at the end of a journey with as little risk of queues and unnecessary contact with other." Unless this is just to give them some flexibility, I am not sure how the 3 crossings a day Caen route will function with slower boarding and more cleaning - maybe that will have to switch to 2 crossings a day per ship,
  16. Looking at responses to tweets, if you request the balance as a RCN and they subsequently take the balance, when they get to your request they should refund the balance, however it is always safer to send a DM in advance and Jane can usually do something. I allowed the balance to be taken after adding a couple of credit notes to reduce it, however am still considering whether to change the booking given today's news which is likely to lead to more cancellations & I would rather change my booking to ships that are more likely to sail (ie MSM instead of Pont Aven). Note that prior to the main cancellations Pont Aven and the Etretat were the first cancellations.
  17. She seems to be talking about French border Police and diplomats plus lorry drivers, when pressed about holidays she referred to the FCO guidance at least twice, however I am not sure that Politicians live in the real world - she also referred to not booking holidays without mentioning those that already had. PS, if I understood her correctly she said that contravening the quarantine was a fixed penalty of £1000, not a fine up to £1000 !
  18. Not that different to my life at the moment !
  19. If France is open, then allowing passengers on MSM makes sense, as does the end of June for Cap Finistere, however nothing is answered by the announcement. The start of UK quarantine is 8 June with a review on the 29 June, thus in theory it may be over from some countries in July, however Priti has just said that this is nothing to do with holidays !
  20. The article says how far it goes:- "It said it would also enable the yard to “prepare for a resumption of work on the completion of Hull Nr 774” – a reference to the only ship still at FSG, the LNG-driven RoPax ferry Honfleur for Brittanny Ferries. But FSG stressed the cash was not enough to allow actual work to resume on Honfleur and that further financing would be needed.!
  21. I personally have no trouble with a 14 day quarantine when arriving home as long as I don't need to in France and Spain - however I may just restrict my July / August trip to our flat in Normandy and drop the touring part of our holiday - If France and Spain open but the UK has quarantine, I would expect a few ships to stay laid up so will make sure that we book the MSM I believe that Priti Patel will be doing the daily press conference today so should know more by then - as an aside I am always amused by the box that she stands on behind the lecturn as they don't have adjustable lecturns in number 10 !
  22. Hopefully we will know more from BF next week once the UK quarantine arrangements have been announced today - I would expect BF to restart limited passenger sailings once France and Spain allow entry Not sure where this should be discussed now the quarantine and 'BF new normal' threads are locked !
  23. I look forward to the publication of the new rules. I note that they keep on repeating the comment about reduced capacity, this is likely to lead to some reservations being cancelled which will not be easy.
  24. The slow cooker recipe group looks quite active, This reminds of some complaints that I have seen in other forums that include advertising when someone complains of the inappropriate adverts being shown and the response normally points out that the adverts are linked to browsing history !
  25. There are some that seem to delight in criticising others for being too negative, please can we stop this abuse of fellow forum members & accept that all opinions are valid, even those one doesn't agree with - that is what leads to a positive debate.
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