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  1. That is the correct place to add any voucher, you will get asked for your Credit Card afterwards for some reason. You can apply multiple vouchers as long as it is one at a time.
  2. We are moving quicker than BF, I imagine that they are waiting until they switch off the phone lines before announcing it ! PA seems to be 6th June as well.
  3. Exactly, Barfleur now restarts on 6 June As does Bretagne. Makes sense
  4. They have started moving sailing to full. Normandie now restarts on 7 June from Portsmouth for passengers
  5. It looks like the English rules etc will be announced on Friday (delayed by a day due to the elections !), the initial allocation of Colours may be announced then or may have to wait until next week. I have seen a number of reports that say that most of Europe should be Green by mid June ! It will be interesting what happens in Scotland and Wales as they may or may not have functioning governments at the end of the week. We also need to see how the key European Countries react to the EU recommendations on allowing us in !
  6. I think that it is best to wait until the UK announcements this week & also see the BF reaction. Some articles have mentioned the possibility of taking lateral flow tests on holiday with you, in addition some BF tweets have confirmed that they are looking at options of working with others to provide tests,
  7. It is also worth looking at the recommendations on the FCO site as they focus on safety within a Country and ability to return from said Country - they are also used within the Insurance rules.
  8. Colours will change over time, France seems to be improving now (https://covidtracker.fr/) We have a 3 week trip (on 2 flexi tickets) starting on the 30 June to Spain and returning on the 21 July from France. We will make the final decision on whether to go a couple of days before the holiday. I have also booked the same trip next year to give us total flexibility of options. I note that the UK will review the system on the 28 June which hopefully should lead to a simplification of the rules.
  9. I don’t think we will hear about Green Countries until next week, we are likely to hear about the rules in more detail this week. Given that we are banned from Spain until June and France has some changes in early June, I would expect the restart to be moved by a couple of weeks at this stage.
  10. No sign in the Condor timetable yet either !
  11. My purchases will be in bottles and at least 40% ABV (ideally 50% )
  12. There is a BF tweet saying:- Hello, at the moment your sailing is scheduled to go ahead, however, we're expecting an update about our sailings later this week
  13. I seem to recall them mentioning 2 sittings (allocated at checkin) and that the tapas bar would be used at peak times. Will La Flora ever reopen ?
  14. I suspect that CF going missing is permanent - Salamanca was meant to be a replacement,
  15. Totally agree. First one is too early, especially with the extra 45 mins added to checkin Afternoon one gets in a bit late for comfort, however does have the 'free' day cabin and I often get this one as I only have 25 min to travel after Ouistreham Evening one gets in too early & I am shattered for the entire day - in the past I went overnight to Le Havre as it got in at a civilised time. The return trips have similar disadvantages, I try and get the 14:00 Wednesday crossing these days as the timing is more civilised. ps the best crossing for timing is the Tunnel.
  16. There is another snippet in this section which refers to it as dual fuelled. In April 2020, FSG entered into self-administration and a trustee was appointed for managing the estate and if possible, financially restructure FSG for going concern. Siem Europe had provided funding to FSG for the construction of a dual fuelled LNG Ropax vessel at the yard and formed part of the creditor committee established as a result of the self-administration. In August 2020, Siem Europe reached a settlement agreement with the trustee of the estate of FSG. As part of the agreement a wholly owned subsidiary
  17. Given that the Honfleur thread is locked, I will use this one, please move if desired. The latest Siem report includes In addition, the Company owns the RoPax vessel “Honfleur” which was transferred from FSG Shipyard in Germany as part of the settlement of the Company’s historic involvement with the yard. Honfleur is being completed at a shipyard in Norway and is expected to be delivered in the third quarter this year. The intention is to sell the vessel or charter it out long-term. There appears to be good demand for vessels of the Honfleur’s specification.
  18. I am fine for an amber when coming home from France if the tests are not too much hassle / expense. Those who are retired or working from home will manage quarantine ok !
  19. With Spain banning us until June, I guess that at least some ships will have a delayed return
  20. Not easy for anyone, I guess that next week will be the latest that BF will announce cancellations, however whilst England should confirm this week that travel will be legal in mid May and the rules, they are unlikely to confirm which Countries are in which bands for another week. I imagine that once travel is legal for all, BF will enforce the timings and charges for amendments.
  21. I think that is 22 June this year - sounds fine by me
  22. Fortunately who they let in on health grounds is a decision for individual Countries and not the EU !
  23. It has, we now need the 'Green Card' again , however that can last as long as the policy if you are insured abroad without having to notify them in advance of trips. I just asked for one online after the last renewal. Note that trailers will need a separate Green Card. I have LV= as well as that has always been good at foreign cover.
  24. I suggest that on renewal you get a different insurance company. We just get an annual green card on white paper from our one so don’t get the hassle !
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