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  1. In England, It is worth downloading the NHS App ( not the covid one) and registering with that as that is meant to be the way of getting an official vaccination summary ( it is already there in the medications section ). Note that practices may use another system, however the NHS App is the new official one that all English practices link to.
  2. Sadly, I do not agree with that.
  3. I know, however we all have different criteria. If France cases are on the way down and I can get from UK to Spain and Spain to France without onerous conditions, I will be happy to hang around in our French Flat for a few weeks if needed. The return crossing is on a different ticket so will be easy to change. I have also had the second jab and my wife has her's soon.
  4. I guess that the French news will prompt BF to announce the next set of cancellations, at least until the end of May. However that would mean refunds for those with bookings for the Whit half term, it can't be easy in BF towers !
  5. I hope that is correct and I hope that the figures will be improving soon. The balance will soon be taken for my Spanish / French trip at the beginning of July and I haven't written it off yet.
  6. Sadly, that is their standard response up until any announcement. However can't be long now.
  7. IF Condor can use her for most of the year and supply some BF sailings in the Summer that would be win win.
  8. If it was just for the summer, would they really have rebranded her ?
  9. The Condor Tweet shows the name https://twitter.com/Condor_Ferries/status/1385658684429291522?s=20
  10. Remember when the Cotentin got painted at the end of the Stena Charter, they put on the new name and then covered it up with a sticker containing the old name so that it was easy to swap over when it was re registered, they may have done the same here.
  11. I guess that it will be published in May with the other schedules. Costs should come down with a Condor crew !
  12. Cos Coming back from Jersey to the UK will not involve tests / quarantine etc.. If Jersey lets the Brits in they will come in droves.
  13. It would be good to have a BF announcement, especially as it will run some BF services in peak months.
  14. I do not understand why the border staff are doing everything. In Asia health screening and medical diversion are done at an early stage after getting off the plane by separate people to the border staff.
  15. I think that the rules will become clearer before mid May and we will see what the UK allows. There is a scheme that BA promote where you take the test with you on holiday and then take it on a video call and then send the result back as a photo within a certain time frame (https://www.britishairways.com/en-gb/information/incident/coronavirus/covid19-tests#before) Hopefully there will be more options available come May.
  16. Your question was how to get your money back. One option is to move it now to the first crossing of May, if that is cancelled you get your money back, it it is not cancelled you can move it to next year ! - It depends on the ticket type and how much notice you need to give for amendments.
  17. As long as the crossing was paid for by card, if BF cancel the crossing then you will get a card refund - if you used a voucher for all / part of it you will get a replacement voucher for part of it, To get a cash refund for an existing ticket you could tale a 'punt' at transferring it to the first PA Spanish sailing in May !
  18. Both Portugal and Spain have turned in the wrong direction, hopefully temporarily. Paul Charles has a useful chart which attempts to predict the UK traffic lights https://twitter.com/PPaulCharles/status/1383026164206342149?s=20
  19. I believe that they will refund vouchers from sailings cancelled last year now if asked.
  20. That is so last year ! Since late summer they have been better - they give you a week to move to another crossing (that is why the sailing stays in the schedule for a week or so), after the week (or so) they give you a repayment automatically. The only slight sting is that if you paid with a credit note, you will get a credit note back as repayment is always back to the method of payment. When my Easter outbound was cancelled I got a combination of a credit card refund plus a £10 voucher reinstated. ps and I also got the inbound refunded even though the sailing was still in
  21. Who knows where the IT team come from, however they don't stay around to answer the phones !
  22. The UK call centre is in the UK !
  23. It really is about time that BF announces the May cancellations, I just hope they don't announce on a Friday evening and then go home ! - They have done that before.
  24. I would have thought that BF will soon be announcing May cancellations and probably early June ones as well
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