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  1. and if you widen it to Portsmouth as a whole you get the IOW ferries.
  2. Not so sure as it goes November to March, maybe BF have decided that one freight only & one mixed ship works in the winter on that route.
  3. Caen is showing a single passenger ship in the Winter, be interesting to see what the freight timetable shows when it is updated.
  4. I got through at 9 ok. Re the credit note, if this is less than the outstanding balance it can be added online in the booking amendment section.
  5. Nice and painless. I managed to get a Galicia Suite for next June. I ran into a website issue when trying to amend the ticket to add a French return (system added a roofrack !), however I got through on the telephone at 9 & added it. Tickets prices are comparable with early booking last year.
  6. ps - I note that I cannot create a new topic in news and that my posts in this thread need moderator approval - is this intentional ?
  7. Both the Galicia Portsmouth to Santander crossings are 2 night crossings next year(Monday and Friday)
  8. 2022 timetables will be out within the hour
  9. I was thinking of the beaches of Cabourg or Houlgate, however I guess that the end of the Port in Deauville might work just as well. A lovely stretch of coast.
  10. A non visual question. I can stand in one place and see 2 Brittany Ferries ports, where would I be standing ?
  11. Makes sense, it does say Belle Isle on it and the shape is right.
  12. Yes, it is going to get very messy with some owners just abandoning their cargo & a number of law suits in a number of directions. This together with the Suez Canal company saying that the ship is not moving until the compensation is agreed may well mean that the ship is stuck for a long time.
  13. Indeed, very comfortable as each cabin has it’s own bathroom & we seem to have come full circle.
  14. And the day crossings highlight the lack of facilities.
  15. Shared bathrooms are not the most popular amenities, however time will tell when things are back to normal. If passenger traffic picks up significantly they could go back to the plan of adding more cabins. Re comments like ‘under consideration’ that is a standard response like ‘Your sailing is currently scheduled’ when someone asks about a mid May crossing.
  16. Not so sure, the value of the Le Havre route was the overnight sailing and I can't see shared bathrooms being acceptable - they would have to market it as 4 berth suites ! This year will allow BF to look at the advantages and disadvantages of freight only routes.
  17. Can’t be too bad as the schedule goes to the end of the timetable.
  18. They are currently refunding onto the original payment method.
  19. The new timetables will be interesting and may include the Salamanca if that is going on the Santander route, however it may not be visible if replacing the CF to Bilbao. We will also see how limited services will be this winter. This is all about cash flow, get some new money in for next year and persuade some to move to next year before their sailing is cancelled which would trigger a refund.
  20. The wording is interesting:- Many routes will be available to take reservations until November 2022 in this phase 1 launch. The list includes key services linking Portsmouth with Caen and St Malo, Portsmouth & Plymouth with Santander, and Cork with Roscoff. Other routes will be open for sale too, but for now these will be limited to reservations made until the end of March next year. Phase 2 should come in May, when we will expand all availability into November 2022.
  21. The other bad bit about the tickets opening in April is that insurance could be an issue . Last July when the tickets opened France and Spain were off the FCO advisory list & thus it was safe to buy them. I must reread the insurance rules, generally it is better to buy tickets when a Country is off the list.
  22. Yes you can, they seem to be waiving the 12 month rule re changes. However come June the decent cabins on the Santander route will have gone and the price gone up. I was not planning on going to Spain next year as well as this year, however if this year is cancelled we would want to move it ! Never mind, we have a weekend to decide what to do.
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