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  1. Next years tickets will be on sale next week. https://www.brittany-ferries.co.uk/information/coronavirus/ceo-message A great shame as it will probably mean that if we can’t go to Spain this summer, it will be too late to move to next summer !
  2. I will be sad to see the Etretat go, I have had a number of pleasant nights sleeping in it over the years, I even used it in Norman Voyager days. My wife will not be sad to see it go, she hated the ramp ( both up and down !)
  3. I have heard from on high that it is true
  4. I note on one of Tony’s tweets that the Etretat has gained a red funnel, when did that happen ?
  5. Good example, Moby (like a lot of owners) use the funnel to show a logo that complements and does not repeat elements on the side of the ship. BF like to repeat the logo on the sides as well as the funnel and this can look strange on some ships. The BF partial blue line at the bottom always looks strange to me as well.
  6. It is good that you are happy, however in all BF promised 7 months extra, 4 last year which would have moved you to the end of July and another 3 at Xmas. They then moved some to the end of August and removed the option to join or renew online.
  7. Still looking good from the last paint job, mind you she has only done a return trip to Le Havre since it was done over a year ago,
  8. I suspect that the 3 month extension was 'dropped' in favour of moving everyone to the end of August, however they did not cope with those whose 3 months would have taken them over the end of August. Just a suspicion ! However, I don't understand the logic of moving everyone to the end of August.
  9. Mine was eventually sorted out and the correct extension applied.
  10. She would certainly fit in smaller harbours & vans fit inside.
  11. Indeed, however will St Malo join Plymouth in being a seasonal destination.
  12. I think that the BF plans will be clearer in a month or two, They are trying to hurry out the timetable for next year, presumably for cash flow reasons. Looks like it will be published in April or May. It will be interesting what is said re Plymouth and St Malo.
  13. There is no Defra reason, however surely BF have to check that it will be allowed into Europe.
  14. Bold move and quite logical, it will protect it’s Irish / GB routes by being the lowest cost between Ireland and Europe for freight.
  15. You should formally ask BF that question, preferably as a direct message with booking reference, they may be able to help if they know in advance. I imagine that it would be safer to take your own food.
  16. Spain also accepts Lamp tests which are available at a few airports, however hopefully this rule will go before they properly open up.
  17. The Janet and John version is https://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2021/364/memorandum/contents
  18. The July date came from the new regulations coming in on Monday and is meant as a long stop, if there is a plan on traffic lights before then, the restriction on leaving may well be lifted earlier. There are loads of exemptions in the new rules including :- 7. Where it is reasonably necessary for P to leave the United Kingdom to undertake any of the following activities in connection with the purchase, sale, letting or rental of a residential property— (a)visiting estate or letting agents, developer sales offices or show homes; (b)viewing residential properties to l
  19. The trouble is that this is not the time to sell ships. The Consultants said that we would all flock back in 2022 and that is probably true.
  20. I guess that BF will need to make a decision in whether to restart in May by the middle of April, we may hear more of their plans then.
  21. Hopefully the strategy from the UK will be clearer next month and we should be getting more information from other Countries. It will be wait and see, however I imagine that even if travel is allowed it will include testing and quarantine.
  22. Sadly, my view is of Le Havre so I need my sky dish.
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