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  1. The letter comes this time every year, if you do nothing you get charged for the TV at the end of the year. The question is whether a TV receiver was at the property on the 1st January. I pay the charge, however I keep thinking that it would be a good idea to take my TV and boxes home at the end of the year !
  2. The French and UK leaders have a democratic mandate to lead their respective Countries through this difficult period, it is a lot easier to be in opposition or a devolved administration at this time.
  3. I understand that this is due to those with clots were in the under 55 group and the fact that over 55 is the priority group. However, mixed messaging is confusing and is definitely causing the vaccination campaigns to slow down. Simple concise messages are important for confidence.
  4. Boris is due today for a jab today as well !
  5. Without many sailings we seem to drift a bit. Re Moderation, I have complained about posts a couple of times, however that was when someone directed a comment at me. I have no problem with debate and personal opinions being repeated a number of times (though comments re France's finest port can be a bit repetitive). So as long as we all play the ball and not the player I am ok, if someone (and they have) accuses me of having an anti EU / France etc opinion I will complain.
  6. I do hope that the one month lockdown in Paris etc.. works, the good news is that Spain and Portugal rates are much reduced. I am really looking forward to our lockdown ending, London has been locked down since mid December.
  7. But that is the pricing model of most transport operators, the last tickets are usually the most expensive. September may well be a good month for travel.
  8. Good news in the UK with rates continuing to fall and now vaccinations are open to those 50 and over. The rates in Spain and Portugal are also falling nicely, the main concern seems to be France still, I don’t understand why there is not a strong lockdown there.
  9. And on a separate matter, I have read that Pfizer has more reported clots than AZ, however neither are greater than in the general population.
  10. I am not sure that Country A is better than Country B is helpful, however I do feel that Country A is different to Country B is both useful and highly relevant to this forum.
  11. The UK have now received a large AZ delivery from India, they inspected and approved the factory last month. I believe that the EU were also offered stock from there, however I don’t know whether they approved it.
  12. It is good news that Portugal is coming off the UK red list. A positive sign for when travel restarts.
  13. It was emergency approval where the checks were done in parallel, the decisions and logic were transparent. All regulators found it to be safe for all ages some Country bodies decided not to approve it for some categories due to lack of data. This was all about saving lives and sometimes the perfect gets in the way of the good.
  14. In the UK, only Wales will get a social Easter, I hope it doesn't backfire. Re Europe., I note that a number of countries are stopping the AZ jab as it may cause death in a few people but probably doesn't. However not speeding up vaccination is likely to cause more deaths. The classic conflict between the individual and the population.
  15. When did you start your French trip ? If before the new year then I don't believe that the 90 day rule applies (however should be checked)
  16. Yes, however you are getting it supervised (ish) with a link to your passport and a 'certificate', it saves the hassle of finding a local provider. The alternative would be to make the carriers perform the test at checkin.
  17. I think that it is at present, not many should be travelling anyway and the current priority is understanding what variants are being imported. It will be interesting what the logic is in May when travel is allowed. BA are offering a lateral flow kit that can be taken abroad and then used under video supervision prior to return - that seems a good idea.
  18. I am getting a bit more positive, I have started looking at hotels for our July Spanish/ French trip and will be booking them this weekend - no harm in being positive (as long as they are fully cancellable). It is spring, the Daffodils are out and generally rates are falling. This holiday was moved from last July and in retrospect I should have gone on it then.
  19. Brexit, loads of businesses on both sides of the channel will need to adapt by setting up distribution centres on the other side. Remember that meat and dairy are subject to restrictions. It is no longer viable for a lot of companies on either side to send orders directly to the consumer on the other side. It is simpler and cheaper to do the paperwork on one lorry load moving to a distribution centre than it is do do it on 1000 parcels ! The good news is that all companies will need to think Global !
  20. I think that we should wait until we see the detail before celebrating too much, anyway a lot can change in a couple of months before we are allowed out.
  21. Do you have online banking ? If so the statement can be downloaded as a pdf. However, you might be happier just insisting on a cheque being sent to you
  22. Tell them that you want a cheque - however in my view that causes more problems than a bank transfer as it is easy to intercept. Re creating a pdf, if you have a printer with a scanner that can easily create a pdf file, it is also possible on an iphone, The other option is to tell them to credit the money back to the card used to last top it up.
  23. Too late to do anything if they object, they are not on the banned list so should have no problem - if in doubt check in advance. https://www.brittany-ferries.co.uk/information/faqs/travel-information/transporting-dangerous-goods-and-flammable-liquids
  24. The UK is upping the vaccination rate next week. The national system is now taking bookings for 56+ (https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/coronavirus-vaccination/book-coronavirus-vaccination/)
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