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  1. It may be this ship - not sure http://www.puertosantander.es/cas/camara_detalle.aspx?camara=2
  2. I see that it has moved out of dry dock (and back to using the wrong name on AIS.) Any pictures yet ?
  3. I don't imagine that Passengers are the target market for this service, it is more likely to be freight and a lot of that will be trailer only freight and that is not that demanding on facilities. It will not be very pleasant for anyone who wants more than a bar, a cafe and a cinema.
  4. There will be a lot of strikes until Macron concedes on his new labour laws.
  5. We are sorry to inform you that due to industrial action by dockers in the port of Le Havre, the following sailings have been affected: Portsmouth to Le Havre 18 April 2018 23:30 - This sailing has been CANCELLED. Le Havre to Portsmouth 19 April 2018 22:00 - This sailing has been CANCELLED. The policy seems to be to let passengers know in advance of making it publicly available.
  6. There is some form of public sector union strike on the 19th - I wouldn't be surprised to see Cherbourg out as well. However generally Ouistreham seems to have it's own pattern of strikes so hopefully won't be affected.
  7. Either that or send a Direct Message on twitter fully explaining the circumstances. The team at Brittany ferries are incredibly helpful and have a far better attitude to solving problems than any other transport provider I know. I notice from recent tweets that in addition to helping a mother and daughter return to the UK having had a passport stolen they also sent some flowers to them.
  8. Interesting escalator from Deck 3 to 5, presumably intended for foot passengers originally.
  9. The Roscoff route does allow foot passengers Route details Outbound Route:Cork to Roscoff Departure:Mon 4 Jun 2018 22:00 Arrival:Tue 5 Jun 2018 15:30 Vessel:CONNEMARA How are you travelling? Outbound On Foot Passenger details
  10. I am not sure if the Stena video has been linked to earlier in the thread, it is a bit glossy ! http://www.stenaroro.com/offering/Pages/Asterion.aspx
  11. Makes sense, I am sure that it is cheaper in Greece than Spain and a few bits of paint can be done whilst in port. Internal signage etc could be completed on the trip to Spain.
  12. Back to salt laden cars which is still off topic. The open deck on the Etretat is reasonably high with a decent side wall so the car is usually ok. I have also been on the open deck of the Amorique and before docking, the crew got the hose out and washed the cars !
  13. To be honest I don't generally get salt on the car and the walk to reception is easy and on the level. The cabins are comfortable and the time in bed is longer than the Ouistreham routes - we just take a kettle for the morning drink.
  14. I used it a few times when it was on the Ouistreham route, it was a useful addition, shame that it is being used less these days
  15. One of the reasons that I like overnight Etretat to Le Havre is that even though the ramp is a bit scary at first, we always get a decent width for the car and generally don't get chucked out of the cabins until arrival (as the next sailing is 8 hours later). I will miss the Etretat if it is replaced by the Normandie. MSM and Normandie can get quite tight when they squeeze too many cars on the upper deck to allow more lorries, all I ask for is a space to allow a door to be safely opened. One of the bad things about the tunnel is the number of migrants hanging around the approach ro
  16. For Normandy, one competitor is Eurotunnel. I have a flat which is 30 mins from Ouistreham, 1 hour from Le Havre and 3 hours from the tunnel. Yesterday coming back on the MSM the car was marshaled into a space that was too small (not for the first time) and I ended up with grease on my trousers squeezing out of the car. You are tipped out of the cabins 30 mins before docking to find all of the decent seats are taken and it took 35 mins to even exit the boat ,followed by another 25 mins in the Passport queue. My contrast, in the tunnel you have a fixed width and getting off is very fa
  17. Googling ropes and bow thruster, it seems more common than one would think and in most cases would be the rope at the side they are pushing away from. I wonder what words of comfort were given by the Captain to the officer in charge of the ropes that day ?
  18. OK, I note the dropping of hints and confidential sources, I just asked the question on Twitter
  19. Due in Portsmouth at 15:30
  20. The current plan has Normandie arriving in Portsmouth at 15:30 tomorrow https://www.royalnavy.mod.uk/qhm/portsmouth/shipping-movements/daily-movements?pdf=26/03/2018
  21. Surprised you didn't quote this - we are valued by £5 more now.
  22. To be fair, they did include it in the March Email & we are still allowed to make amendments for free until 5 days before sailing so a booking can be parked in the future and then used later. The email said:- Terms and Conditions update As a valued member of Club Voyage it is important that you know that we have recently amended our General Ferry Terms and Conditions. This is more reflective of the market in which we operate; of other European transport providers and the experience offered to customers. We hope that you agree that our revised terms and conditions remain generous
  23. The ad is shown below, I have also seen comments linked to this saying that apart from the missing word, the kids are playing in sand.
  24. There is a very funny exchange on the Brittany twitter. https://twitter.com/BrittanyFerries/status/973513374469382144 It took me a while to spot what was wrong with the ad and why the response was so good !
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