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  1. Does anyone know why the Warrior web cam goes black and white now at night times, it has been like it now for about a week.
  2. Have heard that two companies are interested in her DFDS and more recently POL Ferries.
  3. See this afternoon that repair to Island Flyer achieved in 3 days instead of the original 2 weeks prediction, both now in operation.
  4. Information received from Tony Weaver that originally 1/3rd of her plywood cargo was to be unloaded at Pompey the rest at Tilbury. This has recently been change however and the whole cargo is to be unloaded at Portsmouth.
  5. Has anyone any knowledge what above ship is doing at Portsmouth Docks. It arrived about a month ago unloaded its cargo and since then it has been in harbour for a couple of days then back out to anchorage off Bembridge. Latest departure was this afternoon escorted by the 2 commercial port tugs.
  6. Seems to be unavailable today, hope it is just a temporary issue.
  7. VOW was running yesterday afternoon and has been all day today, currently on its way to the IOW.
  8. Nothing wrong with the Gosport Ferry more than adequate for the 3-4 minute crossing across the harbour, only gripe is the cost,but as they say its "cheaper by water" as does save the 20 mile road nightmare round to Pompey having first battled on the A32 out of Gosport (Turk Town" to get to Fareham.
  9. Both St Clare and VOW have been in operation all morning and have just watched ST C depart through HMS Warrior web cam.
  10. Presume VOW will be off for annual docking /survey as St Clare is now back in service.
  11. Any updates / photographs on how refit of Pont-Aven is progressing.
  12. Agree entirely with last post, the new engine would have undergone full bench testing to ensure performance parameters were achieved prior to it leaving the manufacturers. Ideally they would want it to be shipped as complete as possible ie with cylinder heads fitted but all depends on size of opening. In any case engine manufacture would be in attendance whilst the replacement takes place and subsequent initial testing insitu.
  13. Not quite all my post of last Thursday did say the hole in the side was probably the easiest route.😉
  14. I would imagine it depends on the configuration of the engines ie 2 per shaft , one inboard one outboard, and if the defective one is the outboard engine then the quickest route would be hole in the side of the ship and straight out.
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