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  1. George A'Court

    St Faith

    Interesting about Wight Sun Tony, and I note she is currently on her way to Fishbourne but I thought they were currently limited to wind speed after the recent fires. Today it must be a bit lumpy even in the Solent.
  2. George A'Court

    QHM & Southampton vts radio.

    The one I used to listen to was a website run by a gentleman on the Isle of Wight, Tony, forget his surname but he suddenly stopped approx. 2 years ago now, it is indeed a great loss.
  3. George A'Court

    Goodbye St Cecilia!

    Click on a previous post by eagle eye 7 hours ago and the news paper article gives details.
  4. George A'Court

    St Faith

    Now appears to have been put back to 09-00 Tuesday morning,
  5. George A'Court

    St Faith

    See St Faith now scheduled to leave Falmouth 06-00 Tuesday morning.
  6. George A'Court

    Jenny Lee - Safety Certificate query

    Are you sure the boat was Jenny Ann, only when you look at the certificate on the left in the ship's name section it says Jenny Lee of Medina.
  7. George A'Court

    SAILING UPDATES: 2018 Latest News

    I noticed a couple of days ago that the whole list of Le Havre cancelled sailings has been removed from the sailing update, is the reason known or is it likely to reappear early in the new year.
  8. Tony , Sorry to trouble you but do not have face book so cannot open the links of Honfleur. Is their any way you can help a fellow from Gosport (turk town)out please so I can view them. Thank you George

    1. TonyMWeaver


      Sure, these are the photos on the link.




    2. George A'Court

      George A'Court

      VMT and best wishes for Christmas and the new year.

  9. George A'Court

    New Look Revealed

    Agree 100% with Colin's post.
  10. George A'Court

    Wightlink port redevelopment & new G class

    Wightlink site quotes one of the two operational ferries had a technical problem this morning and passengers may face a 30 minute delay
  11. I think it could be Cap F by the angle of the exhausts.
  12. George A'Court

    Wightlink port redevelopment & new G class

    Watched VOW leave her moorings this afternoon at approx. 1400 go to Gunwharf and then by 14-40 was back at her moorings on the hulks. Surely not a training stint but perhaps to load items required to assist with removal/ replacement of the defective tank.
  13. George A'Court

    SAILING UPDATES: 2018 Latest News

    There was in the end no delay to Bretagne today as was forecast on the Brittany website as she passed QE at 17-15 and was berthed before the carrier move was started at 18-00.
  14. George A'Court

    HMS Queen Elizabeth

    Being a local living in "Turktown" name for people born in Gosport we visit the Dockyard a fair bit and have had an annual ticket in previous years. What we were told by a number of volunteers was that the people who run the Dockyard exhibitions only gave the Mary Rose £5 on every ticket sold at the gate and or booked online and that was not enough to keep the facilities of the Mary Rose complex going in future years. Although a lot of behind the scenes discussions took place the figure was not increased hence the MR project have gone on their own. To be honest the MR complex has vastly improved since its early days and personally I think it is certainly in the top half of the yard's attractions.
  15. George A'Court

    Winter arrival

    I think the dockside crane by the stern is I think in the Dockyard, and the use of the bow thruster would suggest she is manoeuvring into her berth at PIP.