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  1. George A'Court

    Winter arrival

    I think the dockside crane by the stern is I think in the Dockyard, and the use of the bow thruster would suggest she is manoeuvring into her berth at PIP.
  2. George A'Court


    Coldest winter I can remember was the year I started my apprenticeship in Portsmouth Dockyard Jan 63. It started snowing on Boxing Day and lasted for a couple of days. It remained cold for the next 2 month and the snow was still lying until early March, during this time there were periods of extreme cold with night time lows of -14 degrees centigrade with the day time reaching the barmy -9. The upper reaches of Portsmouth Harbour (Fareham Creek)froze solid and during the Ferry trip across the Harbour from Gosport "Turktown" it was common place to see sheets of ice floating up or down the harbour depending on the tide. The only good thing they still had the old steam driven ferries and everyone tried to position themselves by the upper deck boiler room grills as the heat from below flowed out. The warmth from these set us up for the long walk to Flat House where the apprentice training centre was for the first 2 years of what was a 5 years apprenticeship in those days. Normally 4 intakes a year with over 800 hundred being offered apprenticeships each year, of course we had a Navy in those days. The other thing remember in those days to remember was we had no double glazing or central heating but we survived to tell the tale.
  3. George A'Court

    Portsmouth Loss of Geest Contract

    Spoke with a Serco skipper this morning and he confirmed that the company have been awarded a contract again, less than a month after supposedly losing it. This is in addition to that provided by Irishman and Guardsman. At least it answers the question why I have seen SD tugs bringing in commercial vessels.
  4. Out south of the Nab Tower, in the so called "deep". Used to watch the dredgers on local Solent shipping AIS. Must have got it right as the last time they took HMS QE out for trials before Christmas leave they did it at dead low water so they certainly got a tick in the box for harbour dredging.
  5. The amount of time that the dredging took both outside and inside the harbour I would suggest a bit of both. Approx 3 million cubic yards of spoil was removed during the whole operation, I once read in the local rag.
  6. George A'Court

    IoMSP Arrow

    QHM Portsmouth shows Arrow arriving tomorrow 06-00 departing 20-30, this is in addition to Clipper and Goodwill movements.
  7. George A'Court

    Portsmouth Loss of Geest Contract

    Local Pompey Rag today has half page on the loss of Port's Major Contract. Apparently Geest wished to change there shipping date from Friday to Sunday which the Port could not accommodate and are thus moving to Dover. So within 6 weeks of the Port getting its own dedicated Tug support ie Irishman and Guardsman, instead of using Serco which supports the Naval operation it will be interesting if there will be sufficient work to warrant these two vessels. Incidentally last night Serco did bring in a cargo ship to the port. A case of watch this space I think.