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  1. Any update please as to when St Clare goes to Cherbourg, only "next week" is almost up and she is still here.
  2. Sorry I failed miserably in that I did not look at the posts you referred to. I was thinking back to when I was in the Design office in Pompey Dockyard and we had to remove defective machinery form Grey Line Cruises (Naval Ships), some had designated shipping routes whilst others required large holes in the ships's side. I think as time progresses it will certainly be interesting to find out the method used.
  3. Is your figure of 8 weeks to remove and replace the defective engine, assuming the inspection confirms this is the most cost effective action, via a dedicated shipping route ie up through the decks by removal of portable plates or suitable size hole in her side with all the issues of removing cables and services as necessary.
  4. Spoke too soon now done a 360 degree turn and berthing at Gunwharf.
  5. St Faith seems on seem to be doing strange things this morning, have watched it sail up the harbour, have a look at PIP and now has sailed straight out of the harbour as if it is on passage to the IOW. Any ideas Tony.
  6. Very many thanks for that tip.

  7. Notice Baie de Seine is on passage to Spain but for some reason it has not been added to the fleet list since returning from refit. Someone in Brittan Towers forgot ?.
  8. Interesting about Wight Sun Tony, and I note she is currently on her way to Fishbourne but I thought they were currently limited to wind speed after the recent fires. Today it must be a bit lumpy even in the Solent.
  9. The one I used to listen to was a website run by a gentleman on the Isle of Wight, Tony, forget his surname but he suddenly stopped approx. 2 years ago now, it is indeed a great loss.
  10. Click on a previous post by eagle eye 7 hours ago and the news paper article gives details.
  11. Now appears to have been put back to 09-00 Tuesday morning,
  12. See St Faith now scheduled to leave Falmouth 06-00 Tuesday morning.
  13. Are you sure the boat was Jenny Ann, only when you look at the certificate on the left in the ship's name section it says Jenny Lee of Medina.
  14. I noticed a couple of days ago that the whole list of Le Havre cancelled sailings has been removed from the sailing update, is the reason known or is it likely to reappear early in the new year.
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