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  1. Plus a new totally covered in landing stage on the Gosport side.
  2. Nothing wrong with the Gosport Ferry more than adequate for the 3-4 minute crossing across the harbour, only gripe is the cost,but as they say its "cheaper by water" as does save the 20 mile road nightmare round to Pompey having first battled on the A32 out of Gosport (Turk Town" to get to Fareham.
  3. They dropped the w/e briefings a couple of weeks ago, they were originally at 4 o'clock an hour earlier that the week days ones.
  4. Both St Clare and VOW have been in operation all morning and have just watched ST C depart through HMS Warrior web cam.
  5. I was lucky enough to do the original Contractors sea trials on Bristol when a young Draughtsman in Pompey DO. About the only thing unique about her was the spiral stairway up to the ward room. Through no fault of the ship she was really a white elephant in that she was order to defend the previously Ark Royal but before she was finish the decision was made to scrap the Ark. Lucky to have lasted this long as she suffered a major fire whilst at Milford Haven which buckled the main deck beams and melted all the machinery space walkways and gangways which were then constructed of aluminium, needl
  6. Presume VOW will be off for annual docking /survey as St Clare is now back in service.
  7. Any updates / photographs on how refit of Pont-Aven is progressing.
  8. Agree entirely with last post, the new engine would have undergone full bench testing to ensure performance parameters were achieved prior to it leaving the manufacturers. Ideally they would want it to be shipped as complete as possible ie with cylinder heads fitted but all depends on size of opening. In any case engine manufacture would be in attendance whilst the replacement takes place and subsequent initial testing insitu.
  9. Not quite all my post of last Thursday did say the hole in the side was probably the easiest route.😉
  10. I would imagine it depends on the configuration of the engines ie 2 per shaft , one inboard one outboard, and if the defective one is the outboard engine then the quickest route would be hole in the side of the ship and straight out.
  11. Interesting article but what about VOW on the short IOW to Pompey route. A good start at least, better when the second one is confirmed.
  12. Early this morning on Radio Solent travel updates said Wight link ferry reduced service between Pompey and Fishbourne due to staff sickness.
  13. Sincerely hope the company make a better job of time keeping that they have achieved demolishing a Railway bridge and rebuilding to new design (saving the odd Double Decker from converting to an open topper) at Alton on the Watercress (Mid Hants Line). Company took possession in January and scheduled finish was early August, we are still awaiting hand over, it has certainly screwed up the season with only being able to run from Alresford to Medstead.
  14. Great photos taken by you and Tony. I must confess I cheated and had a couple of cups of coffee in the Explosion Cafe and only popped out when POW came into view. Can't wait until QE arrives back and we get both together. For once the local rag had a special supplement yesterday of the yard including both ships berthed at the refurbished facilities. On a different subject the Challenge for next year must be how we can get rid of Gosport's blot on the landscape.
  15. Any update please as to when St Clare goes to Cherbourg, only "next week" is almost up and she is still here.
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