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  1. Thanks so much for taking the time to reply. You answer is really helpful. Thank you
  2. Thanks for taking the tine to reply.Yep i wondered if there was a key time to book, like with car insurance or flights etc-that everyone else knows about, apart from me!! 😉
  3. Hi, This forum really helped me with choosing cabins for our Pont Aven, Portsmouth-Santander, trip this May. Thanks. I’ve never really booked a long time in advance before, does anyone have any experience on the cheapest time of year to buy tickets for the following Summer (July)? Looking for the same journey, for 2 cabins. Is it worth booking now, or are there certain times of the year/months before travel when they are definitely cheaper? Any wisdom gratefully received! Thanks
  4. Thanks everyone. All your info has been really helpful. I’ve now booked a 4 berth and a 2 berth, in the middle of of the ship, inside cabins, deck 6, for both journeys. i was amazed how many of the cabins were sold out, already, with over 5 months to go Have appreciated all your input. 😀👍
  5. This is all very helpful. Thank you. On a different note-has anyone ever signed up for the BF Club Voyage to Spain? Would it be worth all the expense for one return journey? It doesn’t seem very clear on how the discount applies. One sentence says discount for all routes to Spain and another ‘not for overnight accommodation’ or similar.. is the discount just on the vehicle aspect of the booking? Is the 30% discount (and benefits) just on one persons share of the booking , rather than the whole party?
  6. Well my husband and I will definitely have to be sharing with our 3 year old son, so I think my Father in Law, by himself, will have the civilised option! Unless we can sneak our son , into his cabin, whilst he’s asleep?!
  7. Really helpful. We want the best attempt at sleep possible. We have a long drive from Santander to Southern Spain (with overnight stop) after the PA. So all this advice is so helpful. Thanks everyone.
  8. This is really helpful too. Sounds like Deck 6, is the deck of choice...and 2 cabins. Have made a note of cabin no’s (incase we change our date) but it looks like bookings are happening so quickly-and 2 berth ‘outside’ cabins have just sold out, on our chosen date. 😒 Think we probably want 2 cabins close to each other, so might have to go for the inside cabins. Have u had any experience of inside ones? Are they ok? Also did you have to telephone/speak to BF directly to get your deck of choice? or can you do that on the Internet? This website is great. Thanks for all your time.
  9. VERY good point re snoring/wine consumption! Definitely making me think of going for 2 Cabins now! i’ll look Into Deck 6. Thank you. Grandads preference will def to be a bit away from lots of noise etc. To book preferences-do u have to do that over the phone, or can u do it on the Internet? Do u have to do it directly with BF? Thanks for the advice.
  10. Hi, planning to travel Portsmouth-Santander, in May. 3 grown ups (Including tall Dad and Grandad!) and a 3 year old. No deluxe cabins available. Is there any space difference between 4berth inside/outside/club? Should we try and request a particular level/floor/? Avoid certain ones? Or in reality are they not built for 3 adults and a child, and Worth coughing up for 2 cabins?! Just wanting best sleep possible, without feeling totally claustrophobic/on top of each other!! Thank you very much. 😀
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