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  1. When I spoke to the press office they said there will be no changes for at least 2 years
  2. Everyone have a look at this and see what you think will happen when the 2 new e flexers come into service and also does anyone know which routes the new e flexers for Stena will go on
  3. That seems likely I'm surprised portsmouth hasn't got a good supply of LNG that would be useful
  4. i just been speaking to the press office for Brittany ferries about possible movements of routes for pont aven and cap finistere and they said a decision will be made in the next couple of years but nothing will happen before 2021
  5. Maybe the eflexers say did the Santander route and pa and cf do the Bilbao route
  6. I get what scarleton is saying maybe it's time for another cross channel route with cf plymiuth to Cherbourg would be nice
  7. And armourique cafe is closed during refit cover for caen
  8. They only work on st Clare and vow the other Isn't designed for them theres 2 at fishbourne and two at Portsmouth when the did surveys of the berth they found out the berth was to long and there is no room to extend it so they had to put them in instead Andy it cut turnaround time
  9. i wonder if the protest in Portsmouth will affect hovercraft services and car ferry services
  10. I just got a reply and they said timings and place to be confirmed l
  11. I just asked Brittany ferries when the work will be done it the haven't replied
  12. It can be they only did the first steel cut a couple. Weeks ago
  13. I was looking at the webcam for where the honfluer will be constructed and there is a ship being built I wonder if it's the honfluer if not what ship is it
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