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  1. I’m looking to set off at about 7:30am from Darlington. The A1 heading south through North Yorks does get busy on a morning but flows well enough. I know it’ll be slow on the A1 around Doncaster as that’ll be about 9am but once clear I’ll be doing the M1 with either the M69/A46 or A43 option in the middle of the day - deliberately to avoid the morning & evening rush hours in the Midlands. That was why I was looking at the A43 option; because you don’t go near any major towns/cities. Hopefully arrive in Portsmouth about 3:30pm & as per the topic of this thread & thanks to
  2. I guess by the name Durhamlad you can’t be that far away from me (Darlo area). I thought about the A46 but as it goes around Coventry does it not get quite busy??? I was going to use the A43 as it links the M1 directly to the M40 & also looks shorter than the M69/A46 option. Also, because it doesn’t go as close to a big city like Coventry & only bypasses some wee towns I thought it might be a bit less busy. Have you done both routes??? Interested to hear if anyone has tried different routes to the M40 from the M1 & what they think the best.
  3. Thanks for that Jonno; from the NE there isn’t really any other way. I’m intending on taking the A1/M18/M1 and staying on the M1 as far as Northampton then the A43 down past Silverstone to the M40 then A34 to the M3 then M27. Seems the best route I can find on the map & the Sat Nav also goes that way as well - unless anyone can suggest an alternative???
  4. Many thanks for the replies to my post - some really useful info. We have googled some of the options & now have an idea or two of what to do to kill a few hours. Obviously when traveling down from the North East we will be setting off early enough to allow a few hours for any hold ups/accidents/road works that cause a delay or a diversion, the down side to that being if all goes to plan on the drive then we will get to the ferry terminal with several hours to fill & a very active 2 years old boy to keep happy 🤪. Drive safe.
  5. Many thanks for the link Jim. Just working out my route/travel time etc. to get “darn sarf” to Pompey; obviously to allow time for delays or any diversions we need to make as well as killing time when we get there. Trying to work out how to keep a toddler happy is the bit that is causing the most stress.
  6. Hi folks, newbie here so please be gentle at first 🙄😀 Travelling from Portsmouth for the first time in 4 weeks; we are on the overnighter to St Malo. As we’re traveling down from NE England & giving ourselves plenty of time in case of hold ups, if all goes to plan we should arrive at Postsmouth late afternoon. As we will have a 2 & 1/2 year old with us, I was just wondering what there is to do at the terminal, what facilities are there at the terminal for food etc.??? I did see the forum page on what to do in Portsmouth but we don’t intend to be there for any great lengt
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