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  1. I’m looking to set off at about 7:30am from Darlington. The A1 heading south through North Yorks does get busy on a morning but flows well enough. I know it’ll be slow on the A1 around Doncaster as that’ll be about 9am but once clear I’ll be doing the M1 with either the M69/A46 or A43 option in the middle of the day - deliberately to avoid the morning & evening rush hours in the Midlands. That was why I was looking at the A43 option; because you don’t go near any major towns/cities. Hopefully arrive in Portsmouth about 3:30pm & as per the topic of this thread & thanks to the responses we now have a few ideas of hat to do while waiting to check-in/board.
  2. I guess by the name Durhamlad you can’t be that far away from me (Darlo area). I thought about the A46 but as it goes around Coventry does it not get quite busy??? I was going to use the A43 as it links the M1 directly to the M40 & also looks shorter than the M69/A46 option. Also, because it doesn’t go as close to a big city like Coventry & only bypasses some wee towns I thought it might be a bit less busy. Have you done both routes??? Interested to hear if anyone has tried different routes to the M40 from the M1 & what they think the best.
  3. Thanks for that Jonno; from the NE there isn’t really any other way. I’m intending on taking the A1/M18/M1 and staying on the M1 as far as Northampton then the A43 down past Silverstone to the M40 then A34 to the M3 then M27. Seems the best route I can find on the map & the Sat Nav also goes that way as well - unless anyone can suggest an alternative???
  4. Many thanks for the replies to my post - some really useful info. We have googled some of the options & now have an idea or two of what to do to kill a few hours. Obviously when traveling down from the North East we will be setting off early enough to allow a few hours for any hold ups/accidents/road works that cause a delay or a diversion, the down side to that being if all goes to plan on the drive then we will get to the ferry terminal with several hours to fill & a very active 2 years old boy to keep happy 🤪. Drive safe.
  5. Many thanks for the link Jim. Just working out my route/travel time etc. to get “darn sarf” to Pompey; obviously to allow time for delays or any diversions we need to make as well as killing time when we get there. Trying to work out how to keep a toddler happy is the bit that is causing the most stress.
  6. Hi folks, newbie here so please be gentle at first 🙄😀 Travelling from Portsmouth for the first time in 4 weeks; we are on the overnighter to St Malo. As we’re traveling down from NE England & giving ourselves plenty of time in case of hold ups, if all goes to plan we should arrive at Postsmouth late afternoon. As we will have a 2 & 1/2 year old with us, I was just wondering what there is to do at the terminal, what facilities are there at the terminal for food etc.??? I did see the forum page on what to do in Portsmouth but we don’t intend to be there for any great length of time, just a couple of hours max before check-in/boarding. Toddlers being toddlers means that if my son decides at 5pm he wants his dinner then I’m hoping there will be something at the terminal prior to boarding we can use - even if it is a McDonalds!!! (I’m happy as a one off because a happy toddler = a happy car!!! 😂😇). Thanks in anticipation for the replies - if this has been answered in previous posts could someone please point us in the right place???
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